Room 69


In which taehyung helps jungkook, taking the risks and ends up falling in love with each other. _____________________________ Warning : Contains smut so please leave if not comfortable.

Action / Romance
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Third P. O. V

"Taehyung don't go near that room, it's creepy I know but please don't go in there" Jimin warned his best friend

"Jimin stop rambling and just go already" Taehyung whined and pushed Jimin out of his room

"Creepy? Nah but suspenseful indeed" Taehyung chuckled deeply while going near the hotel door which had a sign of 'ROOM 69'

Taehyung twisted the door knob and entered the room,

The room was dark, with the wind blowing from the window which was half broken, the old curtains which had scratches were whirling

Taehyung gulped, ready to leave this creepy room, but the door was shut by a strange person who growled loudly yet angrily

Somebody save me



See ya

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