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Taehyung, a white alpha wolf, takes a stroll to his favourite place - a beautifull lake, to dip his paws and relax from all the stress of life. All went well untill a pair of golden eyes decided to disturb.

Romance / Fantasy
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Paws [M]

A/N: Wolfs choose their own mates.

The bond is created after the full marking - imprinting their smell, doing the deed ;), marking.
There are no destined mates, no magical pull It's all the attraction and hormones.

M stands for mature (sexual) content.
Feel free to not read it if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Warnings: domkook, lengthy chapter, smut, fluff, somethingyouwishhappenedtoyoubutweallknowitneverwillsmh *sad crying noises*

ALSO I would love it if you commented and voted for the book, even better, post a review on it. It would mean A LOT if you took just a little bit of your time for feedback :)


Taekook 🏳️‍🌈

An urgent pace of running paws hit against the floor of the green woods.
The male white wolf zapped left and right, passing over the roots, jumping over fallen trees and little hills of dirt.
The floor was overgrown by moss and filled with branches covered by leaves full of little bugs running around, trying to avoid being stomped on.

The animal's muscles worked hard, clenching and bulging along with the pure thick fur flowing in the wind.
The light shone beautifully onto the playful animal, making the ends of each hair sparkle in the sun, the whiteness becoming almost blinding at certain angles.

It was a beautiful sight to witness.

He ran and ran pass the multiple trees, following the path of the small river that lead to the animals prized destination.
The big beautifull lake with a magnificent waterfall flowing into the clear water, the droplets glistening and foaming.

It was the wolf's favourite place in the word, besides his home of course.
He often came to relax and bathe in this amazingly clear and clean water.
It was a luxury for anyone living in the woods to have such a sight and he was happy to have found it.
He wants to take his little siblings to join him on his fun but that has yet to happen since it was too dangerous.
So today he once again has it all to himself.
He cannot wait to dip his paws into the summer heated water, to jump inside and dampen his fur.

As the sight of the mentioned beauty began to show, the animal's mouth formed a wide grin, his cannines long and sharp while his tongue flicked out of his mouth, moving around with each jump.
The happiness showed in the faster pace of the wolf, his paws speeding the pace by the second.
He buzzed quickly like the wind, his ears flicking as the first sounds of the water traveled into his eardrums.

He arrived in no time, his paws stopping quickly by sliding in the dirt with power and creating a small print of his landing.
As soon as his eyes fell on the lake the wolf howled in to the air, the sound echoing loudly into the woods along with his rapid breathing.
As quickly as before he turned thorwards the beautifull lake and dashed forwards, his legs pushing into a jump the last second before diving straight into the water with a big splash.
The wolf sank under the water, swimming deeper and observing the underwater life, his paws flowing around and trying to catch little fish before looking up and swimming thorwards the surface to inhale a big chunk of air.
He swimmed around excitedly, sometimes dashing underwater once more just to swim with a little turtle.
His fur was matted down by the water yet still looking magnificent and sparkely in the sun.

After a while of just swimming and going under the waterfall to deeply clean his fur, the wolf finally swam thorwards the edge where he leaped out of the water and shook his body to dry his fur, making the droplets of water fly everywhere.
The wolf huffed in appreciation before looking up at the sky, seeing the sun at it's highest.
He went to his neatly stacked, with moss and leaves, spot where he layed down and curled into a ball, letting his body relax with one last huff against the floor before closing his eyes.
There were only relaxing sounds around him, the sound of the waterfall, the birds chirping and wind blowing, while the leaves ruffled and blew around.
It was his favourite sound, a melody that often lead him to the dream land.
And so the wolf began to slowly drift, his head against his front paws while his torso lifted and fell with each breath, making the little grass growing in front of his snout dance with each exhale.

Just as he felt like on clouds, his ears perked up as a sound of a branch snapping made him alarmed.
The wolfs eyes quickly opened up, observing his surroundings with precision, looking for the threat.

He slowly and quietly stood up, his white fur now spiked up at the sound of leaves crunching and another set of paws walking close by. The intruder didn't care if he was heard and that made the wolf even more anxious.
The white wolf growled lowly in threat, his canines snapping at the place where the sound came from.

As soon as the white wolf let out the growl, an even louder and deeper sound resonated behind the bush where the intruding animal was hiding.

A set of golden eyes shone righ back at the white wolf's silver ones.

It was an intense stare, teeth baring and muscles clenching, ready to pounce any minute.
By the sound and size of the dark animal it was a male, an alpha maybe a large beta.
The white wolf was an alpha himself, not the strongest one but still strong enough to fight for his life.
No matter the size he still growled menecangly back at the wolf and took a step closer, making the animal snarl his way.
The white wolf stopped, his eyes narrowing at the form which slowly but surely started to take steps out of the bush and onto the light.

It was a huge pure black male wolf, no doubt to be an alpha now that he is seen, way more powerful the the white wolf himself - the dominance dripped from his posture in waves which hit the white wolf strongly.
The black wolf's lowly growling intimidated the other making him unknowingly take a step back, his head almost bowing if it wasn't for his stubborn mind telling him to dominate the other.
He stood tall and proud glaring at the larger intrudor that took steps closer, his muscles bulging and threatening.

The black wolf slowly circled the growling white wolf, his paws hitting the floor with loud puffs, eyes staring back with challenge.
He was trying to dominate him, show him his right full place.

Underneath him.

This made the smaller wolf growl in a threat, making the black wolf snap his teeth at him and take a step closer almost as if warning him to pounce if he doesn't submit.
The white wolf was afraid and yet he still didn't back down, only lowering his front in a position to attack, ready to defend himself.

With their last eye contact and loud growls the back wolf pounced on top of the white one, making them roll around into the floor, their razor claws trying to hurt the other.
The white wolf's teeth were snapping at the black wolf who had the smaller underneath him, his eyes threatening at the struggling wolf.
He warned him to stay still and surrender, yet the smaller only growled back, snapping his teeth at the other's paw and knocking his head at the side of the black one's.
This abeled him to escape the position, now pouncing on top of the bigger wolf.
His paws and claws dig into the bigger wolf's flesh, teeth snapped close to his neck in a warning for him to surrender only to be pushed aside with huge strenght and be hit in the head making his sight fog for a second.
That second was too long though, because that gave the opportunity to the black wolf to have the upper hand once more as he now used all of his strenght to press his body down onto the white one's, making him enable to move rapidly as he struggled.
The back wolf sank his teeth just slightly into the other's neck, enough to draw little droplets of blood in a warning, if he was to move, he would snap his neck and kill him.

