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Canceled | Minjoon


Jimothy: You fake ass hoe, how dare you abandon me at Jaebum's party? Consider this friendship canceled Mr. Crabs: I'm sorry, but who is this? *** A crackhead Instagram AU where Namjoon is a laidback idol, and Jimin is a fanboy that just so happens to be a memelord. *** Mr. Crabs: Do you solve all of your problems by canceling them? Jimothy: I'm sorry, but that is too confrontational, so you sir, are now canceled. |I don't own any of the images used in this fanfiction, all rights to those go to their original owners. The plot and storyline are mine|

Humor / Romance
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You fake ass hoe, how dare you abandon me at Jaebum’s party?
Consider this friendship canceled

Mr. Crabs:
I’m sorry, but who is this?
Who’s Jaebum?
And why would you cancel a nonexistent friendship, we had so much potential


Mr. Crabs:

This isn’t Taehyung...

Mr. Crabs:

Well, fuck me with a chainsaw, my bad. How did I even text a random person when I am almost sober and he is at the top of my dms?

Mr. Crabs:
One of life’s greatest mysteries
And why is it bad that he left you at a party?

Since you don’t know me I guess it doesn’t matter, but Jaebum’s my ex
And my dumbass of a best friend left me here so he could go fuck a random guy he met on the dancefloor
I didn’t even want to come, he made me come, so why the fuck did he decide he could just leave me?

Mr. Crabs:
Dang, you were right to cancel him.

Thank you!

Mr. Crabs:
I got you

Imma tell Taehyung he’s been replaced
What’s your name?

Mr. Crabs:
My name is Namjoon, what’s yours?

Wait, Kim Namjoon, like, the Kim Namjoon?

Mr. Crabs:


Mr. Crabs:

Jimin stared at his phone in shock, no wonder he had accidentally texted the wrong man, he must’ve clicked one of the rapper’s posts instead of his messages, but why the fuck was the celebrity responding? Suddenly too shy to continue the conversation, Jimin made up a quick excuse before throwing back a few more drinks and moving to the dance floor, what a night.

Oh, Taehyung’s back, bye

Mr. Crabs:
But you didn’t tell me your name...

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