His Personal Hero (TodoDeku)

Round Two

*WARNING: Explicit Sexual Content*

Author’s note: Warning, another 18+ graphic sexual content chapter. Please skip if you’re uninterested in reading these scenes! I promise the next chapter will be back to continuing the story plot.
But if you are reading, then enjoy! 🖤

"Goodmorning, Izuku.” Shoto’s low and comforting voice played through my ear.
Mmmh." I whined. I attempted to open my eyes, but they refused to adjust to the new daylight. ”Mm, w-what time is it?" My morning voice croaked.
“I’m not sure. I didn’t bring my phone. I’d guess around seven?”
I dramatically groaned and stuffed my face back into my pillow, it’s too early for a Saturday. My reaction caused him to laugh and snatch me into a tight bear hug.
“Mm! Ow, my back!” I hissed.
He immediately released, “I’m sorry. I forgot.”
“No, it’s not from that. My lower back is sore. I think it’s from the position I was in last night.” I laid on my stomach and applied pressure with my palm.
“Oh, do you want me to try massaging it?”
I smirked and stared at the innocence in his eyes, “we both know what happens when you try to massage me.”
“Heh,” he exhaled hard and instantly grinned from ear to ear. It only took one blink of his eyes to switch from purity to mischief. I turned his sweet and harmless offer into a sinful desire, “I see what’s on your mind this morning.”
He slowly brought his lips to my neck, kissing over each hickey he marked on me. The light touch of his lips ignited chills down my spine. “But I won’t do anything unless you ask for it.”
He picked up my hips and scooted me to the middle of my bed. As he climbed on top of my back, he leaned over my ear and uttered “by the way, moaning counts as asking for it.”
“What? That’s no fair! It’s not my fault you’re good at massaging.”
“Hmm, better be quiet then.” He threatened before exhaling his hot breath down my jaw. Once he sat up, he dug his fingers into my lower back. The pressure from the deep tissue massage almost relieved the pain entirely.
Mm-!" I sank my teeth into my pillow. I can’t make any noise. My body hasn’t recovered from last night. There’s no way I could do it again, although I kind of want to.
He continued kneeding, forcing my tender muscles to relax. I clenched my teeth together and sighed deeply. Ugh, it feels so good.
“Hey,” he muttered, “does your ass hurt?”
“You’re not massaging that too!”
He laughed, “that’s not why I was asking. I feel like I may have went too hard on you last night. I was really trying not to hurt you.”
“Err,” I bit my lip, “it only hurt sometimes. Specifically, at the start and then at the very end. After I got used to it, it only felt good.”
“Damn, I tried my best to make it only feel good, I’m sorry.” His poor voice sounded defeated.
“Hey, it could have hurt like hell, but that wouldn’t have stopped me from wanting to do it with you. I enjoyed it a lot. If I wasn’t so sore, I’d do it again right now.”
He clicked his tongue and grinned. ”Izukuuu," a deep growl rolled off of my name, “you can’t tease me like that.”
He proceeded to lean over me and grind his forehead against my shoulder blades in a needy manner. As he continued to do this, his hair tickled my skin and his breathing increased. Using his elbows and knees, he gradually lifted his weight off of me.
It didn’t take me long to realize the reasoning behind the sudden shift of position. I turned him on. Oops.
“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.” I muttered.
“No, it’s not just because of what you said. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how you looked and felt last night.”
He resumed nuzzling his face against my back and neck before a whiny groan rattled through his throat. ”Argghh, fuucckk!" He dropped his head onto my shoulder. “I’m so damn horny now, ngh.”
Although his body wasn’t touching mine at all, I still felt his precum drip down onto me and stick to my back.
“D-Do you want me to do something?” I asked hesitantly. I haven’t touched him like that before... But I know how irritating the throbbing can feel.
“You don’t have to. It’s my own fault.”
“That doesn’t matter. I can hear in your voice how bad it aches. I want to help you.”
He bit his lip, ”ugh, will you please?”
As soon as I flipped over onto my back, he attacked me with a violent kiss. I synced my lips up with his and fought back while slipping my hand down his chiseled chest. Slowly, I trailed further and further down before stopping right above his waist.
He whimpered and broke off our kiss. My gentle touch drove him to shove his face into the crook of my neck and needily moan in my ear.
Holy shit. He was moaning last night when we were having sex, but these moans are entirely different. These are literally pleading me to satisfy him. He needs my touch to subdue his agony. All I know is if I sound anything like this when I’m begging, I can understand why he loves my moans.
“Please stop teasing. Please." He cried out.