The white wolf realised their position and whined loudly, his body stopped struggling as he gave up.
The black wolf growled in appreciation making the white wolf instantly bare his neck, showing his ultimate submission.
And as soon as he did the other slowly but surely removed his teeth and instead looked down onto the beauty underneath him.

He observed the beautifull silver eyes and pure white fur, letting out a happy huff before slowly climbing off of the animal.
He took a step back, yet stood tall and powerful still showing who is the true alpha between them.

The smaller also slowly stood up, his posture less strong and more submissive.
He bowed his head at the alpha before looking.
As soon as his head shot up he flinched away and whimper as he saw that the back wolf was shamelessly sniffing his butt.
He took a step away and growled at the arrogant alpha making him growl back louder.
The smaller's head fell down in surrender, letting the other do what he wanted. And so he did, the larger wolf eyed his prey before once again moving to his backside and sniffing.
It was a form of recognition, imprinting the smell of the smaller alpha into his mind.
He pressed his snout teasingly close to the others entrance just to get an angry growl in return.
The dominant wolf only huffed in amusement before moving his snout along the white wolf's body, sniffing his fur all the way to his head where he sniffed the neck, letting out a loud growl of appreciation before licking the place where he hurt him as an apology.
The white wolf whined at the action and bared his neck even more.

The bigger wolf took a step back, eyes meeting with the smaller one's before commanding into the link.


The white wolf bowed his head before closing his eyes, his mind imagining a human and soon his muscles and bones started to shrink and deform.
It was a menacing sound and sight - the transformation.
Surely a normal human would almost puke at the sight of the disfiguration of it all, but being shapeshifters they were born into it. For them it was normal to have their bones change shape and feel some pain every time while shifting.

Just minutes later, there on his knees was a young brown haired male, breathing loudly while a thin layer of sweat covered his naked body.
His head was casted down as he heard the sound of bones cracking and shifting untill all that could be heard was the breathing of the two males.

"Please stand up."A deep voice was heard echoing around the small open area.
The brunette did as told, his wobbly legs supporting him as he slowly stood up, before looking up and at the other shifter.

He was slightly taller then him, his hair raven and long, eyes dark and a beautifull shade of brown. He had a young face, yet his body was the opposite, muscular and grown unlike the brunette's that was more on the lean side with a perfect balance of curves.

They eyed each other up, not minding the nudity, it was something natural to them.
Though it was like blazing fires erupting in their chests as their eyes met, brown eyes meeting silver ones.
It shocked the raven as he saw the vibrant colour.

"You share eyes with your wolf."
The raven commented, his face shaped in surprise as he looked at the enchanted at the vibrancy of the man's eyes.

The brunette scoffed before folding his hands onto his torso, his hip popping out in a sassy matter as he rolled his eyes.
You come here invading my spot and dominating me just to comment on my eyes?"
The raven was looking at him with a locked jaw, his eyes dark as he took in the sassy boy.

"No, I'm just stating the fact because you are the first I've seen to have that kind of feature."

"Well It's nothing special, something I was born with."The brunette replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Now the real question is what do you want?"
The brunette was angry and humiliated, he felt defeated and overpowered. He was an alpha yet another alpha dominated over him so easily. It was not a good feeling to experience such thing.

"I advise you to stop with the bratty attitude, you are the less powerful one here, it is not wise for you to be a smart ass."The raven threatened while walking forwards, making the brunette walk backwards.

"Whatever."The brunette huffed out in defeat, before hearing the raven explain himself.

"I'm here because this is MY pack's terratory and you are an intruder.
I've been watching you closely enough to know you are not a threat."
The brunette scoffed but shut up as he saw the glares sent his way.

"You intruded another pack's terratory so YOU state your business."

The brunette didn't know that it was a taken land, he cursed his stupidity for not asking his father about it but he just wanted this place to be kept a secret from the overly protective man.
He sighed before looking at the raven with guilty eyes.
"I'm just here for the lake, I come by to swim and relax after a day of work and stuff.
I have no bad intentions I swear, I didn't even know it was allready a claimed area."
He brunette replied, his mouth formed into a cute pout making the raven focus on the puffy and red flesh with darkness in his eyes.

"Very well.
Which pack are you from?"

"It's a smaller pack 5 kilometres away from here. We don't really have a name."The brunette scratched his head in an akward manor, his eyes accidently looking down at the raven's uhh... impressive package.
His eyes widened at the sight before quickly looking away with blushing cheeks.

The raven saw it all and smirked in amusement yet decided not to comment and only rightfully check the other out too.

He wasn't dissapointed, rather intrigued.

"You are from the smaller village my father has an alliance with yes?
Your alpha is Kim Namjoon and his mate and luna Kim Seokjin right?"

"Yes, those are my parents."
The brunette replied, his eyes going to the raven's muscular hands before zapping away and focusing on the lake, his mind scolding him for not being able to keep his eyes away from the gorgeous male in front of him.

"Sorry I didn't catch your name."The raven said taking a small step closer, his mouth formed into a warm smile now that he knows the shorter male is from a friendly pack his fathers dearly like to visit.

"That's because I didn't say it."
Taehyung huffed as the raven gave him a glare before muttering out a low 'Taehyung' but the other heard it, smirking at the pouting brunette.

"My name is Jeon Jungkook, son of Alpha Jeon Hoseok and luna Jeon Jimin."
He said while extanding his arm thorwards Taehyung, making the brunette blush before putting his hand onto the raven's to shake.
Instead Jungkook took a hold of Taehyung's hand and brought it to his lips, planing a soft kiss on the tan skin.
Taehyung blushed even more before ripping his hand away.

"Whatever, you're a prevert anyways, sniffing my butt and licking my neck like I'm your mate.
Despicable." The brunette retorted sassily as he glared at the smiling raven.

"I was just trying to recognise your scent, nothing more."

"Mhmm that's why you had to sniff my butt twice didn't you.
Pervert."Taehyung narrowed his eyes at the smirking raven, seeing the wicked glint in his dark eyes.

Jungkook chuckled loudly, his head falling backwards before looking back at the brunette and quickly walking forwards, taking a hold of the man's delicate thin waist, his other hand going to his soft cheeks where he carefully rubbed the flushed skin.

"My my you are a beauty."He murmured before bringing his lips next to the stunned brunette's ear and whispered.

