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MAFIA x IDOL ~ 🐰💜🐯


Tae P.O.V:

I am waiting in outside of the store, while my hyungs ordering some snacks. They know me very well what I will like to eat, so I let them to order for me. While I am waiting for them, I saw someone crossing me very fastly, I just saw his side profile only, but the next second unknowingly my legs are beginning to follow that stranger and I am not a doctor but I can tell my heart beat is not normal. Why? Just why I feel that he is the one? He is the one I am waiting for my entire life!!! Am I crazy?

He stopped walking, I am also stopped right there. I feel he is twin ‘Oh, it’s mirror?!’ now I can see his handsome face ‘WOWWW!’. In my idol life I saw lots of handsome guys but no one gives me this kind of feel, my full body is getting hot. When our eyes meet, it was like the lightning startightly attacks me from his eyes.

‘What a powerful gaze’

‘Is he even real?’

‘No way I think I am dreaming!’

‘I don’t want to wake up from this dream’

‘Finally I got my lover, but only in.my.dream. If he comes to my real then I would be so happy’

I can’t take my eyes on him. How could be a person can attacks someone with just a single stare. His jawline so sharp just like his gaze, cute little pinkish lips I think if he smiles it will looks more cute. His nose so perfect, his eyebrows I can’t see it fully because of his bangs hiding it half-half, but I am sure that is also in perfect shape. His hair color is red, it’s so fucking hot. His piercings damn good. Is he tattoo lover? I can see some tattoos on his bodies here and there. Muscle Guy. His veins ‘wowww’ his long fingers.

I took my steps towards him, I want to touch his veins it looks so hot. I never ever felt like this on some stranger not only on stranger in my entire life I never felt like now, but this is just a dream, I am in my dream. So if I touch his hands it not be anything tho!

I extends my left hand to his right hands very slowly, which is rested on the sink’s edge. My hands are shaking in nervous. ‘It’s just dream tae don’t be nervous, just few inches only’


Instantly I flinched away from him, my eyes widen in shock. ‘No, no, no, It could not be’ I shook my heads multiple times and run out from that place.

Finally I come back to my sense and panting softly “I thought it was a dream, but he was shouting me like that, I can feel that was real, so he is real?!” I bites lips and felt my cheeks are getting hot of happy at the same time embarrassment of my first impression ‘You went to touch him without his permission what will he think about you tae?’ I hits my cheeks few times.

“Who is real tae?” again I jumped lightly on hearing jiminie voice from my behind.

“Huh?!” I glancing at them like they’re ghosts.

Hobi come to me “Where did you go tae? Here we bought your favourite burger”.

“Thanks hyung” said and take it from him.

“Tell me what you said a few seconds ago tae?”

“Huh? No.. Nothing”

Jiminie leaned on me closely “If there is nothing then why you looks so red and your answers are shuttering?”

“Nothing means nothing jimin” I lightly pushed him away.

“Jiminie from jimin? so there is something I am sure, tell me tae” jiminie pleaded to me with his cute puppy eyes.

“I am so tired hyung, I don’t want shopping anymore, let’s go to the hotel” I don’t give any time to think them and walking towards the parking area without waiting for their reply.

***time skip, few days later @ Seoul, taehyung’s dorm***

“Tae, did you saw the news?” jiminie asking me while entering the practice room with hobi hyung.

“Ohhh I saw many news which one want? About the new Gucci model?” I asked them while doing my exercise.

“Do you remember when we were in LA we went to the mall for shopping after the Ellen show?” hobi hyung asked me.

My body stiffened when I heard that particular incident “Yeah” I nodded slowly ‘How can I forget that place? My lover! Okay, dream lover! Ani, aishhh.. whatever! I met him there, some stranger’.

“When we were there the exact place, date and time someone killed the one of the most powerful man in LA”

“Ohhh, but why are you telling me like we are connected into this news hyung?” I asked him while bending right side to stretching my body.

