His Personal Hero (TodoDeku)

Shoto's Birthday


Not long after I fell asleep, Shoto was forced to go back to the dorms.
“Can I please stay here?” He begged.
“No, you can’t.” Mr. Aizawa responded sternly, “Midoriya will be fine. He’ll stay here overnight and be released in the morning.”
Shoto mouthed ‘I’m sorry’ to me as Mr. Aizawa ushered him out. I attempted to reassure him with a sweet smile, “I’ll be okay.”
Thanks to Shoto, my fever was gone and my pain greatly subsided. I could genuinely relax and rest once again. Although, the yearning for Shoto to stay by me never eased.

The next morning, I was awoken by Recovery Girl.
“How are you feeling today?” She asked.
“Better. My head doesn’t hurt anymore.”
“Good. You can undress the head wrap now. You shouldn’t have anymore issues, but if you do let me know. And be more careful!”
“Thank you. I will.” I smiled warmly.
“Oh, and don’t worry about attending class this morning. Go back to your dorm and rest for the day. You can return to class tomorrow.”
Once Recovery Girl left, I hopped out of bed and threw on my clothes from yesterday. The collar of my shirt was stained with blood. Did I gash my head too? No wonder Shoto was so concerned. He said I suffered a concussion and some internal bleeding, but nothing about a cut.
I unwrapped the bandages and gently grazed my fingers over the sealed wound. Yeah, feels like a stitched cut. Damn, with that much blood on my clothes I probably scared everybody.
As I ran my fingers through my hair, I felt flakey knots clumped up near the site of the injury. Ick, my hair still has dried blood in it. I need a shower. Hmm, what time is it? I scanned the room, eventually noticing the wall clock that read 11:18. Everybody’s in class right now. I can take a quick shower in peace.

The steaming water drizzled down onto my skin, alleviating my sore muscles. I groaned softly, this feels good.
I lathered up the shampoo in my hair and scratched all the dried blood out, avoiding my healed cut. I can’t imagine how badly I bled if it seeped all in my training uniform. I wish Shoto hadn’t seen me like that. The last thing I remember was his voice calling out to me and then fading away.
As I wandered through my thoughts, I finished washing and turned the faucet off. I quickly dried myself and draped my towel around my waist, tucking it in at my hip. I wonder if they’ve told my Mom yet.
I climbed up the stairs and trudged into my room. As soon as I shut my door, my phone rung and vibrated loudly on my nightstand. The music was my Mom’s ringtone.
Yeah, they told her.
I swiped my finger to the right to answer, “hi Mom.”
“Izuku! Are you okay?! I’ve been calling you all morning!”
“I just got out of the shower and my phone was in my room. I’m sorry.”
“Are you okay?!”
“Yes, I’m fine. The school nurse healed me and said I won’t have any issues.”
“Thank goodness! I’ve been so worried! When are you going to come visit me? Didn’t we agree on every weekend?”
“I know. I’ll come by soon, maybe tomorrow? Tomorrow is Saturday.”
“Tomorrow is fine.”
“Okay. Oh, hey Mom? Can I bring a friend? I want you to meet him.”
“Of course, sweetie.”
“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Okay, I love you Izuku.”
“I love you too.”
I tapped the end button and sat my phone back onto my nightstand.
I probably should of asked Shoto if he’d want to come with me before asking my Mom. I guess if he says no, I’ll just tell her he had to do something.
I slipped on my boxers and flopped down onto my bed, shoving my hand under my pillow. I found myself staring at the empty space between the wall and me. Mmm, I wish Shoto was here.
Wait! I flipped over and checked the date on my phone, January eleventh. It’s Shoto’s birthday! How could I forget?! I jumped up out of my bed. What time is it?!
Shit, they’ll be back here in thirty minutes. I don’t have time to go out and get him a gift. I was supposed to do that yesterday. Dammit!
I fumbled through my clean clothes and tossed on a random sweatshirt and pair of sweatpants. Then, I scampered down the stairs and into the common area. What can I do?
I first searched through the kitchen, having no luck. This is all going wrong. I promised him a great birthday, but I have nothing to show for it. Not even a simple gift... Oh wait, that would work!
