His Personal Hero (TodoDeku)

Love & Lust


Author’s note: This chapter is rated 18+. If you’re uncomfortable with reading and viewing pornographic material, especially between two males, please skip.
I will keep the explicit chapters separate enough from the main story to ensure the readers who wish to skip these scenes don’t miss anything important to the plot.
Otherwise, enjoy!

*Chu - the sound of a kiss against skin/lips.

“Can I make love to you?” His sweet voice dripped into my ear like honey.
“Uh,” I tensed up even more, “y-yes.”
“Heh,” he exhaled with a racy smirk, “Izuku, I’m going to make you feel so good.”
I clenched my fist and bit my lip hard. Damn, Shoto is making my hormones rage. My body is on fire and I’m sweating so much. His body heat isn’t helping either.
“S-Shoto, you’re m-making me hot.” I whined as my breathing sped up.
“That’s your body reacting to my touch.” He placed his right hand on my sternum and shifted his weight onto his left palm. His hand instantly cooled and became an ice cube.
“Ah! That’s c-cold!” I flinched forcefully, but he snatched my right hand and pinned it down, interlocking his fingers and pressing his weight down on my palm.
“Calm down.” He whispered softly, “relax and let your senses take over. Focus on the sensations your body receives. Focus on me.”
He gradually drug his icy hand down my chest and down my abs. I squeezed my eyes shut and tilted my head back, “mmm.”
“There you go.” He began kissing my neck again, *chu-chu-chu. But his lips were cold like his hand. The chilly touches caused me to uncontrollably flinch once more.
“You’re okay.” He reassured me. As he spoke, a frosty breath left his lungs and shot across my skin. Ah shit! That’s really cold! I wasn’t expecting that.
His freezing hand continued to trail down over my stomach. The movement slowed even more once he reached my waist. His fingers, one by one, slipped under the waistband of my sweatpants and boxers.
I flashed my eyes open and locked onto his gaze. My mouth hanging open as more whimpers exhaled with each quick breath. Ugh, I’m throbbing and aching. And it kind of hurts. I need him to relieve me.
“Would you like me to switch to my other hand before touching you?”
I nodded frantically, making him chuckle at my response. He freed my pinned hand and switched. All of his weight swinging to the opposite side.
He placed his left hand back to the position his right one was. The throbbing and swelling won’t ease up! He slipped further and further in my underwear until his hand grasped me.
“Mm!” I moaned and squirmed.
“Heh,” a satisfied smile perked up on his lips, “you’re so hard already.” His hand slid up on me while his fingers grazed over the head. “And you’re leaking.” He rotated his thumb around the tip, massaging all the precum out and rubbing it down my shaft.
“Agh! Mmm! Mm...” The torture of waiting to be touched was now replaced with tension build-up. But instead of continuing, he dropped me and ripped his hand out. I aggressively whimpered, “Ugh! Shoto!”
“Don’t worry, I’m not done.” He sat up straight and started to untie the strings on my sweatpants. I watched him eagerly, my mind completely washed over with the desire of Shoto’s touch. I couldn’t distract myself even if I wanted to.
He gripped his fingers into my boxers and yanked down, pulling my sweatpants along with them. He glided them all the way to my feet and then tossed them onto the floor.
As I laid there exposed to him, I felt my shyness creeping back. I wanted to ball up and hide myself, but I remained frozen in place. Of course, he noticed my timidness and crawled back on top of me. He dug his elbows into my pillow and caressed his hands through my hair. We stared into each other’s eyes momentarily before Shoto spoke. “Don’t be nervous. Would you feel better if you stripped me?”
“M-Maybe.” I answered.
He straddled my waist and stood on his knees. I sat up and placed my shaky hands onto his hips with my eyes dropping directly down onto his bulge. Oh fuck, he’s really big. How have I never noticed that before?
“Shoto...” I mumbled before glancing up at him.
“How are you so calm right now? My heart is about to explode and I can’t even think properly.”
He reached for my right hand and placed it over his heart.
His heart was beating as rapidly as mine. “Mine is too and I can’t think either. All I can think of is how much I want your body and how much I want to pleasure you. I want to hear your moans. They’re so fucking sexy." He placed my hand back onto his hip. The words he spoke ignited my hormonal instincts, causing them to ambush my shyness and destroy it.
I dug my nails into his hips and placed my lips onto his hip bone, “ahh fuck," Shoto released a deep moan. I pressed my tongue against his skin and sucked roughly. His flesh getting caught between my teeth.
