Is There in Truth no Beauty?- Revisited

Nice to Meet You-Finally

Chapter 13

The Enterprise is back on course, and the crew continued their duties. It was then Spock decided to have a conversation with Lt. Uhura, to seek her out. It was during the relief of duty where most of the bridge crew did their exchange and she was exiting to the turbolifts and Spock followed close behind with Chekov.

“Hey Uhura, are you doing anything special tonight?” asked Chekov.

“Nothing in particular, just relaxing and reading a book,” replies Uhura.

“Wondering if you want to head out the recreation room and entertain us with one of your songs?

Uhura quickly thought about it: “Sorry Pavel, not in the mood tonight have to get up early for my department.”

The turbo stops and they both didn’t say anything to Spock who was standing there with them during the whole conversation. Spock was relieved that she turned down the invitation, he was working up the courage himself to ask her out.

“See you tomorrow Uhura.”

“Goodnight Pavel”

The turbo starts again to the officers’ deck, Spock has 45.84 seconds to strike a conversation with her. He remembered everything that Kollos had conveyed to him about Uhura so he turns his head in her direction:
“Lt. Uhura”

Uhura looks at him to give his attention.
“Yes Mr. Spock”

“Would you join me in a beverage in the mess hall.”

Uhura’s eyes opened wide, a small gasp came out between her lips and stared up into his deep dark brown eyes.
“Why…. sure Mr. Spock”

Spock stops the turbo and redirects it to the mess hall deck.

“I would like to engage in a conversation about the Medusan’s, you would find it quite interesting.”

Uhura’s heart is beating loudly in her chest, she felt shocked and excited at the same time. She didn’t know what to expect from the Vulcan. They exited the turbo heading towards the mess hall, Spock has his hands behind his back, while Uhura looked straight head as her mind is racing. A personal invitation by Mr. Spock, the loner! She never would have thought she would have a conversation with him unless it involves a communication log in or data. Well, this is about communication. They entered the room and there weren’t too many people around. They went to the replicator and ordered their beverages. Uhura took a chai tea while Spock took Plomeek tea. He led her to a far table to avoid distractions and interruptions, and they sat. Spock starts the conversation professionally, not knowing too much about human courtship, he starts to relax once he starts talking.

“Ms. Uhura I am aware that linguists and social cultures are in your realm of expertise.”

“Yes it is Mr. Spock, but unfortunate for me, the Medusan will be one of those species I won’t know linguistically.”

“Yes I am aware of this, and I am willing to share pertinent information about the Medusan language and culture if you wish.”

Uhura looks across from him and sits up, and surprised and willing to know more.
“Why thank you Mr. Spock, I am very interested, may I ask you some questions?”

Spock bows his head in a gesture of yes.

“Do the Medusans have language? Before they became pure thought?”

“Yes according to the Ambassador, millenniums ago when they had physical form, they communicated with a series of math formulas. The Ambassador showed me some of their language and echolations.”

Uhura’s mouth fell open, a language completely in math symbols. Her finger runs around the rim of her cup taking in what Spock had said.
“Wow Mr. Spock, I wonder how it sounds and looks like.”

They continued to talk about the Medusan culture and mind-melding. Spock explains the pros and cons of touch telepathy according to Vulcan standards. Uhura gravitated to everything Spock was saying.

“Ms. Uhura I can give more information about the linguistics of the Medusans to give you a better perspective of communication of the species and mind-melding.”

“I am very interested Mr. Spock.”

“You are aware mind-melding is the sharing of thoughts of one another, for me to give this information, I .. must meld with you for you to understand the full concept of the Medusans. You may decline from this form of contact.”

Uhura didn’t take long to make up her mind, she was very interested not only in the culture of the Medusans but in Spock as well. A smile formed across her face.

“I wouldn’t mind at all Mr. Spock, in fact, I would be honored.”

“Interesting, tomorrow evening after duty. If you could join me in my quarters at 1800 hours. I would need time to meditate and prepare, is this convenient for you Ms. Uhura?”

“That would be acceptable Mr. Spock.”

They both stood up and placed their empty cups in the dispenser and headed towards the turbo while still talking about other mind melds Spock has done. He was sharing with her about the Horta how he touched her mind and found the reason why she took avenge against the miners.
Uhura saw the advantages of telepathy, verses invasion of one’s privacy. She took the perspective of Mr. Spock’s way and she found it less evasive.

“Wow, she was the last of her kind and you saved her!”

“Ms. Uhura, we all contributed to the safety of the creature.”

“But Mr. Spock, you’re the science officer, it was your responsibility to preserve if possible all life forms.”

Spock was touched by her last comment, she understood of preserving life as he knew it. he was reprimanded for giving the order to not to shoot the creature. Captain Kirk had to override his request.
When the lift ended to their deck they said their goodbyes. (for now)

“Thank you, Mr. Spock, for an enlightening moment and sharing with me information about the Medusans. I did feel left out because I didn’t have telepathy.”

“It is no consequence Ms. Uhura, knowing your knowledge in linguistics and xeno-linguistics should have you qualified with Ambassador Kollos and , he was impressed with your navigation abilities once he was aware of your qualifications.”

Uhura just stared at him, she couldn’t believe that he said the most wonderful thing about her. Her heart skipped a beat, she wanted to hug him or something. But they stood in the middle of the corridor, looking at each other. She could really go for this Vulcan if she knew how.
“Good evening Mr. Spock”

“Good evening Ms. Uhura.”

They both turned in the opposite directions to their quarters, with anticipation for the next day and the next step in their relationship.


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