His Personal Hero (TodoDeku)

Our First Date


“Mmmhm.” I grumbled. My phone’s screen was lit and displaying one unread message.

Todoroki 06:08
Good morning, ready for our date later?

A cheesy grin popped up on my sleepy face. Awh, he’s so cute. This one message changed my whole mood. I stared at the words for a moment. Oh, I should probably change his name in my contacts.

To: Shoto
Good morning! And yes, I am! Are you?
Delivered 06:09

I sat my phone on my chest. Our first date. I’m really excited! But, I’m a little nervous too. He is my first boyfriend, after all. I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’ll likely make a fool of myself.


Shoto 06:10
Of course.

He certainly isn’t much on texting it seems. He always writes such short responses. I guess I won’t reply. I need to get up and get ready for class anyway.
I planted my feet on the floor and stretched, “mmm! Ah.” I removed a clean set of my school uniform from the closet and stepped into it. As I pulled my tie tight, I glared at my unmade bed in the mirror. It would have been nice to wake up next to him this morning.
Images and emotions from the night we had our first kiss sprung into my mind. The vivid memory of our kiss, of his voice and of his body struck me hard, leaving me with an irritating throb between my legs.
Ah great, now I have to deal with this on the way to class. I tugged at my pants, adjusting myself to camouflage it. Eh, good enough.
I proceeded to open my door and leave, but a tall figure stood directly in my way. I quickly realized it was Shoto, but I still jumped from the surprise.
“Shoto! You scared me.”
He laughed and smirked, “sorry. I wanted to walk with you to class. And to do this,” he tilted down and touched his lips to mine.
Butterflies fluttering. Heart racing. Cheeks blushing. Blood pumping. He drives me insane. This doesn’t help my situation at all.
He released my lips and stared at my reddening face, “are you going to blush every time we kiss?” He picked.
“I-I don’t know, maybe.” I hung my head low.
“Come on,” he patted my head and grabbed my hand, interlocking his fingers through mine.
“Woah, wait!” I pleaded as he began to drag me through the hallway.
“What’s wrong?”
“I-I just need a second.” I answered. He was staring at me, confused. I can’t re-adjust with him watching.
“I think I left something in my room.” I mentioned as I turned back.
“Oh okay.”
He followed behind me before stopping to stand in my doorway. His eyes glued on me. “What did you forget?”
Dammit, I don’t know what to answer.
“Oh, uh. My tie.” My voice squeaked.
“Ha, silly.” He stepped towards me and centered my tie to my collar, “you’re wearing it.”
“Oh, right.” I smiled wearily, looking away.
“Hmm,” he picked up my chin, forcing me to meet his gaze.
“Are you sure you’re alright?” His fingers brushed against my neck when he retreated them. The smallest and simplest touch that wouldn’t typically bother me, was now flooding me with new feelings.
“I’m okay,” I sighed, “I’m just having some difficulty this morning.”
“What do you mean?” He cocked his head like a confused puppy.
“N-Nothing, it’s fine.”
It’s not fine.
“I can see something is bothering you and I would like for you to tell me. I promise I won’t be mad.” He explained sweetly, “are you nervous about our date?”
“No and yes. I am kind of nervous about our date, but that’s not it.” I sighed. He’s going to figure it out one way or another. I should tell him. Maybe indirectly?
I noticeably tugged on my crotch, finally adjusting to a more comfortable position. Of course as I intended, this drew his attention directly to it.
“Oh.” He blurted out.
“Yeah.” I mumbled under my breath.
His eyes consumed my body before he snatched my waist and pushed me against the wall. His body roughly pressed against mine while his lips lingered over my ear, “do you need help?”
To say I was flustered from his words and actions would be an understatement. My mind was infiltrated with a powerful instinct I’ve never felt before. What is this feeling? It’s so intense. Raspy whimpers emerged from deep within my throat.
“I don’t mind helping you, but only if you want me to.” He continued, “otherwise, you’ll have to go to class like this and I don’t want you hurting in class.”
Hurting? What does he mean? I’ve never had these issues before. Not as strong, anyway.
“No, no, no, no. I’m okay. I’ll be okay!” I replied as confidently as possible.
“Are you sure?” His voice hardened. The sweetness and compassion disappeared. He sounded serious. Wait no, that’s not the word. He sounded sensuous. I nodded frantically and slid across the wall, out of his hold.
“We need to get to class.” I smiled half-heartedly.
Ahem, uh Izuku.” He hesitantly pointed towards my groin. Naturally, my eyes followed. The bulge was bigger now and accompanied with a seeping wet blotch.
Shiiiiit! So damn embarrassing!
“Ah! I got to change my pants! Shoto, please leave. I’ll see you in class!” I grabbed him by his blazer and rushed him out of my room.
I ripped through my closet until I managed to pull a clean pair of pants out. The immense shame and embarrassment I felt drowned my original thoughts, calming my needs and thankfully subsiding my issue.
This is the second time now Shoto has caught me with an erection and we just started dating! He probably thinks I’m a pervert. Great.

