His Personal Hero (TodoDeku)

The Christmas Eve Party

On Friday afternoon, Mr. Aizawa ordered us to meet in the 1A Alliance’s courtyard. He was accompanied by All Might, who announced that he was insisting on hosting an American Christmas Eve party.
“I want to show you all how we celebrated Christmas in the United States!” He stated before Mr. Aizawa chimed in.
“And the dress code will be semi-formal. Boys are required to wear a suit and the girls must wear a dress, whether a cocktail or an evening dress is your choice.” Mr. Aizawa explained before dismissing us.
“Oh yay! I’ve been needing an excuse to wear this cute little dress I bought awhile back.” Uraraka exclaimed to Mina Ashido.
“Awh, I don’t have anything to wear. Tsu, do you want to go shopping with me?” Ashido asked.
“Sure!” She answered back, smiling sweetly.
“Can I come with? I need a new dress.” Hagakure chirped excitedly.
“Me too! All of my other dresses are so outdated.” Momo Yaoyorozu chimed in.
The girls hastily left, giggling and chatting, leaving us guys behind to stare amongst each other. Some of us dumbfounded and some excited.
“Yes! I have plenty of suits to pick from.” Iida expressed.
“Same!” Kirishima replied, a big smile gleaming on his face.
Hmm, I have a suit but I’ll have to dig it out of my closet. Hopefully it still fits. It might be a little tight. I haven’t worn it since before I started training, so my arms may not fit well. Wait, do I even have a tie? While my mind was spaced out, I abruptly noticed I was staring in the direction of Shoto. He was staring back, a subtle smile formed on the corner of his lips. I forcefully yanked my eyesight away while heat flushed through my face. Oh no, Shoto is going to be in a suit too. My face reddened to a tomato as these vivid images flashed through my mind. I wonder how good he’ll look.
“Bakugo, are you going to have to get a suit?” Kirishima inquired.
“Hell no, I’m not going.” He responded with his arms folded.
“Awh, c’mon man! So you’re telling me you’re going to stay cooped up in your room all night?”
“Yes, and don’t any of you dare bother me.”
“But it’ll be fun!”
“Like hell it will. It’s fucking torture.” Kacchan scoffed.
“Please! There will be food to eat and I’ll bring my headphones to tune everybody out! Oh, and we can talk shit about people.” Kirishima threw his arm around Kacchan’s shoulder, beaming a lively smile at him.
Ugh, fine.” He rolled his eyes and shrugged Kirishima’s arm off of him.

The common area was decorated from the floor to the ceiling in traditional American Christmas lights, ornaments and garland. Toasty hot chocolate filled the kitchen with a sweet scent while the warmth from the fireplace kept the atmosphere snugly and cheerful.
There were several varying dishes of American finger foods and snacks scattered about on the table. A couple of the ones I recognized were ‘pigs-in-a-blanket’ and pinwheels stuffed with ham and cheese. On the other table there were peppermint patties, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate fudge adorned upon a platter.
As I scanned through the relatively empty room, I noticed Present Mic installed a DJ stand with a few hefty speakers and a giant subwoofer. Of course he would be in charge of that. Kaminari, Shoji and Tokoyami were relaxing on the couches, talking and laughing. Then there was Mr. Aizawa watching All Might dress up a fourteen foot Christmas tree and placing it at the entrance. He was muttering something about going overboard to All Might, but All Might denied it.
I plopped down in one of the chairs in the dining hall, sighing heavily and roughly tugging on my black sleeves. They are way too tight. The material was squeezing my biceps and my emerald tie was nearly choking me. I certainly outgrew this suit. While loosening my tie, a group of footsteps pounded against the stairs as Iida and Shoto strolled into the room.
I gulped, hard. Shoto’s ebony blazer was perfectly fitted against his body. The white shirt contrasted with his cobalt blue tie, complimenting his alluring eyes. I bit my lip pleasingly, he looks better than I imagined. How is that possible? As he came closer, he caught me staring and slyly winked at me.

I adverted my eyes promptly while my heart was thudding violently against my rib cage. Dammit, he saw me looking. The breeze flowed against my body as Iida and Shoto passed me. I side-eyed them from over my shoulder, catching Shoto still looking at me. I flinched forward as I became even more flustered. He silently laughed to himself.
“I can’t believe you are dragging me to this lame ass party.” Kacchan muttered to Kirishima as they climbed down the stairs.
“Trust me, it’ll be fun!”
Kirishima’s tight black unbuttoned blazer revealed his pressed white shirt with his sleek black tie. Kacchan’s suit was reversed in colors. The open white blazer showed off his form-fitting black shirt, unbuttoned at the collar. He was already loosening his white shiny tie and staring angrily at Kirishima.

