His Personal Hero (TodoDeku)



“Mmm.” I mumbled as my consciousness slowly returned. The fading darkness from the sunrise creeping over the horizon helped my eyes visualize various silhouettes in my room.
My first instinct was to yawn and stretch, but the feeling of fingers stroking through my hair stopped me. Oh yeah, Shoto’s here. I guess I got my wish after all.
“Good morning.” His raspy yet gentle voice rattled near my ear.
I responded by turning over and meeting his face. He was so close to me. And shirtless. Woah, when did he take his shirt off? My heart rate frantically sped up.
Bdmp. Bdmp. Bdmp. Bdmp.
He continued to play with my tangled hair. Sometimes pulling on a strand accidentally as my hair would tie itself around his fingers. Naturally, I’d flinch from the unexpected tug.
“Sorry. Your hair likes me.” He chuckled.
“It’s okay.”
I snuggled against his warm chest. My face pressed along his bare collarbone. That familiar sweet scent of his filled my lungs as I breathed. Oh how I missed that.
He continued toying with my hair while I felt his chest rise with every breath he took. Besides the occasional jerk, the feeling of his hand running through my hair soothed me. Sincere relaxation covered my body and heart like a blanket. Everything started to slow down, even my breathing.
He’s going to make me fall asleep again, but I want to be awake. I adjusted my face by pressing my ear against his heart.
Bdmp. Bdmp. Bdmp. Bdmp.
His heart is beating hard like mine was a moment ago. I don’t get it. He never displays any nervousness around me, but his heart is beating out of his chest.
“Shoto, are you okay?”
My question puzzled him. He seized movement and glared at me, “yes? Why?”
“It’s just... Your heart,” I bit my lip, “it’s beating hard.”
“Oh. Yeah,” he continued gliding his fingers through my hair once again, “you do that to me.”
My eyes widened, “I do?”
“All the time.” He lifted his hand from my hair, but another piece tangled around his ring finger. The strand yanked from my head painfully.
“Ow!” I dug my nails deep into his skin by accident.
“Ah!” He sharply inhaled and his body tensed, but not exactly in a way that represented pain.
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!” I tucked my hands against my chest and buried my face.
“It-it’s fine.” I heard him swallow hard, “I’m sorry I pulled your hair again.”
I didn’t make a sound. I was too shy to form words. He suddenly scooted himself backwards from me. Our bodies no longer touching. Did I upset him that much?
He reached out and rubbed his fingers over the piece of hair he pulled. The sensation relieved the ache I felt in my scalp. Maybe I should do the same for him? If I apply pressure on the marks, it would help alleviate the pain. Just like he’s doing for me.
I slid the back of my hand against the fingernail imprints I left on his chest. Once I began to massage the marks with my knuckles he snatched my hand away.
“Don’t touch there.”
“Oh, uh I-I I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” I cowered. Why does he have this effect on me? Any dominance from him immobilizes me. It’s identical to the feeling of a child being punished.
“Izuku,” he guided my face back up to his, “I’m sorry. Don’t be upset. You did nothing wrong. I’m just a little sensitive there right now,” Sensitive?
“Uh, o-okay.” I don’t know what he meant by sensitive, but I don’t want to be scolded again. I hate that feeling.
“S-Shoto.” I stuttered.
“Um,” I want to ask what he meant, but I probably shouldn’t. “Will you tell me more about yourself?
“What do you want to know?”
“Anything and everything.” I answered.
He smiled sweetly as a small laugh escaped his mouth, “okay. I’m fifteen. I’m one hundred seventy-six centimeters tall. I have O blood type. My birthday is January eleventh. My zodiac sign is the rabbit. I have three older siblings. My favorite color is blue. My favorite food is soba. My favorite activity is reading. And my favorite person is this green haired and green eyed boy named Izuku Midoriya.”
He finished his sentence by gravitating closer to me and firmly kissing me. Once he let go, he relaxed his head onto my pillow. “Your turn.”
