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First Agreement Then Marriage ~ 🐰💜🐯


☑️ CØMPLETED ☑️ This is my 1st Book. ⬆🐰 ⬇🐯 I love you ~ K I hate you ~ V Warnings: ⚠️ Family Story 👪👨👨👦👦👬👫👬 Lots of Love & Drama 💘 Song lyrics 🎶 Maybe 🔞 #hardship 🐰💜🐯

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Characters Introduction

Jeon Jeongguk
Age 23
Jeon Group Young CEO
Jeon ChangYoon’s one and only son

Jeon Group the world biggest and number one corporate company. Jeongguk - so hot and handsome, rich bad boy (not negative but if you show your negative side he will show another side of him, you can’t take that), if he wants anything next second he will have that no matter what! Lovely kid for his mom and obedient person for his dad.


Kim Taehyung (Jeon Taehyung)
Age 18
(Tae is shorter than Guk in this story)
College 1st year
Kim NamJin’s 2nd son

Such an innocent kid, so much cute and gorgeous boy in the world (because he is the Worldwide Handsome son (sorry I forgot to tell you, yeah! MPREG)), Naughty & stubborn kid, Family only his world. He will do anything for his family. He is like his eomma character soft and caring but wanna be like his appa strong. He is not living his life like other kids, in his circumstances and protective family members care doesn’t let him know the real world. So he has grown up with an innocent and stubborn attitude.

Even he is 18 years old his behaviors to be kids! (So if you don’t like that kind of taehyung’s character, then you can leave here. Because I wrote it like that, ahhh wait! That’s not mean he’s a mentally or that any kind of shit sick. He is totally a healthy babe. Just Over love and care made him as a stubborn kid and a not socialized person, likes to stick with only few people made him as an innocent person, others you will get to know when you continue to read 🤗)


Kim Namjoon
Age 45
Kim Group Chairman

Kim Group South Korea’s number one corporate company (not worldwide). Caring appa, lovely husband, strict businessman. Once he said no backward.


Kim Seokjin
Age 43
Kim Namjoon Wife

Best eomma in the world, supportive wife, soft and caring if you want to see his other sides just touch his son that is enough to the hell door open for you.


Jeon Chang Wook
Age 48
Jeon Group Chairman

Jeon Chang Wook the most powerful man, dangerous man for the outside world, soft side only for his family. No one can control him except his wife.


Jeon Yoon Ah
Age 45
Jeon Chang Wook Wife

Kind-hearted woman, angel. She needs love from her own family. But they don’t spend enough time so she kind of feels lonely.


Min Yoongi
Age 25
Jeon Group President
Jeon Jeongguk cousin

Swag I think this is enough.


Park Jimin (Min Jimin)
Age 20
College 3rd year
Kim Taehyung Best Friend from childhood

Chubby and lovely chim chim. Best friend and like an elder brother to Kim Taehyung. Trust issue.


Kim Hoseok
Age 24
Kim Group CEO
Kim NamJin’s 1st son

Sun Shine, his families energy booster, always smiling and makes you happy also. Serious when its come to his family. And hot CEO (but sorry he is already taken)


Kim Jennie
Age 22
Kim Hoseok Wife

She is so lucky to love and married a lovely husband. She also loves her family! Her family is Father in law Mr.Kim like appa, and Mrs.Kim always fighting for cooking but end she will lose. Last but not least taetae like a son to her.


Special character
Kim Yeontan
Age 10 days

Looks like a puppy but act like a tiger


Story outline:

Worldwide number one businessman and South Korea number one businessman made an agreement on marriage, that marriage how gonna change their son’s life.


TaeKook~ 💜
NamJin~ 💜
YoonMin~ 💜
HopeJen~ (for story) 💜


Warnings: ⚠️

Family Story 👪👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👬👫👬

Lots of Love & Drama 💘

Song lyrics 🎶

Maybe 🔞



I’m not GOD (good) in English so please forgive me and u gonna face more more more grammar mistakes so be ready. This is my first time to write fanfiction & I’m not gonna ask you for a vote or anything so just feel free to read my story if you like this story I will be very happy TQ u can continue now bye bye~~ 🙋‍♀️

~ Sin 💜

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