His Personal Hero (TodoDeku)

Todoroki VS. Tokoyami

Kirishima stayed with me all weekend after the events on Christmas Eve. He refused to sleep in his dorm room, but I can’t say that I blamed him. He cried in my room for awhile that night while he confessed his feelings.
“I fell for him the second I laid my eyes on him” he choked, “but I didn’t think I had a chance. A guy like him would never be into other guys. Or so I thought until I found out about you and him.” His puffy red eyes stared at my floor as he talked. We were both sitting on my bed, still somewhat dressed in our suits. Our ties were loosened and dangling off of our necks while our shirts were slightly unbuttoned.
“When I realized you wanted Todoroki instead of him, I got so excited.” A brief smile lit up his face, “I know that’s probably selfish of me, but I thought I could finally move away from the friendzone.” The smile faded as quickly as it came while mournful tears dripped down his face.
“But, I guess not.”

On Christmas morning, Kirishima stumbled into Kacchan when he went to his dorm to change clothes. He told me Kacchan’s hair was dripping wet while he was holding a towel around his waist. According to him, Kacchan’s back was covered in deep claw marks and his neck in purple hickeys.
“Oi, stupid hair, why are you still wearing that?” He said to Kirishima, but Kirishima didn’t say anything back.
“What? Are you pissed because I left you at the party?” Kirishima still wouldn’t reply.
“Dude, if you can’t tell I got a little occupied.” Kacchan pointed out the markings on his body, “that party was fucking lame, but ya know, you were right. I did have fun afterwards.” A greedy grin formed on his face.
Kirishima explained to me that he rushed past Kacchan after he said that and slammed the door in his face.
“Fuck you too!” Kacchan yelled from the hall. Kirishima slid his back down against the door. He curled up his knees to his chest and buried his face as the tears flooded out.

Kirishima consistently stuck by my side after that. He followed along everywhere I went and even slept on my floor in my room.
Honestly, I didn’t mind. I understood the heartache he was in and it was nice to have a friend around to talk to. We bonded surprisingly well. He seemed to take comfort in being around me.
I wasn’t sure why though. Maybe because I was the only one who knew the situation? Or maybe because I’m the only one who knows Kacchan the best? Either way, I was kind of worried Shoto would notice and question it, but he was training non-stop for his rematch with Tokoyami on Monday.

“I don’t want to see his stupid face and I really don’t want to see Uraraka.” Kirishima mentioned somberly as we walked to class on Monday morning.
“I know, but remember I’m here for you. Don’t pay them any attention. Just focus on class and if you catch yourself getting distracted, look at me instead.” I reassured him.
“Thanks Midoriya. I seriously don’t know what I would have done without you being there.” He gave me a genuine smile.
We passed through the doorway together and then separated to sit in our chairs. Once I settled in my seat, I noticed the hickeys Kirishima was talking about on the back of Kacchan’s neck. They were mostly faded.
I glanced over at Kirishima. He was watching Uraraka as she was talking to Tsu and Yaoyorozu. Her neck was heavily coated in concealer, obviously trying to hide the hickeys. Hmm, they look fresher than Kacchan’s.
“I hope everyone had a good weekend,” Mr. Aizawa said as he entered the room, “for today, we only have one thing to do. All of you will be analyzing Todoroki and Tokoyami’s rematch.”
My eyes turned straight to Shoto who was returning the stare. He appeared emotionless and worn out. His eyes droopy from lack of sleep.
“Everybody go to Gym Gamma.” Mr. Aizawa ordered.

