His Personal Hero (TodoDeku)

Moonlit Eyes

“M-Midoryia?” His voice was deep and sleepy, “are you alright?”
“I-I’m sorry if I woke you. I-I just...” I quickly realized how bad of an idea this was, “um, I just wanted to check on you.”
“Check on me?” His voice was still groggy. He shifted his weight against the door frame, propping himself up with his arm.
“Y-Yeah, I-uh.. I had a dream that you were killed. So, I was worried.” This is a lot more embarrassing than I thought it would be. My line of sight dropped to the floor.
“Oh,” a smirk formed on his face as he laughed lightly, “you had a nightmare about me?”
“Uh, y-yeah, I guess I did.” I nervously ran my fingers through my chaotic mess of hair.
“Come inside.” He stepped aside, showing the way into his room.
“Uh, o-okay.” I hesitantly crossed into the doorway. What am I doing? Why did I bring myself here?
Once I was in the room, my eyes immediately noticed the drawn curtains, revealing a stunning midnight aerial view of the campus.
“Wow.” I gasped as the view pulled me in.
“Heh, yeah. I said the same thing.” He closed the door behind him.
“It’s beautiful, but how can you sleep with all of the light?” I turned to him. He was still standing by the door.
“Moonlight helps me sleep. I did the same thing at home. Of course, my view wasn’t nearly as good there though.” His body remained motionless against the door.
“You definitely have the best view.” I smiled.
“Yeah, I do.” His beautiful eyes pierced through me. I glanced away shyly. Why did I come here again? Oh yeah, to embarrass myself even more. The air was still. No sounds from anywhere. I hate awkward silence. I looked back at him, catching him mid-yawn.
“I-I’m sorry for waking you up. You can go back to sleep. I’ll leave.” I hastily walked to his door, reaching for the doorknob before he planted his hand against the door frame, barricading my way out.
“You can stay here, if you want. You can sleep in my bed.” My whole body froze in place except for my heart that started racing.
“With you?” The words came out of my mouth before my brain could process them. Why did I say that? I didn’t mean it like that, dammit! I looked up at him to see him smiling back at me.
“If you want, sure. Or, I could sleep on the floor if you prefer.” My heart skipped and my body tensed again.
“Oh no, I wouldn’t make you sleep on your floor. I could sleep on the floor.” I stepped back.
“You can sleep on my bed, Midoriya. I don’t mind the floor. I promise.” His body relaxed again as he stuffed his hands into his pockets.
“No, I’ll take the floor.” I took a couple of steps back until I was in the middle of the room. I crossed my legs and planted myself on the floor. He shrugged his shoulders and proceeded to climb onto his bed, laying on his stomach with his arms crossed under his head. His sleepy eyes locked with mine, captivating me.
“There’s an extra blanket and pillow in the closet if you want it.” He mumbled.
“Oh okay, thank you.” I opened the closet, revealing a handful of clothes. Wow, he wasn’t kidding when he said he didn’t have much. I pulled the blanket and pillow out, setting up a spot on the floor to sleep. I laid on the floor and spread the blanket over me. Oof, the floor is super cold. My body instantly curled up to retain heat.
“Are you still cold?” He asked softly.
“A little, but I’ll be okay.” I replied softly with a smile.
“No, you won’t.” He sat up and began to pull his grey hoodie off over his head, which in turn pulled his shirt slightly up, revealing his waist. There were numerous scars all over his body, some very deep and some faded. My breathing halted at the sight.
“Todoroki...” I muttered. He tossed his hoodie at me and yanked his shirt back down.
“What?” His gaze met mine once again.
“Um,” I wasn’t sure if I should say anything or not, but I wanted to understand. “You have so many scars.” I mumbled, holding onto his warm hoodie.
“Yeah...” He pressed his back against the wall, “I didn’t mean for you to see them. I’m sorry.”
“What? Why are you sorry?” I sat up, observing his dimly lit face.
“They’re awful.”
“Did you get them from training?” I asked softly.
“... No.” His face expressed pain. I stood up and sat on the edge of his bed.
“Well, how?” Worry filled my mind.
