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MAFIA x IDOL ~ 🐰💜🐯


☑️ CØMPLETED ☑️ This is my 2nd Book. ⬆🐰 ⬇🐯

Romance / Drama
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First Meet

I am so so so happpieee to release my second story on BTS comeback. Keep streaming ‘Boy With Luv MV’ ARMY we should break all the previous records. We should show our love and support, how we crazy on them through the record breaks. Hwaiting 💪💜🤟


By the title and cover picture, you all already know who is MAFIA and who is IDOL, so here I just let you know how they will look like in this story.


Jeon Jeongguk - Scariest Mafia Leader JK - Mercy? Fuck off!!

📢 Warning for Jeon Jeongguk’s Character ⚠️ Please don’t hate him too much 🙏 please 😭

(Just imagine that jeongguk’s most of the parts are covered by tattoos)

Kim Taehyung - Angel V - Love? We can’t spell LO💜E without V.

And others (Find out by yourself what are their characters by reading this story, I reveal here their photos for this story. And tattoo guys Suga & RM)

Now let’s go to the story...



***@ taehyung place***

“Hobi hyung please give me some rest” taehyung said with heavy breaths, his body and face cover with full of sweats.

“I wish I could, but we don’t have time taehyung. Your concert gonna start in 2 days. We should have to practice more”

“We have 54 hours hyung. I am asking you to give me 2 hours just 2 hours. That is also not for me, my back and legs are killing me. And moreover, I already practiced this all songs more than 100 times”

Hoseok sighed “Fine, just 2 hours okay?”

Taehyung showing his famous box smile with thumbs up as the deal is okay. The next second he fell down on the nearby sofa.

Before hoseok go out from the practice room “I will inform jimin to wake you up after 2 hours”.

Taehyung groaned “I wish I could change my dance master and manager” mumbled.

“I can hear you taehyung”

“I wanna get some peaceful sleep can you just get out from this hyung”

“Thanks for your nice respect, bye”

***time skip @ one day before the concert at LA***

“Where? Where is my little baby bear? Taehyunggggggg”

“Hyung, just now doctor finished the check-up, now he is taking rest in his room. Nothing to worry hyung it’s just a little fracture. He is strong hyung, he will recover fastly” jimin tried to calm down the angry and overprotective taehyung’s one and only brother.

“My babe bear got fracture on his foot and you are saying no need worry, my heart was not made by the stone to stay calm. I trusted you guys to take care of my little brother but this is what I am getting in return? Where is that hitman? I am gonna sue on BigHit Entertainment for.. YAH, HOSEOK YOU BETTER STOP RIGHT THERE” jin yelled at hoseok, who was tried to pass the way, jimin sighed in relief, hoseok gulped at jin “Hi, jin hyung. When did you..” jin interrupts him “Because of you my little brother now in this condition, right? I am gonna kill you, come here” hoseok jumped in surprise “What?! How can I be responsible for his fracture? When he was the one walked carelessly!!! And moreover he got small fracture only it will cure in few hours so no need to worry though” “Why the all fucking fellows are being..” jimin facepalmed himself and interrupts him “3001, his room number hyung, shall we go?” jin clenched and nodded.

Without knowing anything taehyung happily watching his favorite anime movie ‘Kimi no Na wa (Your Name)’ on his tablet.

“My little babe bear, your worldwide handsome hyung is here for you” jin starts to attack him with a hug.

“Jinnie hyung?! When and why did you come here?”

“Of course to check on your fracture, are you okay babe?” jin carefully took his legs to check them.

“I am totally fine hyung, Jiminie and hobi hyung taking care of me very well like you, so you don’t have to worry about me”

“I know” jin said and cups his face “My babe looks so thin, this is your last tour right?”

“Yes hyung” tae nodded.

“Then I will wait for you and we can go..” taehyung interrupts him “Sorry hyung, I can’t, day after tomorrow I have Ellen Show interview, I will come with jiminie and hobi hyung”

“Ohhh, okay babe take care. Don’t strain yourself okay? Just make it easy, when you come back to Seoul we will plan for a small trip”

“You are my best hyung” taehyung hugged him, jin smiled and ruffles his hair then chu on his head.

