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Rules of Engagement

Chapter 1

Unedited. Please ignore the mistakes...

He admit the place really is welcoming. Except the musty smell of the books placed in the big shelves near the fire place, the place is clean to his standards. Maids passed by only to bow and greet him and ran off to do their own work, leaving him alone and bored once again inside the huge room. He was supposed to be included in the meeting regarding his marriage to someone he didn't even seen even once before. Though, as Namjoon, his right hand said, they can pretty much handle them on their own since he wasn't allowed to see his male bride (groom) till the day of their wedding because of the treaty. That being said, he was left alone to accompany and entertain himself in that huge room alone. He tried to do it earlier, though it didn't last long realizing there isn't much to see inside the area. No pictures or any hint what might be the attitude or what might be his bride's look, except the books that he can't even lift from the shelves because of the strong smell it gives off.

Sighing and slumping more to his sit, a maid entered the room and bowed to him, placing a cup of tea and a plate of cookies in front of him to at least enjoy himself while waiting. Pacing and contemplating the events leading to this moment his anger stirred, the stale air of the library turning sharp as his scent rose. Their families had known this day would arrive; why was he left waiting now? After the birth of their son, their fates were sealed. He had been but a young boy himself when the deal had been struck, ending all the debts the Kim Family has with their own.

Planning the trip to Maria had brought into focus the eventuality that he would marry, but the choice of mate was not his to make. An agreement that took 18 years to reach maturity, after the birth of their first son that turned out to be an omega. Today, his supposed to be fiance reach his legal age and all the agreement will be set into action. He stand from his not so comfortable sit and face the window, taking as much fresh air as possible.

And so it happened, him standing in the farthest corner of the room when the doors opened and was slammed shut. New scent of the sweet strawberries invading the closed area as the blonde male slide through the wooden surface. Breath after breath as he calmed himself down, maybe from running to much from who knows what. As he regained his composure, senses coming back, he was more than shock to realize and have a whiff of another scent than his own. Immediately looking up, Jungkook made an eye contact with the most beautiful man he had ever laid his eyes on. He was immediately drawn from the beauty in front of him and made his way towards the male. Noticing the plain clothing that may only indicate he's maybe one of the servants, but he can't help but notice the authority in the young man held in his stance.

Standing, the omega immediately sought to apologize for his sudden intrusion, "I didn't expect someone would be here. Sorry for disturbing, I'll take my leave." The blonde bowed and was about to make his way out of the room in the most unusual way. Jungkook realized his chance to gather information was about to leave through the open window, and he spoke up in his most commanding voice, "Wait! Is that all you're going to say?" he asked, arms crossed in front of his chest.

"Look, I really didn't mean to intrude your personal space and already apologized. But I really need to take my leave."

"I'm betting you're to blame for making me wait here. What'd you do, dump coffee on someone during the negotiations? I'm not letting you out of this room until you tell me what's going on." Jungkook's scent was on the rise again, pressuring the omega to answer him, but to his surprise the sputtered reaction was not what he expected. Those eyes widened and the servant stopped progress to the window sputtering, "How could you know that?", but the surprise was quickly replaced with disgust, "He should have seen it coming, he really did. Marriage is not a business transaction. Everyone should have the right to marry who they want". And those words seemed to bolster the servant's resolve as he again moved towards the window to make his escape.

"So you're saying you dump coffee on someone with authority and will be most likely to be punished and fired from your position?"

The young man looked back to Jungkook, just admiring him now since he wasn't able to do it earlier. Jungkook, as an alpha his presence commanded attention. It also didn't hurt that the omega found he wasn't bad to look at and the unique alpha scent was strangely appealing, if a little strong yet. He hadn't smelt anything like it before. The other alphas in their house had strong scents that didn't appeal to him, but this calmed his nerves and drew him in, moving thoughts of departure to the back of his mind. "But seriously, I won't blame you for escaping since it will most likely you will receive worse punishment than anyone in this place." The beauty sneered at his words, clearly irritated from what he said, "I really need to leave now", the servant said as he jump out of the window, not minding how far the ground would be.

To Jungkook, the servant had overreacted to an extreme. Sure, some thought omegas were of a lesser dynamic, but to him, dynamic was of lesser importance to ability. He was born an alpha, but had never thought that it imparted greater status to him. Instead he had always striven to be the strongest alpha he could be, earning his title as of the moment, being the strongest and scariest mafia all over the world. Just his name and presence made everyone bow down to him. His own personal guard included an omega who had shown promise, earning his position and been included to deathly missions.

"...but, I've never been so entertained in my life. I tell you Namjoon, he's the perfect match for our boss".

"Jimin! Try to compose yourself. We have to explain the situation to Jungkook, and he's not going to like what we have to say".

Kim Namjoon, right hand of Jungkook, approached with a calm that meant nothing. Over the years Namjoon had clawed his way to his current position using nothing but his intellect and the perfected mask hiding his cunning. The blond was nothing short of a tactical and legal genius, earning Jungkook's trust and begrudging friendship during his teenage years when he had desperately wanted to annul the engagement. They had failed to find a suitable loophole to the agreement, but the bonds of friendship that had formed stuck.

"Boss, we have come to inform you that there has been a delay in finalizing the engagement. There has been an additional demand made by Kims that needs to be considered. Escorts will be here shortly to show us to our rooms where we can talk freely".

"Cut the crap Namjoon. Where the hell have you been for the last hour?!" Jungkook knew he wasn't going to like anything they had to say. His mood still hadn't improved after the omega left, and he needed some target at which he could direct his anger.

"Boss, you'll never believe what happened!" Jimin, never one to miss an opportunity, saw this as his cue to fill Jungkook on the proceedings. "You are the perfect match. Perfect I tell you! Your omega threw his coffee on someone in the middle of negotiations. You should have seen it, one minute the cutie is quietly asking about your favorite color, foods, drinks, hobbies, and then BAM!, he's assaulting some ass-hat insisting on a breeding clause requiring alpha heirs."

"What the fuck Jimin. I fail to see how that makes him a perfect match for me. And like hell, he asked about my favorite foods, you probably corned him and forced him to listen to you. Namjoon, please tell me you aren't seriously considering agreeing to this condition. We haven't even met yet, don't you think hedging bets on children is a little early? Shit, this is just messed up."

"Jungkook, we can still refuse the additional clause. It wasn't a part of the agreement. Let's wait to discuss this any further until we reach our rooms. There will be plenty of time this afternoon to formalize a response."

"Alright, we can discuss later in private. But tell me one thing, when will I meet him? Or do you at least have a picture?"

"Sorry Jungkook. The agreement approved by your parents protecting the identity of your bride until they come of age, still prevents the distribution or publishing of pictures until Taehyung reaches 18. You'll have to wait until tomorrow when you meet in person."

The servants arrived then to take them to their rooms. Instead of reviewing what happened today and the additional things added to the agreement, he was thinking of an omega with bright eyes, and a fiery temper, wondering if they would ever meet again.

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