“Oh um,” I never know what to say when I get asked this question, “I’m sixteen. My birthday is July fifteenth. My sign is the tiger. I’m one hundred sixty-six centimeters tall. I weigh seventy-one kilograms. Um, oh I also have type O blood.”
“That’s interesting.” Shoto mumbled while smirking.
“Uh, my favorite color is green. I don’t have a favorite food and my favorite thing to do is watch shows about heroes.”
“Hehe, that’s cute.” He chuckled.
“I-I don’t really know what else.”
“That’s okay. I’ll learn you overtime.” He responded confidently.
As I processed everything he told me, I realized an important detail, “wait, did you say your birthday is the eleventh?”
“Mhm.” He answered as he stared up at me. Loose strands of his crimson hair dangled over his long eyelashes. The blue in his left iris was unusually vibrant this morning. The color glowed as the rising sun lit the room.
“So, that means your birthday is tomorrow?”
“Mhm, but don’t worry about it. I’ve never celebrated my birthday.”
“What? Why?”
“Every year my father would train me harder on my birthday. Typically starting with endurance and ending with exceeding my quirk limits. I’d be too tired to care. My favorite part of the day was being finished and getting to sleep. Although, sometimes I wouldn’t finish until the next day. The last few years I would remain awake and training for eighteen hours straight.”
“That’s so horrible.” I clung onto him and brought him closer to my body in a tight hug. He reacted accordingly by wrapping his arms around me.
“I don’t know any different, Izuku. So, it’s okay.”
“That doesn’t make it okay! It’s wrong! You shouldn’t have been forced to do that. On your birthday or any day.” I snapped.
“Well.” He paused as he studied my distressed expression, “will you show me how to celebrate my birthday?”
“Yes. I will make sure you have a great birthday.”
He grinned from ear to ear, “you’re so fucking sweet. What did I do to deserve you?” He began to caress my back with his hand, but I could hardly feel it through my shirt.
“Just being yourself.” I answered.
He removed his left arm from my waist and used it to tug down the collar of my shirt, revealing my collarbone. He brushed his finger along the bone before gently skimming his lips across it.
Bdmp. Bdmp. Bdmp. Bdmp.
My heart amplified again, steadily beating harder and harder. It’s going to explode. My breathing quickened as his hand slowly tracked down my chest. He stopped above my hip and slipped his fingers under my shirt.
“Tell me to stop if you don’t want me doing this.” He explained with a deep and quiet voice, all while watching his hand movement closely.
My body tensed and shuddered as his fingertips slid across my bare side, pulling my shirt along as he trailed up. I held my breath while my heart pumped blood sporadically.
He pressed his right hand onto my abs once the shirt lifted high enough to reveal them. He used the back of his fingers to trace over each visual muscle in my stomach.
“I’ve never seen your body up close before. It’s so nice.” He muttered. “Can I take your shirt off?”
I gulped hard. I’m not as body conscious as I used to be, but revealing half of my body in front of him is nerve-wracking for some reason. Still, it isn’t fair for him to be the only one shirtless, especially since he’s insecure about his scars. He trusts me enough to lay here half-naked, why wouldn’t I do the same? I sighed and nodded hesitantly.
He smiled seductively as we both sat up. He tucked his fingers under the bottom of my shirt and lifted up. I stretched my arms out so the shirt would come off effortlessly. He tossed it onto the foot of my bed, never removing his eyes from me.
He bit his lip as his eyes scanned. I felt like a zoo animal on display. The urge to ball up and hide myself was intense, but I refused it.
Damn. Your body is even more amazing than I imagined. It’s so smooth and even-toned. There are no imperfections anywhere.” He placed his open palm onto my chest and applied soft pressure to push me down onto my back. He threw his leg on the opposite side of me and straddled my waist. Oh shit, he’s on top of me. My face glowed with the boiling blood rushing to it.
He adjusted his hand over my heart and sat motionless for a few seconds. His eyes shot up towards mine, capturing them. The amount of lust on his face was enough to paralyze me. My breathing and heart stopped.
“Calm down. I won’t do anything unless you tell me to. Just breathe.”
