His Personal Hero (TodoDeku)


“I really really like you.” His eyes pierced through mine. His voice soft and confident. A smile started forming on his lips, awaiting my response.
“Oh!” I looked away quickly. My cheeks reddening with every passing second. I took a step back so I could gather my thoughts. Wait, Shoto Todoroki likes me? Is that why he has been watching me ever since the sports festival? I glanced up, noticing his confidence had drained from his face. I better say something, anything!
“Oh, I see.” I bit my lip, I had never considered him as anything other than a close friend. I don’t know if I even like guys like that.
“You don’t feel the same.” His words had cut through me like ice. I swallowed hard, still unable to give a proper reply.
“It’s okay, I understand.” He began taking steps back with his head hung low. Before I could mutter another word his back was facing me and he was halfway across the field.
My knees buckled under me again. ‘I really really like you’ replayed over and over in my head. Tears slowly filled my eyes and began pouring over. I just crushed my friend’s heart. He took a slap to the face from his father because of me. My heart started racing while my stomach tied itself in a knot. My teeth and fists clenched as thousands of thoughts pondered through my mind. Why do I feel like this all of a sudden? As if I’m going to be sick. Is it possible that I have feelings as well? Maybe I just never noticed... I fell back, gripping onto my clothes. I looked around at my surroundings. It was getting dark quick. I really needed to go home.

The next morning as I entered the classroom my eyes immediately shot over to where Todoroki sits. He was there, staring out of the window, clearly lost in thought. His left cheek was no longer red, but there was a halfway hidden bruise on his collarbone. My heart sank, did his father do that too? I scrambled over to my chair while trying to avoid any conversation.
“Hey Deku! Nice work yesterday, did you ever pass your goal?” Uraraka rushed over to me. I gave her a warm smile. I hope this conversation ends quick.
“Hey Uraraka, yeah I did. My last lap I made in 28 seconds.”
“That’s amazing! Hard work pays off! Congratulations!” She gave me a thumbs up, smiling brightly.
“Heh, yeah. It does.” I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander off, immediately regretting it when I noticed Todoroki looking dead at me. My heart stopped when our eyes made contact. I adverted my eyes and shuffled in my seat while planting my back flat against my chair. It was that moment Mr. Aizawa walked in.
“Good work yesterday class. Today, we will be training against each other one-on-one. I will be choosing your opponents. These selections have been carefully decided based upon many reasons that I don’t have time to disclose.” The whole classroom began murmuring as my nerves worsened. What if I got paired against Todoroki? I am not in the right mind space to fight him.
“Listen up, I will be reading off the names now,” he cleared his throat, skimming over a paper in his hand.
“Tenya Iida against Ochaco Uraraka.
Momo Yaoyorozu against Tsuyu Asui.
Katsuki Bakugo against Izuku Midoriya...” Kacchan and I glanced at each other. He mouthed ‘you’re dead, Deku’ with a smirk growing on his face. Finally, I can have something to distract me. Kacchan is an excellent fighter. We have known each other since we were kids. He helps me become stronger.
“Fumikage Tokoyami against Shoto Todoroki.” My ears perked up when I heard his name. Why would they put them together? I guess it makes some sense. They both use ranged combat.
“Go get changed and meet in Gym Gamma. We will be conducting each fight at the same time. It will be distracting and you will have to watch out for crossfire.” Mr. Aizawa stated as everybody rushed to get changed. I stood up, immediately greeted by Kacchan’s face in mine.
“You better bring your all, Deku. Just because this is a training session doesn’t mean I will go easy on you.” I smiled back at his threat.
“Of course!”

