His Personal Hero (TodoDeku)

Be Good to Him

“Somebody better start talking. Now.” Mr. Aizawa demanded, but none of us had the confidence to speak. His intense glare had us paralyzed.
“Okay, since no one is willing to talk; Bakugo and Todoroki, go straight to the first floor and wait for me there. Do not mumble a single word to one another.” His tone was severely agitated.
Kacchan and Shoto obeyed without a single word of rebuttal, surprisingly. Kacchan casually stepped down the flight of stairs while massaging his throat. Shoto followed shortly after, but not before gleaming back at me. The pain that revealed on his face shattered my heart.
This was all my fault. Kacchan’s right, I am just an idiot and I fuck good things up. I destroyed the relationship Shoto and I started building and dismantled the childhood bond Kacchan and I had.
“Midoriya,” Mr. Aizawa started once their footsteps faded away, “tell me what is going on. Why do I keep finding the three of you in fights?” His voice was slightly calmer towards me.
“I-I... Uh,” am I supposed to I tell him? “I don’t believe it is my place to say.” I answered hesitantly.
“I’m going to ask them the same thing once we are finished here. You might as well tell me your side of the story. I need to understand so I can find a resolution. I can’t have my students fighting.”
“Well...” I paused for awhile.
I did not want to tell him in case Shoto and Kacchan didn’t want the truth to be known. If I said it, there’s a chance it would make things worse, but I also understood his point. So, do I admit it?
“Mr. Aizawa, I respectfully ask you to speak with them before me.” I tensed as I prepared myself for an outburst. I knew I would get into trouble saying that, but I was not willing to ruin my relationships any further.
“Okay fine,” he sighed, “then you’re coming with me.”
He snatched me by Shoto’s hoodie that I was still wearing and drug me down each floor until we entered the common area.
Kacchan was lounged back on the couch with his arms folded and his leg resting over his knee. His face was stern but emotionless. Shoto was on the opposite facing couch, hunched over with his hands cupped around his neck. He was immersed in his thoughts, clearly trying to comprehend the newfound information. The sight of him like that stung my chest. I really hurt him. Why did I do that? Why did I let that happen?
“Bakugo. Todoroki. I am quickly losing my patience.” He stopped briefly, “Bakugo, tell me what is going on. Tell me why this is the second time something has happened between you, Todoroki and Midoriya.”
Kacchan scoffed, “tch, you should be asking Deku over there. His dumbass is the reason behind it.” He ended with an eye roll.
“Very well,” Mr. Aizawa harshly tangled Kacchan up in his scarf, “talk or I will tighten it until you can’t breathe.”
“Ugh!” Kacchan struggled aggressively, but the scarf was steadily crushing his body. Mr. Aizawa was done playing games. Should I confess? I don’t want Kacchan to keep getting punished because of me.
Shoto inhaled a deep breath before muttering a sentence of incomprehensible words. In response, Mr. Aizawa released his possession of Kacchan, causing him to sharply inhale oxygen as his lungs decompressed.
“What? You’re talking too low, Todoroki. Come over here.” Shoto hesitantly obeyed Mr. Aizawa and sat on the other end of the couch, away from Kacchan.
“Bakugo and I have been fighting over Midoriya because we both like him.”
“... Oh.” Mr. Aizawa was taken aback. Kacchan and Shoto refused to make eye contact with anyone.
“In that case then,” he cleared this throat, “all of you will be on house arrest for three days. You will be confined to your dorm rooms and there will be no communication between the three of you. Todoroki and Bakugo, you both are to change into your training uniform and meet me in the courtyard after I finish teaching this morning’s class. Does everybody understand?”
We all nodded together. Mr. Aizawa grumbled to himself before speaking, “all of you are young adults training to become professional heroes. You shouldn’t be letting teenage drama prevent you from progressing towards your goal. This is going to put you majorly behind your classmates.” He stood up before continuing, “heroes are role models in the eyes of citizens. They need to be disciplined and mature.”
Mr. Aizawa left us with those words swarming through our minds. The impact of realization struck all of our faces. We sat motionless in the silence for awhile, piecing together where everything went wrong.
Kacchan was the first one to leave. He stomped his feet against each step on the stairs as he ascended them.
“Shoto,” I spoke softly, “I’m so sorry.” I couldn’t bare to look into his face so I kept my eyes on the floor. He swiftly stood up and climbed the stairs, completely ignoring me.
That hurt. Bad. I gripped my arms around myself as I started quietly sobbing. The aching in my heart was so painful. I really messed up with Shoto, but I also have been falling behind as a hero. At one point in my life, becoming a hero was all I ever thought about. Lately, I’ve been so fixated on my feelings that I put school last on my priority list.