I sprinted back to my room and scavenged through my stuff. Ah, there it is. Yes! This is perfect as a gift! Now, just to wrap it somehow. Fortunately, I found an empty gift bag in my closet that was being used as extra storage. I dumped my things out and crammed the gift into it while setting the bag aside. At least I was able to do that.
“Izuku, are you asleep?” Shoto whispered as he creaked my door open.
“Shoto!” I exclaimed, “happy birthday!” I tossed myself into his arms, smiling and laughing.
“Haha, thank you.” He laughed along and embraced me closely, “how are you feeling?”
“I’m perfectly fine. My head doesn’t hurt at all.”
He sighed a breath of relief, “good. I’ve been worrying about you all day.” He nuzzled his face against my head carefully. I stayed quiet as I consoled in his hug and listened to his heartbeat, “I missed you.” I murmured.
“I missed you too.” He gripped me tighter, “I didn’t want to leave you yesterday.”
“I know. But it’s okay, it was out of your control. You helped break my fever and gave me comfort for the time you were there. I’m thankful for that.”
“You know I’d do anything for you.” He softly kissed my head.
“Hey! How are you feeling, Midoriya?” Kirishima popped his head around the corner.
“I’m fine.” I smiled at him, still encased in Shoto’s arms.
“That was a brutal fall. We were all worried about you, especially Bakugo and Todoroki.” Kirishima stated.
“Thanks for the concern, guys. I’m fine though.”
“Let me see your head.” Shoto insisted, turning me around and parting my hair gently.
“Damn,” Kirishima hovered over Shoto’s shoulder, “she did a good job stitching that up. It’s barely noticeable.”
“What are you extras doing?” Kacchan growled as he propped up against my doorframe. We all turned to face him, “oh hey, Kacchan.”
“Ya damn nerd, already trying to get yourself killed. Stop being so fucking clumsy and weak.”
“It wasn’t his fault.” Shoto snapped.
“Yeah, it was yours. Do I need to remind you?” Kacchan intimidatingly stepped closer to Shoto, but Kirishima threw his arm around Kacchan’s shoulder and yanked him against his body.
“Hey, let’s chill out. It was an accident, nobody’s fault.” Kirishima said calmly.
“Get off of me, dumbass.” Kacchan snarled and aggressively shrugged his arm away.
“Awh, don’t be like that.” He nudged his face against Kacchan’s lovingly, but Kacchan shoved him.
“Fuck this.”
Kacchan began to walk away, but Kirishima snatched his wrist, “hey wait, are you still coming with me later?”
“Hell no.” He snapped back as he ripped his hand out of Kirishima’s grasp.
“No, Kirishima.”
“What if I blow you like I did last night?”
Woah, did he really just say that? I hid my face into Shoto’s chest as he watched them argue in the hall.
“Hmm, no.”
“Really? Why not?”
“Not worth it. Your shark teeth make it shitty.”
“Okay, well what if I let you fuck me again?”
“Heh, can your ass take it again? You’ve been complaining about it hurting ever since.”
“Only because it was my first time! I can do it again.”
Kacchan chuckled, “alright, but only if you let me tie you up and make you my slave like I wanted.”
Ugh,” Kirishima groaned, “fine! Why do you have to be so hard to negotiate with?”
“Because I always get what I want and I want it now.”
“What? Right now?”
I peeped over at the sudden noise. Kacchan had slammed Kirishima into the wall, forcefully kissing him and groping his inner thigh. As Kirishima quietly moaned, Kacchan continued to slide his hand up his thigh before cupping it roughly between his legs.
Okay, I really didn’t need to see that. I adverted my eyes and tucked my face against Shoto’s arm.
“Come with me, bitch. You’re paying up now.” Kacchan ordered.
Yes sir.” Kirishima answered erotically before they both ascended the next flight of stairs. Shoto and I remained quiet for awhile, trying to process what we saw.
“Um,” Shoto mumbled, “okay. So avoid the fourth floor for awhile.”
I giggled, “yeah.”
“Do you mind if I stay here with you for a bit?”
“No, of course I don’t mind.” I smiled, “but I was planning on going downstairs to the lounge. I still have to give you a birthday party.”
“No you don’t. Just being with you is enough to make this the best birthday ever.” He replied sweetly, “plus, you need to rest more.”
