Is There in Truth no Beauty?- Revisited

Falling into Darkness

Chapter 7

Summary: Kollos agrees to help the Enterprise by mind-linking with Mr. Spock. Miranda is quite upset that they are aware of her blindness.

Italicized statements are inner conversations or thoughts.

Spock was in his quarters meditating, he is trying to clear his thoughts from the Ambassador. He is aware of his strong mind that could overtake Spock’s thoughts at any time. While he was meditating, the Ambassador was carefully escorted to the bridge, with men with thick visors, a shield is set up to keep the Ambassador’s presence from wandering around the ship. Any sight of him to anyone on the bridge will have severe consequences. The bridge crew was slightly nervous about the presence of the Ambassador, but it was better than waiting in a void with nowhere to go.

Spock is ready, he has his visor in hand, his mind is well conditioned to be shared with another being. But he is leery about mind-linking with another being, one, in particular, brings back to similar case with Henoch.* It was a total transfer of his thoughts and it almost cost them the ship.

Kirk continues his command logs:

Captain’s log, supplementary. Our one chance to return to our own galaxy is dependent upon the navigational skills of the Medusan ambassador. With that in end view, Kollos has been brought to the bridge and place behind a protective shield.

Miranda standing by the command chair quietly, waiting for the full transformation. She will actually hear her lover for the first time, she is slightly nervous.

Kollos is placed by Spock’s station with the protective shield practically encasing his station. Spock has his stoic face, ready for his mission. He walks up the three steps to his station where Kollos is waiting. He puts on the visor on his face and calls Kollos to his presence. His lid cracks slowly, it lifts just enough that the green light displays in the small area. Kollos steps into Spock’s body as a person just walking through a regular door. They meet each other;

"Spock, I am ready.”

Kollos has never been in a body of any form. He feels Spock’s rapid heartbeat, the blood circulating threw out his body and he slowly looks at his limbs. Humanoids have form, Kollos starts to explore the body that he is in, the organs, the five senses, especially the eyes. They are windows to the universe.

"Ambassador, the ship is ready for your services.”

Spock steps back into the shadow of his mind, but aware of what Kollos is sharing through his mind and body. Spock’s mental block against his deeply personal thoughts continue to project to Kollos, it’s another neverending battle to conceal his mind.

Kollos know that Spock is at his mercy on his thoughts;

"Don’t worry Spock, I am aware our thoughts are mingling, it quite fascinating.”

They stood up and moved from behind the shield, Spock removes his visor, he glances around the bridge and sees new/familiar people, a smile breaks across Spock’s face.

The bridge crew stares in awe, seeing Mr. Spock break into a smile. They never have seen the Vulcan smile before, so it was a shock to see him, but when Mr. Spock spoke they were all dumbstruck, he sounded so jovial.

“This is delightful. I know you. All of you. James Kirk, Captain, and friend for many years.”

The body Spock steps down the three steps with a smile and slightly chuckles at Kirk. Inside Spock tried to curb his enthusiasm about meeting the familiar crew, but Kollos was so excited. Jim can’t believe his friend is so familiar in tone and attitude, he couldn’t tell who was talking to him.

“And Leonard McCoy, also of long acquaintance.”

Kollos broke out in laughter again, while McCoy stared with a blank face in shock. His Vulcan friend laughing and talking nonchalantly. McCoy’s eyes and ears or his mind could believe it. McCoy is thinking about how this is going to working out, he starts to fear for the real Spock.

Spock/Kollos looks up at Uhura"Please do not approach her, she wouldn’t understand”: inner Spock tried to stop Kollos from talking to her."Don’t worry my friend, I just want to greet her and also give you an opportunity later.”

Inner Spock deeply sighs from embarrassment as he watched his body step up towards the woman of his desire. He has no control over himself or Kollos, he has free rein of the bridge and situation.

Kollos has a big smile on his face when he approached Uhura.

“And Uhura, whose name means [freedom] She walks in beauty, like the night.”

Kollos says whimsical and winks at her.

Inner Spock saw the shock on her face, she was speechless, and he wonders how could face her again. Spock continues to stare at his Uhura, and wonder if she understands the meaning of the poem. He sees her eyes still looking at him curiously and wonders if she can see his intentions.

Uhura just stood there looking if it was Spock or not, she was touched by the statement. Her heart fluttered, her mind was trying to figure out what did the statement mean, did Mr. Spock had feelings for her or what. Uhura continued to look at the handsome Vulcan as he looks at her with a twinkle in his eyes."His he actually flirting with me?”

McCoy stares as Kollos flirt with Uhura, he couldn’t believe it! “That’s not Spock!” he says sternly at Jim.

Kollos turns back to McCoy: “Are you surprised to find that I’ve read Byron, Doctor?”

“That’s Spock!”

Kirk is hesitant about who he is addressing, he looks at Kollos carefully and wonders if this was a good idea putting his friend at risk.

“Am I addressing the Ambassador?”

“In part. That is, part of us is known to you as Kollos.”