A few moments later, I trudged up the stairs with my mind sinking into a pool of depression. I have fallen back to square one as a hero and a friend. Last night with Shoto was amazing, but in the blink of an eye I ruined it. He wouldn’t even acknowledge me when I spoke to him. Would he listen if I professed that I want him instead of Kacchan? Will he ever talk to me again? My thoughts refused to stop racing around my head.
Once I crossed into my room I gradually removed Shoto’s hoodie from my body. The burn on my arm was already healing, thankfully. It was barely noticeable and didn’t sting anymore. As I held onto Shoto’s hoodie, the sweet scent of him pricked my nose and discharged a flashback of last night. I clung it close to my body, inhaling the smell while falling onto my bed. What if I permanently ruined everything? My eyes pondered through my room, noticing my phone that was still on my nightstand.
Ugh, it’s still early and I’m stuck in my room with all of these thoughts. I can’t get away from them and I have nobody to turn to for comfort. Tears began pooling over and slowly dripping onto my pillow. I guess the only thing I can do is sleep, that is, if my mind will let me.
I closed my eyelids as the last teardrops fell. My body and mind were exhausted from last night’s sleep deprivation and the physical strain from separating Kacchan and Shoto earlier. I didn’t realize it until I was resting on my bed for awhile. It wasn’t very long before my body caved into the much needed sleep.

Several hours later I woke up to a commotion coming from outside. I shuffled out of my bed and peeped through the curtains over my window. To my surprise, I saw Kacchan, Shoto and Mr. Aizawa in the courtyard. They were talking, but I wasn’t able to understand any of their muffled voices. I really want to know what’s being said.
I cupped my ear against the glass. The voices were still heavily muffled and low, but I managed to draw in a few words coming from Mr. Aizawa.
“Bakugo... Punishment for... Midoriya... Fighting.”
What? None of that makes sense. Hmm, oh I know! I slipped out of my room and climbed up to the fourth floor. I probably shouldn’t do this, but I need to know what’s going on.
“Shoji?” I softly knocked on his door and he promptly answered, as if he was already standing by it.
“Midoriya? What is it?” He asked.
“Hey! Uh,” I gave a weary smile, “this is going to be a lot to ask, but would you help me listen in on Kacchan and Todoroki? They’re in the courtyard with Mr. Aizawa.”
“What? You want me to eavesdrop on them?” He said disapprovingly, “that could get us into major trouble if we get caught.”
“I-I know, it’s just... They’re in trouble because of me and I want to know what’s going on. I know it’s wrong for me to ask this of you, but it would really help me.”
“Look, Mr. Aizawa already told us this morning that the three of you are on house arrest, but he wouldn’t say why.” He sighed, “I’ll do this for you, but tell me what’s going on first and why this is so important to you.”
“Okay, well.” I nervously ruffled my hand in my hair, “they were caught fighting this morning and I was in the middle of it. I tried to stop them, but I only made it worse.”
“Why were they fighting?”
“Um,” dammit! I really need his help, but I don’t want more issues to come out of this. “Promise me you won’t say anything to anybody.”
“Okay?” He had shifted his weight and was leaning against the door frame now.
“Well,” before I could continue, a loud series of blasts came from outside. The strength was enough to shake the building. Both of our attention pulled towards the window in his room.
“What was that?” He muttered before motioning me to come in. We approached the window and glimpsed out of it.
Kacchan and Shoto were fighting each other again, but this time with Mr. Aizawa watching. Kacchan had fired several strong explosions. Shoto was blocking, but ultimately being overpowered. He’s still worn out from this morning.
“Midoriya, did you know this was happening?” Shoji asked.
“I-I knew they were outside, but they weren’t fighting.” I muttered.
“Why are they fighting now?”
“I kind of heard Mr. Aizawa say something about punishment and fighting before I came here. Maybe he’s making them fight?”
“Possibly. He could be making them fight one another as a punishment. Are you going to tell me why they were fighting earlier?”
I bit my lip, “they were fighting over me.” I murmured softly.
“Oh.” He responded before falling silent.
Kacchan was still dominating. Each explosion was fueling Kacchan with more energy but draining Shoto’s. This is so hard to watch. He fought so hard this morning to protect me and now I can’t do the same for him.
“Okay, I’ll help you.” Shoji mentioned as he formed a couple of ears on his limbs.
“Bakugo is yelling ‘stop pretending to be weak!’”
Shoto was blocking each attack with an ice shield, but the shields kept shattering. The density of them becoming weaker and weaker with each one he built. Kacchan continuously busted through them until he was in front of Shoto. He ignited yet another explosion right against his chest, sending him backwards several feet.
I slammed my back against the wall as my knees crumbled to the floor. I can’t watch this. I feel so helpless. I should be protecting him. Shoji glanced down at me, noticing the pain on my face. One-For-All involuntarily flowed through my arms. The torment was enough to irritate my quirk into activation.