I fast-walked to my seat in the classroom, keeping my head down. As usual, chatter from my classmates filled the air. I sighed and slumped into the chair. I can’t even bring myself to look at him, or anybody for that matter.
As I sat quietly, a particular conversation caught my attention. I peeked my eyes open at the two students in front of me.
“You really told her?!” Kirishima’s stunned voice was loud enough for the whole class to hear.
“Yes, dumbass! Why would I say I did if I didn’t?” Kacchan replied irritably.
“I-I don’t know. What exactly did you say?”
“I already told you what I said! Are you deaf?”
“Tell me again in detail.”
“No, that’s annoying.”
“Please!” Kirishima leaned in closer to his face, pleading for the information.
“Dammit spiky hair! Do you have to pester me so much? I told her that night was a one time thing! She asked me to date her, but I said no. I told her I’m interested in you. Then she whined about how I took her virginity and that I was heartless. But it’s not my fault she has never had sex before.” Kacchan paused, “don’t tell me you’re a virgin too?”
“What?! Ha, of course not!” Kirishima’s voice heightened, one of his nervous ticks whenever he’s lying. I know because I do the same thing.
Kacchan glared, “yeah you fucking are.”
“No I’m not! I swear!” Kirishima became a tad defensive, another sign of lying.
“Don’t worry, you won’t be for long.” Kacchan grinned lustfully, causing Kirishima to seize all words.
Hmm, I wonder if Shoto is a virgin? Sometimes I’m not sure. He definitely acts like he is experienced. If he isn’t a virgin, that will make me even more nervous around him. To him, I’m some innocent boy who gets flustered over everything. I can’t even kiss him without turning red.
“After yesterday’s match, I decided we will use today for some classroom time.” Mr. Aizawa’s voice startled me, when did he get here?
“Let’s discuss more about the fundamentals of controlling powerful quirks.”

Once the class came to an end, I finally mustered up the courage to make eye contact with Shoto. He smiled as he approached me.
“How are you feeling?” He softly placed his hand on my back, stroking his thumb along my spine. The loving touch comforted my nerves.
“I’m fine.” I answered.
“Are you hurting?” He spoke softer, as to not let anyone hear.
“N-No. I’m okay.”
“Do you still want to go to Kikko?”
“Okay, we can go in an hour?”
I nodded, staring into his glossy eyes underneath strands of red and white hair. He pressed his open palm onto my desk. Using it to support his weight as he descended his face closer to mine.
Is he really going to kiss me here? In front of everybody?
Our lips pressed together and synced in motion. While kissing, he stretched his jaw, forcing mine to copy as his sleek tongue entered my mouth. I felt his tongue flick over mine repeatedly, begging it to play along.
Oh boy was I wrong. He’s not only kissing me, but making out with me in front of everybody. I attempted to pull away, but he pushed further down. Not allowing me to break our kiss.
“Really guys? Right here? Get a room!” Kirishima joked to us.
Shoto finally released me and we met Kirishima’s gaze with drool hanging from our mouths.
“Dude, really.” Kirishima laughed. I wiped away the spit while Shoto licked his.
“Gross.” He spoke sarcastically, pretending to be uncomfortable.
I smiled and laughed lightly. Leave it to Kirishima to make situations awkward and funny at the same time.
“Excuse us, but we have a date to get to.” Shoto said, grabbing my hand before I could stand up.
“Really! Ugh, you guys are so damn cute!” Kirishima exclaimed before whispering, “you got to tell me all about it later, Midoriya.”
I nodded to him as Shoto and I exited the classroom.
“Can we meet in the lounge in thirty minutes? I need to change clothes.” I asked.
“Of course, I do too.”