“But Shoto, I want to. And I already planned it.” I mumbled disappointedly.
He sighed and hesitated, “okay.”
“Yay! Let’s go!”

I drug Shoto down to the lounge with me and plopped him onto the couch.
“Wait here.” I smiled brightly.
I scaled the stairs and returned to my room to pick up the gift bag. I’ll bring this downstairs, but I won’t give it to him until later. On my way out, I saw Kaminari and Iida walking towards the descending staircase.
“Hey Kaminari! Iida!” I shouted as I jogged to catch up with them, “I’m not sure if you know, but today is Shoto’s birthday. We’re having a small party in the lounge if you want to join.”
“Oh yeah, Kirishima told us.” Kaminari replied.
“Yeah and we were headed downstairs anyway.” Iida added in, “by the way, how’s your head?”
“It’s fine now. No pain at all.”
“That’s great!”
“Yeah, you bled out everywhere. It was gruesome.” Kaminari mentioned dramatically.
“I’m sorry I worried you all.”
“We were worried, but Todoroki was terrified and Bakugo was pissed. He jumped Todoroki after they got you to the nurse’s office.” He explained.
“Yeah. I kinda found that out yesterday.” I fidgeted with my fingers. I haven’t asked him how he’s feeling today. I’m sure his stomach still hurts.
The three of us walked down the stairs and into the common area. Shoto glanced over his shoulder at us with a confused expression.
“What’s that?” He poked at the bag in my hand.
“You’ll see soon enough.”
“Izuku, you didn’t have to get me anything.” He grumbled.
“It’s not much.” I sat the bag on the table, “how are you feeling?”
“What? What do you mean? I’m fine?”
I sat down beside him, crossing my legs and turning my body sideways to face him. “I mean where Kacchan hit you yesterday.”
“Oh.” He grabbed my hand, “it’s fine. Don’t worry about me.”
“He shouldn’t have done that.” My body tensed up.
“Hey, happy birthday again!” Kaminari flung himself over the back of the couch and dropped beside Shoto.
“Thanks.” He answered graciously.
“Yeah, happy birthday!” Iida exclaimed.
Shoto laughed lightly, “thanks.”
I inched myself closer to Shoto, curling up against his side. He propped his arm up around my shoulder and pulled me in tighter.
Ugh, I’m gonna vomit if you guys get any closer.” Kaminari jokingly dry heaved.
“Hey, don’t discriminate!” Iida knife-handed him.
“Sorry, but girls are so much better. They’re insanely hot. Have you seen them?!”
“Watch it, I don’t need you to start drooling on me.” Shoto picked back.
Another pair of footsteps stomped down the stairs. We all glared at the entryway to see who it was.
“Next time, could you go just a bit easier?” Kirishima’s voice echoed in the staircase.
“Ha, hell no. You begged me for it so you got it. Not my fault you’re a fucking cum slut.”
“But Baku-”
“Kirishima, shut up. Haven’t you said my name enough in the past hour?”
They simultaneously stepped into our view and met our staring gazes.
“The fuck are you all looking at?” Kacchan snapped.
“Uh,” Kirishima leaned towards Kacchan, “they probably heard us.”
“And why would I care?”
Kacchan laid down onto one of the empty couches and hung his arm over his eyes. Kirishima picked up Kacchan’s feet and awkwardly sat down, sitting mostly on his hip. He placed Kacchan’s feet in his lap and glanced over at a smirking Kacchan.
“Heh, your ass still hurting?”
“Yeah, going to kiss it better?” Kirishima teased.
“Fuck off.” Kacchan kicked his thigh while Kirishima laughed.
“Okay, I’m really going to go vomit now.” Kaminari covered his mouth and hunched over.
“Oh yeah? Come over here and I’ll jab you in the stomach to help, dunce face.” Kacchan retorted. It might have been a bad idea to invite Kacchan after all.
“So, what’s the plan? Are we doing anything besides sitting here?” Kirishima questioned.
“Um, well I didn’t exactly get to do what I originally planned because I didn’t have time to gather everything, but I figured we could play a game.” I answered.
“Ooh! I like games! What game?!” Kirishima flung Kacchan’s feet off of him and sat up straighter.