All of the sunlight that typically passed through the building was heavily dimmed. The gym had just enough light to be able to see one another. Mr. Aizawa must have done this to give Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow an advantage. He really wants to challenge Shoto.
Kirishima and I stood beside each other as Shoto and Tokoyami prepared for their battle. Our faces were dimly lit, but enough to see facial expressions.
“Have you talked to him since the party?” Kirishima asked.
“No, and I didn’t talk to him at the party either. I thought about it, but I want him to come to me when he’s ready.” I answered without dropping my eyes from Shoto in the arena.
“Yeah, makes sense.” Kirishima paused as he watched my eyes staring intently, “you really like him, huh?”
“Yeah, I do.” A soft smile drew from my lips. Warmth filled my heart as memories of Shoto and I together pondered through my mind. I couldn’t help but feel fuzzy and happy from the thoughts.
Shoto’s eyes drifted over to me while he was mid-stretch. I mouthed ‘good luck’ to him with a kind smile, unsure if he could see me. He smiled back and licked his lips, ‘thank you.’
My heart fluttered and my cheeks blushed. Kirishima noticed my reaction immediately.
“Awh, you guys are really cute together.” He spoke sweetly. I blushed harder from the statement. Shoto brought his attention back to his opponent as they lined up.
“Todoroki and Tokoyami,” Mr. Aizawa started, “fight with everything you have. I expect nothing to be held back.” They nodded in agreement.
Instantly, the room was engulfed in heat and light. Everybody flinched to protect their eyes from the sudden brightness. Shoto’s left side was ablaze.
“Damn, he’s definitely not holding back this time!” Kirishima exclaimed.
Dark Shadow slightly cowered, but Tokoyami encouraged him to face his fears.
“We knew this would happen, Dark Shadow. We can still win. We have to outmaneuver him together.” He murmured.
Shoto proceeded forward, surrounding Dark Shadow, Tokoyami and himself in his Wall of Flames. Shoto’s face remained stern and focused, refusing to underestimate his opponent.
Dark Shadow clung closer to Tokoyami than normal, although he never dropped his guard. Shoto continued to break the distance between them, making Dark Shadow more uneasy from the human torch.
“Push him back!” Tokoyami ordered.
Dark Shadow flew towards Shoto with his shadow claws outstretched, swiping at Shoto aggressively. Shoto dodged effortlessly and retaliated with a bursting flame. The fire scared Dark Shadow further into submission as he retreated back to Tokoyami.
“Dark Shadow, we have to win this. Here, climb under my shirt and hold onto my back. It’ll help shield you from the light.” Tokoyami requested before Dark Shadow complied. Is he trying to use an improvised verison of Black Fallen Angel? Or maybe Black Ankh Sabbath?
Tokoyami darted towards Shoto in a zig-zag line, dodging his fire attacks with ease. Shoto’s face revealed frustration as he realized he is quickly losing his advantage.
Dark Shadow extended his razor claws out from behind Tokoyami and viciously scratched Shoto across his right hip, causing Shoto’s ice to involuntarily form around the open wounds.
“Agh!” Shoto grasped at the bleeding cuts. His fire side dying down immensely as the ice started taking over.
I winced at his pained face. He was sweating and panting hard. His fire quirk must tire him out quicker than his ice. My fists automatically clenched and my breathing halted. Kirishima muttered to me, “he’s okay, Midoriya. He’s strong. When has a cut ever stopped him?”
Shoto’s face lit back up as an excessive amount of adrenaline began pumping through his body. His fire reignited so much stronger than before. The ice guarding his wound melted as the blood dribbled down his thigh.
“Dark Shadow, come on!” Tokoyami motioned him to retreat into his shirt again. Of course, he complied.
“Now.” Dark Shadow lifted Tokoyami off of the ground, hovering over Shoto’s flames.
Shoto fueled his left side with all of his energy to encase the arena in fire. Dark Shadow became overwhelmed from the intensified light, causing him to drop Tokoyami and himself onto the ground.
Shoto responded abruptly, switching his energy to his right side to bind Tokoyami and Dark Shadow into an ice wall. This resulted in them becoming completely immobile and unable to break free, thus ending the fight.
“Enough, Todoroki wins.” Mr. Aizawa stated.
My lips curled into a huge smile. Shoto was breathing heavily and shaking from the adrenaline. He stared at his trapped opponent for a moment before glancing over at me. The excitement on my face caused him to smirk and chuckle. I could visually see the stress on his body release.
“Ha, told ya!” Kirishima shouted towards me.
Shoto heated the ice with his left hand, freeing Tokoyami.
“Good fight.” Shoto said respectfully.
“Yeah, you too.” Tokoyami responded.
