Is There in Truth no Beauty?- Revisited

Not Safe Enough

A/N: I thought it was funny how Marvick took out Scotty and his crew, they were Starfleet trained men. LOL and then again when Marvick attacked Miranda with the guards right next to him. Duh? Italic statements are inner thoughts. Also, parts of the episodes are from the original script found in Star

Summary: Marvick declared his love to Miranda and she spurned him, then Larry attempt to kill Kollos in his quarters and he was exposed to Kollos’s appearance. Larry Marvick just hijacked the Enterprise to unknown space. Kirk, McCoy, Dr. Jones, and two redshirt security guards are heading to engineering to find out what happened to Scotty and the ship.

3rd encounter:

Kirk enters engineering and sees Marvick at the warp drive panels his mind is racing, and his body sweating.

"I can save the ship! I can save the ship! Away from the monster.”

NOT FAR ENOUGH, NOT FAR ENOUGH: says altered thought.

We’ll be safe at the boundaries of the universe! We’ll be safe!” Marvick responding to his inner questions.

Kirk and the two security guards drag Marvick from the controls, Marvick shoves all three men from the warp drive control at his attempt to keep from changing course.

"We’ll be safe!”


"No, No”: says Larry

Kirk and the security guards hold Marvick in their attempt to control him, as if Marvick gained unknown strength, he struggles against them. Kirk looks at the man and notices that Marvick’s eyes are dilated, he’s sweating and breathing hard.

Miranda is behind them listening to the transaction unfold in front of her. She tries to concentrate if she could reach Larry’s mind. She is met with resistance, Miranda feels the confusion that Larry is projecting in his thoughts as well as he is saying.

Marvick hears the ship entered the boundaries of space, the static discharge pings against the hull. He knows that they made it, he rolls his head back in victory.

Kirk steps back when the discharge settles and ask Scotty about their location.

“Scotty, where are we?”

“I don’t know!” says Scotty as he tries to re-calibrate their position.

Marvick addresses them now, more confident, but still breathing hard. “Beyond the boundaries of the galaxy. We made it. We’re safe. We’re safe, Captain Kirk.”

Kirk looks Marvick, who so confused and lost. The security men still holding him in place. Kirk slightly turns towards McCoy signals him to help Marvick.


Marvick sees the McCoy approach him, his mind struggles again.


"They must, believe me, they must”

"NO, NO”: says Marvick and starts to struggle again his restrained arms.

Kirk steps aside to let McCoy in Marvick’s space armed with hypo towards him.

“No, Captain. We mustn’t sleep. No, No! They come in your dreams. That’s the worst. They suffocate in your dreams.


Marvick became so desperate and panicking, he struggles harder against the security men.

Kirk sees that McCoy is making him worse and holds back the doctor. Kirk tries to please Marvick from becoming more unstable. Kirk tries another way to calm down the man.

“All right, All right!“:As Kirk hold Marvick to convince him.

“No!“: says Larry, showing doubt towards Kirk.

“We’ll take you to a place to hide.”

“No!” cries Marvick, he tries to stay in control of his thoughts. He saved them from the monster and they don’t believe him.


Kirk tries to take Marvick’s shoulder and force lead him to a safe place. He trying to reason with him to get him to sickbay and place him in restraints. Marvick’s thinking sinks, he is losing his reason to convince them that the ship is safe.

Marvick starts to breathe hard again and desperate to make them understand, he starts to speak rapidly.

“We must stay here with the controls. Ready to speed. Speed! Speed to the next galaxy.”

Marvick’s body tries to resist the pull that they have on him, they trying to drag him from his post.

"They don’t understand, why don’t they understand. We are going to die if they don’t listen to me. THEY DON’T TRUST US, THEY DON’T, I’VE TOLD YOU BEFORE YOU HAVE FAILED!“:shouts altered.

Kirk and the security men are practically dragging Marvick from the stairs, then he stops in front of her.

“Miranda”: Marvick says so softly.

For one moment the chaos stops in his mind, the one thing, the one person that gave his life meaning standing in front of him. His mind drifts back to the first time he saw Miranda, the attraction, the beginning of their friendship and his deep love for her. It was real then, seeing her made it real again and now. Marvick’s body starts to relax, calming down.

“Miranda you are here. With me.”