“Watch it, fuckface!” Kacchan hissed as he bent his knees and covered his face again.
“I-I don’t know. Shoto, what do you want to play?” I glanced up at him.
“I’m okay with whatever.”
“Let’s play truth or dare!” Kirishima suggested.
“Really? That old childish game?” Kaminari pitched in.
“Hell yeah! Whaddya say?”
Shoto hesitated as he scanned all the mixed expression of faces, “sure.”
“Yes! Birthday boy is first! Truth or dare?” Kirishima bounced in his seat.
“Hmm, I’ve asked Midoriya this but now I’m going to ask you.” Oh no, this is going to be bad. “Have you two had sex yet?”
“Woah, we don’t need to know that.” Kaminari jumped in.
“Kaminari is right. That’s very personal.” Iida added.
“It’s truth or dare. You don’t play if you don’t want to answer personal shit.” Kirishima fired back.
“It’s fine. I don’t mind.” Shoto said, “no, we haven’t.”
“Damn. So he wasn’t lying.” Kirishima whined disappointedly. “Your turn, Todoroki.”
“Okay. Izuku,” my eyes widened, “truth or dare?”
“Uh, truth!”
“Ah c’mon, is nobody going to pick dare? I’ve got some good ones!” Kirishima exclaimed. Wow, he’s really excited about this.
Shoto snagged my attention back, “Izuku,” he pierced my eyes with his, “do you love me?”
Do. You. Love. Me? Those words scattered about my brain. Every muscle, every nerve and every ounce of blood became paralyzed. My heart refused to beat as my lungs refused to expand. Do I? I-I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it.
“Izuku?” Shoto waved his fingers across my cheek, yanking me back to reality.
“I-I” I was stunned. I couldn’t move or speak. What do I say?! I honestly don’t know!
“It’s okay. You don’t have to answer. I’m sorry for putting you on the spot.” His voice was reassuring, but I still dropped my eyes to the floor. Is he going to be upset now that I didn’t say anything?
“He has to answer. That’s part of the rules.” Kirishima stated.
“No, he doesn’t. I’m not forcing him.”
“Okay fine, then he has to ask somebody else truth or dare.”
“Do you want to?” Shoto asked, rubbing his fingers along my arm.
“N-Not really.” I muttered.
“That’s fine. He can skip his turn too.” Shoto remarked.
“Dammit Deku, quit being a baby.” Kacchan sneered while still covering his eyes with his arm.
“Kirishima, take another turn.” Shoto insisted.
“Okay, Bakugo-”
“No. I’m not playing.” He flipped over onto his side with his back facing us.
“Bakugo, come on.”
“No. I already agreed to be here. I’m not partaking in anything.”
“Don’t you want to do a dare?”
“No I don’t.”
“If he doesn’t want to play then he doesn’t have to.” Shoto spoke up.
“Okay whatever.” Kirishima groaned.
“Oi, don’t you start fucking pouting.”
“Then play along.”
Kacchan groaned loudly and propped himself up against the arm of the couch, “dammit spiky hair! Dare me then!”
“I dare your grumpy ass to be my pet dog for the next five minutes.” Kirishima mischievously smiled.
“Woah, what the fuck? No!”
“What’s the matter? I thought you’d never pass up a dare?”
“Not with a stupid dare like that!”
“So you’re going to give in like Midoriya did?” Kirishima knew what to say to make Kacchan tick. He watched happily as the fire ignited in his eyes.
“Fuck you.” Kacchan growled.
“Ah ah, no growling. Down.” Kirishima pointed down to the floor inbetween his legs. Kacchan stood up tensely while shoving his hands into his pocket.
“No, dogs don’t walk on two legs.”
“Are you fucking kidding me?”
“Dogs also don’t speak.”
Kacchan growled again, “bad dog. No growling!” Kirishima grinned from ear to ear.
He dropped to his knees and crawled over in between Kirishima’s legs, “good boy. Now sit.”
Kacchan hesitantly obeyed by sitting down on his feet with his palms pressed onto the floor. Kirishima sat up and ruffled his hand through Kacchan’s hair, “aren’t you a good boy!” Kirishima’s voice heightened as he praised him.
