His Personal Hero (TodoDeku)

Home is Where Your Friends Are

The following morning was very hectic. My mom kept double checking my belongings to ensure I had everything.
“Izuku! Did you pack your hoodies? It is about to be winter and you’re going to need them!” She yelled from my bedroom.
“Yes mom, I did.” I shouted back. I was clumsily loading everything onto my back like a pack-mule.
“Oh sweetie, you can always come back to get the rest of it! You don’t have to get everything in one trip.” She reached out to help me catch my balance.
“It’s fine. I have everything I need.” I smiled at her.
“Okay. Be careful and make sure you tell me when you get settled in.” Her voice crumbled at the end as the tears flowed down her cheek.
“Awh mom,” I pulled her into my arms and let her weep into my shoulder. “I love you and I’ll come see you in a few days.” Her grip tightened around me.
“I love you too.” She sniffled and watched me walk out of the door. Okay, here I go to a new chapter in my life.

Several of the students were already standing in front of our dorms, the 1A Alliance. The building was massive and impressive. How did they build these in three days? I looked around to see who was here and who wasn’t. There’s Iida, Jiro, Uraraka, Tsu, Kaminari, Kirishima, Kacchan, Aoy-
He was standing off to the side with a single black duffle bag over his shoulder while indulged in a conversation with Iida.
“I thought you were suspended for another day?” Iida mentioned.
“Yeah I was, but Mr. Aizawa told me I could come back a day early to move in.” He answered.
His knuckles were flaming red with some bruising on both hands. Did he do that to himself? Was he punching walls? My eyes cowered to the ground. I know he does that when he’s incredibly upset. It has only happened a handful of times before...
“You certainly brought a lot.” Todoroki’s voice grazed against my ear. I looked up at him. He was standing over me from behind, catching me by surprise.
“Y-Yeah, I have a lot of clothes.” I shyly responded. He smiled and a soft chuckle escaped his lips.
“I can see that.” He nodded sarcastically.
Wow, I feel embarrassed now. My cheeks blushed and my eyes wandered off. I scanned through the group of classmates in front of me until my eyes passed onto Kacchan’s intense stare. Wait, he was actually staring at Todoroki behind me. Ah shit...
I peeked over my shoulder at Todoroki once again, but he was looking off in the distance. He wasn’t aware of Kacchan’s presence.
I bit my lip nervously, what if Kacchan tries to pick a fight? I looked over at Kacchan once again, but this time he was staring at me directly. His face wasn’t showing any sign of emotion. I subtly waved to him, but he adverted his eyes immediately. I guess he still hates me.
“Students of 1A,” the voice came from behind us, “this building is your new dormitory. Males are on the left wing and females are on the right.” Principal Nezu, Mr. Aizawa and Present Mic passed through us. They all ambled closer to the entrance of the dormitory before motioning us to follow.
Once we all immigrated into the building, we were astonished at how luxurious the inside was.
“The common area features a cozy lounging spot, kitchens, baths and laundry rooms.” Principal Nezu continued, “the next floors are the living quarters. There are five floors and your rooms have already been pre-assigned. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, toilets, beds, refrigerators, closets and a personal balcony.” He said as the three teachers turned to face us.
“Without further ado, go ahead and start moving in! Each room will have a plaque with your name on it.” Principal Nezu finished.
“Also, there won’t be class today as you all will need the time to settle in. Return to class promptly tomorrow morning though. There will be no excuses for being late anymore.” Mr. Aizawa mentioned before dismissing us.
Everybody darted up the stairs to start unpacking. Luckily, my room was the second room on the second floor.
I happily dropped my bags onto the floor and soaked in the view from the balcony. This is amazing. I hastily started unpacking, putting all of my clothes away first. As I grabbed my last hoodie out of my bag, a piece of paper floated onto the floor. Hmm, what’s that?

Izuku, don’t forget to
let me know how you’re
doing! I’m proud of you.
Love, Mom

I smiled at the note and proceeded to grab my phone.

To: Mom
We just started moving in and the dorms are amazing! Each room has its own balcony and bathroom. There’s also a giant common area on the first floor with kitchens and laundry rooms. It’s awesome.
Delivered 09:15

After all, I wouldn’t be here without my mom. She helped me become who I am and she has supported me with my dream. I’m so lucky to have her.

