His Personal Hero (TodoDeku)

Love Collides

The following morning introduced itself with a luminous light that filtered in from the window. The intense brightness disturbed my deep sleep and forced me awake.
As my eyes fluttered open, I realized my vision was terribly blurry. I smeared my sleeve over them in hopes I could wipe away the grogginess. Wait a second, this isn’t my hoodie? I turned over, meeting Todoroki’s bare chest against my face.
I briskly darted upright, my cheeks blushing hard from the sight of him. Ah! I forgot I fell asleep here. My quick movement startled him awake. His shiny eyes popped open and immediately caught mine.
“Are you alright?” A drowsy voice drew from his lips, extremely deep and scratchy.
“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m sorry I woke you. I forgot where I was for a second.” I continued rubbing my eyes with the sleeve of his hoodie. A delicate smile built on his face and a low chuckle left his throat.
“You’re so cute with your bedhead.” His raspy voice teased me. I watched his eyes sparkle from the golden light pouring over them.
“Heh, yeah my hair stays a mess.” I attempted to comb my fingers through the psychotic mayhem of hair, but they kept getting tangled on every little curl. Todoroki propped himself up and swaddled me into a passionate hug.
I sighed contently, scooting myself back against his bare chest. Relaxation and warmth draped around us like a blanket creating an immense sensation of comfort.
I suddenly became aware of his face nuzzling into my neck. His steamy breath trickling down it. The feeling covered my entire body in excited chills.
“Well, good morning Izuku,” he whispered next to my ear, “if that’s okay for me to call you?”
“G-Good morning.” I answered back bashfully, “and yes, I don’t mind. May I call you Shoto?”
Another chuckle emerged from his throat, “sure.” He casually removed his right hand from my waist and used it to redirect my face to his. Shoto’s flirty eyes dropped to my mouth. I watched his tongue slip over his lips, wetting them before gently placing them on mine. I kissed him back tenderly, my heart picking up its pace and beating noticeably hard. Our lips played with each other for a few moments. But unfortunately, all wonderful things must come to an end.
He receded his lips from mine and flashed his glossy eyes at me. My vocal chords let a quiet whimper escape. Of course, he responded with a mischievous smile. He knew what he was doing to me.
“Are you happy?” He asked. At the time, I was unable to form words so I just nodded.
“Uh, did I take your voice away too?” A playful laugh came in between his words. How much more blushing can my cheeks take? I twisted away from him and concealed my rosy cheeks with my balled-up hands, hoping it would obscure them.
“You’re so fucking cute, Izuku. I can’t stand it.” I glimpsed back over my shoulder at him. The emphasis had snagged my attention along with his cute half-grin.
“Oh, and your emerald eyes are just mesmerizing.” At the end of his sentence, I found myself captured by his heterochromatic eyes as they inched closer and closer to mine. He was carefully observing my irises.
“My eyes are nothing special, but yours are amazing, Shoto. They were one of the first things I noticed about you when we started talking. I mean, who couldn’t get lost in your fascinating shades of gray and blue?” Tension suddenly surged through my body. Really? Did I really just admit that? I withdrew my eyes out of his stare, completely flustered.
“Ha, don’t be shy. You can flirt with me to your heart’s content.” He buried his face in my unruly hair while laughing at my nervousness.
As my face was drowning in embarrassment, I let my eyes wander off through his room. The room was rather bare. There was a nightstand by his bed, a wooden dresser against the opposite wall and the blanket and pillow I left on the floor. I noticed a couple of photos on the dresser, but they were too far away to distinguish what was on them. All I could see was a group of children, a girl with white hair and red streaks, a boy with fully red hair and another boy with white hair. Are those his siblings? Above the dresser was a wall clock. The clock read 07:48.
“Um, Shoto?” I muttered.
“Yes?” His voice was so velvety and calming. It distracted me for a moment.
“Uh,” I mumbled as I recovered my original thoughts, “i-is the time on that clock right?” I hesitantly pointed to it. I could feel his head turn away from my neck, following the direction I was pointing.
“Oh shit.” The tone in his voice changed, “yes, it’s right. Fuck! We’re going to be late to class.”
We both tried to scramble out of the bed instantaneously, but it only caused us to get tangled up together in the sheets.
Once we managed freedom, Shoto threw his shirt on over his head and I hurtled myself towards the door.
Dammit, dammit, dammit! I don’t have time to take a shower. I don’t even have time to get to my dorm to change into my uniform, but I have to! I flung the door open and sprinted down the hallway.
“Izuku, wait!” Shoto’s voice faded as I steadily decreased the distance between me and the stairs.
When I got onto the fourth floor I glanced back because I could hear him running after me, but my legs didn’t stop moving. Once I spun back around I collided straight into a dense wall. At least, what I thought was a wall. The momentum knocked me backwards onto the floor while shoving the student I ran into over onto his hands and knees. Ouch, that really hurt. I propped myself up on my hand and used my other hand to rub my head. It was in that same moment that I realized I had really screwed up.
