His Personal Hero (TodoDeku)

Accidents Happen

Shoto and I sprinted full speed from the dormitory to the classroom. Needless to say, we were out of breath by time we reached the entrance. A typical five minute walk became a single minute run.
“We made it on time.” I announced between each gasp of air.
“Yeah, a little early actually.” He replied. We took a moment to recover our breath in the hallway. The chatter of our classmates boomed from inside the room and echoed out through the door.
“Ugh, now I’m all sweaty and hot.” I grumbled as I fanned myself with my hand. Shoto smirked and quietly chuckled, locking my attention onto him.
“Nothing.” He answered with a bigger smile.
“No, tell me.”
“Okay, if you insist,” he chewed on his lip while his eyes wandered mischievously, “we’re both sweaty and panting, kind of like we just had vigorous sex before coming here.”
“Oh uh.” More heat absorbed into my already flushed face. Is everybody going to think the same thing?
His chuckle transitioned into soft laughter. “Come here,” he cupped his right hand over my cheek. The coolness from his quirk helped lower my body temperature almost immediately.
“Mhm, it feels nice.” I mumbled while nuzzling my face against his chilly hand. He then slid it down from my face to my neck, reducing the heat there as well.
“I’m sorry for flustering you with what I said. It was my second thought when you said you were hot and sweaty.”
“Second? What was the first?”
“Are you sure you want me to tell you?”
Probably not but curiosity wins, “yes.”
“Heh okay,” he swayed in closer to my ear, “my first thought was what if we did have sex and that was the real reason you’re all sweaty and hot right now.” He licked his lips before curling them into a flirtatious grin.
“Sh-Shoto.” The blood flooded right back into my cheeks.
“Hey, you asked. Don’t punish me for obeying.” A husky laugh exhaled from his lungs.
I sunk my face further away from his view, but he gripped his cold hand under my jaw and lifted it, “don’t hide yourself from me. You’re adorable when you’re being teased.”
He proceeded to embrace my lips, kissing me passionately. My heart accelerated with his sudden touch. Ugh, it’s getting hot again. Why is he so hot. Why are his lips so tender. Why does he make me lose all composure of myself. I can’t think straight.
While still kissing me, he stepped forward and forced me back against the wall, pressing his body weight onto me to hold me there. What is he doing?!
Our kiss intensified from sweet to sensual instantly. He cupped both of his hands around my neck as he used his strong jaw to pry mine apart. He then slid his tongue in and gripped it around mine, but I refused to react.
“Sh-mmm-oto.” I muttered as I tried to break the kiss.
“Play with me.” He demanded, growing rougher with his tongue. I can’t get away. He has me completely pinned. Why does he insist on displaying so much affection in public?
He repeatedly flicked his tongue against mine, begging for my attention. He does this exact motion whenever I deny him. Ugh, why does he want my tongue so bad?
“F-F-Fine.” I admitted defeat and tangled my tongue around his. The satisfied laugh that vibrated his vocal chords and into our kiss made me smile. As much as I didn’t want to submit, his reaction to me giving him what he wanted was insanely cute.
“Enough of that.” A deep and hazy voice startled us both. Immediately, Shoto’s weight lifted off of me, “get in your seat.”
Mr. Aizawa had snatched Shoto by the back of his collar and thrusted him into the doorway.
“Midoriya,” he shot me with an evil eye, “go.”
I hurried into the room with my tail tucked between my legs. Dammit, that’s so embarrassing. That’s exactly why I wanted to stop our kiss. I brushed away the mixed saliva on my mouth and kept my head hung low.
Once I sat down, I picked my head back up. Kirishima was propped up on Kacchan’s desk and Kacchan had his hands grasped roughly onto Kirishima’s hips. They were making out without a care in the world.
“Kacchan.” I whispered.
“Fuck off, Deku.” He growled in his kiss with Kirishima.
“But Kacchan,” I attempted to warn him, but I was too late. Mr. Aizawa ripped Kirishima off of Kacchan’s desk and hurled him towards the back of the classroom.
“Hey, what the hell!” Kacchan snapped.