“Mmm! Ngh!” He tangled his fingers in my hair and pulled. I kept sucking harder and harder. The amount of pleasure he drew in from me only intensified my output.
I scratched my nails down his hips and to the top of his waistband, leaving deep claw marks behind. Pop! I unlatched my lips from his skin before licking left and right over the already dark purple hickey.
“Fuck.” He snarled erotically.
That’s why he pushed me away that time I scratched him. Scratching turns him on.
I gripped my fingers into his black briefs and tugged them down over his hips and butt. As I exposed him, his cock nearly hit me in the face. I jumped back a bit with widened eyes. Fuck! He’s way bigger than I thought! He has to be at least twenty centimeters or more!
“Don’t be worried. I won’t let it hurt too much.”
“Too much?” I whined.
“Yes. I’m not going to lie to you. It’s going to hurt some as your first time.” I gulped, “but I’ll be very gentle. I promise. You trust me, right?”
“Yes, I trust you.”
“Good. But I want to play with you a bit more before we have sex. Lay back down.”
I did as he asked and watched him as he took his briefs all the way off. He scooted himself further back away from me and bent over, his face by my thigh. Is he about to do what I think he’s doing? He kissed the inside of my thighs before grabbing me and running his slippery hot tongue up my shaft.
“Mmmm!” A long drawn out moan left my throat. I slapped my hand across my mouth and squinted my eyes down at him.
“Don’t cover your mouth. I want to hear you.” He took my hand and intertwined his fingers through mine. His tongue grazed back down my shaft, making me shudder and grip his hand tighter.
“Mmm, agh! Shoto, that feels really good.” I stared at him while he stared back, his mouth gaping as he popped my head into his mouth. Oh fuck, this is so hot. He looks so sexy with my cock in his mouth.
He pushed me in deeper with his tongue wildly wrapping and massaging my shaft. His eyes broke off contact as he focused on how he planned to pleasure me. “Ah! Ah! Augh!”
I took my free hand and grazed it through his dangling hair, holding it out of his way. This motion caused him to stare at me once again. At the same time, he slid his lips further down on me. I gasped as he now had majority of me in his warm and wet mouth.
“Your mouth feels so good.” I moaned while caressing his head and following his movements.
He tightened his mouth and began to suck while sliding back and forth. Ah! He’s so good at this! My toes curled and my hips automatically began to sway. I shoved my head back and shut my eyes. The overwhelming sensation began to build up a strong tension.
Mmwopp! His lips slid off and left behind a suckling noise, “you can thrust your hips.”
“Aghh, w-what?” I mumbled.
“Thrust your hips. Fuck my mouth. I can feel your body trying to, so do it.” He stuck out his tongue and plopped me onto it, repeatedly tapping it against his tongue. I gritted my teeth as he then shoved me back into his soggy mouth. I slowly shifted my hips forward and then back. Oh this feels so good.
I continued thrusting, picking up the pace bit by bit. The deeper I went, the more Shoto slobbered all over me, dripping saliva down onto my balls.
“Haa! Ah!” His spit-filled mouth felt different. It felt so much better. The same build-up from earlier intensified by the hundreds.
“Sh-Shoto, I-I think I’m going to cum.” I whimpered.
He flicked his tongue underneath me, rubbing over an incredibly sensitive area. The peak kept building. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and my whole body tensed as I hit my climax.
“Ah! Ah! Ah!” I thrusted super deep into his mouth, shooting all of my stringy cum into the back of his throat.
My legs shook and my mind was foggy. I was breathing rampantly, almost hyperventilating. If I wasn’t sweaty before, I am now. He gulped hard and exhaled a sigh.
“I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to. It just happened.” I sat up quickly and brushed his damp hair out of his eyes.
“Yeah, it’s supposed to happen, silly.” He smiled at me and pushed me back down, hovering overtop of me again.
“Do you care if I kiss you?”
“No, I don’t care.” I answered, still breathing heavily.
He leaned down and pressed his slick and salty lips onto mine. The pressure he applied was strong, nearly too much for me to fight against. He introduced his tongue in and wrapped around mine. His tongue is so salty. Is that what I taste like? He kept pushing me further down into my pillow with his kiss. He’s so aggressive right now and I’m so tired.
Chu, “can you still take me?” He asked with drool hanging from his lip.
“Mhm.” There’s no way I’ll let him do that without getting the pleasure he needs in return.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes Shoto, I’m positive.”
