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Colossal Childish Man


Alvin and Brittany's adopted human colossal childish son Dave is spending to stay with his live-action auntie Breakdown African American Novelist in her realm hometown.

Children / Fantasy
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My nephew childish Colossal man

Pilot beginning scene at the front red door of 108 Burtonwood Dr. "Hello Ms. Dionne, I ask to you favor that would babysitting my adopt human colossal childish son Dave?" "Of course! Where is he now," Mrs. Brittany? She nodded her head and repeatedly. "Look up," Ms. Dionne. His adopted CGI animated remake pink-clad ten years old mom Chipette Brittany Seville pointed at this. "I thought your son Dave is 6' 8 ft tall?" "No. Because of my idiotic husband Alvin accidentally to sprinkle him by Simon's growth potion turned my adopted human childish son Dave into 100ft colossal ago," Ms. Dionne. She explained to her recently. "Oh. I will keep eye on your son Dave for you," Mrs. Brittany. "Dave, be good and listen to your live-action auntie Dionne says. I have to go with your dad Alvin is impatient and wait for me." "Don't go," Mom! Her adopted childish human colossal son is starting to crying like a five year old in his body and still standing on the front yard of my house. "Whoa! Don't be sad. I'm available here," Colossal Dave. His live-action normal-size auntie novelist said. "Really," Auntie Dionne? Her CGI animated remake nephew Colossal childish man stopped to cry now. "Positive! Huh? Maybe I escort you to the backyard because you can't fit in the door." She replied. Whatever funny happens in the den at 108 Burtonwood Dr. "Your house is smaller than I am," Auntie Dionne. He sighs and standing on the flooring pink and tan tile carpet near LG TV HD. "Be careful not damage my mom's fragile vases," Colossal Dave. His live-action normal-size auntie novelist seems breakdown nervous now. "Oops! I'm sorry about that." Her CGI animated remake nephew colossal childish man accidentally to banged on them. "Oh boy! I will clean up later. Follow me and be careful with doorpost?" She was humiliating of him. "Absolutely! I bring my blue suitcases now," Auntie Dionne. Continuous in the guest room... "Here's a gigantic brown bed with furnishings and video game console is on the TV stand of LG TV HD," Colossal Dave. His normal-size live-action auntie novelist showed him. "Cool! That's a nice place," Auntie Dionne. "I have to prepare some lunch now." She left out of his room recently. "Aha! I unpack my clothes and things out of my blue suitcase. Hello Rose. I put you on the nightstand." "Rose hissing!"
Meanwhile on his gigantic brown bed... "Colossal Dave, Time for lunch and wash your hands before you can eat this? His normal-size live-action auntie novelist came in from the kitchen. "Sure," Auntie Dionne. To be continued...
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