I inhaled quickly and deeply. The sudden oxygen flowing through my lungs and into my brain caused my vision to go blurry. Along with that, my heart shot majority of my blood into my groin. That irritating throb sensation activated. Dammit! No! I’m getting hard and he’s going to feel it! I can’t stop it!
“Shoto, I’m sorry!” I covered my face with my hands. I could toss him off of me, but at this point I think he would take more offense to that.
“For what?” He replied. I peeked through my fingers at him. He was completely confused.
Then his face changed, “oh.” He looked down. His shaggy hair covered his expression, leaving me unable to interpret his thoughts.
“I-I’m sorry.” I mumbled again.
“Don’t be. I’ve told you this before. I’m happy I’m a turn on for you.”
Ugh! His words pricked me like thorns, but in a pleasurable way. The aching I felt doubled in strength. How can words have the same impact as a touch or a kiss?
“If it comforts you any, you’ve done the same to me. Multiple times. Including, just a moment ago.”
“W-What?” I grunted.
He leaned forward. His face centimeters away from mine. In an alluring voice, he uttered, “do you want me to satisfy it?”
“No! No, I’m okay!” I gripped his waist and flung him off of me, but in the wrong direction.
He planted onto my floor. I froze and stared at his dazed expression. Shit! I didn’t mean to do that!
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” I frantically jumped out of my bed and kneeled over him, “I’m sorry! Please don’t be mad! Please! It was an accident!”
He picked up his head and met my gaze. He was grinning and quietly laughing. What the hell? As he watched my facial expression change from drastic fear to outright confusion, he started laughing harder, “serves me right.” Huh?
His laughter intensified. I helplessly stared while plopping down onto the floor. Well, at least he isn’t angry. Once he finally settled down, he took in several deep breaths before talking. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be laughing. I went too far and scared you.”
Scared me? “Um, w-why are you laughing?” Is he laughing because I freaked out?
“I was laughing because of how quickly you threw me. I wasn’t expecting it.”
“Oh. S-So you weren’t laughing at m-me?” I looked away. Tears built up as I realized how embarrassing my action was.
“No. I wasn’t laughing at you. I was laughing at myself for being an idiot.” He gripped my chin and forced me to look at him. Immediately upon reconnecting with his eyes, a tear fell down my cheek.
“Izuku, what’s wrong?” His voice switched from amusement to concern.
“I... I’m sorry.”
“For what?” He moved into a cross-legged position. His hands gripped onto my hips and scooted me into his lap. As our bare torsos pressed together my pulse began to race again.
I hadn’t realized before, but the sun was higher in the sky now. It shined its morning light through my window, reflecting off of Shoto’s eyes. He was slightly squinting because of the sunlight, but that didn’t stop them from sparkling.
“I’m sorry f-for throwing you. And-And always being flustered. And being inexperienced.”
“What? Inexperienced?”
Bzzz. Bzzz. Bzzz.
My phone’s alarm vibrated aggressively on my nightstand, startling me and causing my reflexes to jump.
“Oh.” I snatched my phone and dismissed it, “that was my alarm. We have to get ready for school.”
“Already? Damn.” He sighed, “I want to stay here and cuddle you.”
For a moment we sat in silence. My thoughts were rampaging over one another. He probably thinks I have the mindset of a little kid. The slightest sexual remark he makes towards me and I lose it. I’m sixteen, yet I act as if I’m eight. Why can’t I just allow it? I want to. My body wants to. But, my brain says otherwise.
Suddenly, he grazed his fingertips down along my spine. The subtle touch flared goosebumps everywhere.
“What are you thinking? You look uncertain. Like you’re having a conflict with yourself.” His kind voice woke me from my thoughts. Dammit. He reads me so well. I kept quiet and blanked my expression.
“You can’t hide it from me. I know the feeling far too well.” He continued brushing his fingers along my back, “please tell me what’s on your mind. Don’t let it simmer because it’ll boil over later.”
I hesitated. Should I explain? No. It’ll make things worse. “We need to get ready for class.” I forced myself out of his grasp and stood up, but he snatched my hand.
