His Personal Hero (TodoDeku)

Be Honest


Shoto and I held each other’s hands to and from Recovery Girl’s office. She managed to heal his cuts completely, but not without leaving some rigid scars behind. The new scars seemed to cause Shoto displeasure. He was quiet for awhile.
“Hey, you know I don’t mind the scars, right?” I mentioned as we walked back to the dormitories together, “they may show all of the pain and abuse you’ve been through in your life, but they also show how you came out stronger each time.” I smiled sweetly, “they tell your story, even though it has been a hard one to live.”
Shoto returned the smile, although it wasn’t very convincing. “Thank you, but my scars ruin me. I can’t hide them all,” he rubbed his free hand over his burned eye, “but I try.”
“Shoto, your scars and burns are beautiful. Please don’t feel like you need to hide them, especially not from me.” My tone was serious, catching him by surprise.
“Okay, I won’t.” His grip on my hand tightened anxiously, but I caressed my thumb over the back of his hand, causing him to loosen his grip and relax.

We sat down together in the courtyard of the dorm, our backs pressed against a tree with our fingers still interlocked. Shoto had one knee propped up and I sat cross-legged. There was no communication, so I stared off in the direction of the school, lost in my thoughts. Did I offend him with what I said? He hasn’t said anything since... I just didn’t want him to feel bad. He sees his body as imperfect but I see it as flawless.
“Izuku,” his low voice mumbled, pulling my attention back to him, “you’re so sweet, but you don’t have to lie to make me feel better.”
“What? I wasn’t lying!” My voice increased in volume, “I meant everything I said! I genuinely believe it and you should too. There’s not a thing wrong with you!”
Shoto’s face was shocked at my sudden uproar, but then smoothly converted to happiness.
“Really? You really believe that?”
“Yes! I do!” I tightened my hand around his to reinforce my words.
He grabbed my waist carefully and placed me into his lap. I rested my head on his shoulder as he held me tightly. My heart pounded uncontrollably with our bodies so close together. The blood rushed to my cheeks as the realization kicked in, I’m actually dating Shoto now. He’s officially my boyfriend.
I peeked up at him, his eyes were drawn to the ground and his face was flushed like mine. Wait, is he actually flustered right now? But like, isn’t that my thing? The corner of his lips pulled back into a little smile. Heh, that’s adorable.
“You paint me as somebody so amazing. This guy who is stable and capable of anything. I may not see it, but I’m thankful you do.” He ran his tongue over his lips before dropping his eyesight to mine, “you make me want to be that person. You are so good for me. I can’t fathom how you agreed to date me. I don’t get good things.”
His blue and grey eyes were glowing with hope and sincerity. My lips magnetized to his, kissing him quickly before I yanked back.
“I-I’m sorry!” I covered my face with my fists.
“You have to stop apologizing every time you kiss me.” His voice was stern with a hint of agitation. Oh no, I upset him. My heart sank and I felt like a child being scolded. I glanced away as tears stung my eyes.
“I-I j-just didn’t know if you wanted me to k-kiss you in public. I mean, n-nobody is out here but I-I didn’t know if you wanted to be open.” I stuttered and curled up into a ball, embarrassment taking over me.
He gripped me tighter once he became aware of my distress, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you. But, we are dating and I don’t care what anybody says or thinks, as long as you don’t?”
“I-I don’t. I don’t care. I didn’t know about you though.” He pulled my chin back around to face him.
“I don’t give a damn. They can answer to me if they have a problem. I will kiss you anytime I want, in front of a crowd or in private.” He smirked before gently planting his yearning lips on me. Our soft kisses flowed effortlessly.
Shoto is constantly surprising me. I didn’t think he would want us to be exposed since there are still homophobic people out there, like his father for example. Luckily, our classmates have implied that they don’t care, even finding out some of them are also this way.
“Hey,” he murmured in our kiss before removing his lips from mine, “I want to know, what did I do or say that made you realize your feelings for me?” He asked.
“U-Um well,” I pondered for a bit, “I haven’t thought about the exact moment, but I think it was our first kiss.”
“Oh?” His face was full of mischief, what is he thinking about?
“Yeah, when I didn’t want you to pull away I pushed back into you. I did it without really thinking. It came naturally.”
