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A member of SG-23 touches something she shouldn't and chaos ensues.

Action / Adventure
Indiana Jackson
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Chapter 1

The first building the team saw as they exited the gate was the planets temple. when they got closer they could make out the phases of the moon carved in a swirling pattern around the front columns , interspersed with wolves hunting. Their guide, a little balding man, led them inside. The farther in they
got, the less the moon featured in the murals and the more wolves appeared. They set up their cameras around the central statue, a leaping wolf so realistic, Leona waited for it to turn its head or blink.

Khory was taking pictures of the figure when she fell back with a sharp cry and smacked her head on the stone
floor with a muted crack. Morrigan rushed over and pulled Khory’s head into her lap as her team mate started seizing. The guide ran back in the room with their translator hot on his heels when he heard the commotion. He made a shooing motion at the women trying to get them away from the statue.

Leona whirled on him and put the muzzle of her gun under his chin. “Don’t flap your hands at me!
What’d that statue do to her?” she snarled at him.
“She, she will become like the statue. ” he again flapped his hands at the woman on the floor.
“she’s gonna turn to stone!?”
“No she’ll be a wolf, please get them away from the Great Wolf!”
“I don’t care about your statue! How long does she have?”
The man muttered something and the translator’s face turned white. “he says
thirty minutes and she’ll be ready to hunt us.”
Leona grabbed Khory by her vest. “lets get her to the gate. we’re not leaving her here. ”

The villager followed them all the way to gate, shouting about what they could expect.

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