"Besides who said I wasn't interested in claiming you, little white wolf.
You have great potential for a mate."
Taehyung forgot how to breathe as Jungkook nibbled onto his earlobe, licking a stripe and sniffing his neck.
The stronger alpha imprinted his own scent onto the smaller one to warn off other mate less wolfs. After years of looking he finally found a potential mate and he isn't taking risks at loosing him.
When he was satisfied with his actions he quickly moved away with a wide smirk.

"Y-you y-" Taehyung stuttered out not knowing how to reply to that.

"It was nice meeting you Taehyung, I cannot wait for us to meet again.
I will tell father that it is you who visits the lake, it is no question that you can come back."Jungkook gave the brunette his last smile and before Taehyung could finally speak the raven transformed into his beast, giving the other his final look before dashing away with a loud howl.

Taehyung stood confused and flustered, his hand going to his ear as he shuddered at the feeling of the ravens breath on his skin.

His eyes were wide and glowing a vobrent silver, his mouth opening and closing like a fish's.

"What the fuck?"

Taehyung once again couldn't resist but to visit the lake.
It's been a week since the day he met the arrogant alpha, the day that Taehyung's body started acting weird every time a memory of the black wolf would resurface.
He was acting like a horny omega in heat....minus the actual heat.
He's never experienced such feelings and it was making him restless to the point where he just wants to see the arrogant alpha male and pounce on him, completely forgetting about his (nonexistent) dignity.
And yet his stubborn mind didn't let him.
So to take his mind off of the gorgeous yet arrogant alpha, he took a long walk, trying to stay away from the lake.
Ironically his legs lead him to that exact spot.

His elegantly long and muscular limbs swam around the clear water, his short hair matted down to his forehead, just barely passing his eyes.

He was in his human form and obviously naked, not caring who sees.
He mentaly pretended like he was here for the lake onece again, but we all know he came in hope that another certain wolf would join him.
He fought with his own mind, trying to keep some of his dignity and not make a fool of himself by acting like a desperate bitch. I mean his body sure was desperate to be touched but his mind was a rebel.
He doesn't know what that alpha did to him but it was making him frustrated and he just wants it to stop.

He swam around, creating small waves around the clear water, his eyes observing the sea life below him.
His arms floated around as he tried catching fish but failed every time, his mind was preoccupied with an image of beautifull gold eyes, the memory sending shivers down his spine.
He shook his head and looked around seeing no other wolf other than him, before inhaling a huge amount of air and dipping fully under water.

His cheeks were bloated from the air, his hair floating around while his vibrant eyes looked around the deep end where bigger fish swam around with the turtles.

At the edge of the lake there were aquatic plants floating with the small movements of his body, a lot of branches and leaves also decorated the sandy floor while a hue of the trees and underwater plants made the water look green.
It may not sound as beautifull as the sea corals his cousin Yoongi talked about when him and his father traveled for business to the shore, yet he loved the beauty of this naturally made phenomenon, he loves the fact that it is uninhabited and very well preserved, no humans anywhere to destroy a natural creation.
He loves how only little amount of people know about it, how he is lucky to be one of them.

Taehyung swam around, his mind taking in every detail of the beautifull underwater world, his thought wetr free of pressure - just what he wanted.
He closed his eyes and relaxed fully, his body still and only floating. He stayed like that up untill he started to feel the need for air begining to be unbearable. He quickly swam up and with a splash reached the surface where he breathed loudly, his eyes still closed.

As soon as he calmed down he opened his eyes which instantly connected with a pair of gold orbs gazing at him.

It made him jump a little, not expecting for the alpha to actually show up, his body slowly moved in the water as he saw the black alpha wolf observing him from the edge with sharp eyes.

Taehyung put himself together and changed his fear into sassiness.
Huffing the wolf's way he swam away and thorwards the beautifull waterfall. He swam to the foaming water, stopping close to the stream where he sensually combed his fingers through his hair, washing the lake plants from his brown strands.

He heard a distant sound of bones cracking and steps of a man walking before a big splash hit his skin slightly. Taehyung kept his back to Jungkook, ignoring his presence when in reality he had to hold himself back from pouncing on the alpha.
His body was alarmed, but not from danger, instead it was from the insane amount of arousal he felt.

He could hear the alpha male swimming around, the man's muscles ripping through the water and beginning to near closer and closer to the smaller wolf.

Taehyung's skin erupted with goosebumps as he felt Jungkook's body only centimetres away from his back, the proximity made him slightly shake as he felt a strong shiver passing through his limbs.
Still he didn't turn around to face the raven and instead began to lightly run his hand down his body to 'wash' himself of the nonexistent dirt.

He was playing with fire by doing this yet strangely he loved it, he wanted to attract the big alpha, he wanted to tease him and make him frustrated like he was.

His fingertips traced his broad shoulders, passing along his little freckles before going downwards untill his fingers brushed over his wrist.
His touch travelled upwards, going to his neck where he dragged his nails allong the sides and over his throat before going down where he brushed over his collarbone. His mouth released a shaky breath, which impacted Jungkook grateley and made him release a low growl, the vibrations so strong that it made the watter around them vibrate.
The sound went straight to Taehyung's lower reagion, making him release a sinful moan before he could hold himself back.

Instead of being emberassed Taehyung's hand traveled pass his collarbones and down his chest where he traced his glossy tan skin, making circles with his fingertips and slightly dragging his nails to create red marks. But before he could continue, his hand was ripped away and trapped in a hold of the bigger alpha, making him ghasp loudly at the sudden action.
Taehyung's eyes were wide, his chest moving rapidly as he felt Jungkook's front touching his back. He felt fire on his skin where they touched, small tingles erupting everywhere on his body.

It was sensational.

The raven's head moved forwards and onto the smaller's neck, his free hand sneaked to the brunette's torso where he slowly continued touching his skin where the other's hand left off.
Taehyung was a breathing mess as he felt the strong arms so delicately run down his skin, touching his lightly muscular pecks before flicking his erected nipples making him moan loudly and roll his head to the side,
giving the raven more access.
Jungkook took advantage of the position and began prepping slow kisses down the brunette's neck, making the smaller release light whimpers.

The alpha's hand travelled lower and over his lean tummy which flexed under his touch. Jungkook possesivly hovered his open palm over the flesh, his fingers lightly touchimg the six-pack before dipping even lover and onto his defined vline.
Taehyung's legs almost buckled as he felt the pleasure of the raven's hands running along his bones, he inhaled a big breath before pushing his hips backwards and into Jungkook's.