“I can promise it won’t be.” He growled.
They took long strides from the stairway to the tables covered in food. Kirishima sneakily grabbed a cookie off of the platter and shoved it into his mouth. Kacchan glared at him with an irritated expression.
I remained in my chair fumbling with my sleeves. In that same moment, all of the girls paraded into the building. Uraraka’s short and sparkly scarlet dress bounced with each step she took. Tsu’s jade-colored evening gown was covered with pasty pink flowers across her waist. Ashido wore a frilly lilac halter dress with beautiful embellishments. Yaoyorozu’s long gold V-neck gown gracefully flowed along her body. Hagakure’s simple teal cocktail dress formed tightly to her invisible body while lastly, Jiro’s deep violet pop-punk skater dress accented her personality perfectly.
Eventually, the rest of the 1A students entered into the common area. It wasn’t long before the room was full of lively chatter and laughter. I felt joy being surrounded by my classmates, especially the girls. It was nice to have the girls over for a change. Mineta and Kaminari would have certainly agreed as they never stopped staring at them. I don’t understand what they see in girls, but I guess if it’s anything like what I feel when I see Shoto, I can understand. I never had a romantic feeling towards anybody until Shoto confessed to me.
“Hey Deku! Your suit looks great!” Uraraka said as her and Tsu came skipping over to me.
“Heh, thanks. It’s a little small though.” I mentioned as I kept tugging at it.
“It looks a little tight, but it’s flattering!” She smiled at me. Hold on, is she flirting with me? Or was that just a friendly compliment?
“Uh, thanks.” I responded hesitantly.
“We’re friends, right?” Uraraka and Tsu sat in the chairs beside me. I glanced up quickly and saw Kacchan and Kirishima still standing by the food. Kacchan was bluntly looking in this direction while Kirishima was talking to him.
“Um, yeah.” I answered her.
“Good! So, I hope you don’t mind when I ask if the rumors are true? Are you, Todoroki and Bakugo gay? I wanted to get the truth directly from you.”
I nearly choked on my spit, “uh y-yeah. Um, yes.” I swallowed hard to alleviate the urge to cough.
“Oh, so are the rumors true about them fighting over you? And that’s why you guys were in trouble?” Uraraka kept digging deeper.
“Y-Yes.” I glanced back up once more, Kacchan was still staring over here. I’ve never felt so uneasy. Kacchan is staring at me and Uraraka is prodding me with questions. Wait, Kacchan isn’t actually staring at me. He’s staring at Uraraka, but why?
“Uraraka, maybe we should back off. Deku is looking uncomfortable.” Tsu spoke softly.
“Oh I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to make you feel awkward. I just wanted you to know we are here for you and we’re still your friends. If you ever want to talk, just let us know.” She smiled reassuringly.
“Thank you. I could use some friends to talk to.”
“Of course!” She noticed where my line of sight was directed. She followed it to see Kacchan’s glare.
“Oh!” She gasped, “is Bakugo the one you’re after? He keeps staring over here.”
“N-No, no. I like Todoroki. I don’t know why Kacchan is staring.” I admitted.
“Really? Maybe he isn’t over you. I mean, it is Bakugo. He’s probably still upset.” She makes eye contact with Tsu. Their facial expressions changed consistently, as if they were talking to each other without making words.
I peered over Uraraka, my eyes locking onto the red and white hair lounging on the couch, talking to Iida. Should I try talking to him? I don’t want to push it though. I want to give him the space he needs.
“Deku, we are going to come back later to sit with you. We’re going to go say hi to everyone else.” Uraraka said as her and Tsu skipped off towards the guys around the couches.
I let my vision peep over at Kacchan again, but he was no longer looking this way. He was spaced out while Kirishima rambled on.
“Ya know Bakugo, that suit looks good on you. I mean, ya know it’s a nice suit. It looks good and is nicely tailored. Ya know, it’s just nice. It’s not like I have a crush on you or anything, heh. Like, it’s a nice suit.” Kirishima severely stumbled with his words as his face grew as red as his hair. Woah, did he just indirectly admit that he likes Kacchan?
“Yeah, thanks.” Kacchan answered back, still consumed by his own thoughts. I’m not sure if he heard Kirishima properly. Hmm, that would explain Kirishima’s reaction in Shoji’s room when he found out Kacchan likes guys.
“Yeah, heh.” He stroked the back of his hair nervously, “hey, do you want to listen to music now?”