Kollos finally turns to Miranda, who has been standing there quietly listening to the exchange. She can tell the difference in the delivery that Kollos was speaking. She has known him enough to tell his personality. To her, Kollos sounded so handsome, exotic despite that he is using Spock voice and body. But though Spock voice, she can actually picture Kollos.

Kollos sees Miranda with a new view and vision, now he sees her through the eyes of a man, a man in form. Something came over Kollos, a longing to be with her. It was a new feeling, the body has done something to him.

“Ah, Miranda. There you are.” Kollos stares at her then start towards Miranda with a smile. She knows Kollos is smiling at her, it touches her.

“O brave new world, that has such creatures in it,” Kollos says sweetly, and smiling. Seeing from Spock’s eyes, he finds Miranda beautiful.

“Tis new to thee”: Miranda consciousness brushed against his, hearing his voice overwhelmed her, it was intimate and loving.

Kollos was close to her and expressed his thoughts to her: “My world is next for us.” as he grabbed her hand as a promise. Then in an instant, the loving moment was gone and back to work. Kollos turns to Kirk and spoke like a human.

"Most uncomfortable,” says inner Spock. He sees the strong attraction the two beings have for each other and realizes it played a big factor in their current situation.

“Captain Kirk, I speak for all of us you call Medusans. I am sorry for the trouble I’ve brought to your ship.”

“We don’t hold you to blame for what happened, and thank you now for your help.”

Miranda stood there and fully blocked her mind, her jealous came back. She wanted to steer the ship, she wanted to be normal again. The fact Kollos is sharing the mind and body with Spock jolted her to the core. She must keep her peace of mind and not express or project in any form.

“And now to the business at hand. With your permission, Captain.”

Kirk turns towards Sulu: “Yes, Mister Sulu, release the helm to Mr. Spock.”

“Aye, sir”

As Sulu steps away Kollos proceeds to the helm and sits in the chair and places his visor on the helm.

Kollos’ eyes quickly adjust to the instruments that he and Spock had conversed about. His hands glide across the helm controls and adjust the system. Kollos felt like home, at first it felt different and but useful with the form that he is in. Medusans use another technique to chart stars and all other types of navigation, But the Terran style are simple and it took no time to find.

“Co-ordination is completed.”

“Then go ahead, Mr. Spock.”

“Warp one in six seconds. Five, four, three, two, one, zero.”

The warp engines come to life, they execute Kollos’ plan, the Enterprise glides through the barrier, where static and bright lights pings against the ship for a moment, then breaking free into normal space where stars appear again.

Kollos turns to the navigator: “Position report, please, Mr. Chekov.”

“Our position? Our position is so close to the point where we entered the void, the difference isn’t worth mentioning. Bull’s-eye, Mr. Spock!”

“Thank you, Mr. Chekov,” Kollos says with a smile; mission completed."We work well as a team Spock.”

"Indeed Ambassador, you are efficient in plotting our course out of the void is fascinating, when we have finished with business here, I would like document your technique as future reference.”

“Maneuver completed, Captain.”

“Take over, . Thank you, Ambassador.”

Kollos leave the seat for Sulu to return, Kollos knows his time has come. He glides his hand over his chest to feel the humanoid casing. ”Spock, your encased form is interesting, I find that I am aware of the physical properties around me."

"There are times that it can be a problem.”: says Inner Spock.

“Mr. Chekov, plot a new course,” commanded Kirk.

“The new heading will be plotted in a minute, sir.”

Kollos starts to walk to Spock’s station, then stops and make a revelation statements:

“How compact your bodies are. And what a variety of senses you have. You depend on it for so much. But is anyone of you really its masters?”

Kollos has and is experiencing things from Spock that is integrating into him. And surmises the outcome of physical beings and starts to feel a sense of sadness for humanoids.

“But most of all, the aloneness. You are so alone. You live out your lives in this shell of flesh.”

That is how Miranda feels in the concealed world of her blindness, the loneliness that Kollos is expressing. That loneliness is what she fights against now, her competing spirit not to fail because of her blindness.

Kollos continues as he is on the verge of crying:

“Self-contained, separate. How lonely you are. How terribly lonely.”

"Kollos please contain yourself, you are pertaining to human form ofconcept you have never experienced.”Spock was trying to refocus Kollos to return to his carrier.

Kirk listened to Kollos rattle on about his concept of being human. He must get his Spock back and soon. The longer Kollos stays in this state, the high chances that he would want to stay in Spock’s body. He too remembers Sargon and Henoch and how the situation got out of hand.

“Ambassador, you must dissolve the link.”

Kollos turns to Kirk and looks for more time: “So soon?”

Kirk spoke firmly, shaking his head to keep Kollos on track: “There must be no delay.”

Kollos shakes his head in agreement, sad but completely understand:

“You are wise Captain.”

Kollos slowly turns back to Spock’s station and walked behind the shield. He knees down before the carrier, his hand hovers on it and lid starts to open.

Sulu looks up and sees the visor, and quickly turns to Kirk.


Kirk looks at the visor and knew doom was pending and lurches for Spock’s station shouting: “SPOCK!


No could move, no one dared, time stood still for them. Then a piercing scream came forth as a man in anguish pain.

TOS: Return to Tomorrow*

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