He sighed deeply before pulling his shirt up over his head, slowly revealing every inch of his torso. There were so many scars on his toned body, long and short. There were bruises scattered everywhere too, some still purple and some nearly healed. He leaned back, propping himself up with the wall again.
“Todoroki...” My heart winced.
“This is what happens when you don’t live up to your father’s standards. Every mistake I’ve made there was some sort of punishment. Whether it be him pushing me harder or taking his anger out on me.”
“Your father did this?” Tears coated my eyes.
“Yes, ever since he started training me.” He took in another deep breath, his chest rising and then descending on the exhale.
“I had no idea. I’m so sorry.” My voice trembled, I have been so lucky with my mom. I knew this, but I never realized how much until now.
“It’s okay, it isn’t your fault. I no longer live there.” He smiled at me, but the tears already started streaming down my cheeks.
“Was he the reason you would always be in pain in class?”
“Sometimes, yes. Especially when he found out that I’ve been hanging around you a lot. He hates that I’m gay, so he thought punishing me would change my sexuality.” His eyes glistened in the moonlight.

“I’m so sorry, Todoroki.” I bit my lip and looked down, the tears continuously streaming.
“Oh, Midoriya. I’m okay,” he pulled my chin back up, “I’m strong enough to withstand my father. You taught me that back at the sports festival. I still and will forever resent him, but I’ve realized I am my own person. Even with his quirk.”
“I-I knew you hated him and refused to use your left side because of him, but I never knew why.” I said, sniffling.
“Yeah, he’s a horrible person. I don’t think you know, but I’m the youngest of my siblings.”
“I didn’t know you had siblings.”
“Yeah, I have two older brothers and an older sister. My father kept creating children until he got his ‘masterpiece,’ which was an equal mix of cyrokinesis and pyrokinesis quirks. Also known as, me.” He stopped briefly before continuing, “when I turned five, he started training me. My mother was against it, but my father drove her to insanity. When I was still young, she poured boiling water over my left eye. That is why I have this scar too. After that, he admitted her into a mental hospital. He has given me plenty of reasons to hate him, but luckily, he has never pushed my siblings like he has with me. I have been very protective over them, ensuring they never have to witness any of his abuse.” His voice was full of anger and pain. The same emotions stung my heart.
“I understand why you hate him now.” I wiped my face with my bare arm, never dropping the eye contact between us.
“Yeah, but like I told you, you helped me get through it. You have no idea how much you helped me find myself after the sports festival. You saved me from self-destruction.” He was smiling again. I pulled his hoodie over my head, stretching my arms into the sleeves and then pulling it down over me. It was still warm and it smelled sweet, just like him.
I brought my knees up to my chest and rested my chin on them. That was so much to take in. I can’t believe Endeavor did these things to his own son. The memory of Endeavor slapping Todoroki in the hallway that day echoed through my mind. I should have realized it a long time ago. When I saw the bruise on his collarbone that day, I should have known it was done by his father. No wonder he has always tried to hide his pain and avoid my concerns.
“I don’t know what’s going through your head right now, but I hope you don’t see me any different.” He crossed his legs and looked away.
“Of course I don’t. You didn’t do anything wrong.” I reassured him.
“You know, I’ve been working with my fire more lately, training it to make it stronger and more controllable.” He lifted his left arm with his hand stretched out. A small flame lit up in his palm, creating a warm atmosphere around us. I smiled at his accomplishment, before he was only able to create huge flames.
“That’s amazing.” The light from the flame danced off of his face. I watched his eyes as they were focused on me and not the fire he was holding. My heart rate suddenly quickened when my sight unintentionally targeted his lips. He instantly noticed where my eyes went and revealed his teeth in a half-smirk.
“I have a question for you.” Oh shit. I screwed up, didn’t I?
“What’s the question?” I shyly smiled back.
“Hmm, have you possibly developed feelings for me?” His tongue glazed over his lips, still smiling.
“Oh! I-I don’t k-know.” I broke away from his gaze. Yeah, I screwed up.
“Oh?” He was leaning closer into me. My face lit up red.
“Maybe I can help you find out.” He kept approaching me, ever so slowly tilting his head to the side, but I was frozen still. His face was just inches from mine now.