“Nah, I’m going to the bathroom.” Kacchan answered.
I sat silently as he passed by, right before looking back up at Kirishima. He appeared slightly disappointed and irritated with himself. Poor Kirishima, I had no idea he liked Kacchan, or was even gay. I thought he just viewed Kacchan as a friend.
I stood up and browsed over the variety of desserts. Well, these look good. I reached in for a cookie when Kirishima reached out and attempted to grab the same one I was getting.
“Oh sorry, you can have it.” I mumbled as I retreated my hand.
“Go ahead, I don’t need it anyway.” He answered. I reluctantly picked it up and bit into it.
“So, how are you and Todoroki doing?” He asked as he shuffled against the table.
“Oh, err... Um, he’s taking some time to himself. He wants to catch up in school before thinking about a relationship.”
“Ouch, sorry to hear that.”
“No, it’s okay. We’re still fine.” I smiled softly.
“Well, good. I’m glad.” He smiled back.
I awkwardly stepped away and proceeded to pace near the lounging area. Almost everybody was standing or sitting around the couches now. Shoto was still socializing with our classmates, specifically talking to Yaoyorozu.
“So, have you kissed him yet?” She asked.
He smiled at her question, “yeah, and he’s an amazing kisser too.”
Oh no, they’re talking about me. My stomach twisted up into a knot as I became lightheaded. Ugh, and my collar is killing me. I need to fix it somehow. I clumsily crossed into the hallway to the bathrooms, immediately seeing Kacchan and Uraraka standing near the entrance. I stumbled back, hiding myself from their view but watching them.
“I wanted to let you know I’m here for you. I don’t mind that you’re gay.” Uraraka said to Kacchan.
“What? I’m not fucking gay. Who told you that?” He snapped back.
“Oh, nobody! It’s just the rumors going around.” She fidgeted with her dress.
“Wow, a fucking stupid rumor.” He muttered, “I’m very much into girls and I can prove it to you.” Kacchan leaned into her, causing her to back up into the wall. He propped his hand up above her and stuffed his other hand into his pocket. His eyes dropped over her body before capturing her eye contact again.
“Do you want me to?” He whispered into her ear, smiling evilly.
“Um,” she nervously muttered incomprehensible words. Kacchan was smiling bigger now. He grabbed her by the waist and yanked her closer to him. They began to walk together back towards me. Oh shit.
I backtracked the way I came quickly. Um, what did I just witness? Present Mic started up his playlist of popular American Christmas songs as I returned to the room. The first song was, “All I Want for Christmas is You” ironically.
I swiftly re-entered the dining hall, nearly colliding with Kirishima.
“Woah, you okay? You look like you saw a ghost.” He joked.
“I’m fine. Sorry.”
“It’s cool. I’m just heading back to my room, I’m pretty sure Bakugo ditched me. I expected as much though. He clearly didn’t want to be here.”
“Yeah, that’s Kacchan for you.” I nervously scanned the room, seeking for something to calm my nerves when I noticed Shoto was no longer on the couch. Where did he go?
“If you’re looking for Todoroki, I think I saw him go up to his room. If you want, you can walk with me since I’m headed that way myself.”
“Uh, s-sure.” I don’t know why, but the first person I wanted to tell was Shoto and the last person I wanted to find out was Kirishima.
Kirishima and I walked up the flight of stairs, reaching the fourth floor. He wasn’t as bubbly as normal, but he was still talkative. I walked with him to his room. He stopped talking for a moment, creating a gap of silence.
“Thanks for walking with me, Midoriya.” He smiled as he cracked open his door.
“Yeah, of course.” The blood still hadn’t returned to my face yet.
“Wait, what’s that noise?” He mumbled as we both grew entirely quiet.
Muffled voices came from the room over. Oh fuck, that’s Kacchan’s room. My heart sank to my stomach.
“Ah, Bakugo!” A muffled feminine voice shouted. It’s Uraraka.
“You like that? Heh, you taste so good.” A very familiar voice responded. And that’s Kacchan, ”ugh, now get on me and fuck me, you pretty little slut.” The same voice ordered.
The feminine voice moaned louder and louder as the slapping noises grew more violent. I froze in place before glancing at Kirishima. He was also frozen, his face aching with agony while stinging tears built in his eyes.
“Kirishima,” I murmured, “I’m so sorry.”
His grieving eyes pierced right through mine. The tears were streaming down his face as his voice began to whimper. He was on the verge of breaking into a sob.


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