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My One & Only Tiger ~ 🐰💜🐯


~Ongoing~ This is my 4th Book.

Romance / Fantasy
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📢 Sorry for releasing this new story before finishing my two stories. Actually I felt today is taekook’s special day by watching the way of tae holding and grabbing guk’s hand softly. I’m already stupidity in the special date, so why not today.. sooo.. here you go 🤗💜😍 📢

📢 My first supernatural story, I hope you will like it 🤗💜😍 📢

~ Sin💜



“Mammaaa” tae jumps to his mama’s behind.

“OMG, tae! How many times have I told you to stop scaring me from behind. Why did you come outside? Go, stay inside before anyone sees you” baekhyun says while watching their surroundings as he can see anyone.

“How many days should I have to stay inside? I’m getting bored of this dark room, mama. Let me breathe some fresh air in the beautiful sunlight” tae tries to pass him, but baekhyun lifts him using his large teeth by tae’s tiny neck and gets him inside of their small dark room puts him down in the corner of the room.

“Mama, let me go, please” tae tries again.

“You can go out at night time with your friend like usual day” tae sat on the floor with a little thud as two hands putting down between his two leg “But I want to go out on day time, mama. I wanna see the bright world at least once in my life time” says sadly while looking down, baekhyun knows he’s gonna cry, but whatever if he says the cute little cub won’t listen him, until his papa chanyeol would comes and plays with him to forget the thoughts of going out from the dark room.

“You will walk on the road freely like you wish, babe. But you have to wait..” tae cuts him “How long.. How long mama? You are always repeating the same things, I want to get out of this zoo NOW” baekhyun sighs at his cute son’s cute mad, at the same time he felt bad for hiding him.

Their conversation cuts by the giant tiger entry “If they have a holiday, why don’t they choose an amusement park. I’m getting tired of walking in front of the huge crowd” chanyeol murmurs in a little pissed off by the huge crowd.

“You take care of your little angry cutie pie, I will handle them before anyone comes to check us” baekhyun says and walks towards the outside, before he leaves he whispers to his beloved husband “When we gonna live our life as we lived yeolie? I’m also tired of these all” baekhyun says with his sad tone, chanyeol tries to convince him with a little gestore “I will find a way soon, baekhie” their conversations cuts by cute little voice “Pappaaa” reminds them with his cute anger “He started again, take care of him” baekhie says, chanyeol nods “I will join you quickly” he informs before goes to his little babe.

“Ohhh, why does my little cutie pie look sad? What happened?”

“Papa, I wanna go out, take me with you” tae repeats the same request nth time of his life.

“Babe, just wait for a few days, papa will take you to our real home”

“When? You both are telling the same things for the past 5 years, papa. I’m done with you” tae tries to go, but stopped by his papa “Just wait 10 more days babe, this time I will definitely take you and mama to home, promise” “Promise?” tae asks with his big blue eyes “Promise, babe. Come, take a nap now” “Again? Just now I woke up, papa” “You don’t wanna go tonight out with your friend jimin?” “Of course I wanna go” “Then sleep now” tae head lows with a little sad “Okay, papa” mumbles “Play with me, until I get tired and to sleep” says suddenly and jumps on his papa “You won’t go to sleep if we play” shakes his tiny head cutely “No papa, I will. Just 10 minutes okay?” he sighs then nods “Okay, but you should not go out okay? Only inside of this room” “yeah yeah I know, papa. Now let’s start come on catch me” excitedly says and running all over on the small dark room, chanyeol follows him very slowly like he can’t catch him and tae running faster with his cute little 4 legs.