Miranda steps forward and tries to engage in his lost mind. She has to try to fix what she has done to him. Miranda knows Larry loved her once, maybe she can use it to draw him back to some part of reality. She has to try.

“Yes, Larry. I am here.” Miranda says gently.

At that moment, Kollos mind links with Miranda:"Do you see hope for this man?”

Yes, I have to try Kollos, please let me.”

"I’ll observe.”

In her consciousness, Kollos is standing next to Amanda. Her telepathic mind is trying to reach the damaged Marvick. She’s drawing him in slowly.

Marvick speaks calmly now with more rational:

“I didn’t lose you. Oh, my beautiful love, I thought I lost you.”

Miranda steps closer to Larry, trying to install serene thoughts to him. Reflecting images of their relationship.

“I am here Larry.”


Miranda seeing these thoughts: “No!”

Kollos interjects: "Your going to lose him! He is reacting to your rejection? The chemical imbalance is becoming critical, heart rate increasing. His mind is reacting Miranda.

“I can see what he sees,” states Miranda, as her link to Larry reveals his hatred towards Kollos, how he stole Miranda from him. How he tried to kill him. But mostly the rejection from her.

“No, don’t. Don’t think of it!”

Marvick becomes restless again, looking at Miranda brought back his plight. His real reason for his condition. How much he loved her, desire her still, how he hates her because of Kollos. She can never love him.


During the mind link, Kollos is standing next to Miranda. Miranda desperately trying to calm his mind from the chaos.

“Liar! Liar! Deceiver! You’re not alone! You brought it with you.“: shouts Larry, he sees that he’s losing the situation with her.

His body continues sweating and struggles against physical restraint. He breaks free and grabs her by the throat. Shaking her, while the men tried to gain control of Marvick again.

“Liar! Liar! Liar!“:screams Marvick, holding her throat, shaking her.

“YES! KILL HER, LOOK WHAT SHE’S DONE TO US!: screams altered.

Miranda didn’t resist, she felt helpless from the struggle in his mind, she broke the link the instant his hands touched her neck. She felt responsible for Larry’s condition, she tried to restore his mind, it was too far gone, she has failed.

Marvick’s body sags against the restraint, his breathing heavy from the struggle and with his body suffering from the damage. His mind and body are tired against the fight within. He looks at her and the men, warning them and pleads:

“Don’t love her!”

“Don’t love her!”

“She’ll kill you if you love her!“: was Marvick last spiteful words at Miranda.

He took one last look at the woman he loves, had loved, had lost. He’s heartbroken, his soul is lost because of her. He lost his last chance for living, standing in front of him and cries:

“I love you, Miranda.”

With his last breath, Marvick collapses to the floor. McCoy rushes over with his tricorder and kneels to the floor and scans his body. McCoy looks up at the captain.

“He’s dead, Jim.”

Kirk stares at the body, the man who help designed the Enterprise, a man of intelligence is dead on the floor. Kirk in shock by the statement. How could he just die, without any form of injuries? He stands up and looks at Miranda, looking for answers, and observes her stoic face. She didn’t show any emotions at the death of Marvick after he just declared his love for her. Kirk didn’t understand her at all: "What is going on with those two, why did he say what he said about Miranda?”

Miranda slowly turned and left engineering and stood in the hallway, and replayed the scene just a moment ago in her mind. The way Larry pleaded and declared his love for her publicly. He called her liar and stated don’t ever love her out loud. A person would’ve felt embarrassed about such a statement. The one thing that disturbed her was that someone suspects her rues, Dr. McCoy. Miranda picked up his thoughts about her, she wondered if he knows and who and what she is.

Kollos speaks to Miranda: "You have tried, you need rest, I am requesting that you go and meditate to regain control of yourself Miranda. There was nothing more you can do. I will converse with you later about Marvick.”

"Yes, of course, Kollos.”

Miranda took a slow walk back to her quarters.

Kollos read her thoughts and realizes the truth must come out, the woman is being stubborn and it cost a man his life, for that he regrets. Marvick, one of the designers of the Enterprise, a flagship in exploration lost by his own hands and love for Miranda. Kollos scans the computer system on board and realizes the ship is lost. They will need his help soon, this will be his gift in return for what has happened. If Kollos had a heart, it grieves about the future decision he has to make.

"Miranda, this is for your good, regardless what your feelings you have for me. I must do for the sake of others.”

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