“I’m only saying this once,” Mr. Aizawa slammed his hands onto his desk, “I don’t care what you do in your personal lives, but don’t bring it into my classroom. As long as you’re not getting anybody pregnant, contracting an STD, or having nonconsensual sex, I don’t care. You’re all teenagers and your hormones are spiked. I won’t tell you not to have relationships or consensual sex because I know you’re going to regardless. My only rule... Keep it out of my classroom and don’t let it affect your classwork. Understood?”
Everybody nodded in agreement, “okay.” He folded his arms, “remember why you’re here. Don’t let your personal needs destroy your future. You want to be pro-heroes? Then act like one. Don’t dirty this school’s reputation because you couldn’t control yourself in public.”
Not a single word was said inbetween Mr. Aizawa’s lecture. Surprisingly, Kacchan didn’t even bother to argue back, but I could faintly hear him growling.
“Kirishima, get into your seat.”
I ignored the urge to glance at Kirishima, although I heard him scurry into his chair beside Sero and Tsu.
Mr. Aizawa expressed a heavy sigh as his face beamed with irritation, “now that we’ve had a fantastic start to our morning, I think we should have a training day.” He stopped, awaiting a response from his quiet students. “Todoroki, Midoriya, Bakugo and Kirishima, I want the four of you to train against each other. The rest of you can work on strengthening your quirks. Go to the P.E. Grounds.”

All of us changed quickly into our training uniforms and met on the dirt-covered field.
“Everybody, go to the left side.” Mr. Aizawa commanded.
As we started to do as we were told, he interrupted us, “ah, not you four. Go on the right side.”
“This is bullshit” Kacchan muttered as the four of us crossed over into the area Mr. Aizawa designated.
“Todoroki against Bakugo and Midoriya against Kirishima. I’ll give you fifteen minutes to fight and then you’ll be switching up opponents. I expect you all to fight hard, but don’t severely injure anybody, okay?” His eyes locked onto a scowling Kacchan.
“Yes sir.” We answered.
“Stretch first and then I’ll be back to initiate the fight.” Mr. Aizawa stated as he walked away, taking heavy steps due to his annoyance with us. Today was a bad day to get on his nerves.
“Sorry everyone, it was my fault I got us into trouble. I should have paid more attention.” Kirishima explained sincerely.
“Fuck that shit.” Kacchan sneered, snatching Kirishima by his collar and yanking him into an aggressive kiss.
“I’ll kiss you whenever the fuck I want in front of whoever the fuck I want and I won’t be sorry for it.” Kacchan released his collar and shoved him forward before stomping away. The three of us exchanged glances to each other, not slightly surprised at Kacchan’s actions.
I awkwardly stepped over to an empty spot in an attempt to get away from everybody, but Kirishima stuck close by me.
Sooo,” Kirishima started as he stretched out his back muscles, “tell me how yesterday went.”
“Oh um,” my mind flipped through the memories of last night. The many thoughts formed a grin across my face.
“Must have been good to make you smile like that. Did you guys do it?”
“What?! No!” I broke eye contact and stared at the ground.
“Ah damn. I’m sure you will soon enough.” What the hell, Kirishima? You can’t just ask that! And what makes you so sure? Is it normal to have sex so early in a relationship?
“Well, what did you guys do then?” He asked.
“We went to Kikko and ate. That’s it.”
“Oh c’mon. Don’t spare the details!” He nudged my arm.
“That’s all we did. We went there after class and then came back. It was late when we got back, so I kept falling asleep. Shoto had to carry me to my bed.”
“Seriously?! That’s so fucking cute!” Kirishima exclaimed.
“I-I don’t remember much. I was tired and out of it. I do remember asking him to stay with me because I didn’t want him to go.”
“Did he?”
“Awh! So, you guys slept together but didn’t sleep together.”
“No, we didn’t. Why do you want to know about that anyway?”
He expressed disappointment, “we’re friends, aren’t we?”
“Yes.” I answered firmly.
“Don’t friends tell each other everything?”
I hesitated, “I guess so.” He’s right, but I don’t know how to be so open about personal stuff like that. I can hardly manage being open with Shoto. Hmm, it’s probably best I change the subject. “What’s going on with you and Kacchan?”