He then leaned in next to Kacchan’s ear and whispered inaudible words. Whatever he said pissed him off even more. He bared his teeth and sank them into Kirishima’s leg.
“Ow fuck!” Kirishima screamed as he shoved Kacchan’s head away.
“Dogs bite.” Kacchan smirked.
Ookay, the five minutes are up.” Kaminari interrupted.
“Bullshit! It’s only been two!” Kirishima argued.
“Too bad. This is weird. It’s Bakugo’s turn.”
Kacchan stood up off the floor and fell back down onto the couch. As he got comfortable, he dropped his legs onto Kirishima’s lap, specifically where he had bit him.
“Ow! Asshole.” Kirishima snapped through gritted teeth.
“Heh, don’t worry. That was nothing. You’ll have what’s coming to you later for making me do that bullshit.” He smirked.
Kirishima rolled his eyes, “it’s still your turn.”
“Fine. Hey sparky, truth or dare?”
“Truth.” Kaminari responded.
“Of course you’d pick truth.” Kacchan groaned, “are you secretly into guys?”
“What? No. Not at all.” He answered.
“Sure about that? You bitch anytime you see two guys being affectionate. That’s a huge sign.”
“I promise, I’m definitely straight.”
“Not even bisexual?” Kacchan prodded.
Tch. Alright, if you say so.”
Iida clapped his hands, “okay, I think it’s time to move on to something else.”
“Agreed.” Kaminari nodded.
Kirishima whined, ”ugh, you’re all a bunch of babies.”
“Um,” I sat up properly and reached forward. “I guess I can do this now.” I picked up the bag from the table and softly set it in Shoto’s lap.
“Ah damn, I didn’t think about getting a gift. Sorry Todoroki.” Kirishima expressed disappointedly.
“It’s fine. I told Izuku not to worry about doing any of this to begin with.” Shoto answered with a joyful smile, “but thank you.”
He gravitated towards me and initiated a passionate kiss. His movement so tender and sweet. My mouth uncontrollably began forming into a bubbly smile as we continued to kiss.
“Alright alright, just open the bag already.” Kaminari begged as his face turned green.
Shoto released me and began to rummage through the bag, eventually pulling out the item I gifted him. He unfolded the blue hoodie and held it up.
“Izuku, is this your hoodie? The one you wear all the time?”
“Yeah. I remembered it being my fault that your grey hoodie got ripped during the fight between you and Kacchan. I figured I’d give you mine to replace it. Plus, it’s blue! Your favorite color.” I exclaimed with a huge smile.
Shoto threw the hoodie on over his head and pulled it down, “thank you. You’re so sweet.” He snatched my waist and yanked me into a bear hug. I found myself slightly struggling to breathe and wincing from my sore body, but I didn’t care. The comfort of being in his arms was all I needed.
“I’m glad you’re happy.” I whispered near his ear.
“You’re all I need to be happy.” He answered.
“Okay, I can’t handle anymore of this goopy sappy love junk and the weird sexual love junk. I’m going to bed.” Kaminari stood up, “happy birthday, Todoroki.” He patted Shoto on the shoulder as he walked off to the stairs.
“Thank you.”
“I think I’m going to do the same.” Iida chipped in, “hope you had a nice birthday.”
“I did, thanks for being a part of it.” Shoto smiled.
I looked over at Kirishima and Kacchan who were cuddling and holding hands. Kacchan’s head was resting on Kirishima’s shoulder as Kirishima stroked his hair with his free hand.

It never occurred to me before on how compatible they are. Kirishima handles Kacchan’s attitude and aggression with ease. They may fight sometimes, but they always resolve it right after.I’mhappy they found each other. I would have never been capable of being with Kacchan in a romantic relationship. I guess things really do fall into place as they should.
“I guess we’ll go too.” Kirishima stated as they both rise up from the couch, hand in hand.
“It was fun. Thanks for inviting us.” He smiled, “oh and happy birthday.”
“Thanks Kirishima.” Shoto replied graciously.
“Of course.” As they walked away together, Kacchan sleepily leaned against him.
“Tired?” Kirishima’s low and distant voice asked, but there was no audible reply.
“Want to sleep in my room again?” He asked once more, but there was still no audible reply.
