Is There in Truth no Beauty?- Revisited

Facing the Truth!

Chapter 10

Inner thoughts and conversations are Italized.

Spock’s POV:

Spock is still suffering in his sub-conscious waiting to die, he just couldn’t take the condition that he is in. He doesn’t know how long he been in the abyss of darkness, only the torment around him is endless. His own private hell.

“Spock”: a voice in the darkness.

Spock wasn’t sure what he heard and he covered his ears to block, thinking it was another tormentor.


This time he heard it clearly and removed his hands from his ears, he knows this voice. Spock wanted to be sure it was real.

“Spock, it is I.”



Spock sits up and the tormenting stops and disappears before him. He regains some sense of himself, but still shaking from the coldness around him.

“I do not understand? Why… are you here?”

“I felt a disturbance in our family bond and I have come to seek you out. Tell me… what has happened?”

“I mind-melded with a Medusan and I suffering from the effects. I am a Vulcan without logic. I am ashamed to share this with you.”

“Spock, there is no shame, only logic. If this was done in a logical purpose, then there is no shame.”

“Presently, I have no logic, just... ”

“I am aware, I see you’re suffering my son, I have come to assist you."

Spock bows his head down, not knowing what to think or say. His father Sarek has come to rescue him. His conscious touching Spock starts to soothe the anguish that torments him.

“I will lead you into a meditation of the teaching Surak, once this is accomplished you will find your way back.”

“Yes, Father.”

Spock answered his father like a small child looking up to their parent. Spock sits in the lotus position and tries to closes his eyes. He felt his father’s conscious touch his and it quickly gave him strength back to his mind. Spock starts to follow the first step into meditation. He has conquered his first battle, slowly Spock starts to regain Vulcan logic again with the guidance of his father and recites the laws:

“Logic is the boundary of meaning and reason
Logic is the mother of all creation.
Freed from emotion, one can see the hidden logic.”

Spock did not know how long he was in meditation, there was no concept of time in his mind. Just the conscious presence of his father gave him peace. Sarek guided his son through all the principals of their people.
Sarek watched his son gain strength from the regained teaching and was aware of his son’s ability in telepathy. It is stronger than he had predicted and more powerful. Results of being bonded to Terran female.

“Spock my son, it is time for me to depart, you have regained stability to achieve consciousness, but you will need assistance. Another mind meld is needed.”

“I understand, there are two people who are capable for me to return to consciousness. They will reach me soon.”

“Peace and long life my son.”

“Live long and prosper my father, ...father give my respects to mother.”

Sarek did something un-Vulcan and smirked.

“I will give greetings to your mother.”
Sarek of Vulcan departed from his son’s conscious and Spock continues to recite the laws:

“Accept everything that will happen to you, and persevere in your struggle, and have patience in your challenges.”

Meanwhile, back in sickbay:
Miranda is standing over Spock’s body when she heard the doors open to Spock’s room. She turns to the sound of soft footsteps:
“Who is it?
Doctor McCoy?
Who’s there?”

Kirk steps in to see Miranda giving out rapid questions to his identity, he looks at her with a lost look and turns to see her sensory dress laying on another bio-bed, he steps towards the dress and picks it up to examines it. He realizes that Miranda couldn’t tell who was in the room, confirming that she was unable to guide the ship without the dress:

“Captain Kirk” as he steps closer to Spock’s bio-bed, and looks at his lost friend.

“No change?”

“Only that his life processes are ebbing.”

Kirk didn’t like the sound of that, he wondered what she was doing to help?

“What are doing about it?” Kirk walks around Spock’s bed, looking at his lifeless body.

“Why, what I can, of course.” Miranda notices Kirk’s tone of voice and approach, she senses disappointment and… resentment.

“Which doesn’t seem to be much.” snaps Kirk.

“No doubt you think I can wake him with a kiss.” Miranda gets prepared for more hostility from Kirk.

“It’s worth a try, isn’t it? After all, he’s not a machine.” Kirk looks at Miranda from across the opposite side of the bed.

Miranda starts to walk away from Spock and Kirk, she really feels the tension from him.

“But he is Vulcan.”

“Only half. The other half is human. Far more human than you, apparently.” snaps Kirk.

Miranda pleads her reason: “Face reality, Captain. His mind has gone down almost too far even for me to reach!”

Kirk didn’t like that reason at all, he counterattacks; he doesn’t want to lose Spock at any cost.
“If you don’t reach him soon, he’ll die. But that’s what you want, isn’t it?” As Kirk confronts her face to face, now he feels he as the right to deal with what he thought about her.

“That’s a lie!” As Miranda shakes her head in disbelief, did her jealousy lead to this?

“Oh yes! You want him to die. What did you do to him on the Bridge?” as Kirk grabs her shoulder to confront her face to face and draw Miranda out. “Did you make him forget to put the visor over his eyes?”

Miranda tried to break his grip and still shaking her head at the accusation.
“Your insane!”

Kirk continues to speak firmly and still holding Miranda by her shoulders: “Yes, you know your rival, don’t you? You couldn’t keep him from making a mind-link with Kollos, something you couldn’t do yourself!”

Miranda tried again to break his embrace and run from the accusation, it struck her heart and mind what Kirk was saying.

Kirk continues:
“With my words, I’ll make you hear such ugliness as Spock saw when he looked at Kollos with his naked eyes! The ugliness is within you!”

“That’s a lie!” Shouted Miranda “Liar!”

Kirk holding her close to her ear, letting her hear what she needed to face. His anger towards her to what happened to Spock.

“Your desire to see Kollos is madness! You can never see him. NEVER! But Spock saw Kollos, and for that, he must die!”

With one final jolt, Miranda broke free from Kirk’s grip and lunges forward towards Spock bio-bed:
“Sadistic, filthy liar!” Miranda says snarlingly.

Kirk grabs one of her arms and continues his assault:
“The smell of hatred, the stench of jealousy permeates you. Why don’t you strangle him while he lies there?”

Miranda again attempts to break free from his grip: “Don’t say anymore, please!”

Kirk continues to express his thoughts about her: “Kollos know what’s in your heart. You can lie to yourself, but you can’t lie to Kollos!”

Miranda’s face is exhausted, she couldn’t hold back the tears much longer, the things Kirk is saying is hurting her more ways than one.

“Please go AWAY!”

With that Kirk released her arm and stares at her for a moment, and starts to walk backward, while Miranda still leaning over Spock. He hoped he made his point, he wanted her to save his friend. Kirk takes a few more steps back and turns to leave, he exits the door to be met by Bones waiting. McCoy sees the disheveled captain and asks aguishly.

“What’d you say to her?”

“Maybe too much.”

“What’s she doing in there?” McCoy wanted to know an update on his friend too.

Kirk looks at Bones and wondered if he did the right thing by going there, he doesn’t know if he made it worse.

“You may be right, Bones. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone in. She was blind, really blind. Really in the dark. And if he dies, If he dies, how do I know that I didn’t kill him? … How… do I know that she can stand to hear the truth?”

A/N: There is Truth and no beauty? TOS script from

*Teaching of Surak by Gregory Hoover (inserts)

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