Mom 09:16
I’m so glad! Enjoy yourself, sweetie.

Another smile drew on my face. I plopped down onto my freshly made bed. This place is so great. I took a deep breath in and exhaled it slowly. Happiness filled my heart. I guess I need to finish unpacking.

I finally unpacked the last bag that evening. My room was officially done. I strolled out onto my balcony that overlooked the school’s campus. The sun had started setting, turning the sky into warm orange and purple hues.
The temperature was far from warm though, I softly shivered from the wind picking up. I stepped back inside my room, sliding the door shut when a knock occurred on my entry door.
“Hey Midoriya! We’ve cooked dinner for everyone if you’re interested.” Iida’s muffled voice broke through the door.
“Definitely!” I replied.
I tossed my blue hoodie over my head and snatched my phone off of my bed. Once I opened the door, I saw Iida going down the hall shouting the same message through closed doors.
“Hey Tokoyami! We’ve cooked dinner for everyone if you’re interested.”
Ah okay, so Mineta, Aoyama and Tokoyami are on this floor with me. I wonder what floor Kacchan and Todoroki are on?
I entered into the common area. The only students here were Kaminari and Mineta. They were at the table eating and chatting.
“Hey guys! So, who cooked?” I asked as I approached them.
“Iida and Sato. They both enjoy cooking apparently. Either way, it tastes great! Go get a bowl and join us.” Kaminari answered.
I nodded and done exactly so, coming back to sit beside Kaminari. More classmates made their way down into the common area to eat dinner. It wasn’t long before the room was full of chatter and laughter. It warmed me and put me in a great mood to see everybody socializing and bonding.
The last couple of students to come down were Todoroki and Sero. Todoroki was wearing the same grey hoodie he had on last Saturday. Hmm, I guess their rooms are on the top floor, but Kacchan never came down. He’s probably avoiding everybody. Or, maybe me in particular?
I was finished with my food, but I hung around to enjoy the company. Kaminari and Mineta had went back to their rooms for the evening, so Todoroki came and sat beside me.
“Have you finished yet?” He asked, slurping on a mouthful of noodles.
“My room? Yeah, I finished a little while ago. You?”
“Yeah,” he softly laughed, “I didn’t have nearly as much as you did. I figured you would be unpacking for the rest of the week.” My cheeks flushed with embarrassment again. He immediately noticed and smiled.
“I’m picking on you, Midoriya.” That didn’t help at all. I turned my face away as the blushing worsened. I could faintly hear him chuckling.
We sat there in silence. Well, somewhat silent besides his occasional slurping noises.
Him and Sero were the last ones to eat. Once they finished, I helped them clean the kitchen.
“Thanks Midoriya! You didn’t have to stick around and help though.” Sero said.
“It’s okay! I don’t mind helping. I usually help my mom after dinner anyway.” I smiled in return. Todoroki was side-eyeing me from across the kitchen.
The three of us climbed the stairs to our dorm rooms. I stopped at my door and entered my room, but before crossing the threshold I looked over in my peripheral sight. I watched Todoroki and Sero walk down the hall to the second set of stairs. Hmm, I wonder what the view is like from the top floor.
I pulled my hoodie off over my head. My crazy hair getting tangled up as usual. I changed into a comfy T-shirt and cozy sleep pants before settling myself in bed. I checked the time on my phone, 22:28.