“It’s alright, Midoriya. Mr. Aizawa isn’t going to let Bakugo hurt him badly.” Shoji tried to comfort me. I knew from his response that he figured out who I was after. He knew I was pursuing Shoto.
“Hey! What’s going on in here?” Kirishima popped in from around the corner. Shoji never closed his door.
“Oh no, nothing!” I frantically tried to act normal, but I failed miserably.
“Looks like you’re spying on the fight outside. I want in!” Oh no.
“No, no, trust me. You don’t want to be here.” Shoji and I both tried to discourage him, but again, failure.
“Of course I do! Bakugo is kind of my friend, after all. I want to know what’s going on too.” He exclaimed before inviting himself in and shutting the door. Fantastic.
Shoji and I exchanged glances. He mouthed ‘do you want me to continue?’ as Kirishima came closer to us. I sighed and nodded my head. Whatever I guess.
“Bakugo is still winning. His attacks are stronger than Todoroki’s defenses. Nobody is really talking right now.” Shoji explained since I refused to watch.
“So, what happened between them? I heard rumors that they were fighting this morning and that’s why you three are on house arrest.” Kirishima said to me as he was fumbling with a paper ball he had in his hands.
“That’s what we’re trying to figure out.” Shoji answered him. He knew Kirishima would keep pestering if he wasn’t given some sort of answer.
“Oh, looks like Bakugo has Todoroki pinned down with his knees on his arms. Mr. Aizawa is saying, ‘okay, that’s enough. Go back into the dorms. Todoroki, you need to be working much harder. First, you failed your fight with Tokoyami and now you can’t even hold up against Bakugo. I expect you to start improving, immensely. Otherwise, you will flunk out of the hero course. And Bakugo, good job. Both of you are doing this again tomorrow. Go get some rest, you’re going to need it.’”
Shit! He’s fallen so far behind that he could get dropped from the class. And, it’s all my fault. He was doing so good before the sports festival. It will be my fault if he fails.
“Mr. Aizawa left, but Bakugo and Todoroki are still sitting on the ground. Nothing is being said at the moment.” Shoji mentioned. Kirishima and I glanced at each other. He was no longer fidgeting with the paper ball.
“Damn, so Todoroki might be getting kicked out.” Shoji shot Kirishima a stern glance.
“What?! Why the face?” He shot back, surprised at his reaction.
Shh! They’re talking.” Shoji paused, “Todoroki is apologizing. He’s saying ‘I’m sorry about all of this. He makes me so protective over him. I thought you were going to hurt him and I lost control when he got burned.’”
“Who is he talking about?” Kirishima whispers.
Shush! Now Bakugo is talking, ‘I see the way you look at him. He has been my friend since we were five years old. I love him, but I’m not right for him. All I have to say is, you better take care of him. Keep protecting him and get stronger so you can. I will back off, but only because I want what’s best for him. And I know I’m not that, you are.’”
My emotions toppled over. I buried my face in my hands to hide my uncontrollable tears. My heart was full. The words coming from Kacchan hurt me, but in a different way. He cares enough about me to let go of his pride. He would rather watch me be happy with somebody than to give into his selfishness. Kacchan, I may not be with you in the way you want, but I hope you know I love you too and I will never leave your side.
“Wait, is he talking about you? Is Bakugo gay?” Kirishima blurted out moments before a mischievous grin grew on his face. Shoji shot him another nasty look, but my mind wasn’t entirely attentive of the ongoing events in the room.
“Todoroki is talking now, ‘I didn’t know. He didn’t tell me. He wouldn’t tell me, actually. I asked, but he lied to me about it. He kept giving me excuses. I don’t know if I can be with somebody who will lie to me.’ He stopped and is staring at the ground now. Bakugo is looking at him. Now he’s saying, ‘Deku is a bit of an idiot. He probably didn’t know if he should tell you in case I didn’t want you knowing. Which, I didn’t but it’s fucking whatever now.’”
Kirishima sat silently on the floor with his face blankly staring at the window. It’s unlike him to stay quiet. I wonder what’s going through his mind?
“Todoroki’s saying, ‘maybe, but he still lied to me.’ He stopped and is standing up now. Bakugo is standing now too. Oh, Todoroki is speaking again, ‘I’m sorry, Bakugo. If I knew what was going on I would have talked to you about it. I wouldn’t have went after him if I had known.’ Bakugo is answering back with, ’it’s fine. Just remember what I said. Don’t hurt him or I’ll kill you.’” Now they’re walking back inside.” Shoji explained. Oh shit!
“I need to get back in my room! Thank you Shoji.” I stumbled hastily out of the room.
Now I know Shoto is really upset that I didn’t tell him about Kacchan. I need to talk to him and confess everything, absolutely everything. Maybe I still have a chance. Maybe I can fix this.


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