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Kai always like Kai. It always about him and only him..until a certain short boy came into his life unexpectedly.

Drama / Romance
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Kai hates anyone that wasn’t himself. Okay, that was a tad bit of an overstatement. He did like his friends. He didn’t care for them, but he liked them. Other than that, it’s always been him. Alone and scrawny; until he hit junior year in high school. He was always someone else’s punching bag until he decked on of his bullies in the jaw, breaking it from the sheer force (which also landed him being expelled). If it wasn’t about Kai, then he didn’t listen. So when a new boy lived across the street and glared at him, it became his business. “Kai, stop being creepy.”

Kai looked over at his mother, both were enjoying the warm weather in the sun room, the nettees windows keeping the mosquitoes from biting their skin. “He glared at me,” Kai mumbles, unrolling some more yarn for his mother, who was in the process of making one of his friends a blanket. “I’m sure he just has bad eyesight sweetie. You used to do that up until your father had gotten you that lasik eye surgery.” Kai only rolled his eyes, sitting back in his seat.

He stared at the boy who was helping his own mother with gardening. “His name is Kyungsoo. He goes to your old school as well.” Kai only hummed, “No doubt someone’s punching bag already.” “Kai-“ “Can Chan come over?” Kai asked, cutting his mother off. She only sighed and nodded, “Just please keep the noise level down it’s a nice day.” Kai only nodded, kissing his mother on the forehead before he walked inside. His mother only sighed when the door closed, continuing to knit, “He’s gay too.”

“Kyungsoo, the roses please.” Kyungsoo wordlessly handed his mother the roses, watching her carefully set the plant down. “Did you father need help with unpacking?” “No. Said didn’t want any help. I already finished my room and the china cabinet like you asked,” Kyungsoo said, tilting his head to see his father behind the glass door of their home. “Good, good. Petunias,” his mother said, shuffling to another planter box.

Kyungsoo shuffled along with her, handing her the small baby petunias, “I don’t think he likes me.” “Because you’re helping with the garden instead of catching up on school or because you’re gay?” “Probably both,” Kyungsoo muttered, blinking when his mother held up her credit card, “He’s no concern. Go to the store and get some groceries. Get you that new gaming system with a few games; I think I can handle my garden from here.”

Kyungsoo nodded, kissing his mother’s cheek before he stood, “Do you want anything special while I’m out?” “Divorce papers,” his mother muttered, Kyungsoo taking the card and tucking it away in his own wallet. “I don’t think I can get that at the store. So, chinese?” “Beef and broccoli.” “Noted.”

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