“Alright, come on then.” His voice was further away now, but the eagerness easily detected.Kacchan was likely nodding as a response. Hedoesn’ttalk much when he’s sleepy.
While unintentionally listening in on their conversation, a drawn out yawn escaped my mouth. “Looks like you’re sleepy too.” Shoto spoke softly.
“Yeah, a bit.” I answered with droopy eyes.
“Thank you for the amazing birthday.” He rubbed his face against my neck.
“I didn’t do very much. No where near as much as I wanted to.”
“This was perfect just as is. Want me to walk you to your room?”
“Mhm,” I nodded and yawned again. Shoto chuckled and helped himself up while stretching his hand out to help me.
“Come on.” He smiled as I gladly took it, gripping tightly while he lifted me up. He kept ahold of my hand as we ascended the stairs and entered my room.
I crawled into my bed as Shoto kneeled beside it. I situated myself under my blankets and shuffled until I found a comfortable spot. Shoto titled forward and kissed me softly, “goodnight Izuku.”
“Goodnight. Happy birthday. I hope it was your best one yet.”
He smirked, “it definitely was.”
I closed my eyes with a satisfied smile. I heard Shoto’s quiet footsteps distant themselves from me as he exited my room and shut my door. I yawned once again before curling up into a ball and descending into slumber.

Clnk,clnk, clnk.
Clnk clnk.
Mmm what?
A knocking noise repeatedly tapped outside of my door, bringing me out of my deep sleep.
Whose knocking?I tapped my phone, 23:10.Ugh,I dragged my feet out of my bed and softly planted them on the floor. I stumbled my way through the dark, finally opening the door.
“I’m sorry for waking you.” Shoto hurried into my room and closed the door behind him.
“W-What what’s going on?” I stuttered.
“Nothing. I couldn’t sleep. Your hoodie has your scent and it’s keeping me awake.”
“Why don’t you take it off?” I mumbled.
“That won’t help. I need to be beside you.” He encased me in a warm hug, “so, can I sleep with you tonight?”
I nodded in his arms and yawned. He let me go and tugged the hoodie up over his head. He folded it neatly and placed it onto the floor. I fumbled back into my bed and watched as he took off his shirt too.
Damn,that’sa sight that’ll wake you up.I bit my lip.Thebruiseon his stomach is still there. It’s faded, but still there.Shoto chuckled when he caught me staring. I blushed and scooted further under my blankets, halfway covering my face.
He crawled in between me and the wall. I lifted the blankets to let him scoot under them. He wrapped his arm around my waist and tucked me in closer to him.
“Mmm, now I can sleep.” He mumbled.
Andnow I’m wide awake.I sighed quietly, but it still caught his attention.
“What is it?”
“It’s just... I’m kind of awake now.”
“Oh, I’m sorry.”
“It’s fine.”
His hold on me tightened which caused me to wince slightly.
“What’s wrong?” He asked softly.
“My body is still a bit sore from our fight.”
“Hmm, do you want me to massage you?”
My eyes widened, “massage?”
“Yes, that’s what I said.”
“Uh, sure?”
“What hurts the most?”
“My back mainly.”
“Okay, lay on your stomach.”
I obeyed and flipped over. He sat up and swung his leg over my body, straddling my butt.
“W-What are you doing?” I muttered.
“I have to be in a good position to massage well. Is that okay?”
“I guess so.” I nodded in my pillow.
“Hey,” he leaned over. His bare chest pressed against my clothed back. “Can I take your sweatshirt off? It’ll make it better.”
I kept quiet as my face filled with heat. I nodded to show consent.
“Okay,” he gripped my waist with both of his hands and slid my shirt up, his hands slipping up my sides. He finally reached my shoulders and carefully removed the shirt.
Fuck..." He expelled under his breath, “your back is severely bruised everywhere.”
He stayed quiet and still for awhile, giving me concern. I propped up on my elbow and twisted to see his face.
Our gazes met instantly. His eyes expressed the same grief as the day I woke up in the nurse’s office. “I’m so sorry I did that to you, Izuku.”
“Hey, it’s okay. I’m okay. Please don’t upset yourself over it. I hate seeing you in pain.” I reached out for his face, cupping my hand over his cheek. He placed his right hand over top of mine and nuzzled his face against it.