The black alpha growled in appreciation, his dark eyes glowing gold for a second.

His hands possessively gripped the smaller's waist and quickly turned him around.
They were both breathing loudly and heavily, their hair matted down by the water and sweat, their skin glistenimg in the sun. Their eyes were locked in a intense stare, electricity zapping through their blood as they continued to hold each other.

"You are beautifull like a vixen."
The raven breathed out as he eyed a droplet of water run down the brunette's face before melting on the wet and puffy lips of his, making the raven's eyes hungrily observe the red flesh.
Taehyung was no different, his eyes wandering around the raven's face before stopping on his red lips, both of their faces now closing in slowly.
They were so close that their foreheads and noses touched.

"What are you doing to me little white wolf?"
Jungkook whispered, he was so entranced as he observed the shaky lips of the brunette, hearing all the exhales and little moans he released.

Taehyung was a temptation he could not resist.

Slowly their faces began moving in sync, their heads turning perfectly by instinct and stopping just a feather touch away from their lips meeting. They could feel their breaths mixing and hearts beating erratically.
And just as Jungkook's head dipped further and almost claimed Taehyung's lips, the brunette whispered while smirking amusingly.

"If you catch me I'm the reward."
And with a small laugh the brunette escaped the raven's grip, swimming away and thorwards the land where he climbed out of the water before transforming into his wolf.
Jungkook was so surprised that he simply stayed frozen while looking at the amused alpha gazing at him.
As soon as the wolf sent him a huff, very close to a laugh, and started to take steps backwards and into the trees is when Jungkook woke up and began quickly swimming the brunette's way.
When he reached land he too shifted, his eyes holding amusement at the playful move of his little alpha before dashing behind the allready far away and runing wolf.

Now Taehyung may have had an advantage by surprising Jungkook with the chase, but not even a minute later he could already hear the sound of paws and a loud howl close by him.
The brunette was the packs fastest runner, always the first in line when the went on the hunt, and yet the bigger alpha seemed even faster then him. It wasn't that surprising since Jungkook was stronger and more trained then him, but nonetheless it made the smaller scoff and quicken his pace, determined to not let himself be caught.

The white wolf ran zigzag, passing the trees, trying to confuse the other.
His pace was quick as he practically flew by the familiar parts of the woods. His mind was full of playfulnes and determination to win, so as he heard the breaking of a branch very close to him he speed up even more, his muscles feeling the burn and accepting it.
He was not willing to loose to the arrogant alpha.

The arrogant alpha though was very much just playing with the surprisingly quick wolf. He didn't use all of his speed and merely made sure he was just a little behind to keep the white wolf on his toes. He loved to observe the way his white fur glowed in the sun, how his body gracefully jumped in the air and avoided fallen tree trunks. It was mesmerising, he never felt so intrigued by anyone, less much another alpha wolf.
He knew they were braking some beliefs and traditions by being more then friendly to each other.
It was always thought that with mates there should be a dominant rank and submissive rank wolf, preferably alpha and omega. To him it was stupid and old fashioned, all he wanted was someone he liked and felt comfortable with, someone he could trust and love.
And as Jungkook simply took one small glance at the happy smaller alpha runing around and stealing happy glances back at him, he couldn't but give zero fucks about traditions. He wanted the white wolf and he is determined to make him his mate.

And so he began to feel like it was time to stop the little chase, he used a bit more of his strenght and quickened his pace to catch up with the other wolf, both of them now runing next to each other.
He gave the smaller a toothy grin before trying to nip at his tail teasingly, but seemed to fail as the white wolf harshly turned and started to run back the way they came from.

"Youl little trickster."
Jungkook amusingly growled into he link, only hearing laughing back as a reply before quickly runing behind the white wolf.

Once again Jungkook found himself runing next to Taehyung, a white and balck wolf together in perfect synch, like they've been doing this for years. Their minds were full of playfulness, high off happiness and adrenaline.
They quickly came close to the open area, their bodies only meters away from the lake.
It was Taehyung's intention to throw himself into the soothing water but the black wolf had other plans as he, as soon as they reached the clearing, tackled the other, making them land onto the mossy floor.
Jungkook made sure the white wolf fell on top of him, taking the lesser fall. And as they landed, both of them just stopped, breathing heavily and resting for a minute.
Jungkook gazed up at the beautifull wolf laying on top of him, observing the way his eyes widened as he comprehended their position, how he awkwardly looked away while trying to scramble off but failed as Jungkook that moment shifted quickly and used his strenght to turn their positions around.
He had the white wolf under him, his back on the floor while his paws lightly bent and pressed against his naked torso.

"Caught you."Jungkook said with a smirk, his eyes gazing down on the wolf who only huffed at him before closing his eyes and shifted.
Seconds later a full human Taehyung glared up at the proud alpha.

"I was going easy on you, don't flatter yourself."Taehyung retorted back, still breathing heavily while looking sideways. He pouted at the reality of being beaten in the game of chase.

"If that helps you sleep at night - ahh! that tickles."Jungkook joked as the brunette hit his arm at his teasing.

It was then when the silance came and their eyes spoke for themselves.
Their gazes were locked, a sort of electricity blazing through both of them as they just stared.
The air shifted from innocent fun to a wave of arousal spiking through the air.
It was a click, both of them just simply giving in into the temptation.

As quickly as their restrains broke, their lips met half way.
It was like having a sip of water in a hot desert, both of them moaning at the sensation of their lips finally touching.
They moved sensually, just an innocent touch and moving of lips, slowly deepening at moments before switching their head positions to kiss at a new angle.
Their hands explored each other's bodies greedily, Taehyung's hands gripped the other's shoulders tightly, while Jungkook's hands held the smaller's waist possessively.
It was like fireworks in both of theirs minds, feeling the tingles of touches and attraction that ran through their bodies.
They kissed and kissed, not stopping for a second and slowly only deepened with each touch.
It was smooth and erotical, the small breeze of wind ruffling their hair into a mess but they didn't care, all they thought about was each other.
It was when Jungkook's tongue licked at the brunette's bottom lip while teeth prided at his allready a little swolen flesh, was when Taehyung lost all of his control and moaned loudly, his hips rutting upwards and into Jungkook's.
Their lenghts touched and brushed one against another, their tips bumping while little droplets of precum dribbled and mixed.
The move made Jungkook's eyes glow dangerously, his chest rumbling lowly before releasing a loud growl against Taehyung's lips. He rutted his hips even harder against the smaller's soft skin, repeating the action multiple times as he heard beautifull moans releasing from the brunettes puffy lips.
He decided that that particular sound was his new favourite music.
Jungkook slowly moved his hand down to Taehyung's naked hips where he possessively squeezed the thick flesh, making Taehyung moan and open his mouth, allowing for Jungkook's tongue to push through and taste every part of his mouth.
Their tongues were intertwined, teeth slightly clashed with the hurried movements while their hands travelled over each other's bodies, trying to imprint every detale into their minds.