“Oh, we’re dating now.” He flashed a huge smile.
“Really? What about all the stuff you said awhile ago? About not knowing his intentions?”
“We talked about it. I told him what I was worried about and he said he truly had an interest in me from the start. He also said he’d prove it by openly dating me.”
“Oh, well I’m happy for you two.” I reinforced my words with a kind smile.
“Thanks! It became official yesterday. We haven’t stopped kissing since. It’s been so great.”
That was unnecessary information. “Oh hey, I found out tomorrow is Shoto’s birthday. I figured we could have everybody hang out in the lounge together to celebrate. Do you want to join in?”
“Hell yeah!” He exclaimed, “oh uh, do you mind if I invite Bakugo too?”
“I don’t mind.” I answered.
Kacchan told Shoto he would stop fighting over me. So, it shouldn’t hurt for Kacchan to be there, right?
“Awesome.” He responded as he stretched his arms up.
I trailed my eyes over to Shoto, who was bent down on his left knee and stretching his right leg out. I hope he won’t mind.
Mr. Aizawa reapproached us, “okay. Midoriya and Kirishima, over there. Todoroki and Bakugo, there. You’ll be fighting at the same time. Absolutely no crossfire. I’m not dealing with that today. Go ahead and get in position.”

Kirishima and I lined up, staring at each other while Kacchan and Shoto lined up on the other side. All of us stood quietly as we awaited Mr. Aizawa’s signal.
I managed to take a quick glance over at Shoto. His face was emotionless as he watched Kacchan angrily glare at him. I wonder what Shoto’s thinking. Clearly, Kacchan is pissed about this whole ordeal which only makes things worse. Kacchan’s going to give him hell and Shoto knows this. He’s fought with him enough times to know what he’s capable of.
My attention snapped back to Kirishima who had already hardened his whole body and was sprinting towards me. I crossed my arms over each other and dug my feet into the ground to block. I need to tire him out so I can break through his quirk.
He landed a punch into my barricade, but it didn’t break due to One-For-All. I countered his attack by swinging my fist into his chest.
Ah shit! Ow! I retracted my hand and flung myself backwards. Scrapes and bruises immediately appeared over my knuckles. His quirk is too strong still. I’ve got to keep tiring him out.
Kirishima rushed me again, but this time I swiftly dodged. Just keep dodging. I turned my back to keep an eye on him, but he was already on top of me.
I blocked again with One-For-All. Dammit, I can’t keep losing sight of him like that. Instead of hitting me as I expected, he tackled me to the ground and planted his whole weight on me. Ugh, he’s so fucking heavy! Especially when he’s in this state. He must weigh at least one-hundred fifteen kilograms right now!
He successfully punched me in the ribs, causing severe pain and for me to lose my breath. Agh! Shit! I have to get him off of me!
I gripped his waist and used One-For-All to toss him forward. He rolled to the side and quickly recovered back onto his feet. I hopped backwards, still trying to catch my breath.
He’s not tiring as quickly as I thought he would. As we panted and stared at each other from a distance, I realized he actually was struggling to keep his quirk activated. Now’s my chance.
I instantly flew forward with my fist outstretched and my quirk fired up. The shock on his face proved he wasn’t expecting the sudden offense. My knuckles jabbed him across his semi-hard cheek, causing no damage to me, but sending him backwards onto his ass.
“Ah fuck!” He spurted blood from his mouth. Every part of me wanted to stop and apologize to him, but this is what Mr. Aizawa wanted. He wanted us to fight hard.
I froze in place awkwardly as I watched Kirishima struggle to get up, “damn Midoriya. Could you hit harder next time?”
“I’m sorry.” I muttered under my breath. Kirishima solidified his body again, focusing on his arms.
“It’s fine, dude. Just view me as a villain and not your friend.” He said softly to keep Mr. Aizawa from hearing.
He then darted forward and tackled me to the ground. Dammit, he’s realized how much he can overpower me like this. As he pinned me down, he repeatedly punched me in the ribs and stomach. Fuck! This hurts! I clenched my teeth and used my flexibility to wrap my legs around his waist and reverse the roles.
