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chapter 2

“Dial faster Cat! she doesn’t have much longer!” Colonel Topthorn hollered at the little woman frantically punching the symbols on the DHD to dial earth. the gate spun ,connected and whooshed. Morrigan dragged Khory up the steps as Leona radioed ahead to tell SGC the situation.
“sir we are bringing Khory back in a somewhat altered state, please make sure there is a path clear from the gates to the cells. not one single person. From what the local said, we have twenty minutes to get her secured or we’re in big hairy trouble.”

Sg-23 ran down the ramp from the gate, supporting Khory, who had a BDU jacket thrown over her head. The three women ran as fast as they could for the holding cells, praying like mad that the general had done as Leona asked and cleared a path. Cat ripped open the door to the first, thankfully empty cell room they hit and Morrigan and Leona pushed their wildly contorting friend through the door and slammed the cell shut before backing out of the room and shutting the door .

Leona looked at her watch. Two minutes to spare. Thank god they hadn’t had to stop. She shuddered to think what would have happened if Khory had gotten loose in the halls. There was a scream and the sound of growling and bones cracking as the general stomped up. “just what the hell is going on here! where is Khory Johannsdottir?!”
“She’s in there.” Leona said pointing at the door to the cell room. the general turned and grabbed the handle.
“don’t open that door! ” she cried as the general opened the door and a large blonde wolf creature threw its self snapping and snarling at the bars in the nearest cell. The general quickly slammed the door shut , white faced.

“that’s a , that’s a , that’s a god damn-!”

“werewolf, yes sir. it’s also Khory, sir.”
“Briefing room. now” the General choked out.

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