It was sensual, the air full of arousal around them for meters.
It was bound to happen since they were both alpha males and they release a high amount of pheromones in the air to shoo away any other unwanted company.

The whole thing was getting heated, their bodies now almost smooshed together, hard muscles meeting soft skin.
It felt like they belonged with each other.

And just for a second when they both needed to part to breathe Jungkook pulled away, breathing heavily.
His head was buzzing, but one question overulled all of his thoughts. He waited seconds before voicing it out.

"May I mate you?"
His eyes bored into Taehyung's, hope and lust mixing together into an emotion that was playing with Taehyung's nonexistent ovaries.

"You do know that if you mate me you will be bound to me for life?"
Taehyung said, allready knowing that the raven knew what would happen, he only needed the conformation that he Isn't the only one who feels this way.
He wants to know if Jungkook's in it for the long game not just the preview.

"I'm well aware and I wouldn't have anyone else.
I know we barely know each other but I feel strangely connected to you.
Your sassy and quirky yet sexy persona attracts me like no one else, It's honestly ridiculous how much I've come to like you in such a short amount of time."Jungkook confessed with a smile, his hand carresing Taehyung's hair delicately, something he wanted to do since he layed his eyes on the pretty brunette.

It wasn't strange to the werewolf world that two wolfs who just met choose to mate each other right away or only days after meeting.
It not about taking time to fall in love, with wolfs It's all about their instinct.
Love allways comes later in life.
It's honestly natural and what was happening between these two wasn't anything different, if anything it was slower then normal.

So when the brunette got his answer, making his heart skip happily, he slowly smiled up at the raven, his box shaped mouth wide and happy.

"Make me yours."Is all he had to say, before he was once again attacked by the other's smiling lips.
The kiss was short, Jungkook moving away and making Taehyung pout, but a second later a quick not so manly yelp escaped his lips as he found himself hoisted up and in the arms of his alpha wolf.
Taehyung, the second that he felt strong arms holding him up by his waist, wrapped his legs around Jungkook's waist while his hands interlocked behind the ravens head. He smiled up at the happy alpha before dipping his head and kissing Jungkook sweetly.

They were still kissing when Jungkook started to walk slowly, his hands now sliding down and purposely sneaking onto the others ass, giving it a strong squeeze, emitting a small sound from the brunette.
He walked them both thorwards the waterfall, his legs carrying forwards untill finding an opening to a small half opened cave, where he brushed away the long plant vines before steeping into the lowly lighted up cave. It was located right behind the pour of the water, the gray stone glistening slightly damp for the spray of the water.

You could freely walk behind the pour of water, the cealing high enough for the tall alpha to not bump his head as he walked slightly deeper inside but still close to the water.
It was a perfect spot, the ground was overgrown with moss just at the entrance and where Jungkook put Taehyung on the ground, the brunette hissing from the cold rock and plant underneath him.

"Shit it's cold!"

His allready shivering skin just erupted in more goosebumps, his nipples perking up and catching a gaze of a hungry looking alpha gazing down on the brunette.
Jungkook moved closer so he was hovering above the other, his dark eyes observing the slightly squirming male who was trying to get use to the coldness his back touched along with the strong gaze he was receiving.

"What?"Taehyung asked, his hands almost moving to cover himself when Jungkook restrained them next to his body.

"You look beautifull, absolutely gorgeous."
Jungkook said, his hands moving on their own and touching the brunette's thigh before moving up and onto his flexing tummy. With each touch Taehyung felt like his skin pickled with electricity, the arousal and attraction clouding his mind and body. Jungkook moved closer, his fingers gliding over Taehyung's stomach before moving up and creeping under his neck, close to the boy's throat. He wrapped his fingers around the pretty neck of his and lightly squeezed, not even close to painful. It proved to be a good thing since Taehyung moaned lightly, his hand quickly going over Jungkook's and covering it with his own palm, his smile turning into a smirk before squeezing Jungkook's fingers and stopping his own breathing just for a second before letting go and moaning louder. "Mmmm yes."

All the while Jungkook observed him with hunger, his stance rigid and lustfull and when Taehyung released that sifull sound he couldn't help himself any more, he pounced on the beauty underneath him.
Their lips moved furiously one against another, mouths opening up and pushing together tongues in a messy yet pleasurable kiss.
Jungkook grumbled before taking a hold of Taehyung's bottom lip with his teeth and bit into the flesh, drawing a dribble of blood before licking the crimson liquid away. Taehyung was breathing erratically, his body on fire as his hand buried itself into the raven locks, pulling on the hair with each pleasurable zap that went through his body.
And when they finally moved only centimetres away to breathe, a string of sliva connected their puffy and red lips.
Jungkook's tongue prodded at the string making it snap before giving the brunette a seductive smile awakening the blush on the others cheeks.

"You look edible."
The raven said as he saw the velvet redness of the skin, his fingers lightly brushing over the puffy cheeks before he dived like a mad man onto the other's neck, his lips kissing, his tongue licking and tasting the tan skin glistening with a sheer coat of sweat. His senses were tingling in delight at the sweetnes, his nose moving deeply into the brown
locks, giving them a deep sniff.

"You smell so good."
Taehyung laughed at the slight tickling on his neck, his smile bright and beautifull in the eyes of the bigger alpha.
"I could say the same thing about you."

The brunette smelt like the woods mixed with spice, a perfect way to describe his personality, something Jungkook came to love in a short amount of time. While on the other hand Jungkook's scent oozed of freshly cut wood with a hint of honey, a perfect combination of rough with a little softness.
It was addicting to both of them, their scents mixing and radiating for meters away. Their slowly growing bond was allready so strong that it made some animals scurry away, their senses being unease as they smelt the strong scents oozing from the open area.

Jungkook dived back down on the others neck, his lips hovering over the prominent collarbone before gliding up and over his shoulder. He was looking for the perfect place where he will mark his perfect mate, a place on the shoulder or neck that anyone will see. And when he found it, a space directly on the side of Taehyung's neck, it made the brunette whimper the loudest as Jungkook placed a strong kiss against the skin.

