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Jimin an omega whose battling with the urge to be with Jungkook a strong, dominating alpha as he knows Jungkook's family will never except him. But Jungkook doesn't care, he knows Jimin is the only omega for him. Jimin will be mated by him and only him.

Romance / Drama
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Jimin sat slumped on the hard bed, wearing a thin gown that left almost nothing to the imagination. His feet dangled off the side, barely able to touch the ground. He was alone in the room, the nurse having left to give him some privacy while he changed. The doctor was supposed to come in shortly, it was time for his check up, something he always dreaded as it meant he'd be prodded and needled. It was harder for him being a male omega, it was considered an honour to be one. You were a rare jewel, something to be glorified for. Jimin was one of the few minority's in Korea. There weren't many male omegas, and because of that it meant he was in more danger than females. When something was rare everyone always wanted to have it, Jimin was no exception.

"Right Mr Park." A slender man storms through the thick door, a clip board in hand.

Jimin watches him glance through the file, placing it down on the small table before securing himself on the little swivelling chair. He scoots across the tiled floor, stopping once he was directly in front of the bed Jimin was sat on.

"How are you today Mr Park? The nurse informed me you weren't taking your suppressants anymore, can you tell me why is that?" The doctor asked softly, picking up the bright blue gloves from the box to the side.

"I'm fine thank you Mr Kim. Well about the suppressants I don't think there working, my heat is still coming every month maybe even more now. It's getting worse doctor, to the point nothing seems to soothe it." Jimin chews his cheek out of habit, glancing embarrassingly to his feet.

"Hmm that's not good, they were supposed to be the strongest. But seeing as you are a male omega, we don't have a lot of testing on what works for you. We're still figuring out the right dosage, I'm sorry Mr Park, wish we knew more that could help you." The doctor sighs in his own frustration, knowing Jimin was suffering for their lack in knowledge.

"Can you lay on your side for me Mr Park, I'm just going to check your crevice." The doctor gently helps Jimin onto his side, pulling the gown up to reveal his bare ass.

Jimin groans slightly when he feels his cold digit get inserted inside him, his nails dig into the hard mat he's lying on. It was a difficult feeling, his body didn't dislike it but needed more to find it pleasurable. The doctor forces his entire finger in, curling it to feel the small slit which lead to Jimin's uterus. His tip brushes over it, he feels Jimin's body tense at the sudden touch.

"You okay Mr Park?" Mr Kim asked softly, moving his finger around to check for any unusual bumps or ridges.

Jimin nods his head, sighing in relief when he pulls it out, no longer feeling the slick gloved finger inside him. The doctor removes his gloves, chucking them in the little medical bin.

"Alright everything seems good Mr Park, you're still very healthy." The doctor smiles at him while Jimin sits back up, recovering himself.

"Please call me Jimin, I don't like how you keep calling me Mr Park." Jimin fixes his gown back, staring at him waiting for anything else he needed to know.

"Okay Jimin, well you're still in great shape. Your crevice is prefect, healthy. I'll prescribe you some alternative heat suppressants, is the scent spray helping reduce your smell?" He spoke while writing out a new prescription, glancing quickly at him.

"Umm a little, I have it on now and it seems to be helping. No alphas have come to close, they've left me alone." Jimin explains, while the doctor nods his head along.

"Good, your scent isn't too strong at the moment so I'll keep you on that dosage then." He rips off the prescription paper, handing it to Jimin.

Jimin takes it, folding it then putting it in his jumper pocket. The doctor stands up, pushing the chair back under his desk.

"Thank you Mr Kim." Jimin smiles at him, he'd always liked this doctor, the beta was nice to him, treated him well unlike others who just saw him as a piece of meat, a baby making machine.

"You're welcome Jimin, and please call me Jin. I'll let you get dressed, remember to call me if anything happens okay? I know being an omega out there can be hard." Jin sent him a soft smile, Jimin nodded as he walked out the room.

Jimin got himself dressed, leaving the small doctors office. He walked out into the busy street, alphas, betas, omegas pass him by, a few giving him strong looks. Jimin hated being outside, the pheromones of all the wolves invaded his senses, overwhelming his wolf. He covers himself with his over coat, heading towards the pharmacy to get more spray as his scent was coming back. It was a delicious mix of toffee vanilla with a delicate hint of coconut honey. The combination was deadly, sent any wolf no matter what grade they were mental. While he walks, he could feel the lingering eyes on him, the sniffing of noses, snarling of wolfs. Jimin gulped nervously, his inner wolf screaming for him to hurry.

"Hey there." A deep, rough voice startled the little omega.

Jimin didn't respond, quickly dashing away, not looking back. He was so close to the pharmacy, only a block further. He cursed himself for not going to the doctor sooner, he knew his scent was getting stronger and needed more medication to ease it. But his attempt to ignore the alpha wasn't received well. He was aggressively pulled into a haunting alley, shoved carelessly against the wall.

"You know it's rude of an omega to ignore an alpha. You clearly don't know your place do you? Precious boy you smell so divine." The alpha let out arrogant pheromones, making Jimin's skin crawl.

"Alphas like you don't deserve respect! Get your filthy hands off me." Jimin presses his small hands on his hard chest, trying to push him off with the little strength he had.

The alpha didn't budge, instead he starts growling deep in his throat. His inner wolf calling at him to dominate, show this weak omega whose in charge.

