Is There in Truth no Beauty?- Revisited

Forbidden Love

2nd encounter

You can either watch the episode or follow along with the transcript. The original script is from Star with title of episode.


The senior officers just had dinner in honoring Dr. Jones, Miranda during the dinner gave sarcastic remarks towards Mr. Spock. The rest of the men at the table declare their endearments and affections towards Miranda. The main topic was beauty and prejudice behind and comparing it to Miranda. She downplays her looks and finds out through her telepathic abilities that some wants to kill someone. Miranda decides to return to her room and rest, and Larry Marvrick reminds the men of her position. Larry leaves to go to Miranda’s room and confront her with his undying love for her.

Larry is trying to hug Miranda, he wants her close, he wants her to love him. She has done everything to push him away. This is his last attempt to lead her away from Kollos:

Larry pleads: “Please don’t talk of that. There’s so little time. Please, Miranda, don’t go with Kollos.”

“Larry, please, try to understand.”

As her body crushed next up to his, feeling his strong grip on her arms.

“I understand that you’re a woman and that I’m a man, one of your kind, and that Kollos will never be able to give you anything like this.”

Larry presses his lips against Miranda, deepening his hungry kiss. Letting her know what she will miss, the passion, the touching and the loving. He breaks the kiss and lays his head against her cheek pleading again for her attention to reason.

“Why did I ever meet you?”

Miranda feels his compassion and desire for her in his kiss and thought, she can’t do it no matter how much he gives to her. She wants Kollos. She feels sorry for Larry, he is a good man, he could never give what Kollos has. Miranda used all her Vulcan training to push back her feelings and release Larry. The thought of leaving Kollos hurt her, he needed her and she wanted him.

“I’ve been honest with you, I simply cannot love the way you want me to.”

Larry felt the defeat crash around him, he was going to lose her.

“Miranda.“: he sighed deeply

Miranda broke the embrace and stood firm on her decision, she wasn’t going to let Larry stand in her way. She has plans, desires, and she needs validations for her existence.

“I’m going away with Kollos. That’s final. I think you better leave.”

Larry stands there, his thoughts projecting what he felt earlier during the dinner. He let his mind express how he felt about her and Kollos. He wanted Miranda to know how much she had hurt from her rejection.

Miranda picks up Larry’s thoughts, her eyes widen in disbelief and it was the same death threat from dinner. She turns back to Larry and confronts and pleads with him.

“So it’s you! I didn’t know that it was you before. Who is it you want to kill, Larry? Is it me? You mustn’t keep this to yourself. I want to help you.”

Larry sneers and chuckles at her remark, after begging her to love him.

“So now you want to help me. Now I know what a mere human male has to get a reaction out of you. Make you think he’s a patient. The great psychologist. Why don’t try being a woman for a change?”

Taking one last look at her, Larry storms out of Miranda’s quarters, hurt, mad and rejected. He couldn’t deal with the fact that Miranda loves someone else, someone without form or looks. He felt tired, he felt alone. His thoughts run with him,

Miranda why can’t you love me!

We could be together

I hate him, I hate her, more him for taking her from me.

What hurts more, other men desire her, desire my Miranda!

I can’t take it anymore, how much longer can I hold off other men.

I got to put a stop to this.

He stops in the corridor and turns around to look at down the other end. Larry stares momentarily.

He just right there, it’s easy,

I planned this out, it’s do or die

I knew she would reject me,

Miranda wants him, she… loves Him!

If I could get rid of him maybe we have a chance.

I could get into big trouble for doing this,



Why can’t she see that, SEE…. know that

I’m doing this for us.

Larry walks down the corridor to the Ambassador’s quarters, he looks around before he enters. He steps in, the door closes and looks at the cylinder on the stand.

"I can do this,

I can do this,

Kollos becomes aware that someone has entered his room, scans, and links with Larry. He sees and feels the man’s thoughts.

"What is wrong with this human male?

I see anger, hate… towards me!

Wait, this is the man who loves Mindy

why is he here?

He thinks that I have taken his true love from him

the fool

What can I possibly do with Mindy,

I am aware she has feelings for me, nothing of my doing.

What is Larry doing?

He has some form of weapon!

Miranda, do you hear me! Come at once to my quarters, I’m under attack! Save this man from himself, or he’ll die!


Kollos opens the lip to exposes himself to Larry.

Larry starts to sweat, he tries to control his breathing and validate his reasons for being there.

This is now or never

Miranda is mine, how can she love you!

You will not come between us anymore, you monster!

Larry pulls out the phaser, aims it at the Ambassador. Then bright green lights burst in front of him, he tries to cover his eyes but it’s too late. Kollos penetrates through Larry’s optical nerve, hitting him at the back of his brain, disrupting all his neo transmitters, they explode, ruptured all reasons from Larry, his mind wanders in the space of in his brain.

Larry screams in agony, he sees a monster, he sees himself and covers his eyes. All his fears come to assault him all at once. His mind couldn’t comprehend what was happening. Larry’s greatest fears attacked his mind, Miranda. The fear of losing her, the fear of loving, raided his thoughts and mind. He needs to get to a safe place, away from the monster.

"I need to save them

I need to save everyone from the monster

It will follow us

I must, I must

I know where I must be calm

show no fear

show no fear

I can save everyone from the monster”

He runs out of the Ambassador’s room down the corridor to engineering.

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