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Secretly Loving Him


“Jiminie you can tell me anything I won’t be mad I promise.” I lean my forehead against his breathing in deeply I love his scent it reminds me of home of crisp apples during fall and the sweet smell of cherries in the summer. “I don’t know how to Hoseok.” He mumbles climbing out of my lap standing up in front of me gazing up at sky. I feel like I know what he is gonna say but I don’t want to hear it. When Hoseok goes out for a drink with Yoongi after practice he notices a change in Jimin when he tells him he is leaving. What happens next when Hoseok gets too drunk and begins to notice how Jimin is changing? With a new discovery, Jimin won't even know what hit him. All the others know but sadly one of them of blind and is it Jimin or Hoseok? Things are not always black and white and with them, things are never that way. With each new chapter in life comes new surprises right? Some for the good and some for the worst. 

Romance / Drama
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This is part one of four of the Secretly Series!

I 100% appreciate comments and constructive criticism so please feel free to give them. I just ask you do it in a kind manner! I try to be as nice as possible and open as possible. If you want to know something just ask!

~I AM AWARE JIN IS MALE, I AM AWARE HE IS NOT AN EOMMA, THIS IS FICTION! He is not portrayed as a female in the fic, he is not referred to as a female in the fic, he is still 100% Jin and of course MALE!~

~All Romanized words in this fic are STAYING in this fic, this includes Jin being called “Eomma” Joon being called “Appa” and Yoon being called “Hal-Abeoji” As well as when someone is speaking to their mother/father/brother/sister/Lover they will still be referred to as “Eomma/Eommani/Appa/Abeoji/Hyung/Oppa/Eonnie/Noona.~

Some other common ones in which will not be removed are

- Yah

- Aish

- Aigoo

If any rude comments are made you will be removed from the commenting section and blocked! I am all for constructive criticism but do it in a kind manner!

This is also nothing based on EXACT reality! Do not like it, move along :D this was meant to be something fun and new not a drama fest!

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