As we all entered the building, there were ten designated sections for each battle.
“Good luck.” An unexpected voice grabbed my attention. It was Todoroki, he gave me a reassuring look from amongst the crowd of our classmates. I nodded in return and awaited further instructions from our teachers.
“Each pair of students will go in the corresponding section. It will be very similar to the sports festival. If you step out of bounds, you lose. Although, this time you will have to be weary of crossfire from your classmate’s fights. I must state, crossfire is not permitted, it is more of an accident. We understand sometimes our quirks expand past our arena unintentionally. This can also happen in real fights. We want to prepare you for these accidents.” Mr. Aizawa explained, as Cementoss and Present Mic step in beside him. Everybody nodded their head in agreement and proceeded to their places.
Kacchan and I were in the third ring. I looked to my left and noticed Todoroki three rings down from me. He was against Tokoyami, the guy with the Dark Shadow quirk. He can control this dark figure to fight for him. A very fascinating and useful quirk.
Suddenly, the signaling noise went off. The battles had begun! Kacchan rushed me, coming in with his signature right hook. I dodged, but immediately he swung his left hand and ignited an explosion against my chest. I flew backwards, almost out of the boundary lines already. My breath had been knocked out of me causing me to gasp for air.
“Get up, Deku! Fight me!” Kacchan screamed from across our arena. He was putting up more of an offensive fight than usual. I managed to recover my breath and stand up, weakly. I planted my feet preparing for another attack. Kacchan flew above me, using his explosions to gain height and momentum. I activated One-For-All in my arms to block, but he broke through and kicked me across the face. The pressure knocked me back, resulting in me coughing up blood. Dammit! My head is not in this. I glanced over to my left and saw Todoroki looking back at me. His face was full of concern as he was being pelted with hits from Dark Shadow. Why isn’t he fighting back?
“You idiot! Don’t get distracted!” My attention snapped back to my opponent, Kacchan, who began preparing his AP Shot. Oh shit...
I blocked with my arms, but knowing it would do no good in protecting me even with my One-For-All. I couldn’t step out of bounds without losing, but this attack would shred me to pieces.
“Bakugo, no!” Mr. Aizawa shouted, but he was too late. Kacchan’s AP Shot had ignited and I was in direct harm’s way. I prepared myself for excruciating pain.
Whoosh, a crackling sound grew closer to me as well as a drop in temperature. I peeked through my defense only to find the unexpected.
A gigantic wall of ice was before me, strong as ever. It wasn’t even slightly penetrated from Kacchan’s blast. Immediately, my gaze trailed left. Todoroki’s left foot was extended in my direction with a trail of ice on the ground. He exhaled a frosty breath. His face showed how exhausted that attack made him.
“Bakugo, you’re disqualified for attempting to use a lethal attack.” Mr. Aizawa grabbed him by his collar and drug him out of the arena.
“Todoroki, you are also disqualified for intentionally using friendly fire.” Cementoss explained.
“What?! That wasn’t friendly fire! If I hadn’t done something, Bakugo would have killed him!” Anger lit up his face, but it clearly wasn’t from being disqualified.
“You shouldn’t have intervened. Aizawa erased Bakugo’s quirk before it even triggered.” I stood up and checked the other side of the ice wall. Well, that explains why the wall wasn’t damaged.
“What the hell Icy Hot! Stay out of this!” Kacchan snarled, but Mr. Aizawa restrained him in his scarf to prevent him from causing any more harm. It was just like the sports festival all over again.
Todoroki scoffed and folded his arms. The ice on his left side slowly melted away.
“Class is dismissed.” Mr. Aizawa stated as he drug Kacchan out of the building. Everybody groaned, obviously upset about the sudden ending of the training session. I couldn’t help but feel it was my fault. I should have been better prepared going against Kacchan.
“Are you okay?” A soft voice came over my shoulder. I glanced back, seeing Todoroki’s worn out face.
“I-I’m fine! Thank you.” The bruise on his collarbone was more apparent this time. It resembled a large hand grasping for his shoulder. He noticed me staring and quickly shuffled his clothing, slightly wincing in pain.
“A-Are you okay?” Concern filled my voice and eyes.
“Yes, I’m fine.” He backed away from me and went to grab his gear. His silhouette disappearing as he left the building.
“Midoriya, are you alright?” Cementoss approached me.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Thank you.”
“Good, I’m sorry for that accident. Don’t worry, Bakugo will be addressed. Head on home and get some rest.”
“Okay.” I nodded and we parted ways. Why was Kacchan so angry today? I’ve never seen him like that before. We typically fight, but that was different. It was like he was taking his problems out on me. Why is everyone around me falling apart? Is it because of me? Did I influence this somehow...


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