Is There in Truth no Beauty?- Revisited

Hidden Truth

Summary: Larry attempted to kill Ambassador Kollos and ran out his room screaming towards the engineering department.

Miranda felt Kollos calling her, she jumps off her bed and put on her sensor netting as fast as she could. She opens the door, steps out towards Kollos’s quarters. She hesitant upon entering, she knows something bad has happened. The door opens and Miranda enters in, she senses the phaser on the floor and picks it up. At the same time, Kollos opens his lid, the lights fill the room:

"Miranda, the human male looked upon me, he is lost. What caused him to attack me?”

"He wanted me.. to leave you, he declared his love for me and I couldn’t give it to him.”


"My duty lies you Kollos!”

"His jealousy and your jealousy has caused more problems, Miranda. This is not acceptable!”

"You are denying your only happiness, by staying with me.”

" I can’t help it, I want to stay.. with you.”

"Your conduct to this whole mission has been unacceptable, your jealousy over the Vulcan is unnecessary, it will jeopardize my placement with the Federation of Planets if this is not taken care of. Do human species always display their attraction in this sort of manner? His manner of conduct of his profession towards you has unbalanced him. Marvick exposing himself to me will cause more retribution than we know.”

Kollos can’t believe that the man’s desire for Miranda caused so much friction on his journey. Humanoids are becoming annoying and costly, but Miranda, he just can’t understand that she has a feeling for him. Even if he could, how can they maintain a working relationship? Her emotions have ruled this situation and now he must clean it up.

"Miranda, the male will hurt others, you need to repair the damage you have caused. GO! And let Captain Kirk know!”

Miranda walked over to the intercom and paged Captain Kirk.

“Lt. Uhura here.”

“Lt. Uhura, this is Dr. Jones can you have Captain Kirk come to Ambassador Kollos quarters right away. There’s been an incident, the Ambassador has been attacked.”

“Right away Dr. Jones.”

"Is there any way that I can save Larry Kollos?”

"No, his mind was unprotected, he was fully exposed to me.”

Miranda held her head down, feeling remorse and slowly turned and picked up the red visor on the counter.

"If I could, I will try to reach is mind, I own him that.”

"What about the truth Miranda, how about revealing the truth to others and yourself.”

"NO, I need more time, I won’t, they shouldn’t know, I don’t want them to know!”

"Because you fail to see the situation as it is Miranda, more incidents will occur. The truth has beauty in it, it restores order.”

Miranda hears her name outside the door, it is Kirk.


“Miranda!” Kirk knocks on the door and shouts out her name again. Spock and McCoy are standing close by, waiting for Miranda.

Kollos starts to cover himself slowly, Miranda turns and leaves his quarters, still holding the phaser and the red visor. She is greeted by Kirk, Spock, McCoy and two redshirt security guards.

Captain Kirk gives a concerned look at Miranda and states: “Has the Ambassador been hurt?”

Miranda stands in front of Kirk and replies: “No harm has come to the Ambassador, Captain.”

“Who could have done such a thing?” asked Kirk

“Larry Marvick.”

Kirk gives a shocked look: “Larry Marvick? Why?”

Miranda didn’t want to respond, she would have to reveal the truth about everything, she’s still not ready.

But Spock knows the consequences of the event if anyone glanced at the Medusan. He notices that Dr. Jones is distant and lofty with her answers.

“Do you know whether he saw the Medusan?”

Miranda turns to Spock: “Yes, he did.”

“Then insanity will surely be the result, Captain. Dangerous insanity”: replied Spock

“Then we need to put out ship-wide security for Larry Marvick,” said Kirk and turns to the Miranda.

“Come with us to the bridge Miranda.”

Kollos is left in his quarters and thinks about the incident that is occurring, Larry’s mental health and body will cease to exist. His body is overproducing toxins that causing the man’s heart rate to accelerate. Larry’s mind and body will be unable to process the balance level to hormones maintain himself.

I do not wish to kill,

I only want to help

My form has damaged another interplanetary relationship.

How can our people coexist with other humanoids with our bodies?

Miranda, why do you desire me? I am without form, how can we be compatible?

Kollos remembers his history of his people, they once had humanoid form millenniums ago. They evolved into a group of beings of pure thought. But their transformation came with a price, to other species they became unbearable to glance at, their new form reacts deadly to other beings. But his people desire to partake in the federation of planets, contribute to the needs as collective beings. They needed a PR or even a compatible host to relate to those meetings, the must mind link to express their concerns. Now it’s in jeopardy, his mind reaches out now trying to contact Larry Marvick. He finds the lost soul, confused angry and deeply in love with Mindy. Kollos needs Mindy, he has gotten familiar with her and they have developed as he thought a friendship. But now a man has risked everything to be with this woman, and Kollos is unable to restore what has happened.

If Kollos had a heart, it is deeply saddened by the events that occurred.

"How can I make it right?”

The six of them head for the turbo lift to the bridge. Kirk stands next to Lt. Uhura and commands her to open a ship-wide announcement.

“Lt. Open up a ship-wide channel.”

“Ready Captain.”

Kirk stands next to a seated Uhura and makes his statement: “Captain Kirk to all ship personnel. Red Alert. An attempt was made to murder Ambassador Kollos. The murderer is dangerously insane. He is Lawrence Marvick. Be on the watch for him. Kirk out.”

Miranda stands next to McCoy, waiting if Larry could be found in time before someone gets hurt. Kollos told her that there was no hope for him. But she had to try to help if she can. Miranda hopes the captain can find Larry before something happens to someone or even the ship.

Then the Enterprise lurches forward and McCoy holds her firmly close to himself. The Enterprise goes off course to an unknown galaxy at warp speed. LOST.

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