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Shivaay Singh Oberoi, a business tycoon, who doesn't care about anything except money and profits. Anika, a beautiful mermaid princess, who has not faced any difficulties in her life, has to take revenge from Shivaay. Let's see what will lead to their love story. ❤

Romance / Fantasy
Meera Oberoi
Age Rating:


A man enters SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI'S cabin.

M- Sir, are you sure that you want to do this?

Shivaay looks at him with a smirk.

S- Of course, Mishra.

M- But sir, there will be lots of destruction.

S- I don't care about anything. I just care about my profit and this is a very profitable deal for me. Now go and start the work.

Mishra lowers his eyes and left the room.


All the merpeople are present in King's palace (underwater).

M1- We want justice, King.

The king looks at Anika.

K- Princess Anika, you will have to go to the real world and take revenge for us.

A- But King, why me only?

K- Because only you have the powers to convert yourself from a mermaid to a human being.

Anika lowers her head and nods her head.

K- So it is decided that Princess Anika will go to real world to seek revenge for us.

Everybody cheers.


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