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Angry Birds Stella: Friends Again


After the events of "You Asked For It", Stella just wants to see her former friend again. When Gale suddenly returns, Stella is overjoyed, but Poppy doesn't trust her. Has Gale changed, or is she the bad princess that Poppy suspects she is?

Humor / Other
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forgiveness (prologue)

Stella POV

“Give me that egg!” Gale shouted as she lunged for the golden egg that I stole from her.

I had been planning to get the golden egg away from her after seeing what it turned her into. She had used it to turn a pig into solid gold after he had accidentally spilled a plate of food, which all rolled onto the floor. That egg made her mad with power, but I couldn’t let that happen to her. I wanted the Gale I knew before she befriended those pigs.

The world around me slowed down as I was bombarded with memories. Memories of when she and I first met. When she first left the group and became the leader of those pigs. When we were just about to escape the volcano and she went back for that golden egg, the hole that the others drilled in was caved in, and I thought that I had lost her for good. Until she came back.

I thought she had changed, that she would want to stay with us. But when Handsome Pig came back with that crown, she went back to her evil self. Now here we are, fighting for the golden egg that Gale has been searching for all this time.

I couldn’t let her have it back. Not after seeing what damage it had caused to Golden Island, and seeing how Gale would do anything to get it back.

I blocked her with the golden egg, but I immediately wished that I hadn’t, because as soon as Gale made contact with the egg, she was turned into a gold statue.

I gasped in fear of what I’ve done. “GALE!” I shouted as I looked down. She was falling from the sky, and as she was slingshotted off of the bridge leading to her castle, she landed in the sand. I quickly made my way out of the castle, not before changing all of the golden pigs back to normal, and to Gale, where everyone else was waiting. Handsome Pig was the most emotional out of everyone else, even me.

I took a deep breath and set the egg down next to Willow and lifted Gale’s gold-encased body out of the sand. I picked up the golden egg and walked towards Gale, planning to change her to her old self. Poppy - and most of the pigs - didn’t want me to undo her golden statue-like transformation. I didn’t really care what they wanted. I just wanted my old friend back. So, with a little bit of hesitation as to what may happen next, I touched the egg to Gale’s stiff body, quickly changing her back to normal.

She still had the face she made she was frozen in gold until her eye twitched a couple of times.

“Huh?” Gale said, confused.

“Hey, bestie,” I said to her, relieved to have her back.

“I didn’t think you’d care for me after everything I’ve done,” Gale admitted.

“Are you kidding? I’d never forget about you.”

She chuckled, but then she took a glance at the golden egg. She had that look in her eyes again.

But unexpectedly, she screamed and ran for her castle.

“Gale!” Handsome Pig cheered as the other pigs groaned in annoyance. At least she’s not trying to turn everything in her sight into gold anymore.

The next morning, Dahlia, Willow, Poppy, Luca, and I were getting ready to rid this island of that cursed egg once and for all. The golden egg has caused too much trouble here on Golden Island, and I wanted to make sure that no one else could be hurt by it ever again.

Dahlia, Poppy, and Willow released their hold on the slingshot, launching the golden egg to who knows where. After that, everything was as normal as it could get in Golden Island. I just wish I could see Gale one last time.

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