I switched over to my dark grey long sleeve thermal shirt and my green jacket with dark denim jeans. I should stay fairly warm.
Once I stepped onto the first floor, my eyes scanned for Shoto, but he wasn’t here yet. I fell back onto the couch. My head propped up on the arm.
“Did you see Uraraka today?” A voice spoke.
“No, have you?” Another voice answered.
“No. I heard she’s dropping out of U.A.”
I tracked the voices to the kitchen. It was Iida and Shoji.
“Really? Why?” Iida responded.
“I don’t know for sure. I’ve only heard a rumor.”
“What’s the rumor?”
“I heard she’s leaving because of Bakugo. He really tore her up after saying he didn’t want to be with her. He told her she was an easy person to bed and that’s all he wanted from her. Now he’s going after Kirishima.” Shoji explained.
“What?!” Iida’s face was shocked and infuriated, “he said that to her?”
Suddenly, hands gripped around my neck and lifted my head. Shoto’s eyes were beaming down at me.
“Hey cutie.” He spoke before kissing me, “ready to go?”
“Yeah.” I smiled at him and took his hand. A leather jacket hugged his body while his v-neck shirt exposed his collar bone. His jeans were a dark shade of blue, like mine.

Once we stepped inside Kikko, we were immediately greeted.
“Welcome!” A lady said as she approached us, “how many are in your party?”
“It’s just us.” Shoto answered her.
“Okay! Follow me.” She guided us to our table. The menus were already laid out in front of us along with a glass of water.
“Take your time to look through the menu. I already know what I’m ordering.” Shoto informed me.
“What are you ordering?”
“My usual, kake soba.”
“Oh, I’ll have the same then.” I smiled sweetly.
“Are you sure? There are other amazing dishes here too.”
“I’m sure.” I answered.
“Okay,” his eyes glistened from the overhead light shining down on us, “excuse me.” Shoto grabbed the attention of our waitress.
“Ah, yes sir!”
“Can we get two dishes of kake soba?”
“Absolutely. Anything else?”
Shoto’s eyes shot over to me. His facial expression was enough for me to understand what he wanted.
“No, that’s all.” I answered him.
He smiled at the lady, “thank you.”
“You’re welcome. Um,” the woman glanced away before reconnecting eye contact with Shoto. “Aren’t you Shoto Todoroki? Enji Todoroki’s son?”
“Yes?” He replied, furrowing his eyebrows in confusion.
“I thought so! My grandmother told me your family comes here all the time!” She paused, “er well, did come here all the time. I’ve been hoping to meet you!”
Our faces were completely puzzled at this woman’s words. Although, I shouldn’t be surprised. His father is the number two hero. There’s no doubt Shoto is known amongst many people. On top of the publicity from the sports festival.
“Oh. Yeah, I haven’t been here in awhile. Since I was a kid, actually.” Shoto said.
“I’m happy I got to meet you! You did so well at the sports festival! I’ve looked up to you because we are a lot alike! Well, I don’t have a fire or ice quirk, but I can emit lightwaves that are blindingly bright. Anybody looking in my direction, will be blinded and stunned for awhile.”
“That’s a useful quirk. Are you trying to become a hero?”
“Yes! One day, I hope to be a pro-hero.”
“Good luck to you. I’m sure you’ll make it just fine.”
“Thank you! That means so much coming from you!” She smiled big.
Shoto is such a sweet person. He respects others and is always kind. I have no doubt he will strive as a hero. He will be nothing like his father.
“I’ll get your soba out as soon as it’s done.” She brushed her fingers over Shoto’s hand, giggling before walking away.
“Um okay.” Shoto mumbled. I stared at his hand, replaying the image of her fingers on him. A fiery burn filled my chest, what the hell is this feeling? Jealousy?
“Their kake soba is really good. You’ll like it.” Shoto mentioned before sipping on his water. My eyes followed everywhere his hand went.
“Izuku, are you okay?” He waved that hand in front of me, pulling my focus from his hand onto his eyes.
“I’m fine, sorry. I was spaced out.”
“It’s okay.” He grabbed my hand and held it, “have you talked to Kirishima since yesterday?”
“No? Why?”
“I was only curious. I saw him and Bakugo talking in front of your desk this morning.”
“Oh. It sounded like Kacchan told Uraraka that he likes Kirishima. At least, that’s what I gathered from their conversation.”
“Oh yeah?”
“I think so.”
“I didn’t see her in class today. That would explain her absence.”
“Probably. Kacchan isn’t the nicest when he’s explaining stuff, even though he’s not trying to be mean. He likely hurt her feelings though. Maybe I should talk to her next time I see her.”
“You could try.” He paused, “hey, what’s your favorite color?”
“My favorite color?”
“Um, probably green. What about you?”
“Definitely blue.”
“Blue? I thought it would be red.”
“Why? Because of my hair?”
“Uh, I guess so? I’m not sure why I thought that.” Why did I think that? A smile and laugh drew from his mouth.
“Have you thought about coloring your hair blue?” I asked.
“Hmm, no. I haven’t.”
Shoto ran his finger across my knuckles. His eyesight glued to our interlocked hands.
“This might be too personal or inappropriate to talk about here, so know you don’t have to answer.” He paused, “did I cause what happened this morning?”
“Oh! Um,” my cheeks saturated with blood, “um yes.”
His grip on my hand tightened, but he kept gliding his finger, “how did I cause it?”
“Er,” I swallowed, “um well, I had it before you got there.”
He furrowed his brows and cocked his head, “explain?” This look of his is my weakness. It’s precious.
“I was thinking about how nice it would have been to wake up next to you. Then, well I thought about the night we had our first kiss. And, my thoughts continued from there.” I was talking downwards at the table now, too shy to see his face.