"Jungkook. Fuck~."The vulgar words echoed around the cave.

Jungkook exhaled happily, his lips turning into a smile before landing onto the skin once more and slightly bitting, leaving only a print of his teeth. Taehyung of course liked that very much and confirmed it by pulling on the other's hair, his lips slightly shaking from the idea of bearing Jungkook's mark.

Jungkook pulled back just enough to look down smugly at the mark, his eyes tracing every little dip and redness of the skin.
"Beautifull."He growled with a slight spirkle in his eyes.

Jungkook went lower kissing his entire body, leaving hickies everywhere untill feeling satisfied with his creation.
There was Taehyung, panting with half lidded eyes while covered with love bites. It made the stronger alpha swell with pride seeing his mate to be looking like this because of him.
He moved his hands and very lightly touched Taehyung's tummy, fingertips travelling lower until settling on his right thigh. He swirled his fingers over the thick and strong flesh, gripping at some places before tenderly moving to his inner thigh.
Taehyung was slightly shaking from the pleasure, his mouth just moaning over and over again.

It felt soo good to be touched, soo good to be owned. Just imagining the mark on his own skin, the pull between the wolves, the love and safety he will feel, it made Taehyung shiver. He has never even looked at another wolf the same way - at least not with the same intensitivity.
He felt butterflies in his stomach as he thought about the way Jungkook and him could spend their lives together.

And the sex, God Taehyung's whole body erupted in excitement as he thought about what kind of pleasures Jungkook will give him.

Well he won't have to wait for long, because as soon as the raven saw the smaller's head in the clouds, he softly ran his fingers down his body untill stopping at the brunette's thighs. His hand made slow circles on the slightly muscular legs, before dipping lower.

As soon as Taehyung felt fingers near his entrance, he snapped out of his drem state, his head snapping up and looking at the dark eyed and concentrated raven, who deeply stared at what his fingers touched.
It was almost impossible for Taehyung to stay quiet as Jungkook's
middle finger lightly brushed over his rim. The whimper that left his lips was quite emberassingly high and yet Taehyung had no time for shame as Jungkook's finger found its way back to his entrance and dipped in only half way.
The gasp was audible and Jungkook definitely heard it and confirmed it by smirking widely, his finger curling inside the other and providing a weird pleasure mixed with pain.
It was hard for Jungkook to move his finger too much since there was almost to none lubrication, so instead of continuing he slowly pulled his hand away and moved back to hovering over the other.

He brought his hand to Taehyung's mouth, his middle and ring finger outstretched and lightly touching his lips. Taehyung quickly opened up, his lips greedily taking both digits in, his eyes full of lust and arousal as he twirled his tongue over jungkooks long fingers.
His hot tongue glided over and between the fingers, his teeth lightly grazing the skin before his head moved forwards untill his lips touched Jungkook's knuckles. It was a show, a promise for the raven, for him to know that something else could replace his fingers.
It was getting too much for Jungkook and with his last hard gaze he pulled out his fingers, sliva dripping down while Taehyung's tongue followed his hand, only to be denied as Jungkook leaned forward and kissed him.
It was ment as a distraction, the feeling of Jungkook's tongue intertwining with his distracted his thoughts and making him ghasp louder a she felt two fingers press against his rim, pushing in slowly.
It was a stretch, Taehyung's walls tightly clenching around the two digits as Jungkook slowly pushed in untill his knuckles met with the others ass.

He stilled for a second looking at Taehyung's pleasure filled expression, before moving his hand in and out repeatedly. He went as deep a spossible, moving his finger around to loosen the other up, before scizzoring him, his long fingers providing great pleasure mixed with slight pain. As he once again curled his fingers in the deepest point he could reach, Taehyung's spine lifted from the floor, his lips releasing a loud moan as he felt the pleasure of his prostate being stimulated.

"Fuck you sound so beautifull, don't you dare try staying quiet."Jungkook's alpha dominance came through, his tone lowering and eyes glowing.
Taehyung quickly nodded, head clouded with pleasure with each thrust of the other's hand.
And he indeed was very vocal, his deep voice echoing around the cave in a such erotic sound that it would make anyone near them blush.
Jungkook couldn't but mesmerisingly watch how the brunettes mouth opened up and closed, almost as if he could not control his own movements.

He loved it, every single second of it.

Jungkook moved his fingers quicker, opening up Taehyung as much as possible before pushing in two more fingers at once, it was a bit harder since the sliva allready almost dried up, sending a bit of pain up Taehyung's spine, but Jungkook simply leaned down and spit on his fingers, making sure it's coated enough before moving his hand in a way that his fingers hit the bundle of nerves each time.

Taehyung started to gradually feel a knot in his stomach forming.
He started to sweat more, his eyes closing as he felt the pleasure so close to taking over his body.
"Oh fu - Jungkook!"
And with a final flick of his finger Jungkook pushed as far as he could and curled his fingers perfectly.
It sent Taehyung over the edge, his spine in a shape of a perfect S while his whole body shook from the ripples of pleasure passing through him.
He came over his own stomach, some droplets landing as far as his face, contrasting beautifully with his tan skin.
He was in heaven, screaming Jungkook's name as the man himself just watched with a satisfied humm and a smile, his fingers moving through his whole orgasm while he had to use some force to make sure Taehyung didn't hurt himself from all the shaking and trashing around he unknowingly.

When his mind finally came back to earth, Taehyung loudly exhaled, his whole body relaxing as he felt the exhaustion taking over. He blinked up at the stone ceiling, his eyes focusing on random things untill he felt Jungkook's fingers slowly pulling out of him. He lifted his torso up, supporting himself with his hands while watching Jungkook and how he delicately moved his hand.

"Ahh."He gasped at the feeling of emptiness his eyes closing for a second before opening again just to be met with a smirking Jungkook who sent him a wink.
Taehyung laughed and slumped back on the floor, a big smile on his face.
"If this is just the foreplay then I can't wait for the sex."
He breathed out, his shoulders shaking from the laughter as his shining eyes went to Jungkook who was smiling down on him.
"Don't worry you won't have to wait much find out."
It made Taehyung blush furiously, his hands covering his face in shame and happiness.
Only to ghasp loudly as he felt Jungkook's fingers leaping at his juices on his tummy, his fingers mixing the mess with his spit covered fingers before bringing them to Taehyung's mouth.
The brunette eyed his fingers warily before slowly opening his mouth and letting Jungkook push in his fingers. His tongue glided over the liquid, tasting himself and humming around the two fingers.
Jungkook pulled his hand away only to bring it to his own mouth, tasting Taehyung himself, his eyes closing as he hummed at the taste. He felt pleased at the mixture of bitter and salty.

