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germaphobic neighbor | namkook


where jungkook moves next to germaphobic namjoon and takes a liking to him. β†’lowercase intended


jungkook steps in front of his new apartment. it's small, and in a apartment complex, but it was something he got with his own money.

the inside was simple, yet beautiful. the white countertops complimented the blue paint on the walls, his stuff already set up.

a white couch, a flat screen tv a few feet away from it.

it was all his.


a while later jungkook is done unpacking all his clothes and out back on his balcony.

sitting on the floor since he didn't bring any chairs, a lit cigarette in hand as he stares at the sky.

stars dance across the blue canvas, the full moon hanging on the right side. it was started to get cold, so he pulled on his hoodie, trying to find some warmth.

suddenly the boy hears a soft click. it was the balcony door next to his opening. a tall male steps out, white gloves on his hands as he wipes the railing with a rag.

a white mask was covering his mouth, a large sweater covering his body. he glances over, waving his hand at jungkook when he noticed someone there.

the brunet smiles lightly, his head tilting to the side. "hello."

he mumbled a small 'hello' back before running back into his apartment. jungkook shrugs, putting his cigarette out.

inside it's warm - thanks to the heater - and the male shivers. it feels good being inside, in the warmth, again. he peels his sweater off, throwing it on the couch on the way to his room.

flopping onto the bed, jungkook wraps himself up in the covers. slowly, he drifts to sleep.

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