My eyes flashed open. I sat up, my eyes groggy and blurry. I rubbed them, but quickly noticed that I had woken up in the middle of a street in broad daylight. What the hell? Where am I? I frantically looked left and right, but there was nothing. The street was entirely empty.
“Where am I?” I spoke aloud, but not really sure why.
I attempted to stand up, but immediately toppled over when a piercing pain shot through my leg. I gripped it hard, pulling up my pants leg and revealing a gruesome twisted ankle. The bone was protruding and blood rushed out onto the asphalt, creating a deep red puddle of clotting liquid.
“Ugh!” I screamed in pain, but nobody was around to hear.
Crawling out of the street was my only way of moving. I left behind a trail of blood that lead straight to me. What happened? What did I do? I don’t sleep walk. At least, I don’t think I do.
“Midoriya!” A faraway voice called for me. Do I respond? What if it’s a villain?
“Midoriya! Where are you?” The voice grew closer, coming up the street on my right.
A black silhouette came into view. I noticed the white and red hair almost immediately. Todoroki?
“I’m here!” I screamed back, repositioning myself against the brick wall.
“Midoriya?” His figure grew closer and closer. He was wearing his hero costume. What is going on?
“There you are. Are you okay?” He crouched over me, his face covered in cuts and bruises.
“Uh, no. My ankle is broken.” I pointed towards it.
“Dammit, that looks painful. I’m going to have to carry you.” He curled his arms under my knees and behind my neck, supporting me in a cradle carry.
“What happened, Todoroki?” I asked once he was situated on his feet.
“The League of Villains infiltrated the dorms in the middle of the night. A lot of the students are missing and a few are dead.” He clenched his teeth and I could feel his heart racing in his chest.
“Who is dead?!” I started panicking.
“Midoriya, I need to get you to safety first.”
“Todoroki! Tell me! Now!” I wailed.
Suddenly, I was chucked into the air several feet high. I landed hard onto the asphalt, my body twisting from the momentum and my ankle getting damaged even worse.
“Ahh!” I yelled in pain, completely unable to move. My eyes squinted in the direction I came. I saw Todoroki’s figure kneeled over, a huge bleeding gash in his right side. His ice quirk was taking over, trying to protect the wound, but failing. A villain was standing by him, but I couldn’t see who it was.
Todoroki fell forward onto the ground. My heart strangled with pain.
“Todoroki!” I screamed, not caring about the villain nearby. My eyes overflowed with tears. I stood up once again, limping my way to his body, but the villain saw me.
I activated One-For-All, hoping I could withstand the pressure from the unknown attack. I don’t know what this guy’s quirk is, but I have to get to Todoroki. The villain rushed me, sparking electricity in his hands. I tried to dodge, but my broken ankle caved under me. The villain sent shockwaves through my body, making it contour in ways it shouldn’t.
The disguised villain stood over me. He held a bloody spear over my chest. Is this how it ends? I can’t move. The electricity has paralyzed me. My eyes were full of fear, but they never looked away from the tip of his spear. The blood from his previous victims dripped onto my chest. Todoroki’s blood.

“Ah!” I shouted as I sprung up from my bed. My body was drenched in a cold sweat. My heart was racing and my breathing was rapid.
Was it just a dream? I was shaking and disoriented, but I began realizing that I was in my dorm room. My breathing started to slow. It was just a dream. But, my anxiety wasn’t entirely leaving. My fight-or-flight was still activated.
I tapped the screen on my phone, it was 03:18. A groan escaped my mouth. I ran my hands over my face and through my messy bed hair, sighing deeply.
My anxiety wasn’t lessening. I looked at the clock again, reading 03:24. I decided to try pacing around my room, hoping to fool my mind into submission. Nothing was working though. I glanced up at my door, taking in a deep breath before deciding to leave my room.
The hallway was dimly lit, but I tiptoed through it and up the stairs. I read each plaque on the third floor.
“Koda, Kaminari, Iida and Ojiro.” I whispered to myself.
I reached the fourth floor and did the same.
“Shouji, Kirishima and Bakugo.” I stopped briefly in front of Kacchan’s door. I could hear him softly snoring. Should I try to knock? I hovered my fist over the door for a moment before retreating. No, I won’t bother Kacchan.
The final floor, Todoroki must be here somewhere.
“Hmm, there’s Sato.” I mumbled before stumbling upon Todoroki’s plaque. I cupped my ear to the door, listening for a moment. It was completely silent in his room.
Am I really going to do this? Ugh. I fought back and forth with my thoughts. He’ll think I’m childish. I bit my lip and balled up my hand. Whatever.
I softly knocked on the door and listened for a response, but there was nothing. I turned away and began to walk back down the hall. I guess I’ll try Kacchan’s door. As I stepped forward, I suddenly heard the soft sound of feet hitting the floor.
The door swung open. Todoroki stood there with his eyes squinted. He was wearing that same grey hoodie with faded sweatpants.
“M-Midoryia?” His voice was deep and sleepy, “are you alright?”


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