After that it was like a click with Jungkook, when he opened his eyes they were glowing gold, his pupils wide and zoned on his pray.
He moved quickly, his body aligning over Taehyung, hips moving down, so that his tip pressed against the brunette's puckered hole, teasing the whining alpha.
He moved so that his body covered the other's, their chests touching while Taehyung's legs wrapped around the other's waist.
Jungkook's hands were next to Taehyung's head, hand on his tiny waist as he lowered his head untill slowly meeting his lips with thicker ones.

They pulled away and looked at each other before Taehyug spoke.

"Jungkook, please fuck me."He said with a sultry voice, the sound brought a tingle all the way to jungkooks length. The bigger alpha was almost teased to the point where he wanted to shift into his powerful beast and fuck the brains out of the other, but he knew Taehyung or his wolf wouldn't like that.

Sex in wolf form demands a lot of trust, and they weren't on that level yet.
Their animals must be fully connected to mate in animal form and that is only after the bond is completely sealed.

So with a light shake of his head and a last charming smirk, Jungkook took a hold of his shaft and lubed it with the remaining liquid on Taehyung's body, mixing it with his own precum.
He lowered down and aligned his hips forward so that his allready dripping with precume tip pushed against Taehyung's entrance, before moving his hips, his tip slowly entering Taehyung.

Taehyung moaned loudly his eyes widening at the stretch, but quickly got distracted as Jungkook kissed him.
With each push of his hips, Taehyung's body tensed up and made him enable to move very far. So he had to wait untill the other relaxed before moving once again.

"Are you okay?"Jungkook asked, his hand brushing through the other's sweaty hair as he observed the tightly shut eyes. Seeing the pain written on Taehyung's face made him slow down his movements to make sure he doesn't feel too much pain.

"Yeah...just bigger...then I thoug - oh shit!"
Taehyung moaned when Jungkook finally bottomed out, feeling the full stretch as they stilled.
They were both breathing loudly, one from pain and the other from pleasure.
"Fuck my ass hurts."

Jungkook chuckled at that, his head falling on the other's shoulder making the brunette scoff at him and regrett it a second later as he felt the pain, of the entire length stretching him out, increasing with his action.
"Nice knowing you enjoy my pain."

"Baby noo, It's just you're in pain but it doesn't stop you from being sassy."
He said moving back where he can gaze down at the beautifull male, his hand touching the others chin, before dipping down and kissing his lips sweetly.

"I love that about you."
He murmured against his lips.

"Usually people find me annoying."Taehung said a bit uncomfortable and shy, his gaze going to their centers, seeing how they were connected, before quickly looking away, with a blush.

Jungkook smiled down at the other, his forehead touching Taehyung's.
"I don't think I could ever hate you."

"Fuck, what are you doing to me Jungkook."Taehyung felt like loosing his mind, I mean here he was in a beautifull cave with a waterfall next to him, while he was about to have sex with a Greek god who will become his mate for life.
He felt like he scored big time.

"Wooing you, making you fall for me."Jungkook smiled down at the brunette with a proud smile making the other laugh and touch his cheek, dragging his head down to kiss his lips taking some time in tasting the other.

"You can move."
Taehyung said against Jungkook's lips, making the other exhale loudly.
He breathed a 'thank god finally' in his mind, the feeling of Taehyung's tight walls enclosing him becoming torturous with each minute.
He closed his eyes and slowly moved his hips backwards before pushing forwards. A feeling of pure pleasure erupted in both of them, Taehyung still feeling a little pain.

At first it was slow, the action more like love making instead of fucking. But gradually with each thrust into the other's tight ass made the dominant alpha go crazy. So he leaned back, his hands going to Taehyung's glorious thighs where he took the flesh tightly in his grip, before snapping his hips with a fast pace - taking Taehyung by surprise.

"Oh my fucking God!"
Taehyung moaned out as he felt the pain now completely disappear and instead a wave of strong pleasure took over. He too moved, his torso lifting and supporting himself on his hands as he observed the animalistic way Jungkook slammed into him. His eyes widened while mouth stayed opened and released plenty of sounds that weren't at all innocent.

It made taheung go crazy.
His head fell back, eyes roaming aorund - not able to settle on one thing, while his hips started to thrust upwards, looking for more pleasure.

Jungkook took in the sight, his eyes zapping from their centers to Taehyung. He enjoyed how fucked out he looked, how he was not able to stay still, how broken he looked.

So to be even a bigger dick, he pulled out his length all the way out, his eyes focused on the other before pushing forward, hard.

"Fuck!!" The action made Taehyung's hands wobble, making him fall back down on the floor while his whole body moved up and down the stone and moss from the strenght of Jungkook's hips.

And just as he felt like he couldn't feel better, Jungkook pulled out and quickly took a hold of his waist, turning him on his stomach while pulling up his ass.
He slapped the thick globes, creating a big red handprint on the skin while sending a wave of heat to Taehyung's length.
Before Taehyung could even moan Jungkook took his breath away by entering him, this time he didn't stop and kept on thrusting fast and deep.
Jungkook couldn't resist but to smack the wiggling flesh once again, creating another mark on both sides.
The pain made Taehyung moan loudly his his hips weakly thrusting backwards.
And when Jungkook hit that special bundle of nerves, his eyes rolled to the back, feeling his orgasm coming close with each passing second.

The tight and hot walls sucking Jungkook in so well made him feel close to his own orgasm and as he looked down at the shaking body of his beauty, he could see his orgasm soon approaching too.
He moved his left arm and grasped Taehyung's shoulder, pushing his whole body up so that his front touched his back, making the brunette's head fall back and onto his muscular shoulder.
They were both on their knees while Jungkook's right hand tightly held Taehyung's tummy in a grip, holding him up all the while still thrusting into the other.

Taehyung felt like screaming from the pleasure, the building up in his length so close to exploding.

And as Jungkook felt his length twitching inside Taehyung, he took a soft grip of the other's hair, letting his wolf take over by growing his fangs, his eyes glowing fully gold. He moved his head back before slamming forwards and sinking his long fangs deep into Taehyung's neck, exactly where he wanted to mark him.