“Stop me if you’re still not sure.” His voice dropped an octave lower. I could feel his warm breath ricocheting off of my jaw. I can’t speak and I can’t move. My heart was about to beat out of my chest.
His delicate lips glided onto mine. They were so soft and gentle, not applying too much pressure. Our lips began to move in unison, passionately kissing one another. The same sweet smell that was on his hoodie was now hitting me even harder. The bewitching scent was coming off of his neck. Ugh, he smells so sweet. He caressed the back of my neck with his fingertips, sending chills throughout my body. My heart was still racing, but I also realized it was content and happy. Is Todoroki the one I want?
He started to pull away, but I leaned further in. I didn’t want to stop kissing him, in fact, I needed to keep kissing him. I leaned further and further in, pushing him back against the wall until I had him completely against it. He continued to satisfy my lips with his, but it wasn’t until his tongue reached into my mouth that I paused for a brief moment. I was taken aback by the sudden change, but I went with it and intertwined my tongue with his. I could feel his lips curling on the edges into a smile. I retreated my tongue and let my lips give him one last kiss before pulling away. Once I leaned back, there was a trail of saliva connecting our mouths. I immediately wiped it away, feeling slightly embarrassed.
Damn, Midoriya.” His eyebrow lifted up. He was shocked, but in a good way.
“I-I’m sorry.” My cheeks were on fire now.
“Ha, for what? Making out with me?” His eyes dropped from mine, looking over my neck before meeting my gaze again. ”Fuck, you’re a good kisser.” He licked his lips, drawing in my saliva off of them. I froze up again, why was I able to do that but become paralyzed again right after?
“Come here,” he grabbed my arms and pulled me over to him. He positioned me on my side in between him and the wall, my back against the wall. He tilted into me, his mouth greeting mine once again, but a little bit rougher than before. The pressure behind his kiss held me against the wall, but I didn’t mind.
His right hand slipped in between the hoodie and my t-shirt, rising up over my stomach and onto my chest. He pressed his palm against my heart, pausing for a moment before chuckling.
“Your heart is beating so hard,” he murmured in our kiss.
I followed his same movement with my own hand, trailing up his chest. I flattened my palm over his heart, it was beating just as hard.
“So is yours.” I answered back, pulling out of the kiss.
“Heh, yeah. I didn’t think you would ever want me like this.” His voice was low and his words were spaced out.
“I honestly wasn’t aware of my feelings until recently.” I licked my lips and swallowed.
“I’m glad you discovered them. I’m also very glad you came here tonight.” His warm breath hovered over my neck, creating more chills down my spine.
“Yeah... Er, it’s late though and we should probably go to sleep.” I patted my pocket, realizing I left my phone in my room. Ah dammit.
“What are you looking for?” He asked.
“My phone, I guess I left it in my room.” I sat up which in turn made him sit up too.
“Do you need it?”
“I was just checking for the time.”
“Oh,” he reached over towards the nightstand and tapped his phone screen. “It’s 4a.m. We need to be up in a couple of hours.” His voice changed, sounding all sleepy again, just like it was when he opened the door.
“Yeah, we should go to sleep.” I scooted towards the edge of the bed, but Todoroki’s arms wrapped around my chest and pulled me back into him.
“You’re not sleeping on the floor,” he laughed a little. “You’re going to sleep right here.”
“No, I should sleep on the floor.” I tried to wiggle away, but he wasn’t having it.
“I’m not going to let you, so stop fighting me.” He yanked me up and over him, putting me back into the space between him and the wall. I looked up into his eyes, they were so happy and full. Honestly, I don’t want to leave his side.
Ugh, fine." I succumbed. He released a satisfied laugh as he spread his blanket over us. I curled up against his heated chest as my eyes were getting heavy. He pulled me in closer to him and dug his fingers into my hair. My eyes trailed up and down his body, looking closely at his healed wounds. There was a really deep and jagged scar coming over his shoulder and onto his chest. I caressed my fingers over it slowly before embracing it with my lips, kissing it softly. His fingers tensed in my hair and he gave me a kiss back on my head. My heart started to slow down and relax. My anxiety from before had completely melted away. I feel safe with him. My eyes fell shut as I listened to his slowing heartbeat. I think I’ve decided. I think I’m choosing him.


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