“I see. I won’t bug you with anymore questions. I don’t want you uncomfortable with me.” He let go of my hand and placed his hands in his lap.
“Shoto, I’m not uncomfortable with you. I feel the most comfort when I’m with you.”
A dazzling smile lit up his face, “really?”
“Yes. I like being around you and I don’t mind the questions that much. I wouldn’t answer if I did. It’s just,” my voice stopped.
“What?” Concern raised in his.
“I just... Hope you don’t see me as a... Pervert.” I whispered the last word.
“No, no I don’t. I told you before it’s natural. Your instincts are normal. I would never see you like that. Please don’t think of yourself like that.” He leaned over the table and tucked away a loose strand of my hair that covered my eye. He then lifted my chin, squeezing it between his thumb and index finger, “you’re my boyfriend. That’s how I see you.”
Bdmp. Bdmp. Bdmp. My heart was thumping hard. Hearing him call me his boyfriend clouded my mind from anything else.
“Here you go!” The waitress placed the two steaming bowls in front of us, “do you need anything else?”
“No, I’m okay.” Shoto and I echoed the same words.
“Enjoy!” She brushed her arm against Shoto’s shoulder, “oh I’m sorry!” She apologized with her hand cupped on the same shoulder.
“It’s okay.” He reassured her. She lifted her hand and continued on her way.
The fiery burn returned, filling my chest along with my mind. This must be jealousy. But why am I getting jealous? She’s not exactly flirting with him. She just keeps touching him, every. Single. Time.
“You’re spacing out again.” Shoto said softly.
“I’m sorry.” I picked up my chopsticks and twirled them around the noodles. Why does she keep touching him?
“What’s wrong?” The sudden somberness caught my attention. I looked up to see his face genuinely upset, “did I do or say something?”
“No! No you didn’t.” I replied.
“Then why do you not seem to be happy?”
“I am happy. I’m enjoying this.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes Shoto. I’m sure.” I took a bite of my food.
The waitress returned with a pitcher of water, “your glass looked empty, may I refill it?”
“Um, sure.” Shoto agreed. She poured the water while smiling at him the whole time.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome!” She placed her hand on his shoulder again and then walked away. Why does she keep doing that!
Shoto’s eyes stayed locked on me the entire time, “is she making you uncomfortable?”
“What?” I said, surprised at his attention to detail.
“I’ll tell her to stop. I’m sorry I didn’t realize that sooner.” He picked up his chopsticks and maneuvered the noodles into his mouth, slurping them up loudly.
Sllrrrp. Sllrrrp.
“... Thank you.” I said earnestly.
We made no more conversation while we ate our food. Just the constant noises of noodles being sucked into our mouths.
Sllrrrp. Sllrrrp.
Sllrrrp. Sllrrrp.
“You were right. Their kake soba is good.” I mentioned once I finished my food.
“Yeah, it’s my favorite.” He responded.
“All done?” The waitress asked as she popped around the corner. Shoto kept his eyes on me and I did the same, “yes.” He answered.
“Okay!” She grabbed the bowls and proceeded to lay her hand on Shoto’s, but he pulled it away.
“Please don’t touch me. It’s disrespectful to my boyfriend.”
The lady’s face and mine became covered in shock. I wasn’t expecting that.
“I’m so sorry! I apologize.” She bowed at us both before scurrying away with the dirty bowls.
“Do you feel better now?” Shoto asked sincerely.
“Mhm. Thank you.” I reached out for his hand. He happily met me halfway, twining our fingers together.
Jealousy isn’t a nice feeling. I didn’t like it at all. I hate that I made Shoto feel that way with Kacchan. He didn’t deserve that.
“Thank you for taking me out.”
“It was about time for us to go on our first date. I’m glad you enjoyed the food.”
I nodded, “very much so.”
“Here’s the bill. Thank you for dining here.” The waitress left the paper on our table, walking away promptly after.
Shoto and I both reached for it. Our fingers landing on the slick paper.
“I’ve got it, Izuku.” He asserted.
“I can take care of it.” I rebuked.
“I asked you out on this date. I’ll be paying. When you ask me out, then you can do as you please. Okay?” He scolded me, causing me to give in submissively.
“Okay.” I retreated my hands into my lap.
“Are you ready to go?” He stood up and stretched out his hand.
We walked up to the cashier, but I stood back a bit to be respectful.
“Thank you, come again.” The cashier said.
“Yes, thank you for the meal.” Shoto responded.
We stepped outside and waited at the bus station. I sat down on the bench, the cold settling in. I curled my body up to retain heat.
“Cold?” Shoto asked.
I nodded, “yes.”
“Come here.” He sat beside me and pulled me close to him. Bdmp. Bdmp. Bdmp. My heart thudded hard as we got closer. I snuggled into his left side.
“Mmm.” I mumbled as the heat increased. I peeked through my eyelids, noticing his left side faintly glowing red. He’s using his quirk.
“Thank you.” I said quietly.
“You don’t have to thank me. I’d do this without hesitation for you.” He rested his chin on my head. His arm tightening around me.
Bdmp... Bdmp... Bdmp. Bdmp. Bdmp. His heart beat echoed in my ear. It noticably increased speed as well. Does he get flustered with me so close too? He never shows it, but his heart says otherwise.
Sskkrrrrr, tsss. The noises coming from the bus as it released the air brakes was obnoxiously loud.
“Hey, the bus is here. Ready?” His voice and warm body was so calming, I could fall asleep. But, instead I nodded and climbed onto the bus with him, snuggling closely through the entire ride.