"How dare you speak to me like that, you're just an omega. I'm the alpha here." His bitter pheromones were smothering him, circling his senses until he wanted to puke.

"Stop-Stop." Jimin's wolf was howling, wining from the cruel stench surrounding him.

His strong pheromones were over powering, he couldn't breath without his scent filling his nostrils. It was killing him, sending his knees weak, into this submissive state he despised so much.

"I believe the omega asked you to stop did he not? Are you deaf or just stupid." Cracking through the haze of pheromones was a new, more dominating one that caused the alpha before him retreating slightly.

"What are you? The omegas keeper? I saw him first, get lost you young pup." The rouge alpha barks, though Jimin and the new alpha knew his aggression was a facade.

"Why don't we be adults about this and you just fuck off and we'll all pretend you weren't being a disgusting dog trying to molest this poor omega here. Least that way you'll come out of this unscathed, can't promise the other option you will be." The new alpha was strong, he oozes this suffocating dominance that outweighed any stench this old one could make.

The old alpha stands his ground for a moment, weighing out his options before deciding this omega wasn't worth the trouble. With curled lips and a sharp growl he turns on his heels, walking away, leaving Jimin untouched.

"You okay?" The alpha asked softly, his foul, harsh scent turning into a calm one which eased Jimin's tension.

"I'm fine, thanks for that. Though I could've handled it myself, I'm not as weak as I look." Jimin sends off his own hard scent, not wanting to seem weak knowing how strong this alpha was.

"Clearly, you were doing a great job without me weren't ya?" The sarcasm in his tone was evident, making Jimin scowl in annoyance.

"I could've got out of it, had to deal with this all my life." Jimin barks back, the alpha only laughs before stepping forward.

"Then you should be more careful little omega, you obviously know the danger you just put yourself in for letting your pheromones get to strong. I can't always be here to save you." The alphas dominance was back like a rash, it was an unconscious thing, his aggression always got the best of him.

Jimin gulps nervously, his strong, foul stretching pheromones were surrounding him. He forgot for a moment about how dominating this one was. How he practically sent that old alpha wimping away with his tale between his legs in submission. Which is rare, usually the senior alphas always win over the younger ones. But not this one, he was different, like he didn't care about the order of things. Using his extra strength and dominance to his advantage.

The alpha begins to notice Jimin's uneasiness, realising he was shrouding him in his scent. He quickly backs off, not wanting to scare the omega he's just saved.

"Sorry, I just can't help myself sometimes. It's a habit I haven't broken. All I wanted to do was make sure you were okay, I hate how alphas think they can just own omegas like that. Take what they want because we're stronger, it isn't fair." Jimin was shocked by his words, never hearing another alpha diss their kind like that, usually the alphas he meet did exactly what he described without a second thought because it's what they're born to believe. That they are the dominant race, allowed to take whatever they want, when they want.

"The names Jungkook, what's yours?" He tries sounding calm, beginning to soften his scent for him.

"Jimin and I'm sorry for getting defensive, it's just a habit I haven't broken." They both laugh, Jimin begins feeling calmer, realising this alpha wasn't a threat.

"Would you like me to walk you home? Just in case that asshole comes back or anyone else tries anything. You should really look into scent repressers because your pheromones are intense. I could smell them a mile away." Jungkook seemed genuinely concerned, he'd heard stories about omegas going missing, being forced into slave trading because of their delicious scents.

"I know, I was on my way to the pharmacy to fill out my prescription for some. I'd just been to the doctor for a check up. I'm well aware how much I stink, it's a burden I've had to live with my whole life." Jimin looks down, sighing when he thinks back to the first time his pheromones grew out of hand, it was a nightmare when it happened, puberty was not kind to him.

"Let me walk you there, least that way my conscious will be satisfied you got there safe." Jungkook didn't know why but his wolf was yearning for him, beginning to howl with desperation when he got near.

Jimin was having the same battle with his own wolf, it getting on its knees submitting happily. It was calling to Jimin to agree, wanting to be to stay by Jungkook's side.

"Okay, seeing as I don't really have a choice sure. It's not far." Jimin begins walking, Jungkook stays beside him, unknowingly growling at any alpha that passes or stared for to long.

When he makes it to the pharmacy Jungkook insisted on staying until he got the meds. Even when he had, demanding he walk Jimin home just in case they didn't work or set in in time. Before Jimin knew what was happening Jungkook had walked him the entire way home and was now standing outside his door.

"Thank you for walking me home Jungkook, it really was kind of you." Jimin stood there awkwardly, not sure what to say or do next.

"I was happy to do it, in fact I would like to it everyday if I could?" Jungkook had never been more certain in his life, the man before him was his mate, his wolf hasn't stopped screaming for him since he saved him from that disgusting alpha.

Jimin blinked in shock, wondering if he had heard him correctly. Though he was sure he had when Jungkook smiles at him with such innocence it sent his wolf in a fit of glee.

"Oh? I would like that." Jimin could feel his entire body beating up, his scent becoming sickly sweet from embarrassment.

"Great! Here's my number, call me anytime night or day. I'm always going to answer, what ever it is all be there." Jungkook in a rush grabs out his phone, both quickly exchanging numbers.

Jimin couldn't stop the smile that creeped on his face, Jungkook really was one of a kind. One of the sweetest alphas he's meet, and one of the few his wolf will happily submit too. And from that small, somewhat strange encounter in an alleyway had paved the way for the long and bumping love story.

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