It took a lot of power, but I rolled him over and trapped him underneath me. The confusion he expressed confirmed my suspicion on how much he underestimated my strength. I proceeded to pelt him with multiple hits, breaking down his quirk to nothing.
In a last effort, he attempted to reinforce his right arm and punch me in my exposed side, but I countered by pinning both of his arms down with my knees.
“Enough Midoriya.” Mr. Aizawa called.
I hovered over Kirishima for a moment before lifting myself and plopping down beside him. We both heaved for air as the adrenaline gradually lowered in our bodies.
“Ugh fuck, I’m going to feel that in the morning.” Kirishima joked, “good fight. You’re really strong.”
“You too.” I huffed.
He let out a dramatic groan as he sat up, “oh shit, when did they finish?”
My eyes shot over to Shoto and Kacchan who were sitting on the sidelines. Shoto had a few noticeable bruises on his arms while Kacchan remained untouched. Damn, I take it that Kacchan won.
“Good fight, Midoriya. You’re handling your quirk better.” Mr. Aizawa stated.
“Thank you.”
“Now, go fight Todoroki.” Wait what? Seriously? “And Kirishima, you’re fighting Bakugo.”
Kirishima and I exchanged nervous glances. He’s really making us fight our boyfriends?
Now.” He barked aggressively.
Kirishima and I darted up as our opponents neared us. Shit. I don’t want to fight Shoto. What if I hurt him like I did Kirishima? I can’t give it my all against him.
“Ah, this will be easy.” Kacchan smirked while popping his knuckles.
“Keep thinking that and I’ll have your cute ass pinned before you know it.” Kirishima taunted flirtatiously.
“Stop talking.” Mr. Aizawa ordered, “now fight.”
Shoto immediately formed an ice sheet with his right foot, as I anticipated. I hopped out of its range and stared at Shoto like a frightened prey animal. I don’t know what to do! I don’t want to fight him. I don’t want to hurt him!
He then encased a circular ice wall around me, blocking me in with the only way out being up. What the hell is this? What is he doing? There’s only one exit so he must expect me to come out through there.
I punched through the thick glacier of ice with One-For-All. As I stepped out, I frantically scanned the area. Where did he go?!
Suddenly, I face-planted into the cold dirt. Shoto straddled my back and froze my hands into the ground. He’s trying to immobilize me like he’s done with Kacchan before. If I give in, I’ll be sure to get in trouble for not fighting back. I have to try something. Maybe I can trap Shoto without hurting him, but how?
Minimal resistance with One-For-All broke through the ice restraints. What? Why did he create them so weak? I leapt forward and flipped mid-air to waste no time in facing Shoto again. I can’t keep letting my opponents out of my sight.
I watched as he slapped his right hand onto the ground, shooting ice everywhere underneath me. I’m going to land and slip. I’ll have no traction to keep myself from falling.
My feet buckled under me as soon as I touched the ice. I fell backwards, but I caught myself with my hands. I performed a back handspring to give myself another chance at regaining balance on the ice.
The second time around, I properly landed on my feet and lunged myself at him. Unexpectedly, Shoto dodged my attack by sliding to the left. He countered by gripping my waist and roughly propelling me over his shoulder. I dropped directly onto my back and smacked my head against the sheet of ice. The forceful impact shattered the ice, exposing the rigid rocks underneath.
Ow! Fuck! That really hurt! I gasped repeatedly as tears welled up in my eyes, right before my vision grew fuzzy. Shit, I’m passing out.

“Mmhm.” I fluttered my eyes open. The overwhelming bright light dilated my eyes abruptly, causing a shooting pain through my head. I leaned forward and rubbed my eyes with my fists. I think I’m in the nurse’s room.
“Izuku, you’re awake.”
I squinted towards the voice. The silhouette of Shoto stood beside the bed I was tucked in. He folded his arms around my neck and hugged me.
“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” He continously repeated in my ear.
“I-I’m o-okay.” Although I said it, I wasn’t truly sure if I was or not. The pain in my head was excruciating, but the trembling in Shoto’s voice bothered me more. All I wanted to do was comfort him.