“Okay. I don’t have a condom. Do you?” He asked while kissing on my collarbone and softly sucking.
“Mmm, agh. I-I don’t, but I’m fine without one.”
“Okay, as long as you are. Now, which is more comfortable to you? Being on your back or stomach?”
“My back still hurts a little so stomach?”
“Flip over.”
He clutched onto my waist and helped me twist onto my stomach. He then yanked my hips up, propping me up on my knees. My face became buried in my pillow as I stuffed my hands underneath it. This is an awkward and vulnerable position, but I kind of like it.
He bent over me and left a trail of gentle and loving kisses along my sore back. Chu-chu-chu-chu.
“I’ll be careful, okay? Tell me if it hurts too much.”
I nodded in the pillow and closed my eyes. This is it. I’m finally having sex with Shoto. I’m so nervous. He spit a wad of saliva onto me. It quickly dripped down between my cheeks. The sensation caused me to slightly jump from being startled.
“I’m sorry. Do you want me to tell you what I’m doing?”
“Y-Yes please.” I shifted my weight into a more comfortable position.
“Spread your legs a bit more.” He used his knee to push my thigh open.
“Okay, now I’m going to kiss you.” He leaned down again and softly kissed my hip before sucking.
“Mmmm!” I wiggled side to side.
“Now I’m going to insert a finger, okay?”
“O-Okay.” My muffled voice responded.
He sucked on his finger before rubbing it along my wet hole. “I’m sliding it in.” He said right as his finger gradually slipped in me.

“Ngh!” I clenched the bedsheets into my fists and whimpered.
“Izuku, calm down. You’re shaking.”
“I-I’m s-sorry. I’m nervous.”
“It’s okay. Remember what I said earlier? Focus on me and the good feeling. Relax.”
I inhaled a deep breath and released. “Okay.”
He glided his free hand along my back sweetly as his other finger ever so slowly pushed in me.
“Now I’m going to slide back out.” He did exactly as he explained, slowly pulling out. “Now back in.” I gritted my teeth as he reinserted.
“Are you okay?” I nodded and huffed. “I’m going to speed up a bit.” He increased his pace, fingering me a bit quicker. “Ah! ah mmm...”
“I think you’re ready for a second.”
Another finger of his lined up and slipped in with the other. I lunged forward, but he snatched my waist to keep me from ramming the wall.
“Hey, you’re okay. Did I hurt you?”
“N-No, I just wasn’t expecting it to feel like that.”
“Does it feel good?”
“Uh, it feels kind of weird and a little bit painful.”
“That’s normal. Do you want to continue?”
“You know you don’t have to.”
“I want to, Shoto. I want to have sex with you.”
“Okay Izuku, relax for me.”
I let my muscles go limp and released the bedsheets from my grasp. He continued to insert his two fingers in me, sliding in deeper and deeper. I moaned loudly as the sensation became more pleasurable.
“Good boy. Now back out,” he pulled them out and then pushed them back in.
“F-Faster.” I mumbled. He hesitated, but he obeyed and sped up his pace.
“Ah! Ah! Ah! Mmm! Augh!” My body shook back and forth as he stretched me.
“Feel good?” His voice trembled slightly.My voicemustbe killing him.
“Yes!” I yelped.
He yanked his fingers out and proceeded to spit on himself. He massaged it all over before grinding his head against me.
“Are you ready?”
“Yes. I wantyou.” I whined.
FuckIzuku, you’re going to make me go feral with your moans and words.” He growled.
“I-I’m sorry.”
“I meant it in a good way.” A soft chuckled exhaled from him, “keep doing it. Say whatever comes to mind.”
“... Then fuck me, Shoto.” I bit my lip,Ican’tbelieveIjust said that aloud.
Damn, I didn’t think I’d ever hear you say something that dirty.Ifucking love it.”He gently pressed his head through my hole. The slightest pressure and it effortlessly popped in.
My back automatically arched, “ah fuck!” I cried into my pillow. He very slowly slid more and more in.
Nghfuuckkk. You’re so damn tight. It’s like I never fingered you.” Shoto groaned sensually.
The more he slid in, the more my eyes teared up from the mixture of pain and pleasure.He’s so fucking big. It hurts, but it feels good.
He slapped his hands onto my hips and pulled me back onto him. ”Mmm,it’s all in. Does it still hurt?”
Ugh, it feels fucking good.” I whimpered.
