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Rumplestiltskin's Unknown Daughter


My first OAUT. Please bear with me as I slowly work on this story. This is the story of the Daughter Rumple never knew he had. This is her Story. I do not own OAUT I own the plot somewhat since she will be part of it. There is and will be mature content, disturbing scences, and lots more. You have been warned. Plus I do not own the cover picture. This is also my story that I have on another site/app called Wattpad.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Chapter one: Third p.o.v.

It was a dark stormy night when a pregnant women had entered a building that had midwives. She had reluctantly asked them to help deliver her child, or how she had put it the bastard child. The midwives agreed to help the women deliver her child. They knew not that the women had tried to deliberately have a miscarriage and went to the dark one to have it removed magically. Although the dark one had done merely the opposite. He made the child immortal and after a certain age would stay that way.

Was it mentioned this takes place in the same realm as the Enchanted Forest? If no then you might be able to get the jist now. Anyway back to the present.

When the female went into labor she was having trouble. The midwives noticed this and knew what may happen. One or both may not make it. So they made it their top priority to make sure the child makes it. What seemed like hours there was the cry of a baby. A baby girl to be exact. Although with the mother's dying breathes managed to name the girl Thana, which means death where she comes from. With that the mother died not even wanting to hold her daughter. The two midwives that delivered the baby felt bad for her so they gave it temporary home till they could find someone to raise the child as their own. They soon noticed that there was an old looking mirror next to the mother. They figured it was the mother's so the child should have it when it got older.

Within the first few weeks the two midwives noticed something different about Thana. When she would cry for a toy and they couldnt get it to her it would magically appear in her arms. Finding this rather odd they went to the good fairy. They had thana with them when they went to the good fairy. The good fairy took thana away from them for a moment. "The child has dark magic with her. But even with such magic doesnt mean she will be evil. Find a good family for this child and keep watch." She told them. "Cant you also assign a fairy to help guide her?" Both midwives asked. "No i am sorry. But I can't. Our good magic won't mix well with her dark." The good fairy said. The two midwives nodded as the fairy handed Thana back over to them. They bide a farewell and left.

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