"Oh my - Aaaah!"
Taehyung came hard from the pain and pleasure of the bite, whimpering out his mates name as he shook from ground shaking the orgasm.
His body felt bonelless, shaking while slumping fully in Jungkook's hands which held him up.

Jungkook could feel his knot forming, his length becoming thicker at the base, making Taehyung wince in pain. A second later he came, his fangs still deep in Taehyung's flesh, while he exploded inside the brunette's heat, his seed filling him up to the blink.

They stood like that for some time, minutes passing as the only thing to be heard was the sound of water and their loud breathing.

As Jungkook finally came down from the immerse pleasure, his wolf satisfied with the marking, he retreated his mouth and fangs.
His eyes turned back to dark brown before exhaling loudly. He quickly but delicately licked away the blood dripping down Taehyung's neck before carefully taking a hold of Taehyung's body, which could be considered as goo, and turned him around and on their sides, his length still deeply inside of the other.

He took in the sight of the wide and watery silver eyes of his mate making him smile a little, his hand caressing the tan skin, before leaning down and kissing his bruised lips, making Taehyung shudder and exhale against his lips.

They were both still breathing loudly, their torsos touching with each exhale.
Usually the knot of an alpha wolf deflated after half an hour so they both had enough time to relax and rest after all of this.

Jungkook's hand was caressing Taehyung's hair, his smile lovingly as he waited for the brunette to come back to earth.
A minute later Taehyung blinked furiously at Jungkook, a single tear escaping his pretty eyes before smiling widely at the other.

Jungkook laughed before responding with a equality as wide smile.

"I thought I lost you there for a second, you looked so up in the clouds."Jungkook's velvety voice echoed around Taehyung, his body responding with a satisfied humm.
He could allready feel the pull of the forming bond between them.

"I did, I was so high on pleasure, it made me space out."His cheeks were blushing furiously as he saw the proud smirk the raven wore, so he quickly whacked his bicep before looking away embarrassed.

Jungkook laughed loudly before taking Taehyung's chin in his hold and turned his face back his way.
He leaned down and gave Taehyung's lips a hot kiss before pulling away.

"Do you want to mark me?"Jungkook asked, his hand still caressing the silky brown locks.
Taehyung looked at his mate with a shocked face.
It was rare to see the dominant wolf with a mating mark, it was just the tradition between the mates fo hundreds of years. But Taehyung really wanted to see Jungkook with his mark, he wanted to show him off to people, he wanted to feel fully connected.
And technically Taehyung was an alpha so they aren't really braking rules because they are both dominant in nature, Taehyung just less compared to Jungkook.
But also Taehyung gave zero fucks if the elders gave him funny looks, he just wants to be with Jungkook.

"Will you really let me?" He asked hopefully and when Jungkook nodded with a smile, his head leaning back and sideways to expose his neck, he felt the purest emotion of happiness fill his chest.
Taehyung moved up, his right hand supporting his body, while the other traced the tan skin in front of him.
He moved his hand over Jungkook's shoulder, tracing his nail lightly over his collarbone before moving on his neck, right on top of the other's throat. That spot made Jungkook shudder hard, his whole body shaking from pleasure. At that Taehyung smirked before letting his fangs grow and slamming his lips forward, his fangs shoving deep inside Jungkook's throat, perfectly placed so the bite didn't damage anything.
Jungkook released a low moan, his eyes wide open and fully gold along with Taehyung's now glowing silver ones. After a few seconds Taehyung pulled away, his tongue licking at the blood dripping from the wound, before leaning up and kissing Jungkook deeply.

It hit them both like a wave, the bonds seeping through their bodies strongly.
They kissed even harder as they felt the connection, their red and puffy lips gliding over each other, opening up and letting their tongues intertwine.
"Thank you Jugkook."
Taehyung said, smiling lazily at Jungkook, his hand traveling to the other's neck before tangling in his sweaty hair.

"Thank you Taehyung." Jungkook replied as he nuzzled into the other's hand, his eyes momentarily closing, smiling happily at the feeling.

They felt complete, their bond now full.
They both felt the need to be close and keep on touching each other, their hands allways finding it's way to the other's body.
It was natural their connected instincts now depending on each other.

To some it would be too much, feeling claustrophobic with the amount of alone time mates get, but for wolves it's one of the things they most wish in life. Not everyone gets to have a mate, not finding a perfect match is a struggle and can lead to an unhappy life, but those that are lucky to find their better half enjoy it to the max.

When the 30 minutes finally passed and Jungkook's knot finally deflated to It's normal size, they moved out of the cave and took a swim in the lake, their bodies floating in the green water as they kissed each other with need.
They washed each other's bodies, splashing water at each other before getting out and laying down on the grass while talking about themselves, their families and friends. They got to know each other better, all of their happiest memories and darkest times in life.
They talked untill the once bright sky started to turn orange.

After it was almost dark, they turned into their wolfs, both of them nuzzelig into their furrs and licked each others faces.
When it was time to go they happily looked at each other, eyes glowing in the dark night.
Taehyung huffed playfully, his teeth nipping at Jungkook's ear who bit him back playfully.

When they both stilled and locked eyes Taehyung spoke into the link.
"If you catch me I'm the reward."

Jungkook laughed into the link before responding.
"I don't need need no silly game of catch to have you, you are allready mine white wolf."

With a lick to his own mark on Taehyung's neck, making the brunette let out a happy huff, he dashed into the forest, leaving Taehyung to blink at the empty spot next to him. He quickly looked the way Jungkook disappeared and dashed behind him, his paws running full speed and catching up in no time.
They both ran thorwards Taehyung's pack, happily talking over the link while chasing each other around the trees and rivers flowing through the forest.

It was a beautifull moment to witness, how the two opposite yet both beautifull wolfs, ran next to each other. The full bright moon was shining down on them, illuminating their glowing fur and wolfy smiles.

This was just the beginning of their story, the preview of their upcoming intertwined life.
And it is most certain that this odd yet so perfect pair will have a happy, love filled and full of ups and downs BUT amazing life.

After all It's taekook and nothing could be more beautifull than them.


Words: 12007

Soo this is my first ever attempt at submitting a book on inkitt.
I write on my wattpad account, I feel more comfortable to do so there, but I will also upload the stories here for people to read.
This oneshot is lengthy, at least to me, it was my first time ever writing anything over 10k so please give me some love and like this book, give it a review.
It doesn't take long to do so💜

Thank you sooooooo much for reading.

I purple you 💜💜

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