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[completed] ✎_Jeon Jeongguk was allocated into the Witness Protection Program after he was involved in a homicidal encounter with his baby daddy, Kim Namjoon. And Agent Kim Taehyung was assigned to protect him along with his son, Taemin, until the endeavor ended. Will Jeongguk and his son, live a new life after the matter is solved or will they refuge in Taehyung? © Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved. Abigail Miskey (GgukieBottoms). also available on: Wattpad and AO3

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Jeon Jeongguk thought it was going to last for an eternity; he had belief that their love, solicitude, ardor was going to continue blossoming throughout all of winter and into spring where they could grow old and wither away together. He thought that he and Kim Namjoon would become one big happy family.

But he was so terribly wrong.

"N-Namjoon," Jeongguk murmured in a syncopated whisper clutching the positive pregnancy test behind his back.

The tall butterscotch-haired male hummed, tilting his head in the latter's direction indolently.

"I ... I ... I'm p-pregnant," Jeongguk bleats after gaining courage to utter that phrase that had pestered his cerebrum for the past few minutes, his large chocolate glazed irises glossed slightly as tears began to brim within them.

An awkward hush crept over the two. Namjoon was speechless with rage. He did not move a muscle — he was monotonous. However, his dark, onyx irises focused solely on Jeongguk's petite physique. He sat in morose contemplate. Then, after a long anticipated silence, Namjoon abruptly headed to the door, grabbed his coat, and left.

Jeongguk stood there riveted to the floor below his bare feet, contemplating his future. He felt devastated — completely useless. He felt as though he was a burden. He felt like ... committing suicide.

He stormed downstairs and grabbed a jagged knife.

The authentic steel blade gently caressed his smooth, ivory skin before it was snatched out his tiny hands.

"Jeon Jeongguk! What on earth are you doing!?" His father ululated, sorrow seeping into his glossy, moon-sprawled amber irises. Jeongguk's mother stood next to his father fearfully, both awaiting an answer from their beloved son.

The milky skin between Jeongguk's brows creased together empathically. He broke down sobbing in their arms as he sought solace.

"H-he left me," Jeongguk croaks sotto voce, but his parents heard him clearly.

"What happened, Ggukie?" Jeongguk's mother, Jeon Chin-Sun, croons quirking a brow.

"I-I'm pregnant, and its h-his. I'm pregnant w-with Namjoon's baby," Jeongguk sniffles into his mother's warm embrace while Jeong-Ho, his father, threads his svelte fingers through his son's mob of tousled ebony locks.

"Jeongguk, look at me. Honey, please look at me," Chin-Sun beseeched, she held Jeongguk's delicate face in her soft palms. "We are going to make sure you deliver this baby. And we're going to help you," she assured, looking into her son's rubicund, puffy, bloodshot eyes.

Chin-Sun sighed, "Look, honey. When I discovered I was pregnant with you, my mother told me these words. And I'm going to tell you the same words." Jeongguk gulped down the bile that rose to effervesce at the hollow of his throat, his cheeks bubbled with a rosy hue, including, his nose. "'Children are the most wonderful creatures to ever exist. Yes, they are not easy to take care of, but the end result is worth it — if you do it right. I won't let you harm yourself, or my grandchild. Mommy is always here for you, remember that'," she recited.

Jeongguk sniveled and bobbed his head, wiping his tired eyes.

"A-alright, thanks mommy, daddy," Jeongguk hugged his parents before glancing down at his impregnated tummy, which was currently still flat.


"So you knocked the kid up? What do you plan to do, son?" Namjoon's grizzled father quirked a bushy brow. Namjoon only shrugged.

'I'm not ready to be a father. I'm only 18! I still have a life to live! It can't be my son! I used a condom — oh. No I didn't. Shit!'

"That can't be my child! When we had sexual intercourse, I wore a condom!" Namjoon lied. His father would be absolutely furious if Namjoon confirmed that he was the father. 'I don't need to be kicked out — I don't want to be kicked out. I am already on thin ice for fucking guys'.

Namjoon's anemic mother was speechless; she was trying her best to comprehend the current situation. She was fueled with a hybrid of emotions.

'Mother must be highly disappointed in me'.


Jeongguk had settled in a nice, cozy apartment. It was a tiny, two-story townhouse with two bedrooms. Despite the restricted magnitude — it was home.

Jeongguk had given birth four months ago and was finally losing the baby weight he had unfortunately gathered after he went knee deep into his cravings. The baby boy, who Jeongguk named 'Taemin' after his close friend, was laying sprawled on the floor, starring up at the brunette-haired male. The corners of Taemin's rosy lips curled up into a sweet, heartwarming beam. Causing Jeongguk to display his own 'bunny smile', as many described, and tapped his child's cute button nose. Taemin scrunched up his face — making him look like a bunny. Jeongguk giggled.

Jeongguk picked Taemin up and pulled out his phone to check the time.


Jeongguk smiled and set Taemin down in his highchair once he walked into the kitchen gathering Taemin's baby bottle and some milk. After he made the bottle and rated it to room temperature, Jeongguk fed a ravenous Taemin.

Taemin must have been starving because as soon as he saw the bottle in Jeongguk's hands he instantly opened his mouth. Jeongguk giggled as he approached his bundle of joy.

Jeongguk fed and burped Taemin before heading upstairs to place Taemin in bed. Jeongguk does not use the second room because he has Taemin sleeping in his room with him — he certainly does not trust leaving the innocent child alone for eight hours.

He cuddled Taemin under the liberty grey covers and stuck a pacifier in Taemin's mouth to initially speed up the sleeping process.

Jeongguk then proceeded to watch television (at a low volume) until he heard Taemin's soft breathing, confirming his landing to 'dream land'. Jeongguk carefully removed the pacifier from Taemin's pouty lips and set it on the wooden nightstand. He leaned over and toggled the lamp beside his bed off before snuggling closer to the sleeping infant, eventually falling into a deep slumber.

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