Well, there goes that. I squinted my face as blood filled up in my groin. Why am I getting hard from his whimpers? I shouldn’t find it arousing to see him in pain. What the hell is wrong with me?
I gripped my hand around him and he instantly reacted, “mmph!”
Okay, so I’m doing this now. I slipped my thumb over his tip and massaged the precum down his shaft to help lubricate.
His throat vibrated with long and drawn out moans while my slick hand stroked him. Once I tightened my grasp and rubbed a bit faster, his moans grew quick and more frequent.
“Mm, ah, ah, mm!”
“Does that feel good?” I asked quietly.
Nghh, fuck yes." He snarled.
I winced and exhaled sharply. My own precum began oozing out and sliding down the head, he’s making my body go crazy from his voice alone.
He wiggled his head further into the crevice of my neck. While still moaning, he managed to snag his sharp teeth into my warm flesh. Ngh! What the hell? Why is he biting me so hard?!
“Ouch!” I gritted my teeth.
“Mmph! Ah, t-t-too t-tight Izuku.”
I had subconsciously tensed my hand around him, squeezing rather hard. Of course, I loosened the moment I became aware. “Shit! I’m sorry!”
“It-it’s fine. Just k-keep rubbing, please.”
I softly and loosely massaged him in an attempt to ease the pain I caused. I can’t imagine how bad that must have hurt.
“W-What, w-why are you so tense now?” He mumbled.
“What? I didn’t think I was still?”
“No, your body in general. Before, you were aroused and your movements were more fluid. Now, you’re not. You’re tense.”
“I-I didn’t realize. I guess because I hurt you.”
He started to laugh softly, resulting in me halting my movement and letting go of him. “What? Why are you laughing?!” I snapped.
“Oh no, don’t be offended. I’m sorry.” He kept laughing, “it’s my own fault. I never told you. I figured you’d just catch on eventually.”
“What? Tell me what, Shoto?!”
“I’m a masochist.”
“... W-What is that?”
“I like pain. It turns me on.”
He sighed, “okay. Let me explain, I gain erotic satisfaction from pain. It’s not just any pain though. It’s more of when my partner scratches me, bites me, or hits me in a way that’s meant to result in a sexual reaction. So, if you were to do any of that to me, you’ll make me very horny.”
“Scratching? Biting? Hitting? I-I don’t know if I could intentionally hurt you...” I bit my lip.
“You don’t have to. I’m not telling you this to make you do it. I’m telling you so you understand if you do cause me some pain, I’ll like it. Don’t be afraid of getting rough with me.”
“Uh.. Okay.”
“Plus, you’ve already scratched me before. If you couldn’t tell, I loved it.”
“Yeah, I did figure that out.”
“So, do whatever you want. Scratch me again if you want. Bite me until I bleed. I’ll enjoy it.”
“... Is that why you bit me?”
“Err.. Yeah.” He cleared his throat, “I’ve been wanting to explore your body more and see what makes you tick.”
“What do you mean?”
“I want to see what you like. What turns you on. Where your sensitive areas are.”
“Oh. Well, I don’t really like being bit...”
“I’ve realized that.” He balanced out his weight and picked his head up. His soft and loving eyes met mine. “Would you like to try biting me?”
“Erm... I guess I could try?”
He smirked, “bite the hell out of my neck.” He lifted his chin, exposing all of his tender and sweet skin to me.
This is bizarre. I guess there is still an awful lot I don’t know about sex. I propped myself up and bared my teeth as I reached for him. I gripped my fangs softly into the spot left of his throat.
“Mm, bite Izuku!”
I groaned and rolled my eyes, just do it! I sank my teeth in further. My jaw tensing as it clenched together.
Ah fuck!" He yelped.
I immediately released and pulled away. He shivered viciously once my teeth unhinged from the imprint deep in his skin, ”nghh."
“I bit too hard, I’m sorry.” I whimpered.
Haa, no.” His voice trembled, “you didn’t even draw blood.” He sighed happily and lowered his head back down to my level. His eyes sparkled with satiate tears. “That felt so fucking good. Bite harder next time?”
“Harder?! Do you want to bleed?!” I belted out in a panic.
“Heh, yes. Make me bleed.” He smiled contently, “now that you know what makes me melt into your hands. May I know yours?”
“I-I don’t know mine.”
“Okay. May I explore to find out?”
“Um.. Okay.”
He grazed his lips across my neck, “do you like the hickeys I leave on you?”
“Uh,” I grumbled. Before I could form an answer, he snatched my skin into his mouth and roughly sucked. “Ah! Mmm, y-yes. I like your hickeys. Mmm!”
