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Jung Hoseok also known as Jhope the most popular guy in Bighit University Min Yoongi also known as the biggest school nerd in Bighit University "i-i'm sorry" - j.hs "Sorry?! Its that what you want to say to me after what have you did to me!!!!!!!!" - m.yg Top: Hoseok Bottom: Yoongi Copyright © 2019 - 2020 myjamlessmochimin All right reserved Started: August 27, 2019 End:

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Jung Hoseok

- also known as Jhope

- Popular in their School

- Playboy

- every girls drools over him

- 18 yrs. old

- Rich

Best friends: Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook, Jin, Namjoon (they are also popular)

Likes: clubbing, drinking alcohol, smoking, girls , hanging out his friends etc.

Sexuality: Straight

Min Yoongi

- Nerd in Bighit University

- He doesn't have a friend

- He had a crush on Jhope(♥ω♥*)

- son of Mr. & Mrs. Min the most successful business couple in the world

-19 yrs. old

- Rich (but some student thought he's a poor because he wear baggy clothes)

Likes: Listening music while reading his favorite book or heading to school, kumamon, fluffy sweater paw, sleeping, photograph, etc.

Sexuality: Gay


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