“Okay babe take rest I take my leave now”

“Bye hyung” they hugged one last time.

Before leaving the LA jin shows his support and love through the gifts to everyone. Special gifts to his not blood related but like own brothers jimin and hoseok.

***time skip @ the end of the concert***

“Thanks for your support and love my dear purplers, I can’t put it in words that how much I love you guys. 보라해” taehyung shouts at the purplers while making heart symbol.

“We purple you too, V” purplers also shouts back to make that place go crazy.

After the concert taehyung comes to his backstage room Jimin and hoseok hugs him.

“You nailed it, V” both said unison.

“Without you, I am not V, hyung” group hug.

***time skip @ Ellen Show Live***

“Okay V, let’s move on some personal topic, Do you date anyone?”

“No I don’t have time for date anyone, but I wish I could date my ideal type very quickly”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh” crowd shouts happily when they are hearing the first time that V is open his mouth to say about his ideal type. They just know that V is can produce a baby, that is also V said in one of the fan meetings when he saw a cute baby in his fan meeting “Hey purplers, can I tell you my one of secret? You all know that I love babies right?” “Yesss” “I am so proud to say that I can also produce my own baby” taehyung said proudly with excitement to see the purplers response as he excepted purplers also shouts in happy because they are loving him very truly. He can hear different types of compliments “Awwwww, that’s so cute” “Oh My God, I wish I could change into a men for my V” “I knew it” “Ohhh nooo, I thought I had a chance to marry my V” “My guess is right tho” “I doubted him from the start” “My V is true angel, I can’t wait to see my little angel” “Thank god, today is I feel blessed that I am Men” “Who is that lucky guy?” from that day V’s fanbase increased by more boys in day by day, of course still all girls loves him with the same energy.

“Can you tell me about your ideal type?”

“Hmmm” just a think of his ideal type taehyung felt so shy that’s made his cheeks and ears go red, the crowd shouts at his action “Awww cuteee”.

“I just want someone that who really loves me and who do not loves for my external beauty just loves me looking inside of my heart, who respects my decision and my career. And he should know about music so that we can enjoy our life more happily. I don’t like violence, so I have preferred a guy with a soft heart. And the most important thing is family, he should know about the importance of family. I don’t care about his appearance and his job or anything, I am just waiting for the person who can makes me think of ‘he is my everything’ at first sight and the feel of I have waited for him in my entire life just for him”

“Wowww, that’s cute, who’s know he might watching you now through this interview. We all wish you V, that you could meet your ideal type very soonly” claps.

“Gamsahamnida” taehyung blushed and bowed at her then the crowd.

***@ jeongguk place***

“This is my first time that I am watching this man interview and I wish to live his life as what he wants, he deserves that. He is kinda cute. And the most important thing is he knows the value of love and not someone like not even tries to feel or show the love”

“I am not sleeping hyung, I just take some rests for my eyes”

Namjoon knows that he is not sleeping, he just tried again to pour some love water on his desert heart “I didn’t even say your name jeongguk”.

“I am not dumb hyung” he gets up and sat on the sofa and continues “I dunno who was the guy that showed up on the TV, but I am sure that guy gonna live his life very difficulty because of his stupid love. Love is just a waste of time” “But how can y..” before namjoon say anything he gets up from the sofa and wears his black coat “Let’s go for the mission RM”.

***@ taehyung place***

“Wow tae! We don’t have any clue that you could dream about your future like this” hoseok said while driving the car into the shopping mall.

Taehyung smiled in shyly.

“But I am mad at you taetae, whenever I asked you about your ideal type you just said that ‘I don’t have any jiminie’ or ‘I don’t have time to think about that jiminie’ now suddenly where did you get this all of from, ah?” jimin shows his fake angry.

“I didn’t mean to hide that from you jiminie, I swear. I always feel so shy into this topic, that’s why I always tries to change that topic whenever you comes up with that” taehyung said nervously while playing with his fingers.