Mpop! He released the suction and began leaving a line of kisses down my neck. “I-I also like hearing your moans.” I grunted.
“Heh, really? Don’t worry, you’ll hear them a lot. Especially when you scratch and bite me.” He continued trailing down, right before stopping above my chest.
“I wonder...” He muttered mischievously. He proceeded to drape his tongue out of his mouth and run it over my nipple. Oh fuck! My eyes widened and my jaw dropped, “mmm!”
He flicked his tongue over it repeatedly before curling his lips around it and sucking it. ”Uughhh! Ahh.” I slithered my fingers through his hair and grasped it into a knot.
His throat rattled from his moan, causing a vibration against my chest and forcing me to whimper. Ah, why does that feel so good?!
He stopped briefly, “did I find something else you like?”
“Mmmhm...” I nodded and huffed. My whole body tensed once more, resulting in my hand ripping his hair.
Aghh, heh. Pulling my hair is a dangerous game, you know.”
“Sh-Shoto... Mmm, I’m so horny. Can we do it?”
“Aren’t you still in pain?”
“I don’t care. I need you. Please." I whined.
Ugh, I can’t deny those begging emerald eyes or those needy whimpers.” He slapped his hands onto my thighs and roughly yanked me closer to him. “Even though I want to fuck you silly, I’ll be as gentle as I can. Okay? I don’t want you hurting.”
He shoved my legs apart and picked up on my ass, curling me into a ball. He then tucked his arms into the hollows of my knees and leaned over me.

“Are you comfortable?”
“Uh, y-yes.” It’s not uncomfortable, just an awkward and vulnerable position yet again...
He lifted his right hand and spit over his fingers before proceeding to rub them along my hole. The moment I felt his slimy touch, I twitched and grumbled.
“Are you alright?”
“Y-Yes, sorry.”
“You don’t need to apologize.” He answered with a reassuring smile.
Seconds later, he grazed his one finger across me again before slipping it in ever so easily.
“Mm-!” I clenched my legs around his arms and squinted my eyes closed.
“You’re still a little loose from last night. I could put my cock in you now.”
I nodded quickly, “do it.”
“Okay. Tell me if it hurts.”
He retreated his finger, causing me to twitch even more, “ngh!” I bit my tongue as I watched him lubricate himself with more saliva.
“R-Ready?” He stuttered excitedly.
I nodded and grasped my arms around his neck. He grinded his tip against me until it squeezed in.
Agh!” I winced. Damn! I’m way more sore than I thought I was. He’s so big, it hurts! Of course, he caught my reaction immediately, “did I hurt you?”
Ugh, I-I’m a little sore, but keep on.”
“I told you I don’t want to hurt you.”
“Just fuck me, Shoto!” I snapped back.
He grunted displeasingly, but he carefully pressed in. ”Mmugh!" I chewed on my tongue to distract myself from the pain.
As he gradually slipped in more and more, I kept uncontrollably tensing. My breathing was hard and my moans were more of agonizing groans. ”Ughh..."
He tilted his head down and skimmed his mouth against my ear, “You look like you’re in so much pain. You have to relax.”
I took in a deep breath, but I couldn’t unwind my muscles. “I-I’m sorry..”
“It’s okay.” He halted his movement, “maybe this will help.” His hot mouth sucked in a piece of my flesh from my collarbone, forcing a deep bruise to the surface. The arousing sensation promptly overcame the lingering pain I felt, “mmm, that feels gooood.”
Mpop! He let my skin pop back in place before hunching further down, hovering his gaping mouth over my nipples. Oh fuck. His teeth very carefully pinched it, “ah!” I yelped. Simultaneously, he slid himself much deeper into me, somehow without causing pain.
Mmm, I’m all the way in. You were much tighter than I thought.” He grunted, “are you okay?”
“Mhm! P-Please keep playing with my chest.”
He smirked, “absolutely.”
He hung his wet tongue out over his perfectly aligned teeth and licked my nipple. The erotic feeling made me dig my fingers into the back of his slightly tangled hair. In response, his vocal chords vibrated from his quiet moan. He then snatched my nipple into his lips and began to suckle. The moment his mouth met it, he slowly thrusted his hips.
“Mmm, Shoto..” My mind was far from recognizing the pain anymore. All I could focus on was how badly I wanted him to make love to me.
“You’ve relaxed a lot. Do you feel good?” He asked as his sensual eyes pierced into my teary ones.
“Yes, it feels so good. I want you to fuck me silly.”
He chuckled and glanced away momentarily, “I love you.”
