His Personal Hero (TodoDeku)

Will You Be Mine?

The next morning greeted me with confusing thoughts. Why was Kacchan so aggressive yesterday? He had always fought hard against me, but even he knew his AP Shot could have killed me. If it wasn’t for Mr. Aizawa and Todoroki stepping in, I wouldn’t have survived. There would have been no way for Recovery Girl to fully heal me. They both saved me.
I sighed and cupped my hands over my face. A pounding sensation growing in my head. Don’t worry, Bakugo will be addressed.′ Cementoss had told me, but I know that will result in Kacchan’s rage building. The next time we have to fight each other, I may not end up as lucky. Maybe I should speak with Kacchan before the teachers do? I could try to understand where this sudden anger of his has come from. I need to find Kacchan before class starts. I need to know what’s going on.

The moment I stepped into the 1A classroom every eye turned on me. I froze in my tracks, why is everyone staring at me?
“Hey Midoriya, how are you feeling today?” Iida, our class president, shot me a concerned look.
“I’m okay.” I smiled reassuringly, but my body language said otherwise.
“Good! We were all worried after yesterday’s incident.” He expressed, but I couldn’t focus on conversation. My eyes scanned through the room, everyone was here; except Kacchan.
I unintentionally locked eyes with Todoroki. He looked physically drained and worried. I noticed him mouth the words ‘are you really okay?’ which instantly created tears in my eyes, but I held them back. How could somebody care so much about me, that they completely disregard themselves?
“Midoriya, please take your seat. Class is starting now.” Mr. Aizawa’s voice came over my shoulder, startling me. I muttered an apology and rushed to my chair.
“As you may have noticed, Katsuki Bakugo will not be in class today. He has been suspended for three days. I’m mentioning this because I want you all to see how serious we are about our rules.” The room fell silent. Glancing over my shoulder, I see relief in Todoroki’s face. In return, stress entered mine.
“With that being said, today’s class will be short. I have an important teacher conference I have to attend later. For the time that we do have I will be discussing what the teachers noticed yesterday during the one-on-one matches.” He cleared his throat as he gathered the papers laid out on his desk. I bit my lip and squinted my eyes. My headache started to become overbearing.
“Iida and Uraraka, your starting techniques were good. But, when paired against somebody with an engine quirk and a gravity manipulation quirk, you must outwit your opponent or it will forever be a stalemate...” His voice faded away, my focus drawing to the severe pain swelling in my head. I tugged on my hair, attempting to relieve some of the pressure.
“Tokoyami and Todoroki...” Of course, I snapped back to reality when I heard his name. I knew Todoroki didn’t put up much of a resistance in that fight.
“Tokoyami, your attacks were very strong and successful. But Todoroki,” Mr. Aizawa sighed disappointedly, “you used no defensive or offensive attacks. You handed Tokoyami the win. Why didn’t you take the fight seriously?” All attention turned to him. He appeared very uncomfortable with the sudden spotlight.
“I have no excuse. I was distracted.” He answered.
“Distracted? By what? Surely not the enemy that was in front of you.”
“I’m sorry Mr. Aizawa and Tokoyami. I didn’t give you my best.” His eyes fell away from Mr. Aizawa’s glare.
“I will be bringing this up to your father. I will not have anybody slacking in my class. Also, I expect you to train over the weekend for the rematch next week. You better be prepared to give Tokoyami your best fight. He deserves that respect from you.” Todoroki nodded in agreement, but he never reconnected eye contact with Mr. Aizawa.
“Class dismissed. Enjoy your weekend.” Mr. Aizawa stepped out of the room, clearly agitated. I began fumbling with my bag, but my headache started to make me feel disoriented. I folded my arms on the table and rested my head on them, closing my eyes and concentrating on breathing deeply so I wouldn’t pass out.
“Hey,” a soft weight of a hand on my shoulder redirected my attention.
“Are you alright? Your face is pale.” Todoroki was knelt down on one knee. His other hand placed on the back of my chair to keep himself balanced. I quickly skimmed the room, apparently everybody else had already left.
“Yeah...” My voice faded as I struggled to keep my eyes open, “I have a horrible headache.” I unwillingly gave in and let my eyes shut.
“Here, let me help you.” He stood up over me, placing his right hand over my forehead. His palm rapidly dropped temperature. The coolness alleviated my agony and I softly moaned from the relief. I was able to open my eyes again and meet his.
“Does this help?” I nodded slowly, his soothing eyes captivated mine. I had never noticed how beautiful his hetero-chromatic eyes were before. I was lost in them.
All of a sudden, my chest tightened and my eyes widened. Wait, do I like him? I thought to myself as my heart raced. He noticed the sudden change in my facial expression.
“Are you sure you’re okay?”
“Y-Yeah, I’m fine. Thank you. But, I need to go visit Kacchan.” He abruptly pulled back his hand and clenched it into a fist.
“Why?” His voice fell dark and caught me by surprise.
“I-I need to talk with him. He’s my friend, and I need to understand why he has been resentful to me lately.”
“It’s Bakugo. He has been ruthless to you ever since I met you.” I stood up from my chair, but Todoroki was blocking my way.
“That’s just how he is. We’ve been friends since we were kids.” I stepped to the side of him, but he side-stepped to block me again.
“I don’t want him to hurt you.” His arms folded against his chest.
“He won’t. I’ll be okay.” A sincere smile formed on my lips. He exhaled hard and rolled his eyes.
“Okay. Be careful, please.” His voice filled with uneasiness. My heart’s pace quickened again and my palms became sweaty. I involuntarily bit my lip which drew his eyes to it.
“I’ll see you later?” I said nervously, as I side-stepped again to get past him.
“Of course.” A sweet smile grew on his face. I hastily grabbed my bag and made my way to the door, letting out a deep exhale. I think I’m starting to like him back...

