COOKY — TaeKook


Jungkook is an underground fighter, Taehyung is looking for a job.

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Taehyung doesn't mind working hard, he was born into a family that hated him and ended up working nearly day and night to make it out when he was eighteen. Since the age of sixteen he's been juggling school, work, his social life and sleep.

And no matter how bad for him, every day he spends the least time sleeping.

But he can't complain, he's got a small little house, an education and a friend.

He also has a giant debt due to student loans, sleepless nights and just one friend. Not to mention that his place to live isn't in the friendliest neighbourhood. Up until the point where his only friend refuses to visit him.

Yet, everyday Taehyung smiles at the bus driver, he smiles at the costumers at work and he is kind to his teacher. Never showing how tired he is, never voicing his problems and never, ever opening up to anyone that isn't his best and only friend.

It's a lonely and isolated life but it's his life, he knows working hard will one day get him what he deserves.

But everyone runs out of energy some day. Everyone has their down days and everyone has their moments of utter weakness where they want to give up on the world.

So when Taehyung is standing outside his previous work place, still processing the fact that he just got fired part of him wants to give up. How the hell is he supposed to pay rent if he can't find a new job today.

Biting his lip he stares at the concrete beneath his feet, it's strangely inviting to bash his head against until his problems disappear.

Panicked he starts walking wondering where the fuck they'll hire a dark-pink haired and tattoo covered boy that doesn't have a college degree.

Yet he finds himself walking down the street on his way home. Determined to work out a plan for a new job.

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