He smiled big and chuckled, “I didn’t know I was that irresistible.” I blushed harder, as usual. My face was sinking further into the pit of shame I put myself in.
“Don’t be embarrassed, Izuku. Be open to your feelings and sexuality. It’s instinctive, after all. If you feel compelled to kiss me, anywhere, then do it. I won’t ever push you away, no matter what.”
He brushed his fingers against my cheek, sending chills down my spine. His thumb then lifted my chin up more, exposing my bare neck as my eyes stared into the tree branches above us. He leaned in, his breath tickling me before his warm lips kissed my neck.
I gasped carelessly. My heart thudded hard as every ounce of blood rushed away from my head. He trailed kisses down from my upper neck towards my collar. He stopped briefly before his teeth gripped into my skin, sucking it roughly. I squirmed and lightly moaned. An intense throbbing sensation shot straight to my groin.
He released and pulled back to admire the sore purple hickey he left on me. His puffy lips curled into a smiled, “sorry, I couldn’t help it. I had to mark you. I’ve been wanting to for so long.”
“Mm Shoto,” I fluffed my collar up to hide it, still trying to recover my unhinged mind.
“Don’t hide it, flaunt it.” He snatched my hands away and tugged down on my collar, revealing it once again, “it tells everyone that you’re mine.” His voice was low and husky.
I shuffled in his lap. The swelling causing me problems and uncomfort in my crotch. I bit my lip. Shit, I’m getting hard. This is really embarrassing now.
“Are you okay?” He asked, concerned.
“Y-Yeah, I’m fine.” I subtly adjusted myself, praying he wouldn’t notice. I need to do something before this gets worse.
“Um, what restaurant are we going to tomorrow?”
He perked up his eyebrow, confused at the random change of subject. Did I make that too obvious?
“Kikko,” he answered, “have you been there before?” His eyes were heavily analyzing me. I attempted to stiffen my body to prevent displaying any signs.
“Isn’t that in Tokyo?”
“Yes, is that okay?” Confusion rattled his face.
“Yes, that’s fine. I’m excited.” I smiled joyfully at him, somewhat forcing it to hide my true issues. He smiled back, looking at my neck again.
“Good. You’ll like it.” He rubbed his thumb against his bottom lip, showing off his sharp teeth before smirking. His eyes fell down my body and momentarily focused on the spot I was trying so diligently to hide.
“Did I cause that?” His voice was so teasingly seductive. Dammit. Of course he noticed. I fumbled out of his lap and sat a few spaces away, hiding my face between my knees.
“Izuku,” he scooted behind me and wrapped his arms back around my waist, “please don’t be embarrassed. Trust me, it’s flattering.” He said calmly, but I buried my tomato face further down.
“I’m sorry, you’re just so innocent and you get flustered easily. I love it, but I’ll stop teasing you.”
“Shoto, I-” I paused, “I kind of like when you tease me.”


“Fucking dumbass!” A snarling voice screamed from inside the dorms.
What the hell? Shoto and my attention shot straight to the commotion. Kirishima had busted out into the courtyard. His face stiff and irritated as he briskly walked away.
“Dude, what the hell is your problem?” Kacchan growled as he rushed up behind him.
Kirishima stopped in his tracks and turned to face him, “you are!”
“What?” Kacchan snapped back, “what the fuck did I do? You’re the one that’s been a dick for the past week!” He gritted his teeth.
“How are you so blind and ignorant?!” Kirishima shouted back.
“Blind? Blind to what?!”
Kirishima’s rage was boiling over. He hardened his right fist and swung it at Kacchan’s face, but Kacchan snatched it and twisted it, pinning Kirishima’s arm against his back.
“Agh! Bakugo stop!” Kirishima yelped.
Kacchan shoved him to the ground, face first. Then he flipped him over onto his back and straddled his waist, winding back his fist to punch Kirishima.
“You want to fight? Then we’ll fucking fight!” Kacchan threatened.
No! My legs stood up on their own and took a step forward, I have to stop them!
“Izuku, no!” Shoto ripped my arm back, forcing me down into him, “let them fight it out.”
Kirishima hardened both of his arms and blocked Kacchan’s hit, but Kacchan came back with his other fist and landed it into his side, causing intense pain for Kirishima.