“Then, what makes or brings you to open up your heart today”

“I dunno” said very very slowly.

“What I can’t hear you tae”

“I dunno, it was automatically came from my inner soul, trust me jiminie, I didn’t mean to hide..”

“Don’t be nervous tae, after all, it’s your life you have full rights to what you want to say to others and what you don’t want, jimin don’t make uncomfortable with taehyung” hoseok said while parking the car.

“I am sorry tae, We lived like close friends that’s why I am..” taehyung stopped him by sudden hug “You are still my best friend until the end of my life jiminie, I am the one sorry to hide it..” jimin pulled away from the hug “No tae as hobi hyung said you have all the rights so I am the one in a stage to say sorry” “No I am the one” “No I am the” “No I am” No I am” “No..” “Aishhhh you both of unmatured kids, can you get off from the car we’re reached already. I should just let them like early” taehyung and jimin glancing at each other with giggles then starts to attack hoseok with hugs and chu on his cheeks.

***@ jeongguk place***

“Aishhh, fuck this crowded place!” jeongguk growled at the irritation mode he totally hates day work or crowded place, but unfortunately he had to do the both on today.

“JK, be ready our target is reached” namjoon informed him through the bluetooth.

“I can’t follow his fucking pig bastard anymore, he is no fun. JK, can I shoot him when walks in the centre of the mall? If we did that, then we can be more famous in this country mafia gangs too. What did you say JK?”

“Suga, we promised the gang to that we will finish this mission without any trace. So don’t forget and store it on your fucking stone mind, got it?”

“Haha, from when did you start to follow your fake promise JK?”

“Just do something that makes him come to 3rd floor bathroom after that I will take care”


Guk P.O.V:

I just walks towards the bathroom to wait and kill that fucking pig old guy. He is one of the biggest gangsters in this country, one of his enemy wants to he dies. No one is ready to kill this old guy cause of his power. I love to take the adventure that’s why I accept this offer. They wants to do without any trace, but my plan is to do with some fun, that’s why we selected this main area to kill him even I hate the crowded place. I should say yes when suga hyung asked me, I dunno why this is going like this.

I rested my hands on the sink’s both side and looking at myself in the mirror.

I know that some fellow is following me, but he is not looking like a spy. If he was spying me then he won’t have to appear on very near to me and more like don’t have to stare me like this is the first time that he was meeting a human in his entire life. I am staring back at him through the mirror. I dunno how long we just staring at each other just through this mirror. He slowly takes his steps towards me and very very very slowly he extends his left hand towards my right hand which is still rested on the sink table’s edge. Is his hands are getting shivering why? Before he touches my hand I yelled at him “What?”

He flinched and get few steps back quickly, his eyes widen and shook his head fastly in multiple time then run out from the bathroom.

“JK, JK, are you there, JK”

“Yeah, yeah, stop making shouts on my ear, RM”

“Still what are you doing inside of the bathroom, he already came out”

“WHAT? When did he came inside! Okay, we will do this some other time” I said and take out the bluetooth from my ear and get out from the bathroom to reach them.

“JK, you know what now I can see the ghost. Just now I saw that fucking pig walking out from the bathroom after you killed him”

“This is not a time to play suga” I said with angry tone.

“That’s what I am saying you bastard we are here to kill this old pig, not to get chill on bathroom” yoongi hyung said coldly and went out fastly to the parking area.

“What happened JK? This is the first time that you getting failed on your target and postpone your mission” namjoon asked me, I can feel his care and worry on his tone.

“Nothing” I said coldly and fist my hands.

‘Why I am getting some strange feelings on that strange fellow?!! Who are you?’


This is my second story, still I didn’t complete my first story (First Agreement Then Marriage~ TaeKook~ 🐰💜🐯) yet. So this might be a very very slow update. I want to complete my first book, as of now, my first priority is that book only. But, I will try to update this story now and then. I hope you guys will support this story as well as.

~Sin 💜

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