“Ugh! What the fuck! You damn idiot!” Kacchan snapped as he helped himself back up. He turned to face me with his fist in the air, but he abruptly stopped when he realized who ran into him. I flinched anyway because I expected him to land the punch. Why did it have to be Kacchan? Of all people, of course I’d literally run into him.
“Deku?!” He growled my name through clenched teeth, “what the hell are you doing running down from the fifth floor?” Simultaneously, Shoto had appeared in the stairway and was watching all of this unfold. He saw Kacchan hovered over me with a fist sprung back. Needless to say, Kacchan’s eyes shot up to him when he came into view.
“Todoroki?!” Kacchan snarled, his clenched teeth now showing through his lips. He dropped his fist and stood up straight, but his body was stiff. His eyes trailed back down to me. Rage, jealousy and anguish engulfed his face. Clearly, a light bulb had went off over his head. He began to put two and two together.
“Really? You fucking slept with him?” His voice showed more disappointment than anger.
“No Kacchan! It’s not like that at all! Not the way you’re thinking!” I yelled.
“Then how the fuck is it? Huh?!” At this point, Shoto was stepping in to intervene. Kacchan slowly picked his head up in his direction.
“You better stay the hell out of this if you know what’s good for you.” He threatened, but it didn’t phase him. He kept approaching us.
“Shoto, please don’t.” I begged him as I stood back up on my feet.
“Oh, so your his bitch now?” Kacchan said mockingly to me.
“Kacchan, stop!” Shoto was standing directly behind me, glaring Kacchan down. Kacchan was doing the exact same to him. Neither of them were listening to me.
“We need to get to class! Don’t start a fight!” I pleaded, but again nobody was listening to me.
“Don’t you dare touch him.” Shoto said intimidatingly, but Kacchan laughed in his face.
“Or what? You can’t do shit to me, Icy Hot. I’ll beat your fucking ass.” Both of them were bowing up at one another, never dropping eye contact. I was stuck directly in the middle.
“Kacchan. Shoto. Just stop.” As soon as the words left my mouth, Kacchan swung his right fist up over my left shoulder. Shoto dodged his attack while forcefully shoving me against the wall, getting me out of their way. Kacchan came back with another swing, landing that one against Shoto’s right cheek and then igniting a small blast against his neck. The force knocked Shoto back, but didn’t hurt him due to his resistance to fire. I propelled myself in between them, using One-For-All to cushion any more blows.
“Stop!” I screamed, but Kacchan vaulted over me. He landed on top of Shoto and winded up another explosive punch. I tackled Kacchan off of him, but that resulted in me receiving the explosion instead. The heat ripped through the sleeve of Shoto’s hoodie and caused a mild surface burn on my bicep.
“Ugh!” I grasped at it, attracting both of their attention.
“You’re fucking done now.” Shoto’s voice was dark, inconceivably dark. He reached his right hand and foot out in unison, coating the whole hallway in ice. The temperature instantly dropped and every exhaled breath was visible. Kacchan and I momentarily struggled to maintain our balance on the sleek sheet of ice.
When I reclaimed my stability, I discovered Shoto’s right side was encased in icicles. He began to emit skinny and serrated ice shards from his body, sending them towards Kacchan while he was distracted. Luckily, he managed to dodge them, but the sweat on Kacchan’s body started to cease. This prevented him from making any nitroglycerin to ignite. Shoto knew he had created an advantage over Kacchan.
He continued attacking, binding Kacchan in an ice pillar. The onslaught was causing Shoto to become very sluggish, but he wouldn’t quit. He aggressively clasped his right hand on Kacchan’s throat, forming ice on it. Kacchan gasped for air as the ice was freezing his airway closed.
I triggered One-For-All, flowing it throughout my body but focusing it in my arms. Shoto is going to kill him if I don’t do something! I sprung myself in between them, breaking through Shoto’s grasp on Kacchan.
“Stay out of this!” He barked at me before snatching Kacchan’s throat again. I bulldozed him into the wall using my body and enhancing the pressure with my quirk. The ice pillar and wall crumbled from the outrageous impact. Kacchan collapsed onto the floor, sharply inhaling air once his airway reopened.
“Stop fighting!” I begged them before realizing I accidentally knocked the breath out of Shoto. He was hunched over on the floor, wheezing. Shit! Kacchan stood back up. He glared at Shoto and then at me. His face was full of shock and disappointment.
“Really Deku?” He muttered.
“I’m so sorry, Shoto! I didn’t mean to use so much force!” I kneeled over him, but he shoved me away. The same lit light bulb that Kacchan had at the beginning emerged over his head.
“Fuck! Does Bakugo -cough- have feelings for you?” Shoto croaked, “do you have feelings too? Is that what this has been about?” I stumbled back, unable to answer him. The unexpected rejection pierced through my heart.
“You’re an idiot, Deku,” Kacchan growled, “you already fucked things up with me. Are you really going to fuck things up with him too?” Shoto and Kacchan were both staring at me, disappointment on Kacchan’s face and anger on Shoto’s face. My eyes flooded with stinging tears. What did I just do? Within the same moment, Mr. Aizawa entered into the hallway.
“What the hell is going on here?!”


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