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Can they really be together?

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Jungkook tripped over, kicking his foot free from his tangled sheets, rushing to his bathroom. He quickly scrubbed his face, knowing it was going to be red but hoping the cold would blend it whatever it could. He scrubbed his teeth, pulling his clean button up (thanks to Jin) on as he slid his pants on. "Jungkook!" Jungkook spit out the toothpaste wiping the corners of his mouth, not bothering to rinse it, "Hang on!!" Jungkook ran into his door frame, his forehead hitting it roughly, "Goddamn it!!" Jungkook rubbed his forehead, sliding his socks on along with his blazer before running out. "Fuck," he whispered quietly, rubbing back in and snatching his phone, wallet and a white quartz necklace Jin and Jimin had gifted to him when he turned 18. Why? Because they said he had become of age for something; which didn't help Jungkook understand at all. He raced down the stairs, landing at the bottom. Jimin rushed over, brushing Jungkook's hair back, "You didn't even take a shower." "Priorities," Jungkook said, slipping the necklace on, feeling weight being lifted off his shoulders. "Yeah. Go see Jin. He's taking you to school."


Yoongi walked down the empty halls, his black hair in his face as he adjusted his hoodie, playing with the black quartz necklace his friend Taehyung had given him. He rolled his eyes at the schedule, seeing only one or two subjects before some kid bumped into him. "Watch it," Yoongi seethed out, the kid only bowing as he ran. Yoongi tsked, opening his locker as he shoved his bag in before continuing his way down the hall. "Mr.Min, I know you are new but please, wear the uniform." Yoongi turned around annoyed, dropping his hand from the gem, "Yeah. Got it Mr.Kim." Yoongi only noticed how Mr.Kim was staring at his necklace before going back to his face. "Very well. I'll expect you in English Literature and not a second late." Yoongi only watched Mr.Kim make his way down the hall before turning back to his locker, "What a weirdo."

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