I arrived at Kacchan’s house. He was outside, leaning against the wall and staring at the ground. I began approaching him but he never noticed.
“Hey Kacchan?” I mumbled softly and his gaze promptly met mine.
“What the fuck do you want, Deku?” His voice was startlingly aggressive.
“I-I just wanted to see if you were okay.” I took another step forward, but Kacchan responded by puffing his chest out at me.
“Why the hell do you care? You got me suspended!” His teeth clenched and his brows furrowed. Pure rage was spilling out of him.
“I’m sorry, Kacchan. But, you’ve never been this upset with me before and I want to know why. What did I do?” His posture stiffened and his eyes pulled away from mine.
“Go away, Deku." He snarled but he wasn’t as aggressive as before. His voice actually softened on my name. Am I breaking through?
“I’m not leaving. Not until you tell me what’s going on.” My voice softened as my concern rised.
“Leave me alone. Leave, right now! Or I will make you.” The anger had returned as the nitroglycerin started sparking in his hands.
“Threaten me all you want. Hurt me if you want. But, I’m staying right here.”
Suddenly, my airway was cut off and I was slammed against the wall of his house. Kacchan had me by my throat. I could hardly breathe and I was activating One-For-All in my arms to try to rip his grasp apart. But, it was in that moment, that I saw in his eyes the build up of tears.
“Dammit Deku!” His voice started breaking, but he paused for a moment to reclaim it.
“I can’t believe I’m going to admit this but... I like you, okay? And I know Todoroki does too. I see the way he looks at you and I hate him for it!”
Wait, what?! Kacchan likes me too? Has he always liked me?
“W-What?” He released his grasp on my neck. I fell to the ground into a gasping fit, begging for air to return to my lungs. As I sat there trying to recover, Kacchan kneeled in front of me and placed his hand back around my neck. This time, it wasn’t as tight.
He yanked my face up against his and that was when his lips met mine. He applied gentle pressure, forcing me back against the wall again, but not hurting me as our lips continued playing off of each other. Then, Kacchan slowly drug his lips off of mine. His breath striking my neck as he sighed. He plopped down in front of me with his head hung low, refusing eye contact.
“Listen, I have liked you ever since we were kids, Izuku,” he paused, trying to find the courage to confess. He said my actual name.
“I always bullied you but it was the only way I knew how to cope with my feelings.” His head perked up and his eyes grabbed mine.
“I thought I would finally be free of you when I got to U.A. High School, but that didn’t happen. I have never been able to escape from you. Now, I have to watch Todoroki fall for you and not be able to act on it.” I swallowed hard. How am I supposed to respond?
“W-Why were you trying to hurt me, yesterday?”
“I wasn’t trying to hurt you. I...” He stopped and diverted his eyes from mine, “I was testing that dumbass Icy Hot. I knew he would risk his match to save you. I was never going to fully ignite my AP Shot. I could never kill you, Izuku. I couldn’t live without you in this world.” He looked back at me again, but his eyes were completely different. They were soft, sincere and tear-filled. I had never seen Kacchan like this before.
“I’m sorry I take my frustrations out on you. I’m sorry I let my anger get the best of me. But, you are the only one that can handle me.” He paused again, taking a deep shaky breath.
“Izuku, I promise I will never hurt you again. I promise I will only ever protect you, and love you, even if it costs my life.” A stinging pain formed in my eyes as they overloaded with tears.
“Will you be mine?” Kacchan spoke softly.


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