“Yeah, and your ass feels so good on me.” He slid himself out and then back in. Slowly thrusting and shoving my body back and forth.
Randomly, his right hand began to drop in temperature and his left raised. His right and left thigh also did the same.The hell is going on with him? Ugh, butIfeel too good to pay attention.
“Mmm ah, ah, ah! Ugh!” I gripped the bedsheets again, ripping them off the edges of my bed. Shoto’s grizzly moans and grunts filled my ears with ecstasy.How didInot know sex feels this good?! My body is begging for everything Shoto can give.
“Sho-Shoto, don’t hold back.”
“As you wish, but tell me if I become too much.”
He showed no mercy and jammed into me. Not only was my body rocking back and forth roughly, but so was my entire bed. The increasing pleasure was so powerful. My quirk activated without my consent. One-For-All flowed through my entire body, heightening every nerve. Everything became way too sensitive.
Ah! Ah! Sh-Sh-Shoto, s-stop! Ngh! Fuck!”
He abruptly stopped and hunched over me, panting in my ear.
“Are you okay?”
“I d-don’t know.” My lower-half convulsed and shook drastically from the overstimulation. As I worked on relaxing my muscles, I finally managed to control One-For-All and stop it.
Mmughh,Izuku your ass is squeezing me really tightly.”
“I’m sorry! I can’t help it. My quirk was acting up.”
“Oh yeah,” he panted, “I forgot to warn you. Sometimes quirks will flare up during sex. Mine has been too and I’ve been trying hard to hold it back.”
That explains the random coolness and heat earlier.“How do you know so much if you’ve never had sex before?”
“Research and porn. I wanted to make sure my first time was pleasurable for me and my partner.”
“Are you relaxed enough to continue?”
“Mhm, please keep on.”
He started back, gliding his hips back and forth against my ass softly but incredibly deep at the same time. My mouth dropped as I gasped and moaned lustfully. I lost control of my tongue, letting it droop out of my mouth and fling drool all over my pillow.This-Thisfeels different. It’s so much more intense! He’s hitting a super sensitive spot!The more he rubbed that spot, the more blood propelled to my dick. I swelled up again and began to throb.That spot he’s fucking made mehard again.
“Mmm, Shoto. Go harder.” I grabbed myself and quickly rubbed.
“Heh, did I find your prostate?” He sadistically chuckled, “are you hard again?”
“Mmm! Mhm.”
He reached around and gripped me with his hot and slippery left hand, stroking me to the rhythm of each aggressive thrust.
Ah, the warmth feels amazing. He’s going to make me cum again.
“Sh-Shoto, ngh! Y-you can’t-can’t.. Do-”
“Agh!” I bit onto my pillowcase while my eyes rolled back. I filled his hand up with my squirting cum. ”Ugh!"
“More cum already?” He mumbled as he squeezed me to release every last drop from within. “I guess I’ll need to clean my hand now.”
“Just-just wipe it on me. I-I don’t have any towels in here right now.” I groaned and panted.
“Why would I waste it like that?”
“Huh?!” I glanced over my shoulder to see him greedily licking his fingers clean.
“I like the way you taste.”
“Err,” I stuffed my face back into the pillow. He then thrusted hard, forcing me forward and causing me to yelp.
“Izuku, where do you want my cum? I can’t hold it any longer.”
Mimn mmeem." I answered with my muffled voice.
“What? I can’t hear you.”
“In me!” I shouted.
“Yes sir.”
Immediately, he slid out and then slammed back in me. ”Aaghh! Fuckk!"
He continued to pound me further into my pillow, my back arching even more as I’m being forced to yelp louder and scream. Even his own moans grew more animalistic and frequent.
Ugh,I-I’m going to cum,ngh!" He grunted and shoved in as far as he could go.
“Too-too deep, Shoto! Ah!” I winced in pain, but he was already cumming. I felt him pulsate and release a strong pressure. His warm and thick cum shot out and crammed far into me.
His flaming hot and freezing cold body then planted on top of mine while we vigorously panted together.His quirk is breaking through, but Icouldn’tcare less right now. The cold actually feels good on my hot body.
Bdmp-bdmp-bdmp-bdmp-bdmp...I squinted my eyes shut as I felt his heart thud hard against my back while mine thudded hard in my ribcage. We laid there motionless and mostly quiet, just breathing heavily for awhile.
I swung my head to the side, instantly realizing my pillow was soaked in drool, tears and sweat.Wow, I made a mess and I’m drenched in a mixture of our sweat.