📢 Small flashback and details about chanyeol family and supernatural 📢

Supernatural creatures are half human and half animal. They can change their body when they want. But they mostly like to live with their animal appearance. They’re very very rare. Chanyeol and baekhyun are supernatural creatures like few of them. They’re all living in the deep forest areas. Only a few humans only know about their existence, that is also only like higher authority people like president and few more people who work under the government. Generation by generation they are hunted by the government secretly for researching purposes. If any supernatural creatures are not cooperating with their research they would get bad treatment physically and mentally. So many of them agreed to with them for their own safety. First they would all let in the zoo like other animals to not get suspicious, then they will pick them one by one as per their daily activities are how differentiation between the other nature animals. When the government people enter the forest for their next research. They hunted chanyeol and baekhyun. That time (5 years ago) baekhyun was pregnant. (Supernatural creatures can only sex when they are in human apperance). Chanyeol tried to escape and that was very easy to him too, but at that time he was with baekhyun’s pregnancy. That’s how they hunted by the cruel humans.

In the zoo, every supernatural creature has a small room and few clothes for them. They can change their human forms there if they want, but never ever allowed to show their powers in front of people. And none of supernatural creatures are like to show their human forms either. They’re all fine with their animal appearance.

Same like others, chanyeol and baekhyun got separate rooms with the heavy security ground in that huge zoo. They found that baekhyun was pregnant by his behaviour, but at the same time they found how dangerous chanyeol is too. Chanyeol doesn’t get anyone near them, if they did the result is dead.

So research people started to try to find other ways to get them for research, but all ended by failed. Baekhyun gave birth to the beautiful male cub, Taehyung. Chanyeol starts to check them day and night, between his every escape plans. All his plans failed into their high-tech security. Because they are not aware of high-tech life, since they never come out from the forest area.

But nothing has stopped researchers working, they’re doing their job with chanyeol and baekhyun’s daily foods. They’re aware of the new cub but no one sees the cub face to face. They are only able to see the cute cub through CCTV. And they are aware of chanyeol and baekhyun taking their cub to walking every night. When they tried to catch them, a minimum of 20 people would die on the spot. So they dropped the plan from that day. As per their research they found that chanyeol and baekhyun and their cubs are special from everyone. That’s why they didn’t kill them yet and are waiting for the perfect chance.

⏮ time skip @ current time ⏭

When chanyeol went out to check baekhyun with the thought of his 5 years old naughty cutie pie is sleeping. Tae opens his only one eye to check whether his papa is here or not, when he hasn’t felt his papa’s scent that much.

“Now I can go, yeah” with his cute little voice he walks out using that tiny hole in their darkroom.

With closed eyes tae inhales the fresh air with a wide smile like the shining bright sun.

“Wowww, I’m feeling so fresh” walks on the side of the wall carefully not wanting to get caught.

💭 Papa said that this is how I feel when we get back to our home. I can’t wait for that moment. What does home look like? Like this darkroom 💭 tae shakes his head 💭 No no mama said it will look more beautiful with lots of colours 💭 “Ahhh I wanna see that now”

Tae looks left and right to check before he uses some tiny hole to go out. That tiny hole is used by jimin to come and go here.

Jimin is a half cat and half human. So yes, he’s also one of the supernatural creatures. He met tae 3 years back when tae came out from the darkroom for the first time in his life. And of course with his protective parents. Tae was very happy to meet new people other than his mama and papa. Chanyeol and baekhyun also happy to meet other supernatural creatures. They trusted him at first sight and agreed to bring tae every night here. So from that moment tae and jimin’s relationship started with a strong bond like they found their soulmate finally.

“Wowww! Humans are different!!”

Tae watching the huge crowd from behind the huge tree in big doe blue awe eyes. In his first experience of admiring the outside world he doesn’t feel that someone is trying to approach him very slowly.

📢 Imagine with a casual dress 👇 📢

Tae’s body jolted in fear when he heard the voice from behind “Hi cutie” tae clenching his 4 legs of little nails into the huge tree like his life depends on that tree. His full body is sticking with that huge tree and trying to cover his tiny face too but don’t know what to do. His wide open sticking 4 legs position looks so cute that new person. That new person giggles softly at tae’s cute behaviour.

“You don’t have to be scared of me, I won’t do anything to you trust me”

💭 His voice wowww! 💭 tae hasn’t gotten off the huge tree yet.

“You look so cute, but why don’t you look like any cat? Can you turn my side cutie?” that person trying to approach tae with some unknown magnetic feels.