“Yes, you both done very well. You used your abilities and wits to effectively fight against your opponent.” Mr. Aizawa spoke, “as expected, Todoroki had an advantage over Dark Shadow. We all knew this, so I decided to help even the playing field to make this fight challenging. In the end, Todoroki overcame Dark Shadow, but not without taking some damage. Congratulations Todoroki.”
“Thank you, sir.” Shoto bowed.
“Tokoyami, you worked very well with Dark Shadow, but you need to keep training in bright light. Not all villain attacks will happen in dark places.”
“Yes sir.” Tokoyami nodded.
“Class is dismissed. Todoroki, go visit Recovery Girl for that injury.”
“Yes sir.” Shoto responded. Our eyes locked once again, making us smile at each other.
“Go get’em, tiger.” Kirishima slapped my back, shoving me forward a couple of steps, “I’ll see you later.”
Kirishima jogged away into the crowd of our classmates as everyone exited the gym. I stood there awkwardly and frozen in place. Maybe I should leave too? I don’t want to make him feel pressured to talk to me. I turned my back and took a step forward right as I heard my name.
“Izuku,” Shoto’s voice echoed through the building, “wait.”
I twirled back around, facing him again. He was approaching me now, each advancing footstep increased my heart rate.
“C-Congrats! I knew you would win.” I spoke shyly, “but are you okay? You’re still bleeding.”
Shoto ignored my words entirely. Once he was in front of me, he roughly grabbed me by my waist and slammed me against him. He forced his mouth on mine, kissing me hard. The sweat from his face beaded down over his lips and onto my tongue. It was salty.
My heart thudded all the way into my stomach as our kiss progressed. He pryed my jaw open with his lips before slipping his tongue across my teeth. It felt weird, but in a way that I oddly liked.
I shoved my tongue against his, forcing it back into his mouth. I used my tongue to taste his lips, just barely grazing over them. The sweat was still dripping down into our mouths.
His jaw started to close halfway, forcing my tongue to retreat as he began to soften our kiss. He used tender and slow movements before releasing his lips from mine. As he pulled away, a string of our mixed saliva drooled from our mouths. I wiped it away with the back of my hand like last time, but Shoto licked it across his lips.
“I’ve been wanting to do that again for so long.” He said, barely over a whisper. “Izuku, I don’t need anymore space. I can’t be away from you anymore. I want to be with you all the time. Will you be my boyfriend?”
Everything ceased: my breathing, my heart, my body, my eyes, my thoughts, even time and space. I forgot how to function.
“Hey, breathe!” Shoto smacked my back. I sharply inhaled and blinked my eyes rapidly. My face flushed red from embarrassment.
“I-I er, uh” I forgot how to talk too.
Shoto laughed, “can you mutter out an answer?”
“Y-Yes.” I gulped hard, “yes.”
His arms squeezed me into a tight hug as his face wedged into my neck. I could feel his heart beating hard against my own. I smiled at the thought of him being nervous to ask me out.
“Thank you for agreeing to wait until I figured things out. It means so much to me.” He spoke in my ear, “also I have to tell you,” his voice dropped even quieter, “you were hot as fuck in your suit on Christmas Eve.”
My body tensed as a tingling sensation scattered throughout my lower body.
“Heh, y-y-you too-o.” I stuttered insanely bad. The memories flooded back into my mind of him in his suit.
“Hey,” he pulled out of the embrace a bit to snag my eye contact, “do you want to go on a date? I’ll take you out to my favorite restaurant after school tomorrow.” His voice was excited and oh so adorable.
“Y-Yeah.” I smiled brightly, keeping my composure while my internal voice was screeching.
“It’s a date.” He smiled cheerfully in return.
“U-Um,” I looked down, “you still need to go see Recovery Girl. The bleeding hasn’t stopped.”
“Ha, you’re so cute when you worry.” He brushed his finger against my cheek, “you know, you could just kiss it better.” His teeth gripped into his bottom lip before a smirk developed.
“Ugh Shoto, quit teasing.” I fidgeted with my fingers while a mischievous laugh escaped his throat, “yeah okay, you’re right. I’ll go.” He licked his lips, “do you want to go with me?”
“Uh, s-sure.” I nodded hesitantly.
He used his palm to freeze more ice over his wounds to keep them from bleeding anymore. “Come on,” he motioned as he grabbed my left hand with his right. The recent use of his quirk made his hand feel like I snagged an ice sculpture. I instinctively yanked my hand away, not expecting such a cold temperature.
“Oh, I’m sorry.” He paused for a moment to regulate the blood in his hand back to a normal human temperature, “I don’t always realize when my hands are freezing or overheating. I used to when I was younger because I was still learning how to use my quirks, but not so much anymore.” He held out his hand again, inviting me to hold it instead of just grabbing mine.
I happily obliged. His hand was still a little chilly, but no where near as bad as before. He interlaced his fingers with mine as we walked out of the gym together.


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