Is There in Truth no Beauty?- Revisited

Until We Meet Again

Chapter 12

The mission with Ambassador Kollos is almost over, and Kirk decided to give a farewell dinner. He wanted to establish a meaning relationship between the Federation and the Medusan’s again. Kollos requested for Lt. Uhura to be present for the last meal. Kollos and Miranda’s relationship has grown over the last two days, Kollos has developed a deeper feeling for Miranda that they had established a working and personal relationship. Kollos also will be there at the dinner in part through the mind/meld with Miranda.
Uhura didn’t know what to think when she was invited to the dinner, the captain informed her that her part of the communication team it would be informational for her.
When the night of the dinner arrived the arrangement and tension at the table were much different from the last one.
Miranda/Kollos sat next Lt. Uhura on her left, and Spock sat next to Uhura. Kirk sat on the other side of Miranda/Kollo and then McCoy and Scotty. Mr. Scott was not is jovial self in this setting, still feeling the effects of losing his friend and admired Marvick. The loss bothered him that one of the key designers of the Enterprise is dead and not able to share information.

Now the dinner centered around two beautiful women, which Kollos arranged on purpose. Both women were dressed elegantly, Uhura wore a lavender cocktail dress with long drop golden earrings, her hair was loose and fell to her shoulders. The men were staring at Uhura, who they never have seen out of uniform, now sitting in front of them with her beauty radiating.
Spock again is wearing the IDIC necklace to show respect towards Dr. Jones and is aware that he is sitting next to Uhura. Dr. Jones conversed more with Uhura:
“Luitenant it is my understanding that you speak over 100 languages,” asked Miranda/Kollos.

Uhura turned to them and chuckles: “No not quite, I speak approximately 74 languages.”

“Most interesting, and we are aware you also have navigation abilities which cause for a major in mathematics.”

“You are correct, I do know how to navigate this ship and other types of ships as well.”

“Captain Kirk, you have another valuable crewman on your ship as well as Mr. Spock.” declared Miranda/Kollos.

Kirk was so involved at staring at Uhura, that he missed the question. “I’m sorry, I was.. thinking about something else.”
Kirk and McCoy were thinking at the same time if Miranda/Kollos was flirting with Uhura as he did on the bridge. They were both staring at Uhura and how beautiful she looked in her almost low cut flowing dress.
“Lt. Uhura has navigation skills that are also useful on your ship captain.”

“I would like to think the whole crew has multi-skills that are vital to this ship.”

At the end of the night, Miranda returns to Kollos’ room to exchange their departure, mind/melts can be taxing on the host.

“Thank you, Mindy, for letting me partake in the fellowship.”

“It is not a problem at all darling Kollos.“: she said with a smile, his presence in her consciousness gave her a new glow and meaning in life.

“Goodnight my beloved.” and Kollos departed into his carrier.

Spock sat quietly in his quarters thinking about the one woman he would like to be acquainted with. He observed her appearance closely and was drawn to her beauty. He noticed the other men as well looking at the stunning Lt. Relationship with females has not been successful for him and Lord Byron’s poem played through his mind as he prepared to get ready for bed.

The dinner was a success and the time has come for the Ambassador and Miranda to depart to the Medusan ship as scheduled. The relationship with Dr. Jones turned into friendship, versus a couple of days of go, where it was toxic with hostility.
Spock and Dr. Jones were escorting Kollos to the transporter room, and again Spock is wearing his emblem necklace to represent respect for her career. As they walk down the corridor, Kollos brushes against Spock’s conscious.

“Spock I want to personally thank for helping me and befriending me as well.”

“Kollos I was enlightened by your presence and encouragement during your stay on the ship.”

“Spock I believe the seeds have been planted for your involvement with Ms. Uhura. I found her conversation at dinner stimulating. She is an intelligent woman.”

“Ms. Uhura has contributed to many aspects to her duty and she is an outstanding officer.”

“Spock, I think you should take the next step into leading into a meaningful relationship, she will make a compatible mate.”

“I will consider you request Ambassador.”

“Don’t stall Spock, she is ready to receive you and I know this.” giving Spock a smirk into his thoughts.

Spock and Miranda entered the transporter room and walked up the step to place the carrier on the pad. Miranda steps down to converse with McCoy, while Spock removes the bracket from the carrier.

McCoy takes her hand as she steps down from the pad. And then he takes both his hands and covers hers and smiles:
“You have what you wanted most.”

Miranda sounding cheerful, smiling and happy for the first time: “I am one with Kollos.”

“Well, I’m truly sorry that you’re leaving. Goodbye.”
McCoy turns and leaves while Spock is still on the transporter pad observing.

Miranda turns to face Kirk;
“We come to the end of an eventful trip, Captain.”

“I didn’t think you’d even talk to me.”
Kirk approaches her, with a rose behind his back. He felt bad how he attacked her about Spock, but it had to be done to save him.

“Well, I have you to thank for my future, Your words enable me to see.” Miranda actually smiled about it. The truth hurts and comforts.

“Miranda, good luck,... Health. I have something for you.” Kirk brings the red rose close and she turns to the flower to take.

“I suppose it has thorns.”

“I never met a rose that didn’t.“Kirk smiles at her, and Miranda returns a smile at Kirk.

Miranda turns towards the pad and approaches Spock as he was stepping down, her once rival.
“I know now the great joy you felt when you joined minds with Kollos.”

“I rejoice in your knowledge and in your achievement.”

“I understand, Mr. Spock, the glory of creation is in its infinite diversity.”

“And the ways our differences combine to create meaning and beauty.” Spock steps away and heads toward the transporter console, while Miranda steps on the transporter pad and prepares to leave, she turns back to Spock and gives a farewell greeting.

“Peace and long life, Spock.”

“Live long and prosper, Miranda.” Spock puts on his visor to beam Kollos and Miranda to his rendezvous ship.

Spock transported them as the Kirk looked on, then Kirk left. Spock was left standing behind the transporter console thinking about Kollos had said to him about Uhura. Could he have a relationship with this woman? Kollos suggested that she might even have feelings for him, females are so complex. Spock arched up one of his eyebrows and folded his long arms behind his back and starts to walk towards the doors, he turns and looks at the transporter platform and says

“Fascinating” and leaves for duty.

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