💭 Papa, mama where are you? 💭 tae asked himself with closed eyes and still clenching on the tree with his shivering legs.

His shivering was gone, when he felt the soft touches on his back “You’re so soft” the person says while rubbing on tae’s soft white fur. Tae leaves the grip on the tree, he was about to fall but the boy holds him on the perfect time and lifts up to see tae’s face.

“Wowww, You’re the tiger?!” the person asks with a little surprise, but tae’s big blue eyes widened in something new feelings. This is his first time seeing a human being very closely.

“You look sooooooooooooo cute, I wanna put you in my pocket and take you with me, can I?”

Tae trying to touch his face but he can’t, the distance is a little bit difficult for his tiny legs, the person giggles again “Do you wanna touch me?” He takes him closer to let him touch his face, tae touches his nose then cheeks then moves his face close to his face and sniffs his scent a few times.

💭 You looking good, your voice is good, now your scent too, this is how would look and smell humans or only you?! Who are you? 💭

“You have blue eyes? It’s so cute” the person admires the beautiful tiger’s features without getting any fears of he’s holding the tiger.

Tae’s eyes landed on something that person holding on his other hand.

“Do you want this?” the person asks, showing the burger that he eats half.

Tae sniffles that and licks to taste it first, his tempting tongue 💭 It looks colourful. Can it be eaten? 💭 he had never ever eaten anything other than meat.

“Open your mouth I will feed you, say ahhh” tae opens widely but his tiny mouth only opened small space and takes a small bit of that burger.

After tasting those new stuff his tail dancing in excitement subconsciously with happy munching.

“It seems you like this taste” the person says while tae grabs that person’s hand closer to take another big bite “Slow, slow” tae can’t eat like a human and he doesn’t know how to eat burger so he eats all those stuffed items separate, separately.

“By the way, I have not introduce myself, my name is jeongguk, Jeon Jeongguk”

💭 Jeon Jeongguk?!!! Hmmm name also good 💭 tae says to himself while munching the delicious burger.

“What’s yours?”

“Taehyung, you can call me taetae. That’s what jiminie would call me” tae talks to him like he can hear his tiger language while taking another bite with his half munching inside. Whenever he leans to take a bite he licks the guk hand purposely, because he likes it. Guk also doesn’t mind that cute cub’s cute actions.

“Can I give you a name?! Hmmmmmm.. you look so cute and your behaviour is too cute so I’m gonna give you a cute and unique name like you look.. hmmmmmmm.. what I choose???!!! Hmmmmmmm.. yeahhh how about lolita?!”

💭 Lolita?! Me?! 💭

“Lo.li.ta.. lolita. Kinda unique and cute for you” guk chu on tae’s head, tae blushed in his tiger form and let out a sound subconsciously “prrr” guk smiles softly “Your prrr sounds is also too cute tho” again chu on his head again.

💭 Stop keep saying I’m cute, I’m cute, I’m cute I know I’m cute. Papa and mama said many times.. wait! Yeah papa and ma.. 💭 tae’s thoughts were cut off by the very loud roar 💭 It’s papa sounds! 💭

“Jeongguk.. jeongguk..” tae heard someone calling “Mom, Dad, I’m here” guk waving his hands towards the person who is looking for him, before they reach here he turns to tae “Lolita, keep silent okay. I’ll take you to my home” 💭 Home?! 💭 tae blue eyes widened in shock and surprise. Before guk hid the tiger behind him he hugged one last time softly “I like you, so much lolita” chu on tae’s lips and hides behind him.

“Jeongguk we have to leave the zoo immediately, come on let’s go” **loud roar sound again** “Mom..” guk cuts by his dad “Come on jeongguk, we don’t have time to talk” guk can feels the cub struggling to go **roar sound getting loud by loud** “Dad, I want to..” before he finishes the sentence he feels the empty hand when he turns back to look, he sees his lolita running away from him “Come on jeongguk get up” before tae enters into that tiny hole he turns to meet the boy who stole his little heart at the first sight of first person. Both eyes are locked with a teary of something new feelings.

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