As a result, Kirishima hardened the rest of his body, making it more difficult for Kacchan to effectively hurt him.
“You can’t even fight me without using your stupid quirk!” Kacchan sparked his hands, “then I guess I’ll use mine too.”
“Please stop!” Kirishima’s voice broke into tears, causing Kacchan to freeze up.
“Why are you fucking crying? Are you that weak?”
“I’m not crying because of the pain!” Kirishima wiggled underneath Kacchan, trying to get away but Kacchan had him completely pinned.
“Then why?!” Kacchan shouted in his face, “I’m sick of your whiny attitude! I’m not letting you go until you tell me what your damn problem is.” Kacchan sparked his hand again, this time closer to Kirishima’s face.
My body lunged forward but yet again, Shoto held me back. His grip on me tightened so much I couldn’t move easily.
“I told you already!” Kirishima growled.
“No, you didn’t! You only said it was because of me.”
“Yes! It’s because of you!”
“Then what the fuck did I do, Kirishima?!”
“You fucked Uraraka!” Kirishima sobbed, “you fucked her at the Christmas Eve party after I told you I liked you!”
Kacchan stood up off of him and backed up, “what?” his face full of shock and confusion. Kirishima couldn’t catch his breath in his sobs, so he laid there crying while Kacchan stared dumbfoundedly.
Shoto nudged my arm, “did you know about that?” He whispered.
I can’t lie to him. He may get upset, but I’d rather he know the truth. I told myself I wouldn’t lie to him ever again.
“Yes, I did.” I answered, his eyes piercing through the back of my skull.
“Yeah, I saw Kacchan and Uraraka in the hallway near the bathrooms that night. He looked like he was flirting with her. I went to find you because I was confused about what I saw and being around you settles my mind. But, I ran into Kirishima instead. He told me you went upstairs so I walked up with him and that’s when we heard the noises coming from Kacchan’s room.” Shoto’s face was blank, I couldn’t interpret what he was thinking.
“It devastated Kirishima, so I let him stay with me.”
“What do you mean stay with you?” Shoto inquired.
“He stayed the weekend with me in my room. He didn’t want to sleep in his room next to Kacchan.”
“Oh. So, you two just hung out in your room, right?” His eyebrows furrowed as he prodded for information. He’s thinking exactly what I didn’t want him to think. I need to explain.
“Yes, he slept on my floor through the weekend. That night of the party he confessed his feelings for Kacchan to me. He told me he has liked him since he saw him at the entrance exams, but he didn’t think he was gay. So, he befriended him, only to find out later about the three of us. That’s when he took his chance, but Kacchan left him at the party and slept with Uraraka. Of course he didn’t want to be in his room listening to them, that would break his heart even more. So, I let him room with me.” I took in a shaky breath. My thoughts running wild as I watched Shoto’s body language. He still seemed uncomfortable, refusing to look directly at me. Not knowing what he’s thinking is killing me. I doubt he believes me. Why would he after all the times I’ve lied to him?
“Most of the time he was talking about Kacchan, but there were a few times where we talked about me and you.” Once I mentioned us, his eyes shot up to mine. The intense stare caused me to gulp hard before continuing, “w-we talked about him noticing us together and how he wants something like we have. He wants a relationship and he wants to be loved, but he doesn’t believe he’ll ever have that. Especially not with Kacchan.” I sighed heavily while he kept his eyes on me.
“But that was it, Shoto. All we did was talk the entire time, I promise. Please believe me.” My voice choked at the end.
“I do believe you, Izuku. I’m sorry for prodding. I know you’re a sweetheart and you just wanted to help him. Calm down, I’m not angry.” He nuzzled his face into my neck while gripping me against his chest tightly. His eyelashes fluttered against my skin each time he blinked.
I exhaled in relief. Ah, I could breathe again. I just knew he would be mad at me. He has every right to not believe me. But I’m so glad he does. He’s building his trust back.
“I told you,” Kirishima spoke once his sobs lightened, causing our attention to draw back to them, “I told you that night. I said I have a crush on you. Immediately after you ditched me and took Uraraka’s virginity. Do you know how much that hurt?! I heard the both of you in your room!” Tears kept falling from his eyes.
“You did not tell me.” Kacchan muttered.