“W-What happened?” I mumbled.
He sniffled, “You hit your head on the ground and got a serious concussion with some internal bleeding. Recovery Girl healed it to the best of her abilities. She said you’ll be fine, but you’re going to have a migraine for awhile.”
“Oh.” That explains the severe pain.
“I’m so sorry, Izuku.” His grieving tone ripped me to pieces.
“It’s okay. It was an accident.” I consoled.
“You don’t understand. I could have killed you. If you had only hit your head a few centimeters to the right the rocks would have cracked the base of your skull... Hic.. Hic." His arms tensed around me as his sobbing tears fell onto my bare shoulder.
“Shoto, please stop crying. I’m okay.” My heart ached for him. He’s so upset. Watching him built up stinging tears in my own eyes.
“I’m sorry.” He choked.
I reached up and glided my hand through his soft hair. My poor Shoto. The tears overflowed and dripped down my cheeks.
Shoto pulled back as he realized my discomposure. I stared at him through my watery eyes. His face was puffy and so distraught, causing more of my tears to flood out.
“A-Are you hurting?” He stuttered.
I nodded my head, “yes, because you are. I can’t stand to see you so upset.”
“Fuck Izuku,” he bit his lip, “I’m the one who nearly killed you, yet you’re crying because I’m crying. What logic is that?” He wiped his fingers over my teary face.
“The logic of sharing the pain you feel.”
He hesitated for awhile, pondering through his rattled mind. Finally, he sighed and licked his anxiously chewed lips, “I don’t fucking deserve you.” He kissed my forehead very gently as more of his tears fell.
“Shoto,” I clutched his hand, “It’s my fault too. I-I didn’t want to fight you. I was so scared I’d hurt you like I hurt Kirishima.” I admitted through a shaky voice.
“Stop.” He spoke softly, “it isn’t your fault. I saw you freeze up at the start. I didn’t want to fight you either. I tried to end it early, but I knew what that would mean for us. I understood why you kept fighting. You don’t have to explain anything.”
I sighed and slanted forward, pressing my forehead against his lower chest.
“Mm!” Shoto winced. I jumped back, startled at his reaction.
“I’m sorry!” I yelped.
“No no, it’s fine.” His eyes glistened from the tears. Why did he do that? I glided my hands under his shirt carefully, pulling it up to reveal a nasty purple bruise across his stomach.
“D-Did-did I do that?” I whimpered.
“N-No.” He answered.
“Then how?”
“Izuku, in any other circumstance, I would tell you without hesitation, but right now I don’t want to upset you any further.”
“Shoto.” I growled. I hate when he tries to keep things from me, “tell me. Now.” My face furrowed.
He swallowed, “okay, okay. Bakugo attacked me when he found out what happened. He slammed me into a wall and punched me in the stomach. He was pissed and I don’t blame him. I didn’t try to fight back or protect myself.”
“Kacchan did this?!”
“Hey stop, don’t get mad. I deserved every bit of it. He was worried about you. I promised him back when we were on house arrest that I would protect you. And I already failed. With my own hands at that.”
“It’s not your fault. It was an accident!” I snapped.
“Please calm down.” He propped himself up on the bed and scooted me inbetween his legs. He then laid me down onto his chest, concealing the pain as my weight pressed against his sore body. “Sleep. I’m not going anywhere.”
“I can’t sleep. My head hurts so bad.” I cried.
“I know, but please try. Recovery girl said to let you sleep.” He placed his cooled hand over my sweating forehead, “if I could, I would bear the pain for you, Izuku.”
He chilled the rest of his right side. Ice crystals formed everywhere underneath his clothes. The indirect contact with the ice gave me relief throughout my feverish body. I sighed comfortably and shut my eyes.
“Thank you.” I mumbled.
“Anything for you.”
I calmly breathed in and relaxed all of my tension. Shoto’s steady heartbeat thumped in my ear, slowly lulling me to sleep.
By the way, have I mentioned that I’ve already fallen in love with him at this point? I just don’t know it yet.


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