Is There in Truth no Beauty?- Revisited

In Search of...

Summary: Marvick sent the Enterprise deep into unknown space, the ship is lost. Miranda is close to being discovered who and what she is.

4th Encounter: original dialog from Star Trek transcripts. com

Miranda rose from her deep meditation, her mind has adjusted to the fact the Larry had died because of her and the ship is lost. She has placed those distressing emotions out of her system and set her mind to serve Kollos, nothing must interfere in her plans. She refuses to let her appearance be hindrance or excuses about her abilities. With her telepathic abilities, the captain will need her to guide the ship, this she is confident about, they will need her. She will show them that she is capable of many things, do anything despite her disabilities.

Meanwhile on the bridge; a navigation team consists of Spock, Chekov and Uhura went over the calculations and using their navigation skills. Without a star as a reference point, the Enterprise was stuck in limbo in space. They reviewed star charts and other resources to find a way out, they tried to calibrate their previous location without success. Uhura and Chekov frustration starts wear on their faces, they all agreed, without the stars to guide them, the ship could wander endlessly in the void. The Enterprise was lost, they returned to their positions and continued to monitor and gather data.

This situation bothered Spock, his mind tried to gather all sorts of logical theories. All the physics he was taught was useless in this starless space. Spock was aware of who can save the ship. But holding back the thought because of Miranda’s reaction. Her jealousy spilled about him like running water, she despised him for illogical reasons. Humans were known for their reactions to other capabilities. “Quite illogical” was his thought.

Spock senses the Ambassador brushing against his consciousness during his research, as thou scanning the situation at hand. He knows Kollos will be the key element of this ship’s survival.

Spock turned his chair towards the monitor and stared into the vast emptiness in front of him with the bridge crew.

Kirk records into his log about the situation, he is too lost that his ship, his Enterprise is gone. He has to find a way to save the ship, everything is working in perfect order, except space itself. He takes a deep sigh as he sits in his chair and records his log.

"Captain’s log, stardate 5630.8. As a result of Larry Marvick’s insane fears, the Enterprise lies derelict in uncharted space. We have no way to determine our position in relation to the galaxy. We are in a completely unknown void.”

Kirk becomes frustrated and wants answers, but mostly solutions to his dilemma. He gets up and approaches Spock’s station.

“Where are we?”

“We are evidently far outside our own galaxy, judging from lack of traceable reference points. When we exceeded warp speed factor nine point five, we apparently entered a space-time continuum.”

Dr. McCoy arrives on the bridge with his medical padd in his hand and heads straight to the commanders.

“I have the autopsy report on Marvick. Heart action stopped, cause unknown. Respiration stopped, cause unknown. Brain activity stopped, cause. Shall I go on?”

“You mean he simply died.”

“I mean he evidently could not live with what he saw,” replied McCoy.

“Or what he felt.” Kirk turns to Scotty. “Damage report, Scotty?”

“We need some repairs, sir, but the ship is intact.”

Kirk turns back to Spock to gather more reports. “Position report, Mister Spock.”

Spock with his arms folded across his chest gave all the information that he and his team could find: “Impossible to calculate. We lack data to analyze. Our instruments appear to be functioning normally, but what they tell us makes no sense. Our records are clear up to the point at which we left our galaxy.”

“Then we should be able to navigate back.”

“Unfortunately, we lack reference points on which to plot a return course. We experienced extreme sensory distortion, and we shall do so again if we attempt to use warp speed. And we cannot re-cross the barrier using sub-light speed.”

During the commanders’ conversation, the rest of the bridge crew listened as well, their despair and frustration appear on their faces.

Chekov blurts out his opinion: “A madman got us into this, and it’s beginning to look as if only a madman can get us out.”

Spock was still getting used to the young ensign’s banter or a jest to situations, seldom does he entertains them. But senses the ensign’s frustration of the situation.

“An entertaining suggestion, Mister Chekov, but not very helpful.”

Kirk took Chekov’s statement to heart, the ensign had a point. Kirk quickly came to a thought, an idea. He looks at Spock:

“There is someone else aboard who might be able to help us navigate. The Medusans have developed interstellar navigation to a fine art. Could Kollos function despite the sensory distortion?”

“Very possibly. The Medusan sensory system is radically different from ours. Perhaps for the purpose of this emergency, I might become Kollos.”


“A fusion. A mind-link to create a double entity. Each of us would enjoy the knowledge and sensory capabilities of both. We will function as one being.”


“If the link is successful there will be a tendency to lose separate identity. A necessary risk. Of course, Doctor Jones will not wish to give me permission to accomplish the mind-link.”

McCoy added to Spock’s statement: “I don’t think she’ll want anyone to intrude in the kind of rapport she has with Kollos.”

“Doctor Jones has shown reluctance every time I’ve asked to converse with Kollos. In some ways still most human, Captain, particularly in the depth of her jealousy.”

Spock spoke freely of his observation of Dr. Jones, it was in fact not an idea. Her thoughts flowed strongly against him when Spock was in her presence.

Kirk thought of a quick idea to hinder the woman. “I could confine her to quarters.”

Not with her strong telepathic mind, she could easily influence thoughts to others, she could overpower the captain if Jones choose too.

“Not sufficient. Her telepathic powers are formidable. If it is at all possible, her mind must be so engaged that no thought of what I am doing shall intrude.”

