Is There in Truth no Beauty?- Revisited

Coming Home

Chapter 11

Thoughts and conversations are Italicized.

Kollos POV:

Kollos witnessed the confrontation between Captain Kirk and Miranda in the room. He felt their distress projected loudly through their thoughts of hatred, blame, and confusion. Kirk desperately wanting to save his first officer and friend. Kollos never saw such compassion for someone. It moved him, Miranda’s jealousy has come full circle and now they are both responsible for the loss of the Vulcan.
When Kirk left sickbay, Miranda was left broken, she was leaning against the wall, it was then he reveals himself to her.



“Yes, Kollos”

“I have seen and heard what has transpired with you and the captain.”

“I didn’t mean to hurt anyone Kollos, you must believe that.”

“Both of our paths have interfered with others and caused friction.”

“Yes, I agree with that statement. I didn’t want Larry to die, I couldn’t love him the way he wanted.”

“I am aware of this.”

“I am sorry for my jealousy over Spock and you, it’s true that I am. But Kollos I didn’t want this! I didn’t, I swear!”

“I also, take responsibility, I felt something while I was in Spock’s body, it gave me form to see you with his eyes. It pleases me. I too ask forgiveness for my part for Spock’s condition.”

Miranda takes a deep breath with relief: “Let’s start again with this new awaking.”

“I concur with your thoughts, lets by giving my friend Spock a second chance, he has someone special waiting for him.”

“Someone special?”

“Yes, Spock needs companionship as you and I do, Miranda. So, let us both do this together as we seek our friend in his dark abyss.”

Kollos’ mind merges into Miranda’s as one to add the combined strength for the meld. Miranda feels Kollos in her mind and a new awareness is a birth for both of them. They will battle for Spock’s consciousness together as one, it is what she always wanted to be close with him. Now Kollos sees her mind and heart.

Miranda stands up and approaches Spock’s bed, feels her way up to his arm and crosses over his chest and presses her hand firmly on him.

“Now, Spock, this is to the death. Or to life for both of us.”

Miranda says firmly as she reaches for his forehead and starts to meld with him. Her and Kollos fall together into the abyss, they pass through the darkness and jagged cliffs. Kollos instructed Miranda where to go from where he last saw Spock, falling deep into an abyss. They searched together in the vast area of his mind, they united their telepathic powers as a guide and to locate Spock. They saw him in the distance, standing and waiting like Spock was expecting them. Kollos was in Miranda’s mind/meld so Spock wouldn’t see him and lose him again because of his appearance. Miranda approached him:

“Spock! Are you well?”

“Yes, Dr. Jones I am well.”

“I am here to take you back, are you ready?”

“quite ready Dr. Jones.”

“Before we go, Please accept my deepest apology for my behavior and Kollos’ as well he meant no harm.”

“I am grateful to just to return to my conscious state and I am aware nothing was intentional.”

“Thank you, Miranda, for relaying that message, let us get to work and bring Mr. Spock to his people.”

With that, the darkness around them starts to clear and both of them are drawn to the light above them. They felt as if they were being transported into the light, Spock starts to experience events on the bridge and encounters with Kollos. Spock’s conscious is coming to the surface.

Meanwhile, a battle on the outside is availing, Spock opens his eyes and his hands reach up to touch Miranda’s pys points and they both meld him to consciousness. Finally, Spock returns, Miranda falls to the floor from exhaustion. Spock feels a little weak from the ordeal, often does from a complete mind/meld. He sat up to see Dr. Jones on the floor, he got off the bed and lifted her limp body to the bio-bed for her to rest.
Spock went to go sit back on his bed and starts to meditate his thoughts. He remembers his father talking to him through the darkness and reciting Surak’s logic. He remembers the torment as well. He had gained a father again to respect, he gathered that his father felt something for him and had seemed his thoughts about his life. When Spock finished meditating, he gathered himself to seek out his friends. He stood still, and Spock felt a little weak, but ignored it and sought out his friends, he heard voices in Dr. McCoy’s office and steps towards the door. He touched the door opener and it slid open and slightly stumbles in.
Jim was the first to see Spock and jumps up from the chair:


McCoy leaps up too at the same time towards Spock, who is now leaning against the wall.

“You look like you’ve paid a visit to the devil himself.”

Kirk and McCoy guide Spock to a nearby chair and gently sat him down.

Kirk looks at Spock and steps outside to the outer office: “Miranda?” and sees no one and returns to Spock.

Meanwhile in the sickbay room; Miranda is resting from the mind/meld and Kollos is still present in her thoughts.

“You have done well Mindy, I am pleased and proud. We have made amends to this situation. ”
Kollos’s thoughts intimately caress Miranda’s.

“I would be honored to be joined to you if you would have me. I can learn from you about relationships and I will continue to enhance your telepathic powers. Does this pleases you?”

“Yes Kollos, I’ve been waiting for you such a long time for this opportunity. To be one with you. You honor me with this offer. Thank you. I love you.”

“You will teach this term you Terrans use, I hear it often in conversations.”

“Yes, but there are different forms of love, and I will teach you.”

“Rest my beloved Mindy and we will discuss it more, I will share this with my people as well.”

The news of Spock’s recovery spread quickly and once Dr. McCoy gave him a complete physical and deemed him OK to return to duty the next day. When Spock was in his quarters, to took the opportunity to com-link Vulcan to speak with his father:

“Greetings sa-fu”

“Greetings Sa-mekha”

“Spock you are well it seems”

" Yes, I have recovered from my situation, Father I desired to extend gratitude for you being instrumental in my recovery.”

“Spock I am aware of your difficulty with your heritage, it is I should extend such gratitude for your endurance and patience.”

“There were times that my heritage was a hindrance but they are no longer a factor.”

“This is good to know that you have come to an understanding.”

They continued to talk like a father to son, and Spock was at peace with it. Spock explained the culture of the Medusan and its connection to the Federation.

When Spock reported for duty the next day he was confronted or bombarded with waves of emotions from the crew. He asked the captain about these forms of expressed emotions:

“Captain may I inquire a question” As they both walk towards the bridge for duty.

“Yes Spock, what is it.”

Just then a crewman greeted Spock: “Welcome back Mr. Spock” and continued walking.

Spock stops and confers with Jim: “That captain, what is the meaning of that statement?”
“I did not leave the ship for any length of time.”

Jim looks up at friend and chuckles a little: “Why Mr. Spock the crew are pleased and happy about your recovery.”

They continue walking towards the turbo “I was unaware that my welfare was a concern for the crew.”

Jim turns to Spock again “Mr. Spock the crew has the utmost respect for as an officer, you are a vital person to this ship, and they are showing the respect that you deserve.”

Spock just arch up one of his eyebrows: “indeed?” and they both report for duty.

The bridge crew all stood when Mr. Spock and the captain came on deck and they almost said at the same time.
“Welcome back to duty Mr. Spock”

Spock bowed his head in gratitude and walked to his station to relieve the person there. Spock wasn’t used to such endearments from the crew, he had no response to give back. While Jim just smiled at him and sat in his command chair, and the crew went back to work.

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