Suddenly, the pace of his thrusts quickened vigorously. My body was now bouncing violently against his pelvis. Agh fuck! He’s pounding so deep into me! He’s. Hitting. That. Spot! “Ah! I.. Ngh! L-lo-love.. Ah! Y-youu t-t... Mmm fuck!”
I can’t even speak properly! Nor catch my breath. He grinned as another chuckle emerged, “did I make you swallow your tongue?”
I huffed, “n-no!” I tangled both of my hands deeper into his hair and held on tightly. He moaned noisily as the temperature of his left side raised while the right side lowered. I made his quirk act up. I’ve got to be mindful of mine doing the same.
Ngh, ah ah ah!" I cried out. The more he rammed into my prostate, the louder I became.
Mmph, Izuku.. You’re tightening around me. Agh, you’re going to make me cum early.”
Ah ah! I-I can’t help it! You’re hitting that spot!"
He grunted sadistically, “I know.”
The force behind his hips never eased up. He continued fucking me just as hard as before, regardless of the fact his quirk keeps reactivating each time he stops it. The pleasurable tears I tried so diligently to fight back finally overflowed and dripped down my cheeks. At the same time, my hanging mouth was drying out from the frantic gasping and panting I was doing. Ngh, it’s so hard to swallow my saliva.
Mmm, the faces you make when I’m fucking you are so sexy.”
He grasped my legs and tossed them up onto his shoulders, scrunching my back even more. The first thrust in this new position made me realize quickly, he can reach in deeper.
"Ah Shoto! Shoto!"
The tears kept flowing even as my eyes rolled back. Holy fuck! As he kept ramming, his left hand snuck itself around my outer thigh and grabbed me.
My eyes sprung open and directed down towards the newfound sticky and overly heated hand stroking my pulsating dick. ”Agh!”
He dribbled some spit off of his bottom lip, aiming it onto me. I watched as it smacked down right on my tip, causing me to twitch. He tightened his grip as the saliva ran down into his palm and lubricated my shaft.
Once I was slick again, he rubbed furiously while matching his hip thrusts to his hand. The friction from the strokes along with his hot hand boiled the blood in me, turning my cock bright red. Fuck! It feels like a hot jelly is being rubbed on me. It’s so satisfying!
The stimulation from my prostate as well as his feverish hand heightened my sexual tension rapidly.
Sh-Shoto! Shoto, I’m going to cum!”
One-For-All ignited through me even though I tried to subdue it. The quirk pushed me way past my usual climax. My entire body convulsed as my cum spurted all over me, some drops even reaching all the way to my collarbone. Every nerve tingled and my vision temporarily went dark.
Ugh," Shoto moaned pleasingly, “damn Izuku, do you normally cum that hard?”
Nghh, n-noo...” I attempted to answer, but I still felt lightheaded. My legs were numb and my breathing was sporadic.
He quickly slid himself out, his cum following behind and dripping out of me. What? When did he cum?
“Y-You came?”
He exhaled sharply, “yeah, when you did. I couldn’t hold back, you felt so good clenching around me during your orgasm.”
“Oh,” I sighed deeply. I’m covered in cum, but I couldn’t care less right now. My body is so tired and still receiving dopamine from that insane ejaculation.
“We both need a shower.” He laughed while still panting.
“Yeah, but I can’t feel my legs.”
He gently removed my trembling legs from his shoulders and laid them down on each side of him. “I made your legs go numb? But they’re shaking.”
I nodded and softly whined. He smiled, “I’m sorry.”
“You don’t look sorry.”
He laughed loudly, “I’m not. I just made you cum so hard that half of your body went numb.”
I glanced away shyly, but he leaned over me and pecked my face with kisses. “I love having sex with you.”
“I love doing it with you too.” I mumbled back.
“Oh,” he huffed, “by the way, if you call out my name like that again, you’ll make me go senseless. I just might tear you in half.”
My cheeks instantly blushed, why am I getting so bashful again? I thought after I lost my virginity to him I’d be more comfortable. I guess I’ll always have butterflies around him...
“I see I can still make you blush.” He joked.
“... C-Can we cuddle?” I muttered.
“Of course. Let me clean you first.”
He wiped my chest and ass off with a napkin he found lying beside our pile of clothes.
I stretched out my arms to him, begging for his body to touch mine. He chuckled, “you’re so cute.” He inched himself into my arms and folded his own arms around me. I snuggled up closely to his chest, listening to his raging heartbeat calm down. His sugary sweet fragrance melted me each time I breathed it in.
I sighed contently. This is my paradise, in his arms. Everything is perfect.


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