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"Are you afraid of the dark?" Kim Taehyung a pure and innocent angel Is taken away by The most feared demon alive, Satan. Not only was he taken, but his friends also.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

" Dammit, Another one? how many has it been this year?" The high ranked Angel asked, His eyes were looking sharp and his expression was serious. " The 14 sir," answered, an angel hesitantly. " 14 angels...14 angels went missing. How is this possible!?" The high ranked Angel, The Cheribum slammed his fist on the freshly carved wooden table, His dark blue eyes looked around the room hoping for a answer.

" S-sir, Satan's demons has b-been corrupting angel's an-" The Cheribum eyes widened with anger. " SATAN! what do you mean Satan has been corrupting angels? and no one cares to speak up about this?"

" How many more angels until we're all done for?" every angel in the room gulped, " Now sir, Instead of Yelling and blaming all of us about the missing angels where were you? Aren't you in a higher rank then the rest of us?" said, a angel with bubblegum pink hair and light grey eyes. " Jimin, and who says you can speak?" Asked The Cheribum with disgust plastered on his face. Jimin smirked, " You of course, Didn't you ask a question?"

The angel gritted his teeth, " Park Jimin, I advise you t-" Jimin rose his hand, " Now sir, I wouldn't finish that sentence if i were you unless you want me to tell every angel in this room what you're hiding, Hm?" Jimin smiled widely as he watched the Cheribum eyes widen with horror, as every angel look turn their heads in curiosity. " I may be a archangel, Sir but I'm just as important as you." Jimin turned away, flapping his beautiful white wings and flew away looking for a beautiful angel.
The pure angel sat in his room with a Golden brush, brushing his silver locks with his blue eyes looking at his reflection in the mirror. There was a knock at his door, " Taehyung," a soft voice called out, Taehyung turned his head to see a handsome angel, with blonde hair and chocolate colored eyes, with a piercing smile. " Jinnie, what brings you along?" Jin cocked his head, " Honorifics, Taehyung. I'm older than you." Taehyung giggled, " Sorry, Hyung. You know it's a habit." Seokjin smiled and took the brush from Taehyung's hand and began brushing his hair.

" You know, Taehyung. You're very unique." Taehyung's cheeks turned a blushing pink. " W-what do you mean Hyung?" Seokjin smiled, " Have you seen any other angel with Silver hair and blue eyes?" Taehyung shook his head, " But how does that make me Unique?" Seokjin set down the brush, " Because you're different." Before Taehyung could say anything, The door flew opened and both Taehyung and Seokjin looked. " Jiminie Hyung!" Taehyung flew into Jimin's arms. " Taehyung!"

" Hey Jimin, how did the conference Go?" Seokjin sat on the bed, and sighed. " Oh that, well lets say I may or may not said something to the charibu-" Seokjin Gasped, " Jimin! you cannot just say things towards him, He's in a higher rank then us. He could tell father"

" I don't think he's gonna be talking." Jimin nodded, " Jiminie, what did you say to him?" Taehyung asked, " I told him I was gonna tell his secret," Jimin casually shrugged, Jin knew what Jimin was talking about. Jin knows everything.

" what secret hyung?" Jin looked at Taehyung and gave him a fake chuckled, " don't worry about it," Taehyung pouted once again, He hated when his hyung left him out of anything important, it makes him feel like a child all over again. Jin noticed Taehyung's sudden change of mood, " Taehyung, do you want to accompany Jimin and I to the human world tomorrow?"

Taehyung's face lit up with excitement. " really hyung! Really? You never let me out." Jimin didn't like that feeling, it felt off. " Jin are you sur-" " of course, Jiminie. Taehyung is getting older, and he's no longer a child anymore. He needs to experience humans before he gets to be a guardian angel." Taehyung clapped his hands. " A guardian angel? Hyung, it's too soon for that." Jimin tried to explain, Jin gave him a look of sympathy.

He didn't want to keep treating Taehyung like a child anymore, even though neither him or Jimin is no longer a guardian angel he wanted Taehyung to be experienced.

" Jimin hyung, it's fine. besides you'll be there with me." Jimin knew he couldn't say no to Taehyung but, he couldn't help but shake off this bad feeling. " Okay, Taehyung."
" woah, is this what the human world looks like?" Taehyung, Jimin, and Jin had put away their wings and walked from a alley not knowing a creature is watching them. " Yep! Cool isn't it?" Jimin asked, with a amusing smile. "Yeah, i wanna see the flowers! i heard humans has flowers, is that true hyung?" Taehyung began talking non stop about the flowers and human, and other things Jimin wasn't paying attention because he was feeling a strange presence. " Jimin, are you okay?" Jin asked, as he waved his hand in front of his face. " Y-yeah, hey guys we should stay together alright?"

What is that strange presence? Is something following us?

Jimin felt uneasy, He turned his head only to find nothing. Although, Jin noticed his strange behavior.

So, Jimin feels it too? Then, What about Taehyung? He's m-

"Hyungie's, Look a flower field!" Taehyung grabbed their hands and pulled them towards the field of variety of flowers. Taehyung picked up a daisy, and brought it towards his nose. " Hyungie's Look!" Taehyung picked a handful of Daisy and them up so his Hyung's would see. " Hyung's." Taehyung turned to see his hyung looking at a tall figure, his piercing Red eyes made Taehyung shiver.

" well, if it isn't Seokjin and his little angels." Taehyung his behind Jin and Grabbed a hold of Jimin's hand and squeezing it tight. " Namjoon, why are you following us?" Seokjin asked in a stern voice, " Hyung, You know him?" Jimin asked, " Oh so, You haven't mentioned me Jinnie, How could you?" The Blonde put his hand over his non beating heart. " well, A little birdy told Satan you angels were coming to earth and i was sent up here to fetch ya." Namjoon said, " Hyung, what is he talking about?" Taehyung asked.

" Is this the Seraphim? He looks even holy up close. But, We aren't here to chitchat." Namjoon rose his hand and the bottom of the ground began to open, forming a hole that let out scorching heat. Taehyung's eyes began to water, " The other angels will find us and you'll be sorry!" Jimin yelled out, Holding tight onto Taehyung's hand. " Hm. That's what they all say."

Taehyung, Jimin, and Jin were pulled into the hole in the ground without a trace, the only thing left was the yellow daisy Taehyung was holding before he disappeared forever.

This is my first story and i know it sounds boring, but it get better.
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