“Hey, Izuku. Izuku.” My eyes flashed open, but everything was blurry.
“Izuku.” My eyes floated over to the face staring down at me. Although my vision was groggy, I knew it was Shoto.
“Mmm.” I moaned and rubbed my eyes. I looked to my right and everything was sideways. The benches, windows and people were sideways.
What? I looked back at Shoto. Oh I fell asleep on the bus. Oh! I fell asleep in his lap! I bolted upright, embarrassment coating my face.
“Hey, it’s okay. We’re back.” He rubbed his thumbs over my sleepy eyes. “Let’s go.” He helped me up as we left the bus.
We were already on the school grounds and it was pitch dark. The dorms weren’t far.
“Shoto, what time is it?” I grumbled in my drowsy voice.
“It’s ten. The bus ride took longer than expected.”
“Oh.” I stumbled forward, tripping over my clumsy foot. Shoto caught me before I face planted.
“Woah, Izuku. Are you drunk?” Shoto laughed.
“N-No! I’m really clumsy when I’m sleepy.” My face flushed with heat, but luckily it was too dark to see.
“Hop on my back. I’ll carry you.” Shoto ordered.
“No, I’ll be okay. I can walk.”
“Let me carry you. I want to.” Shoto nuzzled his face against my cheek. Ugh, that’s cute.
“O-Okay.” I sprung up on his back, wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck.
“Heh, you’re a lot lighter than I thought.”
“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?”
Shoto laughed and propped me up higher. I rested my head against his back, my eyes slowly closing once again.

“Psst, Izuku.” I fluttered my eyes open. Ugh, why do I keep falling asleep?
“Hey, I’m sorry for waking you again. This will be the last time. You’re in your bed now.”
I glanced at my surroundings and stretched my arms out.
“How did you carry me here?” My voice was oddly deep.
“I had to cradle carry you. You kept losing grip around me when you would fall asleep.”
“I-I don’t remember anything.” I shifted into a very comfortable spot. My eyelids too heavy to keep open.
“Goodnight, Izuku.” Shoto tilted down and kissed my cheek. As he leaned back, I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him back down to me.
“S-Stay with me.” I muttered.
“You want me to?” His voice was happy, making me feel more comforted.
“Yes,” I nodded and pressed my face into his neck.
He tossed my bedsheets over us and then held me tightly. I sighed in relief and happiness. He’s so satisfying and relaxing. His deep breaths and rhythmic heart beat is my lullaby. How did I ever sleep without him next to me?
And just like that, I was out like a light.


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