“The killer is a Korean guy, and they are three people. At the same place, date and time we were there, WE. We are three and Korean people, so the LA police doubted us..”

“WHAT? This is ridiculous hyung, how can they doubted us, at that time we were the only Korean people shopping in the largest mall in LA?” angrily I am asked him.

“We were the only THREE KOREAN PEOPLE tae, so there is a lot of chance they doubt us. But thankfully you bring us out from there, before they kill that person. We were also recorded on the CCTV footage, so it’s cleared their doubts”

“Anyway leave this topic hyung, we are not into them anymore” somewhat I don’t like to hear anymore it gives me some unwanted link, I hope he is also not into them.

***time skip @ 2 hours later***

“Tae what happened to you? Why are you keep messing with your steps?” hobi stops the music.

“Play again hyung, I will do this time correctly” I dunno what is disturbing me.

He shook his head “You said this more than enough, I think you are tired of past concerts. As Bang Sihyuk said you need to take your rest for upcoming song tae”

“No hyung, I am perfectly fine. I am just getting disturbed of something else”

“You are being so different from that mall tae, tell us already” jiminie suddenly has changed his interest from his food to mall, which I tried to not think anymore.

“I am going to jinnie hyung place, let them know I am taking my leave from today” said and take my overcoat heads to the door, let them in the confused face.

“YAH, Don’t forget about ISAC, it’s going to start next week” jiminie shouting from there, I just hands up gesture okay and without looking back.

***@ namjoon’s place***

Namjoon P.O.V:

“There is no better than shopping” after a long time I can able to schedule my time for the shopping.

“This is one looks cool”


“Sir, you broken it, you should pay for that also”

“It’s okay, no problem. This is not a new thing to me” after a few more trial I selected one.

“I like this one”

I went to the billing section.

“With broken glass and other things overall 645,80,375 won, sir” I give them my black card.

“I am ordered this for pink color, not black or grey or any other ass color” I heard someone yelling at the working staff.

Actually, I am not interested with any other people business, somehow my inner soul tells me to peek that sight.

“How can you guys taking my order like this?” he keeps yelling at the staff who says sorry every end of the yells.

“I particularly ordered this for my brother’s program, which is going to start in 3 days”

“Please, give us two days time sir, we will do again as your request”

“No, I going to..” I interrupt that handsome guy “They’re are saying they will do as your wish and asking just 2 days time, where is the problem with that? And you have one more day too” I asked him very casually.

“Who the hell are you man?” he asked me with more anger. But in my eyes he is so cute.

“Oh, I am Kim Namjoon, your name handsome?” I extend my hands for the handshake, he is blushing lightly for the way of I mentioned him.

“I know that I am handsome, you just fuck off. You guys should return my order as you promised okay?” he doesn’t care about my hands are still hanging on the air.

“Yes sir, sure. We won’t disappoint you this time. Thanks for giving us one more chance” they all bowed at him again and again. He sighed and went away from this place.

“Thank you so much for your help sir, he is our biggest client, we almost lost him, once again thank you sir, we owe you” they bowed at me.

“Then give his details”

“What?” they looking at with shock.

“I can find out even without your help guys, so give it to me already” they still on confusing mode “Is he not handsome? I want to date him, that’s why I am asking. Do guys know if he is single or..” one of the staff interrupts me “Mr. Kim is single sir, I asked him last time” “Thanks for your valuable information baby” I wink at her, she smiled shyly “Now, may I know my future wife name?”

“Nae, Kim Seokjin”

***time skip, @Jeongguk place***

Guk P.O.V:

“Hi jeongguk, I am home”

I did not take my eyes from the laptop.

“Jeongguk, I already check this video multiple times. I am damn sure, we have not caught on the CCTV footage. Why are you keep staring this video past few days”

I just keep my eyes on the particular stranger on the laptop video, staring him deeply.

I don’t feel no more namjoon’s shadow in the door way, I think he went to his room. I play the particular part of the video again and paused it on close view.

“Why the hell you can’t go away from my mind? Who are you?”

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