His Personal Hero (TodoDeku)

New Home

Sunday was entirely uneventful. Kacchan never replied to my message and there was no communication from Todoroki. I spent the day completing the assigned homework from the previous week, but I could not fully focus on it. My thoughts were consumed by my emotions.
Mom expressed concern since I was holed up in my room all weekend, but she believed me when I said I was just busy with coursework. Truthfully, I was being mangled by my own heart.

That Monday morning came crawling. I had no ambition when I woke up. Although, I still checked my phone with some hope that there would be an unread message. Of course, there wasn’t though.
I hesitantly crossed into the doorway of 1A, unsure of what was to come. I let my eyes drift over to Todoroki’s seat. He was hunched over his bag and fumbling with his homework. As I walked to my chair, I noticed him slightly wincing in pain while leaning back up. Did he overexert himself yesterday? Or maybe, did I hurt him when we were training? I peeked over my shoulder at him again, but he was still reading the paper in his hands. His body language was tense and his left leg was nervously bouncing. Maybe he just didn’t have much time to do his assignment?
Mr. Aizawa suddenly entered with Present Mic following behind. He was carrying a handful of paperwork.
“As you all may remember, there was a teacher conference I had to attend to last week. The U.A. faculty officially decided to build dormitories for the students.”
“Dorms?!” Everybody shouted.
“Yes, dorms. They began the construction on Saturday. The buildings will be finished by tomorrow.” Mr. Aizawa explained, “these dorms are to help protect you from the increased villain attacks on all of the U.A. students. We will be speaking with your parents today for their permission on boarding you.”
There were mixed reactions throughout the classroom, but most of everybody was excited about the idea.
“Because of this, we won’t have class today. The homework that was due today will now be due later. Also, Todoroki and Tokoyami, your rematch is being rescheduled for later this week. For the rest of you, Present Mic or I will be coming to speak with your parents in the next couple of hours. Class is dismissed.” Mr. Aizawa and Present Mic proceeded to exit the classroom.
“Hmm, I wonder how the dorms will work.” Tsu mentioned.
“I’m not sure, but I bet it would be fun!” Ururaka answered with a grin.
It wasn’t long before the class was empty. We all hurried home to break the news to our parents before the teachers arrived.

“Hey mom!” I shouted as I opened the door to my house. I could feel a small light shining over me and happiness returning. I think it would be fun to live in dorms.
“Izuku?” A little bit of confusion carried her voice.
“The teachers from U.A. are coming over to talk with you.” I turned into the kitchen. She was sitting at the table with a dish of soba.
“Why? What happened? Are you okay?” She jumped up from her chair at the sight of me.
“I’m fine, Mom!” I reassured her, “but, they are coming to discuss boarding the students into dormitories. They have already built them, but they will be finished tomorrow.”
“Boarding?” She asked, surprised. “Well, what do you want to do?” She asked me. My mother has always tried to put my dreams first. She knew how important it was for me to go to U.A. High School. I have been very lucky in that regard.
“Honestly, I’d like to. I wouldn’t have to walk so far and I could have more time to study. I’d also be able to make friends easier.” My face lit up with hope and excitement.
“When will they be here?” She asked.
“Mr. Aizawa said it would be within a couple of hours.”
“Izuku, let me think about it.” She sighed and sat back down. The hope washed away from me when I noticed her facial expression. She looked as if she was stabbed in the heart.
“Mom,” I hovered over her from behind and wrapped my arms around her neck. “I know you constantly worry about me, but I promise I’ll be safe on school grounds.” I kissed her cheek.
“I’ll never stop worrying.” She said softly.
“I know. But, I could come home to visit every weekend. Maybe even sometimes during the week when I’m not busy.” I answered back with a smile.
“Well,” she sighed again, “if you promise to visit often, I guess I can’t say no.”
“Thank you, Mom! I promise I will come home a lot!” I bounced excitedly into my room, filling my luggage with everything I could stuff in it.
Knock knock knock. The sound echoed off of our front door. That was way sooner than a couple of hours.
“Hello Mrs. Midoriya. Is Izuku Midoriya home yet?” Mr. Aizawa’s muffled voice reached my room.
“Yes he is.” She answered, “Izuku! Your teacher is here!”
I joined my mom and Mr. Aizawa in the living room. He cleared his throat before speaking.
“Mrs. Midoriya, the U.A. faculty have decided to build dormitories for all of its students. With your permission, we would like to board your son in our school. We believe by doing this we can efficiently protect our students as they learn how to gain full control of their quirks.” Mr. Aizawa explained.
“Yes,” my mom nodded in response. “Izuku told me about this before you got here. We talked it over, but I do have a question I need to ask.” She was fidgeting with her fingers.
“Of course. I expected as much.” Mr. Aizawa replied.
“How do you intend on keeping my son safe?”
“The teachers will keep the students supervised by living on campus as well. Any disturbances at all and we will be alerted right away. Our priority, which is the reason why we built these dorms, is to keep our students safe.” Mr. Aizawa explained smoothly.
“That’s reassuring,” my mom said in an exhale, “okay. I consent to letting Izuku move on campus.” She stated.
“Great, I just need you and your son to sign a few papers and he can move in tomorrow.” Mr. Aizawa presented the papers with two pens. My mom and I read over them carefully before signing.
“Good. I will leave you to your packing. I expect to see you at the school tomorrow morning with your stuff.” Mr. Aizawa nodded to me as he began to leave.
“Yes sir.” I answered back.
He closed the door behind him. My mother and I exchanged looks, a huge smile building on my face.
“Thank you.”
“Of course, sweetie. Now go finish packing.” She smiled back.
I opened my closet door and pulled all my clothes out. I didn’t have much room left in my suitcase, but I stuffed them all in anyway.
Bzzzz. My phone vibrated on my bed, pulling my attention to it. Kacchan?

Todoroki 13:18

Wait, Todoroki? Why was he messaging me? Especially with a one worded message.

To: Todoroki
Hey, what’s going on?
Delivered 13:19


Todoroki 13:22
I wanted to apologize for my behavior this past Saturday. It isn’t any of my business what happened between you and Bakugo. I’m sorry.

To: Todoroki
It’s okay. I’m sorry too. I’m also sorry if I hurt you on Saturday. You looked like you were in pain this morning in class.
Delivered 13:23

Todoroki 13:25
You didn’t hurt me. Don’t worry about it, I’m fine. Are you moving into the dorms?

To: Todoroki
Yeah! I am. Are you?
Delivered 13:25

Todoroki 13:27

His last message didn’t give me much to reply to, so I didn’t. I checked my last sent message to Kacchan. The status of it said ‘read’ but still no response. At least I know he’s okay if he has read my message. I wish he would reply though. Hmm, I wonder if he has found out about the dorms yet?

To: Kacchan
Did you hear about the school building dormitories? Are you going to move in?
Delivered 13:30

The message went through this time. Actually, it changed from ‘delivered’ to ‘read’ almost immediately. The three floating periods popped up on my screen, signaling that he was typing a message. But, they disappeared shortly after.
Hmm, I should probably give him some space. We both need time to ourselves to process what happened. The recent excitement of the dorms had made me forget about everything. But, maybe moving into the dorms could also help me find the answer to my question. Who do I truly want to be with?


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