I looked back at him. He was genuinely worried. His body was tense and his eyes full of uneasiness. He said he knew the feeling well. Does that mean he’s dealt with it before? Maybe with his father? Or me?
I slowly bent down onto my knees, “why are you so worried?”
“Because I feel like it’s my fault. I feel like I did something to upset you and I want to fix it. I’ve noticed you don’t talk about your feelings when you believe you don’t have a valid reason for them.” He reached out his hand and cupped my face, “but your feelings are important to me. I want to know how I can help resolve your problems. Even if the problem is about me.”
I couldn’t repress the tears from falling. Besides my mom, I’ve never had somebody care so profoundly for me. All my life I’ve been bullied or ridiculed for my feelings. But, Shoto has never done that to me. Ever.
“I’m sorry.” I choked.
“Don’t apologize. You always apologize when you have no reason to.” He used his thumb to sweep away my tears. I tilted forward and supported my head on his shoulder. He proceeded to encase his arms around me and coddle me tenderly.
“Thank you for caring about me.” I admitted with an unsteady tone.
He remained silent. Although I couldn’t see his face, I knew he was pondering through his own thoughts.
“What are you thinking?” I inquired while sniffling.
He hesitated for awhile, “I’m wondering why you felt the need to thank me for caring about you.”
I sniffled again, “I guess because nobody else does, besides my mom. Nobody has shown me the same kindness you have. The only friend I had growing up was Kacchan, and he was never nice to me.”
Once again, he fell mute. I glanced over at him, only to be surprised at the bitterness in his face.
“You deserve better. You’re too fucking nice to have shitty friends. You’re too caring to deal with apathetic people. It pisses me off when you let them walk over you!” He gritted his teeth, “but, that won’t happen anymore. I won’t let anybody hurt you.” His hold on me stiffened as his protective side broke through.
“Shoto, I’m okay. I’ll be okay because I have you.” The tension gradually released.
“And I’m not going anywhere.”
“I know,” I paused for a moment, “I want to tell you what I was thinking earlier, but I’m really embarrassed about it. That’s why I haven’t told you.”
“Listen to me,” he ordered, “I’ll never judge you like everybody else. So, don’t be scared to tell me anything. Even if you find it embarrassing.”
I took in a deep breath and exhaled shakily, “okay.” He glided his hand along my back again. The sensation brought me a little bit of comfort.
“I feel like I’m too inexperienced for you. And by that I mean sexually.” I stopped and breathed deeply, trying to muster up more courage. “You seem to be more comfortable about those things than I am. I get flustered and don’t know what to do. Then the further it gets the more I become panicked. I probably seem childish to you.” My teeth bit into my lip.
“I don’t think that at all. I’m just as inexperienced as you are.”
“Wait what?” My eyes widened.
“Did you think I wasn’t a virgin?”
“I’m still a virgin, Izuku. I’ve never been with anybody but you.”
“But... You don’t seem like it.”
“I am. I’m just comfortable around you. I become really flirty and spontaneous with you. And because I’ve chased after you for so long I haven’t been able to control myself now that I have you.” He explained.
“Plus, while I’m being honest,” he paused briefly, “I’ve been teasing you to see how far you’d go with me. And well, I found out today.” He chuckled a little. “But, I’ll never force you to do anything you don’t want to. If you want me to do something, you have to verbally tell me. That’s why I tell you everytime to either stop me or tell me what to do.”
I sighed in relief. I guess I found out my answer. Although, I’m still surprised. Nothing about him confirms in my mind that he’s a virgin, but I do believe him. He wouldn’t lie to me about something as serious as that.
“Do you feel better now?” He asked lovingly as he fluffed my hair with his fingers.
“Mhm.” I nodded and nudged my face into the groove of his neck under his jaw. The sugary scent that lingered there whiffed up into my nose. Mmm, why does he always smell so damn amazing.
“Good. We need to get ready for class or Mr. Aizawa will be killing us both.” We lightly laughed.
“Yeah, but I really don’t want to leave your arms.” I murmured.
“And I don’t want to let you go.”

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