“Do you still want the massage?”
“Only if you want to do it.”
“I’ll do whatever for you. Just tell me what you want.”
“Go ahead.” I returned to my original position with my arms tucked and crossed under my pillow.
Shoto’s hands softly grasped my middle back, applying gentle pressure. He pressed his fingers in and began to knead.
“Mm.” I clenched my teeth.
“Does that hurt?” He stopped abruptly.
“No, no. It feels good.”
He progressively worked his hands up my back, applying soft pressure along my spine.
Finally, his hands gripped into my shoulders. His firm pressure released all the tension in my muscles.
“Ah! Mmmm.” I shuffled underneath him.
“No! No. It’sgood.”
Suddenly, he leaned forward again. His chest pressed against my bare back. He slithered his fingers through the thickest part of my hair and yanked. My neck whipped back, forcing me to stare into the ceiling.
“Ow!” I yelped.
He aggressively latched onto my exposed neck with his lips and began to suck.
“Ah! Ah, Shoto.” My heart dangerously skipped a beat and I squinted my teary eyes.
He kept sucking, harder and harder. My entire body heated, but majority of the blood propelled to my groin.
“Ah, mmm. S-Shoto s-stop.”
Pop.The release of the strong suction forced me to flinch. He sat back up straight. All of his weight on my butt again.
“I-I’m sorry. Your moans got to me. I shouldn’t have done that. Too much excitement isn’t good for you right now.”
“What? What do you mean?” I glanced over my shoulder at him. He bit his puffy bottom lip and stared into my eyes so needingly.
“Your brain injury. It could make it worse or maybe cause a seizure.”
“Shoto, Recovery Girl said I’m perfectly fine. I can do whatever.”
“Are you sure that’s what she said?”
“Yes, I’m sure.”
He brushed his fingers along my spine. “But you also told me to stop.”
“Because I wasn’t expecting it.”
“Oh?” He cocked his head.Ugh, he’s doing the cute thing.“Do you want me to continue?”
I bit my lip and dropped the eye contact.I think it’s about time we come closer together, intimately that is. I know I can trust him. I knowIcare deeply for him. I know he’ll be gentle and careful. I think it’s time.I want to be as close as I can be.
“Yes.” The racing blood in my veins from my rapid heartbeat continued to raise my temperature.
“Are you sure?”
“I am.”
He laid on my back again with his open mouth targeting my neck.
“Just-just be gentle. Please.”
He paused momentarily before inching closer to his original target. His hot breath trickling down my neck. Goosebumps covered my body as I waited to see what he planned to do.
Unexpectedly, a hot and slimy sensation ran along the back of my neck and onto my shoulder. I could only guess it to be his tongue.
My eyes widened, “mmm.”How does something so weird feel so good?
He applied his weight onto his knees and grasped both of his hands firmly onto my waist. He trailed his tongue down the center of my spine, stopping just above the waistband of my pants.
Then, he carefully flipped me over onto my back. Our gazes meeting once again. Power and desire burned in his beautiful two-colored eyes.
“Izuku,” he caressed his hands around my neck, carefully lifting it to bring my lips closer to his. The kiss he gave me was unusual. It was passionate yet yearning at the same time. He was holding back his true intentions. “I need to know something.” He spoke softly after our kiss.
“How far will you allow me to go?”
My heart’s going to leap out of my chest.Thenervousness and arousal I feel is rattling my brain.
“I trust you. I’ll let you go however far you are comfortable with.” My words stunned him.
“Really? When did you decide this? Before I could barely do anything to you without being rejected.”
“Well, we’ve grown closer and I feel a bit more comfortable.”
“Are you sure it’s not peer pressure? I don’t care what Kirishima and Bakugo are doing. We can go at our own pace.”
“No, it isn’t peer pressure. I trust you and I know you’ll take care of me. I see how much you do for me and how my needs are your top concern. You’re always asking if I’m okay and if I’m happy. Nobody would do that if they didn’t care for them.”
“Yeah, you’re right about that. I care about you a lot. More than you know.” He hunched over, his lips grazing my collarbone. He proceeded to leave kisses along it, rising up to my neck and then my ear.
“Can I make love to you?”


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