Kirk with a smile on his face: “I think that could be arranged.”

McCoy rolls his eyes back, while one of Spock’s eyebrows twitches upward.

Everything was arranged, Spock had to meditate to keep his thoughts from wander or draw attention from Miranda. Kirk had to put on his best romantic charming attitude to keep her occupied during Spock’s rendezvous with Kollos.

Spock was given a signal from the bridge to execute the plan, he slowly walked down the corridor with his visor in hand. He tapped in the codes and entered Kollos’ quarters, and put the visor on his face. Spock opened his mind and called Kollos’ presence. He slowly opened his lid where the bright green light fills the room with Kollos’ presence. Spock is met with a mind link and again their minds intertwined.

"I’ve been waiting for you Spock.”

"I’ve come on behalf of Captain Kirk, the ship is in distress.”

"I am aware of your situation for some time and I will assist you. I will need access to your computer control system through your thoughts.”

"Please proceed.”

Kollos probes through Spock’s mind where his knowledge of the ship’s navigation system is stored. As Kollos scans Spock’s thoughts, he becomes aware of personal things.

The conflict being half Vulcan.

the conflict with his father.

the conflict with his divorce.

The desire to be accepted.

the desire to be loved.

Spock tries to shield Kollos from venturing into his personal matters, but the Being is much stronger than him.

"Spock as I gather information, let us converse. Who is.. Uhura? I see images of this female being. Is she your mate?”

Spock sighs in his thoughts from the invasion: “Lt. Uhura is our communication officer on the bridge.”

"You are attracted to her, is she aware of your… feelings?”

"I do not wish to converse at this time about the topic.”

"You should approach the female if you so call desire her.”

"Ambassador your mission is to provide navigation support to the Enterprise to safely guide us out of time-warped continuum.”

Spock longs to interact with Uhura, his position and his self-doubt about her, always hinder the opportunity. He admires her work, mind, and beauty. Still tucked in the deepest of his mind Lord Bryon’s epic poem, forbidden passion, forbidden love. That’s how he saw Uhura, forbidden.

Kollos laughs, “Please Spock humor me, I seldom enjoy an intellectual company and yours is most welcomed.”

"I wondered why you decided to turn down my commission to work with me. Now I understand. I see your heart Vulcan, you long for her.”

"I have no right to pursue such a person.”

"Why not, does she not see you as a compatible mate?”

"I do not know, she is… ”

"Desired by others, I think I understand.” Kollos see the mating rituals among humanoids is complex.

"Kollos what of Dr. Jones? She desires you more above any other.”

Kollos laughs again, he commends Spock’s distraction. “I am aware of Mindy, I wish not to hurt her. I have known for some time she as human’s say (loves me). I can not return what I don’t have Spock.”

"An internal mind-meld is one of the highest forms of communion, Ambassador.”

"Yes, I am aware. Ahh, Spock, we are a pair, our situation has placed us both in a continuum.”

"Ambassador, could you explain the scenario with Larry Marvick?”

"Marvick’s jealousy drove him to insanity, I felt his pure hatred towards me. I had to defend myself from his assault. It was very distressing, I grieved about the results. I tried to prevent those chain of events. Mindy held back the truth about the situation and the truth about herself. She knew the moment when we came aboard this ship that Marvick was dangerous in his thoughts and his love for her.”

"I am aware that Dr. Jones is human, emotions are common.”

"No Spock, to provide the services with me, calls for discipline, she saw that in you. Your intelligence, strength and analytical mind caused her to be jealous of you. She knew the kind of projection that you have, is what I needed. The mind-meld will have gain strength instead of tired or weariness from her.”

"Ambassador, have you completed your search?”

"I thought we could become friends Spock?”

"Privacy is what I desire for my thoughts at the moment.”

Kollos chuckles: “my apologies for making you uncomfortable Mr. Spock. I enjoyed observing your culture and your special interest in Uhura.”

Spock observed Kollos extend his mind to distract Dr. Jones from contacting him. As tho he had long arms to keep her distracted, he knew what they were doing.

"Do not worry Spock, I will save the captain’s ship and I will deal with Mindy.”

"If the situation was different, I would be honored to had serve Ambassador.”

"I know Mr. Spock, I am aware of our compatible minds, I don’t know if my emotional humor could tolerate your disciplined character. Vulcanian subdues their emotions with good cause.”

"Yes, centuries ago, our emotions as people were very destructive and violent. Because of Surak, we as people are able to maintain balance.”

"I have completed my analysis and found a way for your ship be to return to your galaxy. Do not worry about Mindy, I will deal with her appropriately. Inform your Captain Kirk that I will assist in his need.”

"He would be relieved to know of this opportunity. Thank you again, Ambassador.”

"Mr. Spock we will mind-link soon, please be prepared.”

"I will meditate and build resilience for my mental shields.”

"Mr. Spock! We have been discovered, Miranda is on her way to me.”

"If you take care of handling Dr. Jones your way, the captain and I will handle her from here, there is not much she can do without your consent.”

"I see your plan Mr. Spock, and thank you again for the deep stimulating conversation.”

Spock nods his head as the lid to the case slowly closes, Kollos retreats into his case. Spock turns to head out the door and is greeted by the captain, Dr. McCoy, and Dr. Jones.

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