“I did! I told you when we were in the kitchen. I said you looked good in your suit! And well, I guess I kind of indirectly told you I liked you after.”
“I never heard that.” Kacchan’s voice was dazed.
“But what does it matter? You’re with Uraraka. I don’t have a chance. I thought you were into guys after the rumors seemed to be true. You know, about the fight between you, Midoriya and Todoroki.”
The air was silent for moment as Kirishima studied Kacchan’s body language, “so now you know and you probably hate me or find me disgusting. I’m sorry.” Kirishima hid his face in shame.
Kacchan leaned down over him with his hands stuffed into his pockets, “you’re an idiot,” his mouth formed into a smirk, “I’m bisexual.”
“Wait, what?” Kirishima said as he sat up and rubbed his tears away.
“I like guys and girls, stupid. Uraraka was a little fling. Something to get my dick wet after all the shit with Deku. I’m not with her. I came on to her because I knew she wouldn’t resist me and she’d be easy.” Kacchan licked his lips and gravitated closer to his face, “I like you too. I have for some time. Why do you think I hang out with you and your shitty hair?” He glanced down Kirishima’s body before reconnecting eye contact, “because you’re fucking hot.” Kacchan smirked.
Kirishima’s cheeks blushed as he turned his face away from Kacchan.
“But hey, good to know I’m irresistible to you as well.” Kacchan redirected Kirishima’s face to him. He flicked his finger under Kirishima’s chin flirtingly before turning to walk back into the dorms. Right as he passed through the door, Kacchan looked over his shoulder and gave Kirishima a devilish grin.
Kirishima slammed his hands over his face and fell back, “fuck!”
I shimmied out of Shoto’s hold and stood up. I reached for his hand as he followed behind me.
“Fucking Bakugo. He’s such an asshole.” Kirishima mumbled to himself.
“Hey, are you okay?” I let go of Shoto’s hand and outstretched mine towards Kirishima. He immediately uncovered his face and stared straight up at me.
“Midoriya? Todoroki?” His eyes were inflamed from crying so hard. He took my hand and helped himself up.
“Um, did you guys see that?” He asked nervously, running his hand over the back of his neck.
“Yeah.” I admitted.
“How much?”
“Uh, all of it.”
Ugh, shit.” He scoffed, “sorry.”
“Don’t be, it’s okay.” I reassured him.
“Well, I guess you saw and heard everything. But, I don’t know how to feel about it.” He sighed, “I don’t know if he’s playing with me or if he means it.”
“I don’t know. Kacchan bottles up his feelings for other people. There’s so much about him that I don’t know.” I answered.
“You’re right.” He sighed again, “fuck it. I shouldn’t get involved. Bakugo probably sees me as another play thing to mess with anyway.”
I shrugged my shoulders, “I’m sorry I don’t have anything that’s helpful. But, I’m still here whenever you want or need to talk.”
Kirishima glanced over at Shoto and then back to me. His eyes trailed down to my neck before appearing confused and curious.
“Is that a hickey?” He blurted out.
“Oh!” I fidgeted with my collar as I lost all composure of myself, “um...”
“Yeah, it is.” Shoto replied.
“Oh damn, so are you guys officially together now?” Kirishima smiled.
I bashfully peeked over at Shoto. He was amused at my reaction.
“We are.” He said, a small smirk on his lips.
“Awh! I’m happy for you!” Kirishima exclaimed. I kept my eyes on Shoto for comfort in this awkward situation.
“Thanks. I’m sorry you’re going through a lot with Bakugo. I don’t know him very well, obviously. You two know him better than I do, but from my perspective he seemed rather interested in you. More so than a one time thing.”
“You think so?” Kirishima’s voice heightened a bit.
Shoto nodded in response while I hovered closer to him. I really hate awkwardness.
“Eh, I won’t keep you guys. Again, I’m sorry you had to witness that scene earlier. I’m going to head back to my room for the night. I’ve got a lot of thinking to do.” Kirishima gave us a kind smile before leaving.
Shoto locked eyes with me once it was just us again, “are you okay?”
I nodded, “yeah. I don’t do well with awkward situations.”
“Heh, I’ve noticed. Let’s go inside, it’s getting late.” His arm hugged around my waist, melting the panic I felt.


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