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The Big Secret.


Two males are trying to keep their identities hidden until they meet two girls in a gang.. turns out.. theyโ€™re under cover cops.

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Chapter 1.

Taehyung and Jungkook were sitting in their offices before the boss stormed in, โ€œOfficer Kim. Officer Jeon. I need your help on something.โ€ The boss said, making the two males rise at his appearance. โ€œThere is the most dangerous gang in Seoul and we need you two to go check it out. Jungkook, your role is to be the assassin of the group. You will try your best to get the closest to the distraction, code name.. โ€˜pearlโ€™.โ€ He said and turned to Taehyung, โ€œYouโ€™ll be the right hand man.. Youโ€™ll get close to the leader of the gang named, โ€˜Bonnieโ€™.โ€ He said and looked at the two males. โ€œMr. Jeon. Your code name will be, โ€˜Rebelโ€™.โ€ he told him, making him nod as he got the folder with more information on the gang.

He nodded as he looked over everything, seeing someone that caught his eyes fairly quickly. He stared at her for a moment before hearing Taeโ€™s code name, โ€˜Clyde.โ€™ Jungkook saw tae take a note of everything before being handed the same thing, โ€œdamn..โ€ he whispered as he bit his lip, scanning her emotionaless mugshot. โ€œa beauty. i mean.. she looks like trouble.โ€ Taehyung caught himself, seeing the boss nod. โ€œNow go get dressed and weโ€™ll send you on your way.โ€ he said, making the males nod. They both walked out the door, whispering things about the girls to the other.

Taehyung got in the undercover car, looking over at Jungkook with a smirk. โ€œAre you ready?โ€ he asked and smirked, raising an eyebrow in excitement. Jungkook looked over at Taehyung, nodding softly. โ€œWe look good. These tattoos look insanely real.โ€ he chuckled. He pushed his black hair back, looking into the car mirror. Taehyung nodded and drove to the location where they said they wanted to meet.
They parked the car and looked around, putting their weapons in their carriers. The males walked out of the car, looking around. They didnโ€™t seem to see them anywhere which got them worried. Jungkook heard a noise, making him quickly turn around, putting his hand on the gun. Taehyung looked at him, patting his shoulder, โ€œchill..โ€ he told him softly. Jungkook let out a soft sigh, nodding. โ€œsorry..โ€ he apologized. Taehyung looked around carefully then out of nowhere; he felt something around his mouth. His eyes widened before he breathed in the chemicals on the rags, hearing a sweet tone, โ€œsee you there.โ€ the tone whispered in Taehyungโ€™s ear before everything went black.
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