He gripped my ass and slid himself out. I flinched and trembled due to my body being overly sensitive. I let out a few huffs right before his cum began oozing out of me.
“Don’t move. Let me clean you up.”
He rushed into the bathroom and snatched some toilet paper. I focused on calming my breathing and trying to avoid passing out as he wiped me clean.
“Are you alright? Did I hurt you too much?”
“Ngh-No. Haa,” I took in a shaky breath, “I’m okay.”
He sighed happily and laid down beside me, “good. Did you enjoy it?”
“Yes. I want to do it all the time with you.” I encased my arms around his waist and lazily pulled myself to his sticky body.
“Ha, the feeling is mutual. I’m glad I upheld my promise.”
“Your promise?”
“Yeah, I told you I’d make you feel good.”
“Oh,” I smiled, “it was better than ‘good.’”
I nuzzled my face against his neck. His sweat was beading down it, but I didn’t care. I was too engulfed in his sweet scent.It’s so much stronger than usual. Maybe it’s actually his pheromones I’m smelling? Either way,I’mso drawn to it.I inhaled it deeply and then exhaled with a satisfied sigh.
“Hey Shoto?”
“Um,” I bit my lip, “do you remember what you asked me earlier? During the truth or dare game?”
He focused his hazy eyes onto my tired ones, “yeah?”
“I-I do.” I swallowed hard.
“I do. I love you.”

He stared at me with amazement, “you do? Really?!”
“Yes.” I smiled, “I love every part of you.”
He continued to stare as tears pooled in his eyes, “I love you too, Izuku. I love you so much.” He burrowed his face in my hair as his joyful tears dribbled down. “I’ve been in love with you for so long. I’ve wanted to tell you, but I was scared it would push you away. You have no idea the relief and happiness I feel right now. Ifuckinglove you so damn much and I can finally say it.”
My own sweet tears fled down my face, “I love you too.”
We remained in the bliss of silence. The only audible sound being our hearts beating and our calm breathing. Even the intimacy of lying together with our naked skin touching instilled a relaxation I had never felt before. Being this close with Shoto created a sense of tranquility on an atmospheric level.I never ever want to be away from him. I never want this feeling to dissipate.
I caressed my fingers against his left side, flowing along a rigid and discolored scar. The healed skin was rough and tattered.I wonder how he feels about me acknowledging and analyzing his scars. I know he hates them, butIdon’t. They’re a part of him. How could I hate something that’s a part of the person I love?
“Shoto? Will you tell me how you got this scar? And the really bad one on your shoulder?” I asked softly.
He clenched his teeth, “um...”
“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”
“I don’t care if you know, it’s just... A painful experience to relive.” He sighed.
“Then don’t worry about it.” I placed my hand onto his hip, ignoring the severe scars. He stayed quiet but tense.
“I was twelve when I got them both. They happened on the day my father tried teaching me a new expelling technique with fire. He wanted me to cast flames and create a fireball, but I couldn’t do it. The most I could do was create the flames on my body. I trained all day without a break. By nightfall, my father grew tired of my failures and punished me. He lashed out with a concentrated fire whip and sliced my side and shoulder blade. The white flames immediately caused a second degree burn. I attempted to treat them myself which is why they didn’t heal completely. Needless to say, I created a fireball the next day.”
“I-I,” I stammered. “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry he hurt you so much. The abuse you dealt with...”
“Don’t worry about it, please. I told you because I want you to know everything about me, even the dark and painful shit. But, I don’t want you to dwell on it. I want you to never lose that sparkle that shines in your eyes when you look at me. No matter what I tell you about my past.”
“Shoto, I’d never see you any different. I’ve told you that before. When I said I love every part of you, I meant it. Your painful scars, your multi-colored hair, your stunning eyes, your sweet fragrance, your beautiful mind and your pure soul. I love you.”
He grinned and laughed, “you’re so ridiculously sappy. But, I love you too.”
We both exhaled content sighs.This night has been so amazing and memorable.
“I hope you had a good birthday.” I muttered while allowing my heavy eyes to close.
“It was an amazing birthday surrounded by my friends and my lover. This day has been the best day I’ve experienced in my whole life. Right next to the day you agreed to be my boyfriend.”
I sharply exhaled as the largest smile crossed my lips.
“Goodnight Izuku, I love you.”
My heart fluttered, “I love you too, Shoto.”


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