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The Fifth Descendant


You've heard of the Descendants, right? Carlos, son of Cruella De Vil? Evie, daughter of the evil queen? Jay, son of Jafar? Mal, daughter of Maleficent? Well, what if there was a fifth Descendant? One who was cunning, crafty, and not bad with a sword? And not to mention, the child of the terrifying Captain Hook. That's right. Even he had a kid. A blue-eyed girl called Hazel Janet Hook, or just Hazel for short. She is just as evil and vicious, and ruthless and cruel, and as rotten to the core as the other Descendants. Only difference is, she has...feelings. Feelings for another Descendant. It isn't Carlos or Evie or Mal. They are her best friends. It's a certain thieving boy that has a bit of a soft spot for her as well and is just as playful with her as she is with him. What happens when have to go to a boarding school to steal the fairy godmother's magic wand? Will the feelings grow into something like passion? Or maybe...love?

Fantasy / Romance
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1) Rotten to the core

“COME BACK HERE WITH THAT!” The whiny voice of a market stallholder that had just been stolen from shouted in the streets. A chuckling boy with long dark hair, a strong build and a picture of a hissing cobra on the back of his yellow blue and rustic red leather jacket was running off holding various trinkets from the stall that he stole from; along with a few more things from around his so-called ‘home’ the isle of the lost. He jogged up an old metal fire escape then sprinted across the roof of the old square building, that was probably a factory and dashed down a ladder to an alleyway. He jumped off near the bottom landing on the ground in a crouched position that he slowly stood up from clenching his fingerless glove wearing fists.

“That’s, all ya got Jay?” A sassy voice, that had a hit of a swashbuckling pirate accent in it asked Jay, the son of Jafar. A smirk spread across his face, then he turned his head sideways to see a girl propped up against the wall, but it was a girl that he knew well. She had long brown hair with ends that were dyed a ruby red let down in loose curls, a long strand of it twisted and tied back out for her face by white and red hair clips with small silver skull and crossbones on the ends of both of them. The dress she wore had a deep red corset that had gold thread stitched in at the top of the bust, to hold the small bit of black frilly lace lining it. The corset was tied up the front tightly with a black ribbon in a bow at the top and made her hourglass curves look even more prominent. The skirt part of the dress was layers of black lace that fell to her mid-thigh and had a few odd sparkles on them that corresponded with the holes and tears in the lace too. She wore, to cover her shoulder and arms, a black leather jacket that was short on her torso but had long sleeves down to her wrists. On the back of the jacket was a pure white skull with a flaming red bandana on it and an eye patch. A symbol that represented her like the one Jay had on the back of his leather jacket. Around her waist, she had a big buckled belt holding a couple of weapons, including pirate’s sword that had a mechanism to make it slot itself away into a knife or spring up into a sword ready for action all at the press of a button on the handle. The other weapon was a silver hook on the red handle of a dagger that had her last name ‘Hook’ engraved in fancy writing on the side of it. On her feet were black lace-up leather boots that were worn out from being battered in frantic pirate activities that involved a lot of running. They came up just below her knees, making her legs in black and white horizontal striped tights even longer. In her ears, she had small silver hoops and an extra piercing, a gold stud, in her left ear next to the hoop. On her hands were fingerless gloves, like what Jay and their friends wore, but they had black plastic studs on the back of the palm of it and were a bright red colour. On her left wrist was something she treasured. Well, being the daughter of a pirate she treasured everything shiny, but the silver charm bracelet was an exception. It had only two charms on it though. One was a small gold sailing ship, the other was a ruby love heart. Jay found himself staring at it for a few seconds before the girl snapped her fingers snapping his gaze to her face.

“Me eyes are up here Jay.” She said resting her hand on her hip shifting her weight on to one leg. Jay chuckled.

“Sorry, I got distracted by something else I’d like to steal.” He said with a smirk resting his thumbs in the belt loops of his worn-out blue jeans. The girl’s smirk turned into a glare and she clutched her wrist with the bracelet on in defence making Jay chuckled again. “I’m kidding Hazel,” Jay replied knowing she wouldn’t ever forgive him for stealing that. She lowered her wrist still glaring slightly.

“Good,” She began resting a hand on the handle of her sword. “Because if y’ ever take that from me matey,” Hazel stepped closer to Jay. In a split-second, she fluently drew her knife, pressed the button making it pop out into a sword and pointed at the now shocked Jay. It was a millimetre from his noise. “I’ll send ye to Davy Jones’ locker faster than ya blink.” She silently seethed before moving her weapon to put it away with a smirk. Jay’s eyes went wide when he realised the twinkle in her blue eyes indicated she was joking. Her bursting into laughter confirmed it and he laughed once with her. Jay wouldn’t ever take her bracelet or anything else of hers to sell it for that matter like she wouldn’t take anything personal from him because of the mutual respect they had for each other and close bond they shared. However, that and the playful and at times flirtatious way they spoke to with each was constantly made fun of by Carlos, Evie and even Mal on occasions.

“You two flirting again?” The cheeky voice of Carlos, son of Cruella De Vil shouted to them. Hazel swung around and Jay looked over her shoulder to see Carlos jump out of one of the windows of the small run-down factory building that was common in the island, and land on the ground near them. His short pale white hair that was dark at the roots, was all messy and on his face was a wicked smirk. He rested up against the filthy brick wall and crossed his arms across his chest. He was wearing his white and black leather jacket that had a fur-lined collar and red leather sleeves that were a similar colour to his fingerless gloves. He also had black and white pants on that stopped above his socks and boots, a black t-shirt under his jacket and a black belt that had a grey animal tail attached to it. It was typical for Carlos to wear stuff like that, and it was as said before typical for him to torment Hazel and Jay. The two thieves just glanced sideways at each other in immediate denial and embarrassment then took a step away from the other. Hazel rolled her blue eyes at Carlos’ comment.

“Don’t be ridiculous laddie,” Hazel told Carlos scowling at the ground slightly.

“Yeah, Carlos! Don’t be so stupid.” A naturally flirtatious voice stated then the three villains kids looked up the alley to see the beautiful blue-haired Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen, and purple-haired Mal, daughter of Maleficent with her.

“Their fathers ever wouldn’t ever let them date,” Mal said crossing her arms. She was wearing her purple leather jacket, that had some green and dark pink part with silver studs and some green parts as well with cool silver zippers on the sleeves. She had a black leather fingerless glove on her right hand, black laced up boots on her feet and silver zips on her jacket too. She also had black and purple skinny legged trousers that had rips on then from her mid-thigh to the top of her boots. On her left hand, she had a dark evil looking ring with a chain attached to it that fastened to her sleeve on a bracelet. It looked like something magical, used for casting spells.

“You’re right Mal, but the idea of me and Jay...” Hazel trailed off chuckling slightly, awkwardly because no one else did, except for Evie after a minute that seemed like a year.

“You shouldn’t get a thief Hazel, you should get a prince,” Evie repeated dreamily while her deep brown eyes looked off into the distance as if she were in a daze. Mal rolled her eyes at the blue-haired girl that wore a deep blue leather jacket with had wide sleeves, making it look like a cape almost, a black leather skirt that had some gold studs on parts and was splashed with red white and blue paint. She had a braid at the front of her hair that was like a small crown, black boots with higher heels then Mal’s and Hazel’s on her feet and dark blue fingerless leather gloves on her hands. Around her neck was a long golden chain that had a ruby red apple pendant on the end of it. She was defiantly the daughter of the Evil Queen.

“No, she needs to come with the rest of us to go and be rotten,” Mal began smirking at her friends, who all started to smirk back knowing what she was saying.

“To the core.” They said together.

“Let’s do it!” Mal shouted then the five descendants all ran off, or climbed a ladder or dashed through a window, to go and cause some rotten trouble.

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